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Big Brother: Over The Top – Begins September 28th



I posted yesterday wondering when they were going to release information about the next season of Big Brother, and sure enough, today they did. First off, it will not be called Big Brother 19. I expected this as during their press release for a renewal of the next 2 summers, they mentioned something about being seasons 19 and 20. What will it be called?  Big Brother: Over the Top.

CBS released a short video for it, and it doesn’t go into much detail except a few details. Some we knew, some we didn’t…

  • It will be exclusive to All-Access. This means in order to watch it, you need to buy the live feeds.
    • I will still be blogging it, so you can (and should) stay here to get updates, but CBS All-Access is actually a pretty decent deal for what you get. $5.99/month (or 2 bottles of water at Disney), you not only get the live feeds, but you can access any episode of Big Brother from any season. You can watch any CBS show, and live stream your local CBS. I saw Xbox had an app for it, so I am going to try to watch the live feeds from my living room later on.
  • There are no scheduled blackouts!
    • This is important to people like me who watch the feeds. No longer will we be forced to suffer through terrible interviews from Jeff instead of watching the competitions play out. Now, we apparently will be able to see it all when it happens. Comps, Nominations, Veto, etc.  Does this mean we’re safe from fish?  I doubt it. They will probably still cut to fish when they sing songs, mention people who didn’t sign waivers, or talk about production.
  • Viewers will have more impact on the game
    • They didn’t give any information on this other than that. Based on the hints I’ve heard so far, I do expect it to be more than just choosing havenot food or care packages. They are not going to completely follow the traditional format, and with everything playing out in real time, there is no telling what this means.  Can we impact competitions?  Vote in the middle of comps for someone to be offered to fall off the wall for cash?

Considering the show is airing just a week after Big Brother 18 ends, I expect possibly some overlap in posts (like today). During the final week of the season, there is a good chance they’ll release the cast information for Big Brother: Over the Top, so I’ll be posting that as well as any Big Brother 18 information. That is a good thing, because the final week of the season is typically incredibly boring, so at least I’ll remain busy!


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  1. Renee

    Looking forward to the new season. I was wondering how many members on your site remember how Big Brother was started. The first season started due to an Actor’s Strike in Hollywood. Since they refused to work and create new material, CBS found regular people willing to work. This started the birth of reality tv and my addiction ever since.

    • Jannie

      I thought Big Brother had a couple of summer seasons before the writer’s(not actors) strike. It was a special Feb-May (maybe 2003 or 04) season because they weren’t filming the regular programs. I think the special season was maybe BB 3 or 4.

      • Colby

        Per Wikipedia:
        About BB:
        ‘The United States version of the series officially premiered on July 5, 2000 ‘
        ‘The series airs once a year, during the Summer, with the exception of the ninth season which aired in Spring of 2008. ‘
        About the writers strike:
        ‘The 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, which began on November 5, 2007, was a labor conflict that affected a large number of television shows that were due to be broadcast in the United States during the 2007–08 television season.’

  2. Avatar
    Sarah (4 comments)

    now they just need to make in available in Canada 🙁 they’re losing so much money

  3. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    There were sooooo many reality shows at that time. I loved fear factor! I worked the night shift when big brother started so I didn’t start watching until about season 3.

  4. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    Does anyone remember the food bikinis?

  5. Avatar

    Ok so on this new BB, are they not gonna have like episodes? Is it all real time? Will it be scheduled so people know when to watch (ex. HOH comp at 8pm on Thursdays)?

  6. Avatar

    I just read there will be an episode at 10 pm on Wednesdays on all access and it will be available on demand the next day. I already have on demand so why spend the $$? I’ll watch on demand and read updates here.

  7. Avatar
    BBShowmance (11 comments)

    I’m curious to see how they flip the house in a weeks time frame. I think they did it in a couple days for UK’s Celebrity BB.

  8. Avatar

    I have always watched BB but this is the most boring I have seen. All they do is lay around and wallow in each other and whine. There are no challenges in the house and you are suppose to wait until Sunday just to see who wins HOH. Just give the $ away and be done with it.

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