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Busy Day In The Big Brother World – Plus Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Today has been a pretty busy day in the world of Big Brother.  We began the day with the news that Jordan gave birth to her second kid with Jeff!  Congrats to them!

More news comes from the Vegas front regarding Scottie. Production addressed the house this morning about him after multiple people complained about his performance during the live episode. Scottie is basically now blacklisted from anything CBS related once the season is over, and as we learned this morning, they don’t mess around when it comes to that. I’m scared to say more because I may not ever be invited to attend another live taping!


Finally, the house had a big party today with some former houseguests! Victor, Nicole, Paul, Josh, Britney, Dani Donato, and Derrick visited the house and Victor proposed to Nicole! Congrats to them! An engagement, a baby, and a CBS funeral all announced in one day!

Speaking of, I want to figure out a way to do a polling of each season to break down the most popular players and maybe even create some type of Hall of Fame for these players!


  • 6:00 pm – Haleigh said she tweeted about Derrick 4 years ago about shaking his hand but I couldn’t find it. Boo
  • 6:30 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room chatting with Kaycee
    • He is telling her how JC and Brett are still blaming each other for the same things
    • They talk about how easy this is going. We know. Too easy. It’s become boring
  • 7:45 pm – Haleigh needs to blow up on Sam or something. This house is too boring. She is doing her hair, Sam is cleaning, and Tyler cooking
  • 9:00 pm – Tyler is talking with Angela in the bedroom while KC, JC, and Brett are up on the platform thing

Check back for updates


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  1. Patty

    What did Scottie actually do that got him blacklisted? Just the suck comment about Tyler and Ang?

    • Avatar

      He first said he didn’t know if he was staying or not because everyone in the house has been “Dicking around” Then he said hopefully they vote to keep him or they can all “Suck It! Except Tyler since he’s had a steady diet of that, getting that Hilton Head”. Then when he jumped the table he flipped them off. All on live tv. Very much against the rules on his signed contract. He screwed himself showing what an ass he is. He is one weird ass dude.

    • Avatar

      Yep. He was rude, crude and socially unacceptable!!

      Also with what he said, he opened himself up for a lawsuit!

  2. Joy

    I think CBS is over reacting I could say something about Juli….uhhhh never mind I just got accepted her and I don’t want to “blow” it.

  3. hogwild

    I’m over the Scottie and Angela how about those shocking noms?

  4. Joy

    Steve first thanks for the update and congratulations to Jordan & Jeff. Also Nicole & Victor, Victor you prevailed and won the woman of your heart. I loved you on BB and I am so happy for the both of you.

    Steve I’m sure I am not the first to complain about this but I have upload and saved my (multiple different) avatars too many times to count. Is there something I’m missing. I really hate that “upload photo!” blank space…..

  5. Mr. Beardo

    Thanks Steve!! Always appreciate your insights and this awesome site you let us fool around on!

  6. Mimi Ryan

    Oh Steve, CBS would never black list you. This page is too kind (which is the reason I like it). I totally missed Scottie’s Speech, so please clue me in, I’m confused. I also like the idea of a Poll. I will definitely participate.

    • caRyn

      Something like this: Julie, first of all, I still don’t know if we’re hanging out again tonight. Everyone’s been dicking around all week. I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don’t then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he’s already getting a steady diet of that. You’ve been getting Hilton Head.
      As he left he gave the BB hg the middle finger.

  7. Shivani33

    Here’s some info, maybe. From the one who very talkative today, REALvegas4sure, ” A lot happened today. Congrats to Nicole and Victor! Segment taped. Feeds didn’t need to be down that long though, was over long ago. Then Sam spent an extended time in DR and her mic was cut. Not speculating as I don’t do that, but that led to longer feed cut.”

    • Shivani33

      Vegas also tweeted that houseguests were given a reminder to follow the rules or there would punishments. This appears to have been a preface to launch a discussion about what Scottie said, about some financial consequences involved when someone acts as he did. It sounds like a joke when we’ve watched JC staying in bed, singing, touching others weirdly, etc. for all of BB 20. Toddling around in his f*cking underpants and given free rein, JC must be dying to find out what punishment means.

      • Helen

        They just claim JC doesn’t do it on “live” tv….feeds are different!!
        So rules are ok to break and being a nasty vile little creature is fine as long as it’s not done on live tv and he brings in the ratings….

      • Colby

        That must have been when he was sleeping in the pink room or the geo room today. I guess he missed it. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Nobody is saying what JC did was ok. There are very specific rules of how they have to be when they are live. He blatantly chose to break those rules. Stuff that happens any other time doesn’t have to be on tv. What happens live does, and could result in a CBS fine. That’s the difference.

      • danmtruth

        Pardon the pun but thats a low bar for JC to meet

  8. HappyHippo

    I just realized I always say thanks for the update Mel! But never thanks for all your updates to Steve!
    We enjoy your insight and this website 🙂
    Now I wish you hadn’t gotten me nervous about bb21 though!

  9. Seattle Kari

    I’m going to read more recap but the first thing that came into my mind on the blacklisting of Scottie because of what he did or rather what he said?

    I get it, I do, but why is all of JC’s bullshit just being ignored? That seems like a huge double standard to me.

    • Colby

      Probably because he did it on live TV.

    • danmtruth

      Thats the poor double standard with JC Knowing not to be offensive on live tv Live feeders see and hear how rude and disrespectful he is to production and other HG

    • jimbo

      The JC stuff is overblown, and, like everyone already said, it’s not on live network TV. Even BBAD allows swearing because it is cable (allowed to swear on cable)…but you can’t do that on the live show, so there’s a perfect example of the difference.

    • Sassy

      I think another difference is the Hg complained about it in the Dr, and when they were asked about JC earlier in the season, they were not offended. It is all about perception at that time. What we think does not matter, it’s the person(s) that are directly affected.

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  11. Colby

    What / who’s funeral?

  12. Sassy

    I wonder if they will address it on Sundays show so we know the full consequence. After the eviction, Hay said he was warned in the Dr and told there could be a financial consequence along with something else. He obliviously knew what he was doing prior to doing it and thought it was worth the risk. He deserves what he gets. I wouldn’t be upset if they sent him home. Put JC as a HN again this week (3 losers from HOH comp), he will break more rules and they can send him home too. Have a 7 person jury… I think the HN should be the 3 losers anyway, give them an incentive to try from the beginning.

    • danmtruth

      Sassy did not see your post As you see I agree Did not know they had warned him before the live show Just add to showing his immaturity

    • LO1004

      Or have America be the 9th vote. Scotties behavior warranted an expulsion imo. And anyone who downplays it should maybe think of how it would feel to have someone falsely accuse you of sucking D on live national television w family and friends watching and have it be on the record for the rest of your life. I don’t wish that upon anyone. Disgusting.

    • Joy

      Thanks for the info. Sounds about right Scottie is goofy as all get out and I can see him taking their warnings as an “opportunity”. As usual he missed the mark AGAIN. I hope we don’t see this type of character in the next BB season, I’m tired of the reruns of predictable players.

      • Joy

        thumbs down..you clearly want to say something to me..so say it…chicken?

      • Seattle Kari

        Joy, you have to ignore the idiots that are always hitting the down button. They do it to everybody a post can be about something completely positive and they’ll still do it. They just looking for attention and we have to ignore it..

      • danmtruth

        the thumb down troll strikes again Not sure what was offensive in your post Joy You pointed out he was told before hand it was not a good idea to do and there would be consequences Well this is them Remember JC does his things on the feeds Much different standards by the FCC On live tv some person from where ever can say this violates community standards of decency and CBS is on the hook for a big fine This happened during the old family hour ABC, NBC,CBS,FOX and PBS fall under over the air broadcast You might get it as part of your cable package but those are the rules they fall into Much stricter

      • Joy

        Kari B, thank you. I’m new to this site. I love BB and I was very happy when I found a place that I can talk about it with others.

      • Holla Derrick

        I thought people liked or disliked my comments but found out people click so they dont have to reread them

      • NKogNeeTow

        I always tell everyone to pay the thumbs down no attention. The thumbs up or down is really supposed to be for someone agreeing or disagreeing with your comment, not about whether they like you or not. I think some people just take it to far.

  13. JD

    Scottie also hugged Julie and she was not pleased about that.

    • Mr. Beardo

      Maybe it’s because I’m a hugger but that is so weird to me.. She’s not the Queen of England.. Get over yourself Julie.. These people are coming out of an isolated pressure cooker and are emotionally charged.

      • Seattle Kari

        I think Julie looks like a fake conceited condescending bitch.

      • Tinkerbell

        An Ice Queen original. I hope she’s gone next season, with her husband. Time for someone who is a Big Brother fan, and enjoys the shows. I hope it won’t be Derrick. I like him and I enjoyed his season, and things he has done since that time. I just don’t feel he has the “right stuff” for that position. Someone with more pizazz is needed. Only my opinion.

      • Jenny

        for the love of God I hope it isn’t Rachel. I would not be able to watch the show if she hosted it.

      • Jay H

        Agreed Tink. Derrick was a nice guy and a good winner for his season, but he lacks the charisma to host this show. His segment discussing the game Thursday was boring as all get out.
        I’m not sure I’ve seen a houseguest from any season that I would actually like as the host. Hopefully they find someone that is more likable.

    • Tinkerbell

      It always made me cringe when he hugged anyone. A tight death grip with hands clenched together tight around people’s backs, and they last longer than a normal hug. Earlier in the season he told someone he doesn’t hug, and that he was learning in the house.

  14. AIO_7

    Brett “listening” to Martha drone on …


  15. Holla Derrick

    I wonder what the veto speeches were about. Doubt it was anything like last night but there must have been a reason to not show them. Maybe I missed it earlier in the week what the houseguests said about that

  16. Tinkerbell

    Scottie should be sequestered by himself, completely alone, in a hotel room until the show is over. His awkward inappropriate ass should not be allowed to further influence the already bitter jury, and give them additional true and/or false information from this past week. CBS needs to hit him where it hurts…….reduce his stipend for the season. They can’t hurt him by hitting in him in the gonads, he doesn’t have any. One of those strange type losers who will probably never change. He will probably continue to live in his own little weird world, and do inappropriate things. Good riddins’ punk ass piss ant.

    • Tinkerbell

      Scottie jumping on top of the couch was so bizarre, then his weirder than weird speech. It would have served him right, and been fabulous, if he would have fallen in front of all of them when he scurried out of the house – and falling when he stormed the stage as well.

      • leafhopper

        I’m wondering if he will even be in jury at all. Has he disqualified himself from a vote? If he is banned from all future events wouldn’t the finale / final vote be included?

      • Tinkerbell

        Leafhopper, I wonder the same things. I bet you are right, he will be excluded from everything…..as he should be. After the show is over and things are revealed, I’m eager to read acout Scotti’s complete punishment. Will be interesting to see if his money is cut.

      • Jay H

        I don’t understand why CBS would take the risk. He’s showed plenty of instances that he could be petty and vindictive. Give the people what they want- cut his ass.

  17. Robin

    My guess is that today was about controlling the negative perception of the showmance. I think they see Tyler and Ang as the final two and want them to look cute and more like a real potential couple by bringing the proposal to the House. This is a patch over the ugly hole that Scottie punched !

    • Jenny

      It makes me SO mad that he said something so vulgar about a couple who have been so classy as to NOT do anything even remotely sexual because they are on camera. I hope they show more footage proving those 2 are keeping it all G rated. It was uncalled for even if he’d said it about Bay and Chris, who weren’t shy about having sex in the house. I hope they did send him straight home after that.

  18. Mr. Beardo

    500 pts to whoever can identify my new pic..

  19. Avatar

    I love kittens and puppies and adoring grandparents…and even the people who go around giving thumbs down to everybody.

  20. SammyD

    For starters, Scottie should have used a bit more tact in his speech and avoided the language he used on-air.

    With that being said, being in the Big Brother house is not a monistary. Off-Air in the live feeds is nothing more than a cursing fest each season. Yes, CBS does have some obligations towards keeping a family television market. However, as someone that worked in television production, Scottie has a bit of FCC rule on his side to protect him. He is allowed to say what he wants. It is up to CBS that chooses to broadcast it during live feeds. This is why censors work rapidly to block inappropriate content. The two prongs are obscene material and profane content. While Scottie may have said some harsh words for the departing houseguests, he didn’t meet the criteria for obscene or profane content because it wasn’t scripted and CBS did block it out. The only broadcast was to the live audience.

    This season of Big Brother has been perhaps the best season I have viewed in many seasons. With that being said, Big Brother production and its “safe space” mentality isn’t helping the game overall. If any of us were placed in the Big Brother game at this very moment, I am almost sure we would be slipping f-bombs and some attitude in 90 seconds flat. CBS may have to hire a special censor to keep up with me.

    I am not protecting Scottie and justifying his actions, words, or gameplay. What I am suggesting is that Big Brother and its audience members should always remember that it is emotionally and physically taxing gameplay. After the game is over, there have been some players that go off the deep end and encounter destructive lives well after Big Brother. For that, I think we should all be a bit more forgiving, and understanding of the stress values Big Brother and always being under constant watch facilitates and creates.

  21. Shivani33

    Angela talking about love, about Tyler meeting her parents. These two are flirting, enjoying themselves and both of them are relaxed and tense at the same time. Their conversations are very infatuated, playful and bore the bejesus out of me.

    • Shivani33

      There is a distinct undertone with Tyler that he feels some reluctance and maybe regret about digging Angela. She finds it funny and gets him to laugh at himself. But she has become the huntress in the relationship. Not that Tyler is the damsel in distress or anything. He is obviously conflicted about Angela vs. his game.

      • Colby

        He is conflicted. He said as much in one of his DR sessions they showed last night. He said he came to win the game so he probably would have to let someone take her out. But I don’t think he is happy about that.

      • ElaineB

        I like that Ty is trying to stay focused on the prize $500K. After all, that is what BB is/should be about. A relationship outside the house, will happen…or not. Stay focused Ty!

  22. Shivani33

    The other scene is Saint Kaycee and her new HoH entourage. She told JC that she can’t wait for him to win HoH and see how cool it is. Brett was hunkered right there and received no best wishes. I wish that somebody would suddenly jump out of a caramel cake and scream “horsesh*t!”

  23. Avatar

    I just want to take this chance to thank Steve & Mel for this website, I have watched bb since season 1 but this is only the 2 year on here, think I started half way through last year & what a different perspective this is, I do watch bbad but you find out so much more here, I don’t always agree with everyone but that’s ok too. It would be really boring if we all agreed, I try to keep anything really negative to myself but respect people’s right to theirs. Thanks again for this time here, sometimes I think I’m on here too much lol

  24. Colby

    Wow! They gave them alcohol and JC didn’t even throw a fit.
    They have given it to them several times this week.
    I’m going to laugh if they don’t give them any for a few days after this because it will piss JC off.

  25. FW aka CY

    Did it look to anyone else like Scottie was wearing several sets of clothes, one under the other? I thought maybe he was trying to show production (and whichever house guest(s) wardrobe he pilfered from) he could steal from the house. Regarding his speech – he was just building on the precedent set by Brett, but he doesn’t understand the difference between game talk fabrications and salacious, personal attacks. In todays media environment, can one blame him? We cue, behaviour-wise, off the examples given forth by our leaders; especially when young. With gutter-language and viciousness replacing civil discourse at our highest levels of government and society, and scurrility replacing integrity in those who’ve been entrusted to report the unbiased truth to the nation, are we blaming and punishing the right person?

    As for the Julie hug – perhaps he was searching for the Chen-bot’s off switch?

    If Julie is that fastidious about being hugged, perhaps they ought to issue her a taser, pre-show, and dress her in a kevlar mumu. It would certainly be a better look than some of the things we’ve seen her sporting this season, which appear to have been rooted out the damaged-and-discarded bin of Heidi Klum’s “Frankenbitch” collection.

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  27. Shivani33

    JC told Brett that Angela is not allowed to sleep with Tyler. (Who made him governor?) He said that b*tch has to GTFO. He’s quite angry. More booze arrived tonight and maybe none for the have-nots. It is impossible not to notice how the cameramen keep zooming in on JC’s scowls, also on his earlier spying from above on Tyler, Angela and others in the kitchen. The shots of him then were appalling. He’s been doing so much glaring, his face becomes a rictus of boiling jealousy. It’s hard to know if the camera guys are trolling JC because they love him or despise him, or maybe it’s both.

  28. Shivani33

    Brett has been pitching ideas to Kaycee about evicting Sam instead of Haleigh. She had just told him that above all, Haleigh cannot win the veto. He is instigating a change that is the opposite of what Kaycee has planned and says she wants. Kaycee even told Brett that she promised Sam that she’s not being evicted. She said that she’s going to keep telling Sam every day that she’s safe. After hearing her say all of this, how come Brett goes out on a limb?

    Tyler warned her that Brett and JC were out to get her and Angela. He told her not to listen to JC, in particular. Tyler is looking for ammunition to eliminate Brett, and Kaycee could give him some now. Haleigh is the last of the Fouttes. Scottie coming back delayed her eviction. The third time on the block had better do the trick.

  29. Bastosko

    With all the other information (Congrats to J&J and Victor and Nicole) did i see the ::shudder:: name Paul??? OMG they found a way to get him back on TV??? He must have photos of someone in production doing things to an armadillo! After two straight seasons of him and “Friendship” and BB19 essentially handed to him on a plate, why ohhhhh why are we tortured with his beard AGAIN?

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Thanks, Steve for adding the Friends List back.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Brett and Hay had a long conversation in the Jenga room starting around 2 am maybe. I waited so long to type it, I can’t remember the context of it all. If I remember correctly, she was slyly doing a bit of Sam bashing and making veiled suggestions that Sam should be voted out. I think they talked a bit about JC too, but I kept drifting in and out of sleep. If any of you get a chance, you might want to check it out. I can’t give you a time stamp because I never got the hang of using them and really don’t care enough to learn how 🙂

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