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Big Brother HoH Competition Updates



Wow, they are actually showing this HoH competition on the feeds (you can watch here). Let me jump right into it and then work on the opening paragraph…

So what do you think of the eviction?  We’re officially in jury, Da’Vonne knows everyone but Z and Michelle screwed her, but I doubt it will matter.


  • 7:30pm  – let’s see who is still on the ropes…
    • Victor, Paulie, Nicole, Natalie, and Zakiyah
    • Looks like Bridgette, James, and Corey will be havenots this week.  Although I realize Michelle is off, and I don’t know what order. I’ll find out
    • Natalie is in a big spin and doesn’t look good. She may puke.
    • Michelle apparently puked and she isn’t looking too good now
    • michelle-sick
    • Natalie and Nicole talking about puking, but they’re still hanging in there
    • It does sound like Michelle was 4th off, so Bridgette, James, and Corey are havenots.  Michelle just is a haveemptystomach
    • Let’s see, who will cause the most drama by winning?
    • Nicole down. Nearly landed in puke
    • nicole-down
  • 7:50pm – Paulie is in full spinout mode, but I think he’s doing it purposely to show off.
  • 7:53pm – Z falls.  It’s down to Paulie, Nat, and Victor
    • Paulie is off. Down to Victor and Natalie
    • Natalie really wants HoH because she thinks this is the only comp she has a chance at winning. Victor wants a letter from his mom
    • Natalie keeps playing the sad card. Victor is not buying it. Doesn’t care
  • 8:00pm – Natalie keeps whining about saying she will never win an HoH. He is the last person who is going to feel bad about her
    • Unless Victor gives up, it’s his to lose. He is handling the hit, and the swing way better than Natalie who is slamming into the board every time around and huffing and puffing
    • Natalie – “I need to see my mommy. I’m homesick and I’m very sensitive, so I need to see her”
  • (note: I can’t believe I went to get tacos and missed Michelle puking and crying. Oh well, I’ll wait a few days for it to happen again)
    • Natalie still whining how she’s going to lose the only comp she could have won.  No, Nat. If you lose, that means you couldn’t win.
    • Natalie – “Victor give it to me pleasssseee”.  Victor – “I want it as bad as you. Remember, I was evicted already” (and she shit all over him on national TV)
  • 8:30pm – Both still hanging in there. Impressive.  Though, sounds like Natalie is making a deal.
    • She asked if he can last a little longer to see if she can win
    • Natalie is so sad. She knows she can’t win. Her guilt is not going to work.
  • 8:45pm – Still going. Natalie still whining. Victor quiet.
  • 8:50pm – Natalie drops, Victor wins HoH.
    • The group comes over to hit Natalie with the hashtags. Victor comforts her (nice of him). James runs over to be hero
    • victor-protecting

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Michele threw up while she was on it and then fell off :/

  2. Avatar

    Michelle puked

  3. Avatar

    I think Victor will win I have a feeling

  4. Avatar

    Please Nat Nat pull this off!! Show them you can win something!

  5. Kneeless

    Corey is gonna be whining about being a have not a 2nd week in a row. He’s not much of a comp beast.

  6. Avatar

    It’s obvious some of them have thrown this comp (James). But cant lie I’m getting dizzy just watching.

  7. Avatar

    http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/americas-care-package/ ….just voted my 20 …it said I was done for today …hopefully I can get another 20 in tomorrow before noon .

  8. Avatar

    Maybe James should promise Natalie a kiss if she wins.

  9. Michele Ryan

    Thank you for the great coverage. Say hello to Mickey for me.

  10. Elaine

    If you want to win Nat Nat, “Suck it up Buttercup”!

  11. Alda

    This is a grueling comp.I can’t take the pressure.Go Nat!

  12. Colby

    I have to give Zzz credit for hanging in there as long as she did. She really surprised me.
    But I think it is kind of funny that Paulie dropped off as soon as she fell. That tells me he really was concerned that if she won she might put him up on the block.

  13. Avatar

    Victor won. But he promised Nat he wouldn’t put her up. Hopefully that check bounces. I can’t stand her!

  14. Avatar

    Congrats Vic! Hopefully you picked up on what Day dropped off #doubtful

  15. Avatar

    Ugh so upset Nat lost. After how she’s been treated in the house she deserves HOH. She’s been so close to winning it too. This is gonna be another boring, predictable week controlled by Paulie yet again.

    • NKogNeeTow

      She hasn’t been treated that badly, but I was hoping either she or Vic would win. Hopefully instead of going after her or Sunburn, he will remember Da’s words and THINK BIG (Paulie/Corey/Nicole). But knowing how bass ackwards this house is, he’ll go with emotion (Nat, because she embarrassed him on TV or Meech, because he told the guys the other night that he couldn’t wait to win so he could put her up). These people use NO logic whatsoever.

      I think if she had won, she might have taken a swing at Nic/Corey or maybe even Paulie…unless scaredy cat James talked her out of it.

      • Avatar

        She wasn’t treated horribly, no, I just can’t stand how all the girls (namely Nicole) treat her and how Paulie calls her FT.
        I do hope that Victor won’t go after her, but knowing him he probably will for what you said.
        I just wish we had a power change and for more people to be aware about how much control Paulie has before this season gets too boring.

  16. Shivani33

    Bravo again, Victor! Come on, man and shake that tree. Remember what you said just before winning Battle Back and go get Paulie!

  17. Avatar

    If Victor was smart, he’d put up one of the Boys to go…P&P/Corey/James

    • Avatar

      Yeah definitely Corey but James is a comp beast so if Vic puts him up originally James can easily win PoV and save himself. So for James to go out it will have to be a backdoor strategy. I would put Nicole and Corey on the block. If Corey pulls himself off put James in his spot just make sure that James leaves because if not Vic has no chance of winning the game. Vic needs allies desperately. Use bridget as a number should be his strategy and break up the couples but especially Nicole and Corey(preference to corey going first because Nicole can’t win for beans)

  18. Avatar

    Victor can & will win several comps but this is Natalie’s best chance for a win. I was hoping Vic would have taken the drop :'{ Just My little dream oops Bursted!!!

  19. Avatar

    Or Paul and Paulie controlling Victor. It’ll be interesting to see who Victor nominates to make sure he stays safe through the double eviction unscathed. He needs allies desperately. If I was him I would bring James and Natalie and Bridget to my side and get out maybe Nicole or Corey. If he can get out Nicole or Corey preference to Corey(Nicole can’t win for beans to avenge Corey) As long as Paul, Paulie, James, Natalie or Bridget win the next HoH they can finish the job put Nicole and Michelle on the block.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Sunburn is crying again….dammit.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Meech is crying her ass off again and Nicole is lying her ass off again. And the boys are plotting again. The Godfather has already decided that Zzz and Meech are going up. Vic had an idea of who he wanted to go home but of course The Godfather (sitting there cool as a cucumber) has already decided who goes next.

  22. Avatar

    Natalie “shit all over Victor” on national TV…? More like Victor harassed Natalie and was extremely misogynistic in the house on national TV. You’d have to be a misogynist yourself not to see that. Won’t be reading your updates anymore when I want to see who won. I guess when your whole life is big brother, you have a lot of time to hate women for not wanting your bed-sore ass.

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