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Will Caleb Finally Make A Move?

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Paranoia is setting into the Big Brother house the later the season gets, but could the paranoia actually ring true this week?

With Caleb winning the HoH, it’s now his turn to make a similar move as Frankie did last week.  Put up someone next to Victoria so they can send her home. However, one thing appears to be clear is that Cody won’t be that person. They’re not going to put him up as a pawn in back to back weeks because he’ll wonder if he’s actually not the pawn and try making a move of his own.

This means there are two people available to sit next to Victoria. Frankie and Derrick. Neither of them want that, but it has to happen, so what will happen?  With Caleb, that’s hard to say.  As soon as the feeds returned, Cody and Derrick were already talking about how Frankie has to go on the block over Derrick. Neither of them trust Frankie (despite Frankie not making a move while HoH) and worry what could happen if he is not on the block.  Let’s say Derrick and Victoria are on the block and Frankie wins the PoV, will he take this opportunity to use the veto on Victoria to guarantee a big threat going home?

Now, why would Frankie do that now when he had the chance last week and didn’t?  Well, Derrick’s theory is that Frankie had to ride the wave due to being HoH.  Had he made a big move, he knew he’d be sitting out of the next HoH and have all the numbers against him. It would have likely been a 4th place finish for Frankie.  Now, Frankie can make a big move AND compete to win HoH next week.  Derrick’s logic does make sense, but will Caleb believe it?  Will he care?  Caleb had his chance to get Frankie out and was basically encouraged by his brother to do so, but chickened out.  He is far more concerned with his life AFTER the Big Brother house than he is IN the Big Brother house.  Just listen to him for 5 minutes and you’ll see why (Caleb is apparently going to go on Amazing Race, Survivor and be a country music star).

So it’s a fairly large nomination ceremony – whenever it happens (today or tomorrow.. likely today).  Derrick was working Caleb all night on this, and Caleb sounds convinced about the logic behind it, but Caleb is Caleb.  I have a feeling we’re going to end up seeing Derrick and Victoria on the block together this week and that will mean Caleb is going to ride Frankie all the way until he meets Ariana and tries to score his own record deal.

With all of that said, even if Derrick is on the block, and Frankie does win PoV, he’s still not a guarantee to use it.  Frankie is pretty sneaky, but he seems to be pretty set on making the final 4 with the guys.  What do you think will happen if that situation does unfold?  Would Frankie use the PoV to get Cody vs Derrick on the block?  Or would he not use it and send Victoria home?

I will start a live thread in a bit, but the house is still sleeping.


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  1. Comments (191)

    The safe move is Frankie and Victoria. It keeps Frankie from making a big move if he wins veto, which is likely.

  2. Comments (21)

    I’m sick and tired of Derrick never doing anything but wanting everybody else to do all the dirty work.

    He wants Frankie out but he doesn’t want to be the one to do so. So many times he tries to convince other people to do his dirty work and gets pissed when they don’t do so.

    • Comments (211)

      It does make you wonder why one of them doesn’t just turn around and say, “Great idea, Derrick! Why don’t you go for it??” instead of just blindly always doing what he says.

    • Comments (178)

      I’m hoping Frankie manages to somehow win the POV. He knows he’s the target and he knows who made certain he would be the target. Caleb isn’t big in the “smarts department”. Caleb even suggested to Derrick that he take one for the team and go on the block since he’s never been on the block; but he still managed to let Derrick talk him out of doing that. I want the underdog to win. And from the way people posting on these sites dislike Frankie so much (for a variety of reasons), I consider Frankie to be the underdog.

  3. Comments (1446)

    Didn’t Mango also promise Caleb earlier that he would take him to Africa where his charity is building schools?
    Between that and the promise of recording connections, I don’t think Caleb will send Mango packing.

    I hope Caleb realizes that he is being used by Derrick…but I doubt it.

    Derrick wants Caleb out right after Mango.

    • Comments (37)

      Caleb will try to ride the Fakie train to fame. I don’t see him sending him out the door. Last night on BBAD all he wanted to talk about was being an up and coming country star. I had hope for about 2 minutes when anyone, besides Fakie one hoh. Then reality struck.

  4. Comments (2)

    Best senerio is they don’t put Frankie up. Derrick/Cody up with Victoria anybody but Frankie gets the veto use it to take the pawn off and back door Frankie. Ideally Cody/Victoria up and Derrick wins POV takes Cody off only choice is Frankie, and then we can watch his pink tip hair glitter wearing butt go tot he jury house.

    • Comments (191)

      If you don’t put Frankie up, and he wins veto, he can take Victoria off and either Derrick or Cody goes home. If he is on the block he can only save himself and Victoria goes home. If Caleb wants Victoria to go home he should put Frankie up.

  5. Comments (843)

    Frankie would stab his own mother in the back to win. Just read on Morty’s that eviction will be Tuesday night then another on Wednesday night with a special episode Friday. Anyone know if that is correct?

  6. Comments (240)

    Stevebeans I hope you have a fantastic vacation! That being said, what am I going to do without your awesome updates & recaps?! You do such a great job I haven’t had to watch BB. I watched last night ONLY cause I wanted to see the jury house & see Mango’s reaction to the rewind. (*cough nauseating cough overacting*) I don’t see the golden Oscar in his future. It just all proved to me why I can’t watch a whole complete hour. I’ll have to wait til you comeback to find out what happens. I hope you do a season wrap up. Prayers for your family, Congratulations on the wedding and as I said enjoy your vacation! Thank you to all the great people who post. You’ve made this summer of BB enjoyable

  7. Comments (1443)

    Ok. Julie said last night that eviction was Tuesday and Wednesday. Jury visits Sunday so we probably see norms and pov that day? Then Tuesday we would have to see eviction and hoh at least. Maybe norms so can’t be live show. We’d we get what wasn’t done Tuesday but we probably get pov and of course eviction Maybe that eviction only is live ??? No telling what Friday is. Maybe recap of season which I don’t want to see again

  8. Comments (15)

    I would love to see Derrick gone this week, Frankie next week and Caleb and Cody final 2 with Cody winning it

  9. Comments (4)

    Okok wait when is the next Big brother episode is it on september 17 are ??

  10. Comments (1)

    Caleb needs to put Frankie up so if he wins POV he can only save himself. If not they all can kiss the $500K goodbye because Frankie is good at comps and will win the rest of them to get to the final two taking Victoria with him to insure he wins.

    On a side note, this is my first post but read everyday. This is the WORSE BB in history. So bad that I enjoy reading the updates and posts better than watching the episodes. I only watch the live shows on Thurs.

    Hopefully CBS will get a clue and cast better HG’s next season.

  11. Comments (77)

    The only big move Caleb ever made was to backdoor the girl he “really liked”.

  12. Comments (1)

    I have lost all respect for Derrick. He doesn’t win anything and expects everyone to do his dirty work. He is so shady!!! At least Frankie is being himself, which is sometimes not so good. They all need to see that they are puppets of Derrick and they need to use this week to get him out.
    Also, this season has been THE worst!! CBS needs to step up its game. This voting all the same is so stupid! And I love reading your posts!! They are 10x better than watching the show!

    • Comments (1446)

      Sadly, they don’t realize that Derrick is running things until he sends them packing. They figure it out in the Jury house.

      I do think that Mango has him somewhat figured out, but knows that he(Derrick) is so firmly in control of the others that he dare not make a move against him.

  13. Comments (4)

    I understand that everyone thinks it’s a horrible season but everyone complained that the houseguests were TOO real last year! All the racists comments and Don’t give an F attitude was what everyone was talking about.
    At least look at it as we actually have someone playing the GAME instead of GM, Spencer, and Andy. Derrick has a hand in everyone’s well-being (like Dan Gheesling) and Frankie wins competitions. Unfortunately, we still have a GM, Spencer, and Andy (Victoria, Cody, and Caleb). Not exactly alike but they have just kind of done what Frankie and Derrick have wanted. That’s what makes it so boring. It should be Big brother: Frankie versus Derrick.
    I would have loved to see Zach, Hayden, and Nicole in the house still besides Victoria, Caleb, and Cody. There would be drama every week and the competitions would have been amazing.

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