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Care Package Day In The BBOTT House

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Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s another big day in the house today as the care package is set to drop off and set the tone for the week.

When the season began and I looked through the list of care packages, I kind of shrugged my shoulders thinking how mediocre they were once again. However, as the weeks played on, and the divide in the house grew larger, these care packages are making big differences on a week to week basis.  The only fairly useless CP was the ‘save a friend’ as it went to Kryssie who saved Jason in a week that I don’t remember him being in very much danger. Scott’s ‘pick a veto’ allowed him to do the double pawn strategy which ended up working out exactly how he wanted with Shane going home as a result. Alex’s safety changed the course of the week as she was Kryssie’s main target for the week. Neeley still may have gone home, but it certainly changed the HoH’s plans.

Today, the care package is enormous as it will either strip like 95% of the power from Danielle (HoH), or it will guarantee America can’t be the deciding vote to save one of the plastics.  Of course, in order for the power to be stripped from Danielle, America’s Nom has to go in the favor of the plastics as well. The CP becomes pointless if say Shelby wins but she’s on the block next to Alex and Whitney (examples). This will also possibly force Danielle to get smart about her noms – maybe.  If 3 plastics are on the block and one of them win PoV, they’ll either remove America’s nom or save themselves for another plastic. However, if 3 are on the block and the 4th ends up winning PoV, this still guarantees someone like Scott go home. So, putting more thought into it, the CP is important, but America’s Nom becomes important if the CP goes in favor of the plastics.  Confusing.

Put it simply – If the CP favors the LNJ, America’s Nom is irrelevant. If it goes in favor of TP (the plastics), America will still have to nominate someone from LNJ. Of course, if the CP goes in favor of TP, America’s Nom likely will as well.


  • 11:15am – The plastics are sitting in the bedroom talking about periods and cramps. Kryssie is laying in bed in the London room
    • Note – Care Package is at 1pm
    • Shelby is joking about how her vote wouldn’t have made a huge different – no matter who she would have voted for
    • shelby-vote
  • 1:00pm – Ok, we’re just about ready for the care package!
    • Shelby!
    • Once again, Kryssie is not too happy
    • eviction2
    • The LNJ is outside on the couch complaining about production and how it’s all rigged, etc, etc. They think they’re being portrayed poorly in the episodes, but they don’t realize the feeds are more important. Nobody is watching the episodes. They didn’t show Kryssie farting on Alex’s pillow, or go in depth with Neeley’s ugly rant, and they showed about 2 seconds of Jason going in on Shelby.
    • I know it makes me sound like I’m ‘team Whitney’ or some shit, but I’m just pointing out why America has turned on Jason and his crew. They don’t even have the awareness to realize some of the awul things they’ve said and done compared to the plastics. Shelby has been bitchy, yes, but unlike the LNJ, she’s fully aware of that and accepted that.
  • 1:26pm – BB keeps calling Danielle to the DR. They called her about 5x in 2 minutes which is extremely odd because they typically give them time to respond. Dani isn’t on cam, I wonder if she’s yelling NO or something
  • 2:30pm – Danielle is doing some reflecting by herself in the hammock
    • She is begging America to help her out this week because she’s been a fan of the game for so long and is a single mother
    • dani-talking
    • I kind of feel bad for her because she’s not a bad person from what I’ve seen. She’s self absorbed but hasn’t been very vicious unless I missed something.
    • That said, the kid excuse never works for me. BB doesn’t abduct people to make them play. Yes, it’s a big prize, but you chose to leave your kid for 2 months. That doesn’t mean you should get sympathy votes
  • 9:00pm – Stepped away for the feeds a bit today since it’s been a bit slow and it’s Friday.
    • It seems the divide is not just in the house. I am noticing a lot of hostility between LNJ and Plastic fans. Relax, everyone. It’s a game and nobody from either side gives a shit about us. There is no reason for fans to get pissed at other fans for supporting a certain group. Both groups have pros and cons.  I know my readers are more pro-plastic than not, so I don’t need to go over the good things about them. I will say the LNJ also has good qualities whether people agree with them or not. Justin is a good guy. Danielle has some issues (who doesn’t?), but she’s not bad. Individually, Kryssie, Jason and Neeley also seem like good people. The big issue with them is they feed off of each other’s negativity, and that’s pretty common. It doesn’t make them bad people, nor does it make those who support them.
    • A problem right now is that America simply has too much power in the game this season. Hopefully it’s something they’ll adjust if they run this experiment again or carry stuff over to BB19. Alex got the shaft during her HoH, and then Kryssie, and now maybe Danielle.  Stuff like that is good once in awhile, but dare I say it may be going too far.
    • Just my 2 cents on the issue.  Just relax, everyone. This season has been great, but no need to rage on other fans.
  • 9:25pm – With my little speech, I am going to step away from feeds again and watch some tv!
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