I think for the live show blogs I am going to try to find the funniest screenshots I take during the week and use that as my post image. That is until I forget which will probably be by next week.

Big show tonight. Cody and Jessica are potentially about to be blindsided as they were feeling pretty confident they had the votes to get out Christmas.  It’s entirely possible they do because the house has done a pretty good job at playing both sides, but after hours of feed-watching I am convinced they’re keeping Christmas.  It would either be a major last minute shift or a really well played game if they surprise me with anything more than say 4 votes to evict Christmas tonight.


Before I begin the show, I want to give a little shoutout to my wife and her side business.  She is selling Perfectly Posh which is a skincare product line that is cheap and is 100% animal cruelty-free.  Be sure to follow her Facebook page to get updates on latest products and all that good stuff….  Go do it now. I’ll wait!

Just kidding, I can’t wait. The show is about to start, so here we go with the updates….

  • 9:00 pm – Here we go!
    • Going through the highlights from the week. Boring. Get on with the show
    • Fallout from the veto comp is on
    • Christmas certainly loves the f-bomb.  Loves it
    • Clips of the house talking about keeping Christmas with poor Jessica being screwed all around
  • 9:15 pm – Commercial break and then Christmas breaking foot clip
    • Now is the time when people were wondering whether or not Christmas was coming back.
    • It’s funny to watch the clip of Christmas jump on Jason.  Divorce city for Jason
  • 9:25 pm – Commercial break. Nothing really new showing up yet so just kind of waiting for votes
    • I am making all types of hilarious comments on twitter (not really). Make sure to follow me if you use it
    • Julie hyping up the vote saying a single one could make a difference. She’s not wrong
  • 9:35 pm – We’re back… votes incoming maybe
    • Christmas is dressed like she’s going to work out even though she’s not sure if she’s staying and she’s certainly not competing.
    • Christmas calls out Cody and Jessica during her speech
  • Votes –
    • Jessica – Christmas
    • Jason – Christmas
    • Kevin – Jillian
    • Matt – Jillian
    • Raven – Jillian
    • Paul – Jillian
  • Commercial Break
    • Ramses – Christmas
    • Dominique – Jillian
    • Alex – Christmas
    • Elena – Jillian
    • Mark – Jillian
    • Josh – Jillian
  • 9:50 pm – Jessica and Christmas are going back and forth. Jessica is calling her a coward
    • HoH competition is coming up.  It is going to carry over after the show ends, so be sure to check back on this site as I will be live blogging it!
    • Candy Crush themed HoH competition
    • They need to get balls that contain tickets which they use to buy balls from Cody to play the game. Similar to the BBOTT comp when Alex had to wear beer goggles (and Paul hosted)

Time to prepare for the competition. Starting another thread so check back