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Big VETO comp today! Afternoon Updates 8/20

How much farther will "Big Meech" go in the game?
How much farther will “Big Meech” go in the game?

Good afternoon everyone! I’m so sorry for the late start. Something came up today, and between that and packing for college, I’m pretty swamped. Luckily, Steve comes back soon! I’ll post as much as I’m able today, but it may not be a lot! This morning, VETO players were picked, and all but Nicole will be playing. This is a big day for Paul and Victor, as one of them is likely leaving this week. The big question of which one rests on who wins VETO later today. Pamela will be taking over for me in a little bit, and she will start a new thread!



  • 2:00pm – Natalie and James are chatting in the HOH room. It looks like everyone else is sleeping.
    • It seems they’ve decided that Paul needs to go. Natalie wants to talk to Michelle and assure her that this is the best move.
    • Natalie wants nominations to be locked so she can see Paul’s true colors. She wants Corey or Victor to win
  • 2:58pm – Feeds down.. Probably for VETO comp
  • 5:03pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:41pm – Feeds still down. I guess I lucked out! The one day I was busy, and the feeds have been down for hours
  • 7:04pm – Feeds back.. Paul has won the POV!
    • Well this should make for an interesting week
    • Pamela will now be taking over on a new thread. Thank you all for your patience with me today!

Check back for updates!


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  1. Avatar
    JSully (1 comments)

    Poor Frank got royally screwed this season. He gets voted out the week after the battle back competition and is unable to compete in that and gets voted out a week before jury so he can’t get that chance to re-enter the house for the jury members either. Looks like BB screwed over whoever was getting the 12th place finish, not giving them the opportunity others were afforded. #Stupid #GiveFrankAnotherChance

  2. Amberchelly

    I’m curious was it an act (For Natalie & James) humoring Paul last night? Because there is a lot missing if she was sincerely hurt by the things rumored Corey had said. To now she’s back to wanting Paul out. I flashed back to last night from 11pm till about 12am to hear how upset she was. Then started the plan to backdoor Corey. I haven’t watched today as they were all sleeping when I had time. So what happened inbetween? Or was it just an act to make Paul think they were going to do something about it?

    • CLangley

      From what I’ve seen today, Nat and James are both upset that Paul took over her HOH last night going on and on about what they all need to do, giving them instructions on how they need to handle nicorey, how they should lock their HOH doors and not ever let nicorey in, how they should all call them out, then to top it off he took over her bed and hoh room so she had to sleep in the London room bc he was sleeping in her bed. They think he was way too aggressive and making everything about him and what he wanted.

  3. Mel

    I thought the cory comment might keep her after him on ly because thats how she seems to make her decisions. She wants out who hurt her feelings and who was mean to her. James was working on her last night. I don’t want Paul to leave but james, for once made a point. He felt the timing was right to lose Paul and sometimes you have to be patient to get personal revenge. That wasn’t word for word.

  4. Avatar

    I’m rooting for paul!!!! Cory and Nichole has not done anything but lay in bed and scheme. And I’m pretty sure Paulie is gonna win his way from jury back to the house and will be teamed up with Cory and Nichole and that will be the final 3. Don’t these people see that!!! Nothing will make me happier than seeing Paul win that veto and Cory goofy behind on the block!

    • Avatar

      Yeah well Paul won and that’s great and I think back stabbing snake Nicole will go or Goofy Corey will go home I hope that happens I don t like them and yeah they don’t do anything in the house but laying in bed and going gaga gaga over each other ugh I hate it and I hope Bridgette comes back during the Jury buyabck I hope she comes back and I will root to her when she wins I don’t want King Douchebag Paulie to come back at all #TeamBridgette

      • Avatar

        Get Paul and victor out of the game….Paul is a liar and a big bullshitter….Go Cory and Nicole….will someone get Natalie the floater out….sorry but big tits and a squeaky voice only gets you so far…James the dupe she will dump you in a minute after the show…poor boy…fool. Loving Michele…go far girl…get James the girlie man out…so desperate for his nag at…very sad……bye victor and Paul!

  5. Mel

    Sorry if I’m behind in what’s going on. I picked up my granddaughter, been off here for a while and it seems to keep changing.
    Depending on results this may not even matter but wouldn’t james/nat been better off to let michelle put up cory/Nicole even if they want Paul gone? If nom’s don’t change, nicole and cory decide who goes home. The other way, james would have made that decision. (What Natalie wanted.)

  6. caRyn

    Michelle said on BBAD that she cannot play for HOH next week and neither can Natalie.

  7. Avatar
    Iammaxin (4 comments)

    I just finally got to watching fridays episode they didn’t show Pauly once at the party, wasent this party at the beginning of the week when he was still there. Wouldn’t this mean they already had the eviction since he wasent shown there or did they just film 2 sequences of each thing they did for whoever got evicted

    • caRyn

      Paulie was there. The episode was edited.

    • Pkcable
      Pkcable (131 comments)

      Paulie was there, they just edited around him. There was one scene where I saw the tip of his head for 1 second, but that was it!

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      Either they taped two versions or just edited him out. Personally I didn’t miss him.

    • Avatar
      DingDong (92 comments)

      Knowing one of them would be evicted, they kept Paulie and Corey separated at the carnival for easy editing. For instance during the pie eating Corey was on one end of the table and Paulie was sitting down on the other end and mostly all of the other shots were of everyone else .
      Weirdly tho I thought Paulie won the tech prize.

      • Mel

        I did too. I thought I heard somebody talked about him winning. When they toasted with the beer, there were only 7 bottles. I don’t know how they managed that. I also don’t know why I took the time to count but I did.

  8. caRyn

    If Paul wins, Michelle decides the hg that takes his place OTB and Natalie will decide if Victor wins who will go OTB.

  9. Avatar
    Aste (6 comments)

    Yikes!! I’m hearing too many rumors from social media about how production is rigging the jury buyback so Paulie can return. I hope everything is played fairly. Production should never be partial to one particular contestant.

  10. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    Natalie will probably change her mind half a dozen times at least before Thursday. She’s not very decisive. Plus why didn’t her or James just wake Paul’s butt up and tell him to sleep elsewhere. I would. If he was too overbearing tell him to chill out. These are supposed to be adults in there and they’re going to send someone home because he fell asleep in the bed? That’ll go down as the dumbest reason in BB history to send someone home. I mean seriously what next ” I don’t like your face, go home”. ? Only on BB.

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      Probably another scenario production had their hands in. Maybe they want to make Nat look like a victim again and make Paul look like as big of an a-hole as they can. I mean, it’s the perfect plan. People are going to wonder why Corey/Nicole aren’t going home this week (production wants them safe), so they better make Paul look as bad as they can to explain why he’s leaving before nicorey. Lol

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  12. Avatar

    If they send Vic out on Thursday then ha can beat Paulie to get back in the house. Sadly I don’t think anyone else can beat him. The best scenario for some drama would be if Da wins.

  13. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

    Who’s everyone voting for for AFP next week? It’s a biggie and the last one.

  14. Mel

    I haven’t really understood this last acp. 5k to bribe someone to change something: nom, veto, vote, etc. ?
    How do they know if it was successful? They don’t sign a contract with their intentions for the week. How do they know if someone was successfully bribes? Maybe I’m missing the game advantage to this one. I think it’s stupid. Clue me in if I’m missing something please.

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

      I’m not sure I quite understand it either.

    • Alda
      Alda (1952 comments)

      I don’t comprehend this one either.

    • Avatar

      Hey Mell, im with you. I was wondering the same thing.

      • Mel

        I went backed and read care pkg details. Winner of pkg is given 5k (to use for bribe) to bribe someone. Can be used for nom, veto, vote or a comp. Can be used on 1 person only. Ok, now that I understand it…it’s still stupid.

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      It’s happened before but I can’t remember exactly how it went. Or someone tried to use money they won. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about?

      • Mel

        Oh yeah, I do. Somebody got in trouble for trying to use money they had already won in a comp. Weren’t they offering it to somebody if they wouldn’t vote to evict them? Wish I could remember that more.

      • Avatar

        I remember Rachel offering the $5k she had just won to another player but im not sure if it was to keep her off the block or for a vote.

      • Mel

        Ann, do you remember if she got called to DR and then came out and told someone that DR said that they can’t do that? I remember that part but can’t remember who it was. It may have been Rachel. I remember getting pissed whrn Vanessa kept trying to bribe ppl with money and that’s why it bugged me because I remembered they couldn’t do it and I was pissed that it went on for so long before they told her to stop.

      • Avatar

        I don’t remember if she was called to DR or not. I don’t think so.

  15. CLangley

    3 hrs of waiting. The house must have exploded or burned down. Good grief how long does it take to answer questions?!?!?! Must be an elaborate set up for this POV.

  16. caRyn

    I am still watching BBAD from last night. It is sad if Corey has to give Nicole game advice – please talk with the girls and get in good with them. She is fighting his advice even though she says he is right. Play the game Nicole! Corey is even asking you to play the game – even if he is asking you to for himself.

    • Mel

      She’s made many mistakes but I think that’s her biggest. She wants to only be around cory so much, it’s like she’s tried to convince herself that she could win in a cocoon. She doesn’t think she has to put the work and time in. I cracked up the other night when she told cory “I feel like Natalie and I have gotten alot closer in the last 12 hours.” 12 hours, yep that ought to make them sisters for life!

  17. Avatar

    I’m dying over here!!! What the heck is taking g so long! The anticipation is killing me

    • CLangley

      I’m imagining them all fighting in the backyard now. My mine has passed the house burned down or exploded to now thinking they’re all in a big brawl fighting after the veto. Pretty sure someone had to be hospitalized and the others are on lock down away from each other.

  18. Avatar

    Jokers says Paul grab veto and put it on his neck. So i take it he won.

  19. caRyn

    Paul won veto.

  20. Avatar

    Nicole is going to freak out because they won’t put up James. So its her or Cory to go up.

  21. Avatar

    I think Nicole or Cory will try and convince them to put up James as a pawn and get Vic out.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      of course they will TRY that. Nat would probably not let her man-servant be put up, though. She’d be lost without him! Wonder if Nicole will sell Corey out and tell them to use him as a pawn?

  22. caRyn

    Michelle gets to decide between Corey and Nicole. I don’t think she will put up James. Wouldn’t that be a twist if she did?

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    They are really going to have to work on getting Victor out. Paul won’t vote out Vic and Nicole won’t vote out Cory or other way around. So James will be vote to decided. He is so wish washy that you might no truly know how he will vote until Thursday.

  25. Shivani33

    Yes! Wow did I want this to happen! So happy. Bravo, Paul!

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      I’m glad Paul won but I really want to see Vic take the game – mostly because he got voted out and came back to kick some serious ass.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        Me too Jenny, but I take solace in knowing that no matter happens with Thursday’s vote, Vic still has a good shot to continue on in the game (i.e. Jury buyback). Michelle may be able to convince James to save Vic, but if James does decide to evict Victor this week, I think that may be a game-ending decision for James. Vic will very likely get back into the house and James will have just made a very powerful enemy.

        Even if Vic loses the buyback comp and Paulie comes back into the house, I think James will still be in trouble. Paulie will team up with Corey and Nic (even if they’ve discovered new info about Paulie since his eviction they both know aligning with him is in their best interest) and James and Paul will be the biggest targets. Nat and Michelle are both ineligible to play in the next HOH and James cannot win a competition to save his life (unless it’s thrown to him of course). He doesn’t realize it yet, but getting rid of Victor will likely blow up in his face big time.

      • caRyn

        Natalie tells James – do whatever you want to do. Like what?! De ta dee.

      • Mel

        I really wanted vic to win it. I like Paul more now but personally, I would rather lose him if one of them is going. Michelle can’t save vic like she thinks she can. She got them to promise vic wouldn’t go home no matter who was up beside him. Ya right. That’ll hold up in court. If he leaves, I hope she realizes that she did it to him, even without a vote.

  26. caRyn

    James does decide this week who will leave the BB house. Natalie did say she didn’t want Victor to go last night. Natalie is closer to Victor than Corey/Nicole. Natalie can’t play HOH next week. Michelle and Paul are two votes if they are not OTB next week. Hmmmm.

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  28. Avatar


  29. caRyn

    Is James offering to go OTB so Nicole and Corey can vote Victor out?

    • Avatar

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that dumbass did volunteer to go up.

      • caRyn

        He would be crazy to do so. Why take any chances?

      • Mel

        The only reason I can think is so he doesn’t have to vote and cory/Nicole could vote vic out which they would do. I don’t see that happening. He couldn’t get away with it any way because paul would know what was up. It would be the same as voting Vic out. This is james were talking about so who knows. He did tell Nat (this morning I think) that they don’t want to win any more hoh’s for the next 2 weeks.

    • Shivani33

      I think that James believes that if he went up against Victor, that would guarantee that Victor is voted out, as opposed to if Corey (buh-bye) or Nicole were nominated. The way that this house flips anything can backfire, though. James needs to stop trying to protect Nicole. That’s one too many women for him! Since Michelle decides, James ought to let it be. Michelle wants to protect Victor right now. She probably knows that Corey is her best bet to nominate, even though I feel sure she’d rather choose Nicole, hahaha. Her most practical decision would be Corey.

  30. Mel

    Vic may be out the door. I don’t see James keeping him. He’s the tie breaker and even Nat doesn’t want him gone now, vic may not like her outfit tomorrow and she’ll want james to evict him.

    • Shivani33

      Victor =s big hero in my book. If he goes, chances are good he’ll make it back into the house. If he does, James might have to grovel. And probably go away, too.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I agree, the way I see it is that even if Vic is evicted this week, the silver lining is that James will likely be sealing his own fate. Vic and Paulie will both have an axe to grind with James, so no matter which one comes back into the house next week, James will probably wet himself in fear.

  31. Avatar

    YES I’M SO GLAD WAY TO GO PAUL!!!! I can’t wait to see Nicole and Cory sqirm!

    • Mel

      Maybe Nicole. Cory was happy and told Nicole that it couldn’t have gone any better. I would think knowing I couldn’t go up would be better but no one’s claiming he’s sharp.

      • Avatar

        Just wait til Cory is put up for replacement…. but I think the plan to get Victor out is a good move. He will beat Paulie in jury buy back

  32. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Meech will pick who goes up.She wants Nicole OTB.James still wants Vic gone.I think there’s a little jealousy there because Nat liked Vic first.What if Vic goes but he is the one to win his way back! That would be awesome!!!

  33. Mel

    This will probably change with this bunch bit as of right now, james wants vic gone. Michelle wants nicole gone. Paul wants cory gone. Nat said she’s gonna hide since she doesn’t have anything to do with it. (Guess she forgot about talking michelle into this)
    James is sure vic & michelle will still work with them next week. (I wouldn’t be so sure)
    If cory goes, he says he or vic will get care pkg. They thinks it’s the best one. (Not so much)

  34. Beez
    Beez (31 comments)

    I am soooo sick of Nat, and James. At first I really liked Nat and thought she was so sweet, then theses crazy insecurities started showing up. She has been all over the place, worrying about people talking about her. Well, had she not tried having showmances with the majority of the guys in the house, maybe they wouldn’t have so much to say about her. She was actively looking for a guy to carry her in the game., and along comes desperately seeking a mate James, with all his silly pranks. The two of them are so annoying always talking to America. You’re there to try and win a half a million dollars not be friends with America. I hope next week they are both on the block together, and see what America thinks about that!

  35. caRyn

    I will say this….Paul stressing about being OTB was stressing me out. The pacing and non-stop talking. I was worried he wouldn’t have a chance if he stayed OTB if he didn’t slow all of that down.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Yes, Paul was definitely cracking a bit under the pressure of being nominated. I’m glad he won Veto, because although things don’t look great for Vic now, I think Vic can handle the pressure and has a better shot at staying in the house at this point.

      • caRyn


      • Mel

        I haven’t thought James would keep Vic. You think he might?

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I think there was about a zero percent chance that he would keep Paul, but a slightly better chance that he would consider keeping Vic. Only because Nat and Michelle trust Vic and there are still 4 days left for them to work on James. Also, there are bigger repercussions for him stabbing Paul/Vic/Michelle in the back than there would be for stabbing Corey and Michelle. But I don’t know if James would talk all that into consideration.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        Sorry I meant stabbing Corey and Nicole, not Corey and Michelle.

    • Shivani33

      Paul was in a bad situation, and only winning this veto could’ve saved him. Even though his energy blast was off the charts last night, he handled it all like a warrior. The youngest in the house and whatta man, whatta man, whatta man!

  36. Mel

    Now nat is telling james that maybe they should go ahead and take out Nicole. James is not feeling it at all.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Geez as much as I would love for both Paul and Vic to be safe this week, I think I would love it even more if Nat could make up her damn mind. All this flip flopping around every time someone says a word to her is giving me a damn headache.

      I was so impressed with Nat a couple weeks ago when we realized that she was a lot smarter than many of us thought, and she talked a big game about what she would do if she won HOH. Now she’s finally won HOH and has a chance to prove she’s a worthy contender for the grand prize, and she’s portraying herself as very weak-minded and indecisive. I just want her to block out all the noise and make a rational decision about what’s best for her game this week.

  37. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    It should be Corey going home this week. Paul is a smart guy though, he already knows James and Nat are responsible for Vic and Paul OTB and that is NOT friendship!!
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see James backdoored this week.

  38. Mel

    As of now, James has Natalie convinced Vic needs to go. It won’t matter who Michelle puts up because James and whoever is not otb will vote Vic out. They want to tell Michelle and not leave her in the dark. They’re hoping she will still trust them if they tell her since she’s not as close to Paul. More flip flop from Nat. She was ready to tell Nicole/Cory the will do a final 4 and then nat changed her mind and said she wanted a final 3 with michelle. Natalie wants a final 4 of james, nicole, Michelle. James is saying they need to take out Cort next week so they are the last couple (everyone’s been counting Vic/Paul as a couple. I don’t think it matters who the replacement is this week. How many times they change their minds and what’s in their heads at 7:59 on Thursday is probably how it’s gonna fall.

  39. Avatar

    that means that Victor will be Evicted… James & Nicole will Vote Out Vic… only 3 votes this week… with Corey as the re-nom…Paul will evict Corey …☺…

  40. Avatar

    Natalie and James are freaking killing me…

  41. Avatar

    Then again maybe getting Victor out right now will be good because Victor has a good chance on beating Paulie in the jury buy back… I would love to see anyone back over Paulie!

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      James is talking about taking out Victor this week. Which for his game and basically everyone else’s is a good thing. Vic is tough and would be hard to get out. They need to do it now while they have the chance. He might come back, he might not. Who knows but like I said earlier you take out the strongest threats to your game first at this point and leave the weakest. I hope they put Nichole up there as a replacement nom just so I can see her head pop off. Lol mean I know but she’s had it too easy in this game. Time for her to sit on the block.

  42. Mel

    My thumbs have dissappeared so this may be a good time to say this. I wont be able to see all the thumbs down I may get. Lol THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT JUST TO BE CLEAR… but if I were James and Natalie, I would vote Vic out. There are gambles in the plan but it’s BB.
    James thinks if Vic and Paul stay together, not only will they run the house, they will take the 3 girls to 5. He doesn’t trust vic and Paul won’t go after him next week. He said this-not claiming I read minds. He’s actually right. Vic and Paul are planning to take the 3 girls to 5 if possible and they are already planning to put up james and nat next week if the win. They’ve said this. (Getting james out was even said again tonight after veto comp) James wants to be the last couple to hopefully have more control near the end. If Vic leaves, they maybe can still have michelle (gamble) and even if they cant and she pairs up with paul, you have 3 pairs in the house. He fells the odds of nicole/cory coming after Paul will be higher than them coming after Natalie and james. (maybe true) He thinks Paul will still work with him and nat after vic is gone. (big gamble) He says Vic and Paul will be harder to beat in comps than Nicole and Cory. (probably true) Even if Nicole/Cory turn on him, he know Paul/Vic are getting ready to.
    We know a juror is coming back but they dont. (They talked about it alot so I was sure they were ready for it) Either all the talk last week about jury buy back may have just been to pacify Paulie and they don’t think it will happen or they’ve gotten so wrapped up in ACP the past couple weeks that they arn’t thinking about buy back at all. James isn’t crazy to want to compete against 3 girls in final 4. Even Vic and Paul want that and they’re good.
    I’m not getting on the James wagon by any means and Vic is who I wanted to win it all. I was just looking at it from their position. Everyone in that house except Paul and maybe Michelle (she’s not going to final 2 if shes with those 2 at the end) should want Vic to go.

  43. Avatar

    Paul is fingering all of the pies on the table to see what flavor they are because I guess they dont have spoons in the damn kitchen & Meech is freaking talking about her period & what it looks like to a bunch of men on national tv. Now tell me what’s wrong with this picture???

  44. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    James is talking about taking out Victor this week. Which for his game and basically everyone else’s is a good thing. Vic is tough and would be hard to get out. They need to do it now while they have the chance. He might come back, he might not. Who knows but like I said earlier you take out the strongest threats to your game first at this point and leave the weakest. I hope they put Nichole up there as a replacement nom just so I can see her head pop off. Lol mean I know but she’s had it too easy in this game. Time for her to sit on the block.

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