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Care Package Day In The BBOTT House



Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s another big day in the house today as the care package is set to drop off and set the tone for the week.

When the season began and I looked through the list of care packages, I kind of shrugged my shoulders thinking how mediocre they were once again. However, as the weeks played on, and the divide in the house grew larger, these care packages are making big differences on a week to week basis.  The only fairly useless CP was the ‘save a friend’ as it went to Kryssie who saved Jason in a week that I don’t remember him being in very much danger. Scott’s ‘pick a veto’ allowed him to do the double pawn strategy which ended up working out exactly how he wanted with Shane going home as a result. Alex’s safety changed the course of the week as she was Kryssie’s main target for the week. Neeley still may have gone home, but it certainly changed the HoH’s plans.

Today, the care package is enormous as it will either strip like 95% of the power from Danielle (HoH), or it will guarantee America can’t be the deciding vote to save one of the plastics.  Of course, in order for the power to be stripped from Danielle, America’s Nom has to go in the favor of the plastics as well. The CP becomes pointless if say Shelby wins but she’s on the block next to Alex and Whitney (examples). This will also possibly force Danielle to get smart about her noms – maybe.  If 3 plastics are on the block and one of them win PoV, they’ll either remove America’s nom or save themselves for another plastic. However, if 3 are on the block and the 4th ends up winning PoV, this still guarantees someone like Scott go home. So, putting more thought into it, the CP is important, but America’s Nom becomes important if the CP goes in favor of the plastics.  Confusing.


Put it simply – If the CP favors the LNJ, America’s Nom is irrelevant. If it goes in favor of TP (the plastics), America will still have to nominate someone from LNJ. Of course, if the CP goes in favor of TP, America’s Nom likely will as well.


  • 11:15am – The plastics are sitting in the bedroom talking about periods and cramps. Kryssie is laying in bed in the London room
    • Note – Care Package is at 1pm
    • Shelby is joking about how her vote wouldn’t have made a huge different – no matter who she would have voted for
    • shelby-vote
  • 1:00pm – Ok, we’re just about ready for the care package!
    • Shelby!
    • Once again, Kryssie is not too happy
    • eviction2
    • The LNJ is outside on the couch complaining about production and how it’s all rigged, etc, etc. They think they’re being portrayed poorly in the episodes, but they don’t realize the feeds are more important. Nobody is watching the episodes. They didn’t show Kryssie farting on Alex’s pillow, or go in depth with Neeley’s ugly rant, and they showed about 2 seconds of Jason going in on Shelby.
    • I know it makes me sound like I’m ‘team Whitney’ or some shit, but I’m just pointing out why America has turned on Jason and his crew. They don’t even have the awareness to realize some of the awul things they’ve said and done compared to the plastics. Shelby has been bitchy, yes, but unlike the LNJ, she’s fully aware of that and accepted that.
  • 1:26pm – BB keeps calling Danielle to the DR. They called her about 5x in 2 minutes which is extremely odd because they typically give them time to respond. Dani isn’t on cam, I wonder if she’s yelling NO or something
  • 2:30pm – Danielle is doing some reflecting by herself in the hammock
    • She is begging America to help her out this week because she’s been a fan of the game for so long and is a single mother
    • dani-talking
    • I kind of feel bad for her because she’s not a bad person from what I’ve seen. She’s self absorbed but hasn’t been very vicious unless I missed something.
    • That said, the kid excuse never works for me. BB doesn’t abduct people to make them play. Yes, it’s a big prize, but you chose to leave your kid for 2 months. That doesn’t mean you should get sympathy votes
  • 9:00pm – Stepped away for the feeds a bit today since it’s been a bit slow and it’s Friday.
    • It seems the divide is not just in the house. I am noticing a lot of hostility between LNJ and Plastic fans. Relax, everyone. It’s a game and nobody from either side gives a shit about us. There is no reason for fans to get pissed at other fans for supporting a certain group. Both groups have pros and cons.  I know my readers are more pro-plastic than not, so I don’t need to go over the good things about them. I will say the LNJ also has good qualities whether people agree with them or not. Justin is a good guy. Danielle has some issues (who doesn’t?), but she’s not bad. Individually, Kryssie, Jason and Neeley also seem like good people. The big issue with them is they feed off of each other’s negativity, and that’s pretty common. It doesn’t make them bad people, nor does it make those who support them.
    • A problem right now is that America simply has too much power in the game this season. Hopefully it’s something they’ll adjust if they run this experiment again or carry stuff over to BB19. Alex got the shaft during her HoH, and then Kryssie, and now maybe Danielle.  Stuff like that is good once in awhile, but dare I say it may be going too far.
    • Just my 2 cents on the issue.  Just relax, everyone. This season has been great, but no need to rage on other fans.
  • 9:25pm – With my little speech, I am going to step away from feeds again and watch some tv!
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  1. AIO_7

    I’ve been away a day or so, so I’d like to take this time to say buh bye to hag Nelly.

    • AIO_7

      I’d like to see Krusty Krispe, the pillow farter, go next. That person seethes with hate; no friendship for her.

    • Avatar

      @AIO7, don’t be trying to fake us out here on junkies…we remember about that lusting you had & we know you haven’t been here for a couple of days because you’ve been welcoming Neeley home. I told you we would send her your way. Lol
      We know she had on the big fluffy wig when she left the BB House but which costume did she wear for you? Did she look like the gargoyle, gremlin, jeepers creepers, grandma, a bat or a witch? Lol

      I’ve been waiting to see you back on here because you know I just couldn’t resist teasing you after your lady love got evicted!!! 🙂

  2. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Okay. Am I going crazy or do whitneys lips appear to be deflating?

  3. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    ACP time!!!!

  4. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Danielle just can’t understand why America likes such horrible people. Really Danielle? Really??
    She follows that up with how she better not find out that production is setting everything up to make her side like bad. Again, really Danielle? Do you really not know what show you’re on? Do you not understand that WE SEE YOU!! We see them 24/7. Production can’t hide behind editing on this season.

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Yeah production is helping the plastics. that showed when the allowed Alex to cheat to win HOH over Neely 2 weeks ago. Then they turned around and practically said it during the HOH competition so everyone can hear it. I don’t trust the votes anymore because they are probably rigged by production to go their way. As for as Danielle she is not liked for other reasons. The plastics and Scott do the same things and you people just let it go like it is nothing but the other side is condemned for it. Hmmm I wonder why that is?

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        Apparently you are delusional too. You should join the LNC.

      • Avatar
        Kristy (51 comments)

        No you people need to get a grip on life. All you do is call people names and then have the nerve to say LNC are wrong for doing the same things you are doing. You laugh when the plastics call people names like it is okay. I bet you wouldn’t be laughing if someone was calling you the same names you are calling LNC.

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        You’re the one getting all upset about it. Super cute!

    • Avatar

      I had the exact same thoughts, Lindsay! If they would shut their mouths for 2 minutes and think, they may be able to figure it out. Actually, I doubt it. As your sitting trashing people and saying they are horrible and sluts and everything else, you can’t figure out why we don’t like you? Seriously?!? They disgust me! Can’t wait to see Krusty on the block! She will probably break the rule book out and self evict for the 98th time!

  5. Avatar
    Kristy (51 comments)

    uugghh so Shelby got the Care Package so now we know 3 of the plastics need to go up so one of them can go home.

  6. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Jason thinks we gave it to Shelby so they will have to decide who from their group goes home. Really Jason? We chose Shelby cuz the LNC are vile pieces of shit who need to go home.
    He doesn’t understand why we don’t see how horrible Shelby is cuz it’s on the feeds. Apparently he thinks we like the nasty stuff he does on the feeds?
    The LNC are so delusional!!!

  7. Avatar

    So, americas nom is either Kryssie or Jason. Kryssie may not talk game like Jason but she cant get a CP and i don’t think she can win if she makes it to F3. Jason’s fans can band together and give him a CP that gets him to the end. His mouth is more vile.

  8. Avatar
    Kristy (51 comments)

    Shelby acts like a child and it is excused. Going hide just so you don’t have to say goodbye to someone that is evicted is childish. Scott clapping is disrespectful.

  9. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    When is there going to be some kind of repercussion for Danielle constantly napping? Now she’s apparently refusing to go to DR. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, there has got to be some kind of penalty for contstantly breaking the rules like that. It doesn’t even have to be something as big as a penalty vote or anything, maybe it’s 24 hours of slop or forced seclusion or something like that.

  10. Avatar

    So for all the plastics fans, are we voting for Kryssie to be America’s nom?

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  12. Avatar

    Did you notice that around 1:11 Danielle starts talking about production may be spinning how they look, and the cam immediately switches to the plastics 😛

  13. pkcable
    pkcable (127 comments)

    I’m totally TP, and more so Team Alex, BUT I do have a soft spot for Justin from the other side. He’s like the lovable rogue, the rest of them are NASTY!

    • Avatar

      I totally agree. I love Justin (probably because of the pizza edit :P) and I’m sad he’s on their side. I got excited when he almost allied with the plastics.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      He is starting to pick up on their nastiness though by being around all their negativity. He used to walk away,that’s how he started hanging around BS. That’s one of the reasons I am voting him as have not this week…plus the fact it is kinda a BB experience.

    • AIO_7

      Justin is the ultimate floater. I’m never quite sure what side he is on. I missed it, but how did he vote on Wednesday?

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      He’s not all sugar and pizza. He’s said some nasty things and had no problem laughing and encouraging his friends as they defiled the BS’s pillows. He’s definitely the least vile of the LNC but I don’t like him. IMO he makes a mockery of the game by not even trying in comps. I’m not opposed to strategically throwing some here and there but he’s way too checked out for me to respect any part of his game.

      • Avatar
        JessieHOH (3 comments)

        Girl bye. You sound foolish. He is the only one attempting to build a bridge with someone from the other side. You claim everyone in the LNC is so mean, but Justin is very kind hearted. How the heck to you classify Whitney and Shelby? Invisible? What the heck have they done to earn respect as game players? Nothing. You have to at least be present to be called a floater. He has one veto and that’s more than those two ballsuckers.

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        Girl bye? Are you Neely? Or do you just worship that trash box? Keep on trying to be cute tho.

  14. Avatar

    Shelby’s begging for us not to put her on slop, is like a slap to the face. We give her the CP and she wants more! She made my third HN choice easy. Kryssie and Whitney are my other ones. Kryssie for obvious reasons and Whitney since she hasn’t been one, and will take it like a trooper

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      They have all begged at some time or another to not be on slop. Justin needs his turn. We’ve seen him be all gravy this whole time and has said he would not do well as a HN. I would like to see how he acts as a HN. Does his super cool deameaner disappear? Does he start getting more nasty with his crew? Or does he rise above and try to make the best out of the situation? We have seen everyone else react to it so it’s time for Whitney and Justin to have the full BB experience.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Hell, I’d be begging too! Do you see how nasty that s**t looks? And unlike in the regular seasons, they don’t get pies and hot dogs and other things to complement the slop. It’s just straight slop and protein shakes now. No thanks!!!

  15. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Just voted Krusti, Justin, and Whitney for HN.

    Danielle is in the hammock talking to America. She’s letting us know that she’s the best player in the house and that we should alig with her.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I knew she was going to nom Shelby!!!

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      We gave Shelby the care package so she can be voted out!! I’m gonna puke! Alex will vote to save Morgan!!
      Morgan is one of the ones I wouldn’t care if she left!!!!

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        Calm down Helen!! We still have America’s nom. Or Scott. Our girl Shelby can still be fine. I hope.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I hope so!!! I just hate the thought of her even being nom. Seems like every week is a fight for her!

  17. kneeless

    I really would like to see the game play of the LNC with Kryssie out of the game. I know Jason would lead that side but I think he dynamics would be so different without her. Somehow, I can tolerate Jason better than I can tolerate Kryssie.

  18. kecker

    Danielle killed her dog through neglect, f*** her

    • LindsayB
      LindsayB (2276 comments)

      Yup. She’s a vile human being.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      She also is planning on saving all her child support money to take LNC to Bahamas!! Don’t try to play the I’m doing this all for my son card now !! You have shown us what your all about and it isn’t pretty at all!

      • Avatar

        Danielle probably wasn’t bullied, she probably wouldn’t shut the hell up & tried to take over every conversation like she does now & somebody got sick of her ass & knocked the living shit out of her to shut her the hell up. She might have been the one who tried to do the bullying & got popped upside her damn head.

      • Avatar

        If i was her baby daddy I would have her document where she spends the money. Take her to court for that statement.

        Ann- I was thinking the same thing.

  19. Avatar

    Oh yea, i voted Kryssie, Justin, & Whitney for HN. I want to see Justin because he has participated in some negative talk & because of all the celebrating he has done every week when he wasn’t voted.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you but I also want Justin to be a have-not with the plastics so that he’s not with the LNC so much. Maybe the plastics can flip him. I have zero tolerance for Danielle, Jason & Krustie. There’s still a little time to get Justin away from them.

  20. Avatar

    @lotusflower89, the statement alone that she made should be enough to cause a judge to want to ask for monthly statements of where the child support money is going. The child’s father should be pissed all the way off at her for saying that. Who does that???
    There’s nothing that girl could say to get any kind of sympathy or even think about friendship with her. Surely no respect as a parent.

  21. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I just don’t even get these “so called” players on LNC side……to say Shelby and Morgan are at the bottom of totem pole and leave people in the game who are bigger threats seems senseless to me?? I don’t get it!!!

  22. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Did Krissi really get 6 votes on Steve’s poll or is he just messing with our heads?

  23. caRyn

    We will know more on which direction we want to go with votes after the Live DR’s tonight.

  24. caRyn

    Sounds like the Care Package is forcing Jason to play the game again and is wanting to work with Alex and Scott.

  25. Avatar

    Based on the weekday replay tonight, I’m pretty sure Scott has a huge crush on Shelby even tho his main priority is Alex.

  26. caRyn

    Would be interesting if Morgan could get Danielle to work with her.

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  28. caRyn

    Whitney DR: Whitney does not have a relationship with Danielle in the house and she is not about to fake one.

  29. Shivani33

    To quote Justin, “I need disability for my laugh-asthma” from trying to watch Kryssie’s DR. Did she really laugh and fart at the same time? Aunt Flo, for heaven’s sake? Then Justin about Neeley’s eviction: “It is what it is. I told her not to wear that witch hat.” My sides are aching from this laughter!

  30. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Alex’s shout out to Taco Bell was awesome.

  31. caRyn

    Shelby DR: Shelby has secretly been wanting o work with Danielle. Shelby is not going to win against Alex and Scott.

  32. caRyn

    Danielle’s DR: She would like to work with Alex and Scott.

  33. Avatar

    Looks like the combination of Kryssie, Justin, & Whitney is leading on jokers polls for HN
    Kryssie is leading for americas nom

  34. GL

    Hey all maybe I’m looking at it wrong. When I went to put my next 20 votes up I noticed a – sign in front of the number. Is that taking votes away? CBS is getting sneaky if it does.

  35. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    How can anyone even get near Danielle to talk to her privately? I mean seriously, Jason,Krustie and Justin hover in that room! Danielle complains that none of the BS have approached her to talk game but how can they?

  36. Shivani33

    Jason had that talk with Alex about continuing to have each other’s backs. Scott, though not in on this latest talk, was semi-included by them both, in that they mentioned Scott being allowed to come along for at least part of their replenished ride through the depopulation of the house. Jason also talked to Danielle about how he and she together ought to get a link-up going with Alex, again with Scott part of it, still to a lesser degree. At least this shows that Jason can smell that Krustie is probably soon to be dead meat, and Justin could just be the man who fell to earth and might not survive much longer. So Jason sees the LNC keeps shattering and is making other plans to keep going. He knows that Danielle is a strong player who can and will adapt.

    Alex could be BSing Jason. Pardon the pun. Maybe she’s making arrangements with him just in case Jason can’t be kicked to the curb. If Alex stays and her girl squad falls apart or too many of them get evicted, she’ll have to play it as it lays with whoever is left. I think Alex wants to keep going with Morgan and Shelby but wants to be ready for any scenario. And so does Jason. What I don’t know if they’re ready for is our intergalactic pizza man. Justin could be born lucky.

    Really, when you look at it, most players still in the game have their assets. Look at Whitney, Shelby, Morgan, Scott. All have some strong points. The only honest-to-God turkey still in the yard is going to be gone soon, wilted flowers plastered to the side of her head, bleeding, farting and belching her way out of Californialand.

  37. Avatar
    CindyAnne (23 comments)

    I have finally seen something more disgusting than Krusty!! Honest!! The Joker site has an interview with her boyfriend, Mike Skull. I could only watch the first few minutes as he totally grossed me out. It is a match made in …….well, certainly not heaven!

  38. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    My son came home for the weekend during diary rooms so I missed a couple. It was good to see him but if he was coming just to raid the frig. and drop off a bag before heading out with friends, did he have to do it during DR’s? Lol

    Scott only mentioned Alex 23 times in tonights DR. Maybe he’s cutting back since they’re a power couple now and he needs to keep it a secret.

    Shelby shocked me with her Danielle strategy. It’s smart if she can pull it off. Danielle has shown she can set emotions aside and play the game but she thinks Scott and Alex are a better option. Shelby fans & Danielle haters may have their brains explode next week trying to figure out how to vote if Shelby and Danielle work something out. (I’m including myself) Shelby could decide who goes home this week but I don’t see how she has the leverage she thinks she does. It’s not like she’s going to cancel BS votes if Krissi’s otb. Shelby is smart enough to expect Danielle not to trust her and understands she will look like a liar. It isn’t smart of her to think she has a chance to get Danielle to put up Justin and Krissi. That sounds like the plans all over twitter…not gonna happen.

    For me, Morgan is almost the opposite of Shelby. I admire how hard she’s working to pretend to be a nice girl ( the sisters have discussed it themselves) but she mentions trying to work with Danielle as a paint-by-numbers or connect the dots situation. She said she’s going to have to go make some deals. She makes it sound like its a given. Unlike Shelby, she doesn’t seem to understand that Danielle has good reason to doubt her. Making deals is part of BB but so is paying the price when you break them. I didn’t blame Morgan for voting out Neeley but I thought it was crazy when she said it would be good to have someone to work with on the other side of the house. She did have that and LNC watched her burn that bridge so they may not be anxious to walk on the new one. She may also be underestimating g her “lay low” strategy. She had the most impressive win in any comp they’ve played so far.

    I’m not going to give an opinion on Krissi’s because it’s blah blah blah and more of the same. I will only mention that as delusional as she is, I was still surprised she doesn’t think this care pkg will really do that much this week. Ummm, ok.

    I have to say, I don’t enjoy Alex in the Dr very much. Morgan tends to ramble which makes her believable and Shelby doesn’t give a crap so she’s very believable. Alex has very calculated DR’s. Shes a feed watcher and knows how to be careful so it makes sense but I still don’t like it. She’s very thoughtful with her wording when she talks about going after players that she thinks America may like in DR. She will say things like in the future, at some point and later on. She says things very differently the rest of the time. This year the DR is more like the old ones (honest) except with Alex. I feel like I’m being played. I don’t like it but I don’t blame her. It’s hard to be completely honest if what you want to say may go against what you think America wants to hear. Thats one of the reasons Shelby is my favorite female in the house. She just puts it all out there. I’m also starting to get annoyed that within two minutes of being given any game advantage, Alex is the first to start asking for one more favor. (Repeatedly) Shelby’s the one who made the comment that we don’t owe them anything. She’s getting a lot of credit at being amazing and she’s really only won 1 comp. I need to see more than begging in the storage room especially since this will be the 3rd week in a row we’ve given her side every care pkg and every 3rd nom. Should we offer to eat slop for her too? It may not sound like it but I still like Alex. I just get annoyed with her.

    I can’t stand Danielle but I think going to fish when she was talking about her son was horrible. She’s not saying his name and is allowed to say she has a son. They’ve already taken her locket picture that probably wasn’t big enough for the camera to even pick up and she was just trying to send a message about Halloween and his costume. She may be a bi*ch but imo, they could have given her that much for having to listen to the production crews very obvious disappointment at her hoh win that may be useless to her anyway.

  39. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Wonder how pretty boy Shane is liking his woman sharing her bed with Justin? LMAO. She would be throwing a fit if the opposite happened and Shane was sharing his HOH bed with one of the girls!! Guess you better take a good look Shane cause this is what your signing up for!!!

  40. Shivani33

    I watched the whole interview with Krustie’s boyfriend, Skull. It helped me to understand the gulf between her persona and the lack of energy that she uses as a BB player. She is a fish out of water in this game, who is fully engrained in her own subcultural lifestyle. For me, it was very much like studying a segment from a semester in a cultural anthropology class. Krustie and Skull have a “massive, sadistic co-dependency,” as he put it, and “it’s you and me against the world, baby.” These two need each other like the Sade song, “Lover’s Rock” describes it. So, If you want to be unkind to Krustie, send her home. If you want to be kind to her, send her home. It works either way.

  41. Avatar
    Journi (23 comments)

    Call it morbid curiosity but I’d like to watch the Skull interview but can’t find it.. please, would someone help direct me as to where on Joker’s site it is located? Thanks in advance.

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