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rachel getting ready for pov

The Biggest Day Of The Season For The Remaining Vets

rachel getting ready for povThis is easily the biggest, and most decisive day in the house for the remaining veterans, Rachel and Jordan.  To sum it up, all 6 players remaining will be playing in the PoV, and there is a 66% chance the newbies will win (not factoring in skill because Adam and Shelly would bring that % down).


– If any of the 4 remaining newbies win PoV, the nominations will likely stay the same meaning Rachel or Jordan will go to jury and it’ll be a very hard road for the remaining vet.

– If Rachel or Jordan win, the game can very quickly turn back in their favor.  They will remove themselves, and Shelly/Adam will go up resulting in Shelly likely going to jury.   This will make the next HoH Kalia/Adam vs Rachel/Jordan.

  • If Kalia wins, Rachel and Jordan will be on the block, and even if Adam flips, Kalia+Porsche still hold the majority of the vote and will have all the power
  • If Adam wins, this is a tough choice.  Really, anything can happen
  • If Rachel or Jordan win, Kalia will probably be on the block with either Porsche or Adam giving the vets all the power on who goes

So if you’re a fan of the vets, they have to win PoV today, and HoH next week.  This will take the vets to the final 4 with Kalia, Porsche or Adam. That will give them a very good chance to win HoH again and strongly control the game.   However, if they lose PoV today, pretty much all hope is lost for them.


The PoV will be between 5-6pm BBT (according to Rachel and Jordan), which is 8-9pm est.   It will probably take a solid hour to play, so here are your options for finding out the winner:

  • Refresh this page every 15 mins or so starting around 8:30pm est, I’ll update this thread
  • Follow me on facebook or twitter to get the instant results when I find out
  • Sign up to the live feeds, and listen to your free music while you wait to find out who won.


Rachel won the veto


3:20 BBT – The fortune teller has come alive, but hasn’t said anything yet.  Shelly and Kalia are sitting around waiting for it to say something.


3:27 BBT – The head just lights up, spins around a bit, but does nothing.  It took Shelly’s quarter but didn’t say anything.  It’s either a broken BB clue thing or just decoration.  Odd that it would suddenly come alive though after having ‘do not disturb’ all season.

Shelly “Tell me something before she gets back”  (referring to Kalia who is taking a pee)

Kalia is back, Shelly thinks production is laughing at them for talking to a machine, but I don’t think so.  I think it is very strange and I’d be doing the same thing.. maybe not to that extent though.

3:38 BBT – Still nothing from the fortune teller.  Both girls still sitting around waiting, while trying to be quiet from Rachel and Jordan who are close by in the candy room.


4:09 BBT – Dinner is in my belly, about 1 hour from the start of PoV competition, nothing really happening in the house except Adam still trying to cement his part in the sweatpants alliance by saying he really wanted Jeff out but couldn’t vote him out.   Although he denies Jeff was throwing the cornhole competition.

4:43 BBT – Shelly is still at the fortune teller.  I think it’s time to give it up, Shel.

5:53 BBT – Feeds down, PoV competition is underway.


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  1. Avatar
    david (11 comments)

    i agree with you, this is it. win pov or your done. the newbies must get rach out or the longer she’s in, the harder it will be to send her to the jury.this is for the money win your in, lose your out. go vets, they have been given one last chance by bb. get shelly out.

  2. Avatar

    Rachael or Jordan win the POV,stay in game!!

  3. Avatar
    Nancy (1 comments)

    Newbies gonna Rock this POV!!!! GO PORSCHE GO KALIA GO SHELLY

  4. Avatar
    Ron (6 comments)

    Rachel and Jordan have to win, Shelly needs to go

  5. Avatar
    Maddi (2 comments)

    when will the POV results be posted??

  6. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    why would anyone root for jordan? because she is cute with nice tatas? she won $500,000 already!!

    Go Kalia – she deserves it now more then ever.

    porsche bad move doing anything with pandora – for a couple of bucks……

    enough with giving the vets artificial breaks.. get rid of them.

    team kalia

    • Avatar
      Terrie (21 comments)

      Team Kalia?…she had the worst HOH in history…..they would be in a much better position right now if it wasn’t for Kalia…I could never give her the money unless she does something really amazing before the end of the game…

      • Avatar
        Temica (5 comments)

        She did do something amazing like getting rid of Jeff one of the biggest competitors in the house! I hope her or another newbie win. Jordan has already won if she blew the money then it’s her fault this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and can not believe bb let her return. Don’t get me wrong I was huge fans of Jeff and Jordan for their season and still are fans of theirs but their are others who deserve a chance. I agree she did make a mistake but she did not know what the twist was she did what she thought was the best move at the time to keep herself safe.

      • Avatar
        Faust (216 comments)

        I mean, the others have “a chance”; they just have to beat Jordan.

        I don’t fault the vets for coming back in. Yes, it’s luck. But it’s about ratings. And if you’re the producers, better to bring in people who you know audiences like as an insurance package. They got a pretty forgetable group of newbies this season, so good for them that they brought in the vets.

        (Dick had also won before, don’t forget.)

  7. Avatar
    Maddi (2 comments)

    Has the POV started yet?

  8. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    shelly i am liking more now that she did the good move and helped get rid of Jeff.

  9. Avatar
    Joe (3 comments)

    Whats happened so far?

  10. Avatar
    Amber (1 comments)

    Jordan winning in a previous season has nothing to do with this season…this is a new season so it dont matter about past seasons. Shelly needs to go & racheal needs to win..as much as she annoys me rachael should win in the end.

    • Avatar
      josie (5 comments)

      Amber why shoild Rachel win, she is no better than Kalia or Porchia. And she was ready to throw Jeff and Jordon under the bus when she tried to make a deal with Dani.

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  12. Avatar
    Rip Big Jeff (7 comments)

    I hope Rachel can save herself with the POV… I like it when she’s in the house, the newbies are soooooo boring. Im anxious for the season to end so we can finally see who wins already… geezzz…

    • Avatar
      Faust (216 comments)

      I actually cannot stand Rachel. Jeff, Brendan, and Jordan are much more palatable. But she’s the best TV remaining in the house.

      • Avatar
        Ambrosi (2 comments)

        Go team Jordon and Rachel…bout time the women rule the house! Get the two men Shelly and Adam out and may the best woman win!

  13. Avatar
    Joe (3 comments)

    Are they on!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  14. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    how can you say Jordan should win?

    or Rachel?

    now way.

    team Kalia

  15. Avatar
    Joe (3 comments)

    Feeds in yet ?

  16. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    You have to hand it to the producers–they engineered this masterfully.

    And it’s now a toss-up for worst game move of the Season: Kalia nominating Lawon or Porsche opening Pandora’s Box. (Danielle trying to backdoor the strongest member of her own alliance in week 3 is a close third.)

  17. Avatar
    Piper (1 comments)

    Bye bye Shelly!!!!

  18. Avatar
    Bobbi (3 comments)

    Bye Shelly I’ve been sick of your manly walk all season. And what you did to Jordan on a personal level was wrong. Also crying the week before Rachel’s lying I never said that about a three person deal with her and Brendon. Liar Liar pants on fire!!! I hope Rachel wins I want her and Brendon to have the wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime!!!!

  19. Avatar
    Ttrue Fan (1 comments)

    This is all bulls – they should have not let them play as groups and this was tailored for Rachael. Although I dont like Rachel I prefer her win than Jordan, Jordan is a child and thinks she is entitled – give me a break they expect shelly to jump when they said jump = Jordan needs to go. They are all mad now that Shelly is playing her game and making decisions that will benefit her. If Jordan wins it would be the worse bb season. This is just bulls.

    • Avatar
      josie (5 comments)

      I feel this whole season has been suited for R/B J/J especially Rachel and I don’t think she should win just so she can have a wonderful wedding and honey moon. Her and Brendon should get that wonderful wedding like everyone else does, get a job and work for it.Never could stand her or him.

  20. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    CBS we are not happy with the manipulation to benefit jordan/rachel.

    playing in pairs? give me a break, clearly from some last dash brain storming session to help those 2.

    at this point it is everyone for themselves…..in sports you do not change the rules at the end!!!

    i may not watch after this season.

    if you want vets then have an ALL all stars version…….

  21. Avatar
    bandar singh (63 comments)


  22. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    thank you Bandar. and while I was NOT a fan of Shelly this whole season, I was impressed with her voting for JEff to be evicted… that took guts.

    she should not have to go out this way becuase of cbs’s screwing with the rules at the last minute.. that is disrespectful to the players and the viewers.

  23. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    CBS why didnt you just make pandora’s box the return of Jeff… ala brandon.?????

  24. Avatar
    josie (5 comments)

    CBS has made it very plain this whole season that they want R/B J/J to hang around as much as possible for ratings sake. This season sucked. This goes out to you CBS and if you had a number I could call and tell you what a-holes you are I would.

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