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Big Brother: Over the Top – What We Know



I was able to obtain more details about the fall season of Big Brother: Over the Top today in a conference call with some people from CBS.  While we didn’t really learn much of anything we didn’t already know (I guess the schedule was leaked last night), I am going to post about it anyway.  Here are some notes:

  • Returning Players and Cast
    • Fortunately we only have one returning player this season, and that was revealed last night during the finale.  Either Jozea or Jason will be re-entering the house (it will be Jason), and given a second shot at the game. I asked about any others, and they said no.
    • Including Jason (or Jozea), there will be 13 houseguests this season.
    • Cast reveal will be on the 26th
  • Streaming Information
    • I mentioned this back when I first announced the show about being able to watch it on Xbox One. They specifically listed XBone as an option as well as Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV and the other usual suspects. This is good news because people with those programs will be able to sit on their couch and watch the shows and feeds from their TV, as they would a regular CBS episode
  • Weekly Schedule (subject to change – all times est)
    • Sunday
      • 10pm – Final Weekly Safety Ceremony / Nomination Reveal
    • Monday
      • 4pm – Veto competition to play out live
      • 10pm – Weekday Replay
    • Tuesday
      • 4pm – Veto ceremony
      • 10pm – Weekday Replay
      • 10:30pm – Live Diary Room Sessions
    • Wednesday
      • 10pm – Weekly Full Episode
      • 11pm – Live Eviction Episode
      • 12am – HoH Competition
    • Thursday
      • TBD – Julie’s Q&A with houseguests
      • TBD – Julie’s evicted houseguest interview
      • 10pm – Weekday Replay
    • Friday
      • 10pm – Weekday Replay
      • 10:30pm – Live Diary Room Sessions
    • Saturday
      • 4pm – Have-Not Reveal
      • 10pm – Safety Ceremony
    • Note: I asked what the safety ceremony was about, but was not given an answer. Some of the questions they said we’d have to wait to see
    • No scheduled blackouts meaning no Jeffloops!
    • No information on BBAD
  • Fans Choose 
    • Fans help choose the winner of the season.  They did not answer whether or not there would be a jury, but seeing as that requires them to keep the players in sequester (and pay them a weekly stipend), I bet there will be no jury for this.  Just feedwatchers voting.
  • We Can Make Changes
    • If there is something that is bothering you about the season. Perhaps a feature that is really stupid, annoying, or whatever, contact me. They said things are subject to change, and seeing as we (bloggers) have our fingers on the pulse of the BB community, they are actually going to take our feedback serious.  Note – I am not going to fwd every suggestion to them. If someone makes a good suggestion, I will probably run a poll, and if it gets a majority of votes, I’ll shoot them the suggestion with the poll results.
  • How can I watch?
    • Easy, join the live feeds. It is $6/month and you get access to a shitload of content from all the seasons to BB, live feeds, interviews, and even non-BB stuff that is on CBS. You can basically just cut your entire cable package and sign up to this because Big Brother and CBS is all you really need, right?  🙂

I will be posting any new information when I get it!  I hope everyone comes back for BBOTT!


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  1. Avatar
    Raider34 (328 comments)

    Thanks so much Steve the info answered alot of questions. Looking forward to the 28th

  2. bastosko
    bastosko (45 comments)

    About the times, if they are est, then us in the rest of the country gonna have some issues to watch. At 4pm est I am still at work (cst). Now if it was pst since show is in cali, then would work and be 7pm and 6pm respectfully. Hope can get some more details, i am already signed up, just gotta figure out the SmartTV (for us old dumb folks).

  3. caRyn

    Thank you for the information. I am going to copy and paste this information and put it on my desktop. I will sign up for the live feeds the beginning of next week. Hopefully I will catch onto the feeds quickly.

  4. Kari B
    Kari B (772 comments)

    Off-topic but I haven’t seen where you decided you what you’re going to do, if anything, about Survivor? Are you going to just do a post about that Facebook update people later? If you answer this earlier I do apologize I must have missed it..

  5. AIO_7

    I get the feeling that BBOTT could be a test lab, among other reasons, for potential changes to future regular season BB. Should be interesting.

  6. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    Thank you Steve for the info.

  7. Avatar
    Krouton (1 comments)

    Does this also mean PlayStation 4 users can watch too? How does that work? I use Cbs.com on my iPad or computer to watch live feeds but how do you watch the shows each day and can we go back and watch them later or is it live and we just watch the feeds to watch the shows? I know I’m lame

    • ClaireBear

      I don’t think they’ve set up the app for PS4 yet. I would assume that they episodes/recaps will likely be available in whole at once, and be available at any time, as that’s the selling point for streaming services such at this.

  8. Avatar

    Julie gave a run down of the safety ceremony in her finale interview with jeff. Basically, they will start announcing the names of the houseguests who are safe at 10pm on saturday. This will go on through sunday when all of the names have been called and the names that havent been called are on the block. Im not sure of the intervals between each name annoucement. She also commented on the jury stating that there wouldnt be one due to america voting for the winner! Hope this helps! Cant wait to watch wednesday!

  9. Avatar
    BB Bopper (65 comments)

    I’m sure this is probably a stupid question but I’m not very computer or media savvy….when reading the info about BBOTT most of it said everything was available on your computer, desktop and all of your streaming devices, but it said that the chatrooms and reliving highlights were only available on your desktop. Does that mean I can only view some of these things on my tablet or smartphone but the rest could only be viewed on a computer (laptop)?? I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help with this question because I’m trying to decide if I want to sign up for BBOTT or not. Thank you 🙂

    • ClaireBear

      When you get on the feeds on desktop, there’s a chat room. However, that chat isn’t available when you login to watch feeds on something like a roku or on your tablet. Also, you can’t do a “flashback”-going back to a specific time-on anything other than desktop. My guess will be that the high lights and recaps episodes will be available across all platforms.

  10. Mel

    I just watched the videos of new houseguests. They definitely arn’t using OTT to experiment with going back to age diversity. (2 women barely over 30 and 1 guy who is 41) I’m predicting that I will be throwing things at my screen if the girl named Whitney isn’t evicted quickly. I have a southern accent myself but hers is sooooo OTT, it’s ridiculous!

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  12. Avatar
    expos81175 (13 comments)

    Is it me or does this cast seem like caricatures of reality tv shows. I smell a Joe Schmo vibe going on.

  13. caRyn

    I just watched the BB OTT interview clips of the hg. I hope Shelby and Shane team up.

  14. ClaireBear

    Ok…I watched the interviews and I’ll be the first to say…I don’t think this cast looks like the last several. Sure there are airheads, but don’t you have to be one a little bit to even consider reality TV? I’m looking forward to it myself!!

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