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Breaking Down Paul’s HoH Letter


As you can guess, the house is very quiet *crickets*. We are all having a Paul withdrawal. Miss you so much, and I bet you miss hearing PAULLLL every day.

Thanks so much for leaving me with your sick pets and a hefty vet bill lol. So this is the breakdown:

As you know, King is old but vet said he is still very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him.   (Paul is confused)

Blair’s dark spots are not getting better yet and it’s moving toward her eyes and she’s not opening her eyes again.  Haiti (sp) still thinks one day he’s a horse the other day he’s a dog (Camera oddly shows Jason at this point). Vet said not to let him jump, it’s bad for his hips. Boy (sp) you know is like a ghost. When it’s quiet she will appear.  Button is getting fatter. Can’t decide who’s food to eat. Goes from one plate to another and looks at me like ‘It’s not me’. And that is all the updates about your zoo. Overall don’t worry, it’s all fixable. I have a follow up next month with the vet.

Dad had his knee surgery, Nat got a job at the hospital and is finally getting a paycheck hahaha. Your boys are all good and proud (Paul asks who his boys are). And finally me. Work is good and things are moving forward.  (letter continues with some noncryptic stuff).

The thing that stuck out at me was the reference to King which sounds very much like she’s describing Kevin who is old, but alert (smart), and Paul needs to keep an eye on him.  Blair’s dark spots not getting better could be referring to someone in the house who is deceiving him and it’s not changing.  The dog who acts like a horse and not allowing him to jump may be an ally who he needs to keep a leash on.  Then there is the one who appears when it’s quiet but is like a ghost otherwise.  Button could be referring to someone who is playing both sides of the house but playing innocent.

I added the second part because Paul had no clue who she was talking about with ‘your boys’, but perhaps she could have been referring to his alliance – if he had one. Maybe she was referring to Mark and Matt?

This is hugely speculative and in no way close to fact. It is entirely possible the letter was completely legit, but it struck many people as odd – including the person reading it (Paul).  Let’s just play along though and assume this was a message, who do you think she’s referring to.

  • King – Old, but alert
  • Hades – Don’t let him jump
  • Boy – Ghostly but appears when quiet
  • Button – Playing both sides

(If anyone has the correct names of ‘Haiti’ and ‘Boy’, let me know. I couldn’t quite hear the specific names)

What are your thoughts?


Haiti is actually ‘Hades’.  I know people are thinking about names, but I think the names are irrelevant. They’re most certainly names of his pets. At most, they used the gender of the pet to correlate with the houseguest, but I think that’s the extent of that.


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  1. Avatar

    didn’t someone do this in a different season? for some reason I thought someone else had a secret message in the HOH basket

  2. ElaineB

    Jason’s laugh is truly annoying.

  3. AIO_7

    I’m not quite sure with the secret message thing. Doesn’t Paul’s mom speak with broken English? Also, why would Paul read the letter out loud because surely he would know there were secret messages in it. This might be a rabbit hole.

    • NKogNeeTow

      He might have thought that he would get the hints but no one else would be able to break the code. He and his mom could have some kind of secret code thing. My mom use to talk in Pig Latin to her best friend when she didn’t want my sister and I to know what she was talking about…until she found out one day that we had learned it by listening to both of them.

  4. ElaineB

    Paul is mentoring Kevin (i.e. telling him how to play the game) in the HOH room.

  5. feltso gudinya

    the pellet with the poison is in the flagon with the dragon…the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true……

  6. Avatar

    It could be clues but I Think other than king and boy the rest could be anyone…..Haiti could be either Josh or Cowboy
    Button could be Alex or mark or even Kevin for that matter
    Blair is anyone’s guess…..
    Cryptic enough but all in all so much so that I think even Paul would have a hard time knowing…we watch these people all the time and can link several people to one name. Lol

  7. Avatar

    Paul is going to alienate Kevin….

  8. Avatar

    I read that as King is Kevin. Haiti is Cowboy and Blair is Alex. Boy is Ramses. Hard to tell. I definitely think there is code. And that the boys are Matt and Mark. Just a guess maybe button Is Dom? Maybe boy is Dom and button is Ramses. I guess we’ll never know! But if family members of HG hear about this there may be more coded letters in the future. I thought production reviewed letters to ensure the secret messages don’t happen. But I’m also sure production wants Paul to stay in the house.

  9. Avatar

    And how is a dog not opening his eyes fixable?.

  10. Avatar

    I think Haiti is Josh in reference to his mood swings and Latino roots, I could be wrong though. Blair is a female I am thinking Jessica with her blinders for Cody. Boy is Dom and as for Button that could be hot lips going from mark to matt but i think it is more like mark being indecisive about being in an alliance with Grody I think he could be persuaded to come to the other side of the house.
    These are just my humble opinions and guesses.

  11. Avatar

    I doubt Paul can even figure out who is who…..we watch and see way more than he does and don’t know !! There are too many that fit the same name! King could even be Paul himself!! Old (returning player) but wise…

  12. Avatar

    Hold on tight for this one. It’s difficult to tell because we don’t know exactly when the letter was written or who really “wrote” the letter. So the “mom” speaking broken English (as another post mentioned) may play into excusing some inconsistencies in grammar. The “VET” mentioned in the letter may be someone who was on BB previously that is helping write the letter. Maybe a BB VET is helping by giving their opinion on the show and the HG’s. Are Paul and the family close to anyone who was on BB? Victor? “VET SAID” was mentioned at least twice. On the surface “King” appears to be Kevin, however if it was written when Cody was HOH and “King” of the house it could mean him as well. Seeing the words “KING” and “VET” in the same sentence remind me that Cody was HOH and is a VETeran. Also “KING” and “CODY” both have four letters. As do “BUTTON” and “RAMSES” (also the only HG with 6 letters in their name). As far as the other three “pet” names, the second letters jumped out at me. “BLAIR and ALEX”, “HAITI and JASON” and “BOY and DOM”. This may all be nothing but I would be shocked if Paul had pets with these names. He looked like he was hearing those names for the first time. I’m probably thinking too much but we’ll see.

  13. Avatar

    So. Here’s my take after re reading
    King is Paul ( mainly because of the vet mention)
    Haiti is Jason and/or Josh
    Blair is Cody
    Button is Kevin
    Ramses is ghost

  14. Avatar

    I think there were some clues being given from his Mom. On National Pet Day a couple of weeks ago, Paul mentions on his IG account his pets. Blair, Olive, King, Button and a Presa (?) She may have been using his knowledge of the animals personalities to give him some clues.

  15. Nancy McNamara

    I’m thinking that “Haiti” is a code. Haiti is a country, and Jason is this season’s “country boy”. Just a thought.

  16. Avatar

    How do I rewatch the feeds where he reads the letter?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hi Kate and Welcome to the Board! I’m not really sure. You could try going to CBS.com and see if it’s there. We have quite a few people here who could probably tell you but they might not be on until later. I’m sure once someone sees your question, they will respond to you. If a lot of people start posting this evening/tonight, it might get lost in the shuffle, or if/when Steve starts another thread. If so, just repost your question and I’m sure it will be answered 🙂

  17. Avatar

    Or, maybe it’s just a letter about his menagerie.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, here’s my conspiracy theory:

    “Thanks so much for leaving me with your sick pets” *(The HG are a bunch of sickos/whackos)* “and a hefty vet bill.” *(Refers to Cody)*

    “As you know, King *(Kevin)* is old but vet *(Cody)* said he is very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him.” *(Watch Kevin)*

    “Blair’s dark spots are not getting better yet and its moving towards her eyes and she’s not opening her eyes again.” *(Haven’t figured that one out yet. Maybe someone in the house that isn’t on Paul’s side but should be?)

    “Haiti *(Jason)* still thinks one day he’s a horse *(He gave Xmas a ride on his back)* the other day he’s a dog *(One day/night he was joking around and barked or howled)*.

    “Vet said not to let him jump *(Don’t let him go to the other side?)*, it’s bad for his hips.”

    “Boy you know is like a ghost. When its quiet she will appear.” *(Ram drifts in and out of rooms whenever people are having a conversation)*

    “Button *(Dom)* is getting fatter *(Eating up info)*. Can’t decide who’s food to eat. Goes from one plate to another *(Was moving between Cody and Paul trying to decide who’s side to be on)* and looks at me like ‘It’s not me’. *(Always sits there and looks innocent while gathering information)*

    “And that is all the updates about your zoo.” *(That’s whats going on in the house with your castmates)*

    “Over all don’t worry, its all fixable.” *(You can still get them on your side or you can still win)*

    “I have a follow up next month with the vet.” *(Maybe victor is breaking down the cast and house standing for her and she’s meeting with him again next month to get further breakdown/info)*

    “Dad had knee surgery *(Not sure about that one)*m “Nat got a job at the hospital and is finally getting a paycheck.” *(Not sure about that one either, maybe someone who wasn’t playing the game finally started to play?)*

    “Your boys are all good and proud.” *(Either his friends are fine and rooting for him or the people in the house that are following him, thinks he’s doing a good job as a leader?)*

    “And finally me. Work is good and things are moving forward.” *(She’s rallying/building his fan base or trying to get him more support for the end of the show?)

    Clearly you can see, I have to much time on my hands 🙂

  19. Avatar

    According to IG, he is a huge pet lover and has King, Hades, Blair, Oliver, and Button so maybe it was legit. Or at cryptic with real life parallels enough that production thought it was legit. Side note: Blair is a hairless cat

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Lemme see…who in the house looks like a hairless cat????

  21. Avatar

    I think maybe mentioning the hefty vet bill is code for Kevin & the 25k…as it goes on to mention the vet visit & the old pet to connect it.

  22. Avatar

    Paul did tell someone on Friday that he read his letter “over 100 times” maybe trying to break the codes himself?

  23. Avatar

    Not sure if this is a code or not, but, they shouldn’t allow letters from home if they are going to be used as an advantage like this.

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