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The Biggest Day Of The Season For The Remaining Vets

August 27, 2011 | 39 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

rachel getting ready for povThis is easily the biggest, and most decisive day in the house for the remaining veterans, Rachel and Jordan.  To sum it up, all 6 players remaining will be playing in the PoV, and there is a 66% chance the newbies will win (not factoring in skill because Adam and Shelly would bring that % down).

– If any of the 4 remaining newbies win PoV, the nominations will likely stay the same meaning Rachel or Jordan will go to jury and it’ll be a very hard road for the remaining vet.

– If Rachel or Jordan win, the game can very quickly turn back in their favor.  They will remove themselves, and Shelly/Adam will go up resulting in Shelly likely going to jury.   This will make the next HoH Kalia/Adam vs Rachel/Jordan.

  • If Kalia wins, Rachel and Jordan will be on the block, and even if Adam flips, Kalia+Porsche still hold the majority of the vote and will have all the power
  • If Adam wins, this is a tough choice.  Really, anything can happen
  • If Rachel or Jordan win, Kalia will probably be on the block with either Porsche or Adam giving the vets all the power on who goes

So if you’re a fan of the vets, they have to win PoV today, and HoH next week.  This will take the vets to the final 4 with Kalia, Porsche or Adam. That will give them a very good chance to win HoH again and strongly control the game.   However, if they lose PoV today, pretty much all hope is lost for them.

The PoV will be between 5-6pm BBT (according to Rachel and Jordan), which is 8-9pm est.   It will probably take a solid hour to play, so here are your options for finding out the winner:

  • Refresh this page every 15 mins or so starting around 8:30pm est, I’ll update this thread
  • Follow me on facebook or twitter to get the instant results when I find out
  • Sign up to the live feeds, and listen to your free music while you wait to find out who won.


Rachel won the veto


3:20 BBT – The fortune teller has come alive, but hasn’t said anything yet.  Shelly and Kalia are sitting around waiting for it to say something.

3:27 BBT – The head just lights up, spins around a bit, but does nothing.  It took Shelly’s quarter but didn’t say anything.  It’s either a broken BB clue thing or just decoration.  Odd that it would suddenly come alive though after having ‘do not disturb’ all season.

Shelly “Tell me something before she gets back”  (referring to Kalia who is taking a pee)

Kalia is back, Shelly thinks production is laughing at them for talking to a machine, but I don’t think so.  I think it is very strange and I’d be doing the same thing.. maybe not to that extent though.

3:38 BBT – Still nothing from the fortune teller.  Both girls still sitting around waiting, while trying to be quiet from Rachel and Jordan who are close by in the candy room.

4:09 BBT – Dinner is in my belly, about 1 hour from the start of PoV competition, nothing really happening in the house except Adam still trying to cement his part in the sweatpants alliance by saying he really wanted Jeff out but couldn’t vote him out.   Although he denies Jeff was throwing the cornhole competition.

4:43 BBT – Shelly is still at the fortune teller.  I think it’s time to give it up, Shel.

5:53 BBT – Feeds down, PoV competition is underway.

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