Celebrity Big Brother 2 – First Live Feed Thread! Update: Mooch Gone?


Good evening, everyone!

The Celebrity Big Brother season is already flying by! Well, not really, but considering the season is only around 24 days, there are more days of Big Brother in September alone than there are this entire season.  We will have the first eviction this Friday which will be 11 players remaining. From there they will probably do an eviction every other episode until the Friday before finale where it will be a double. My schedule is just a guess based on last season but they seem to do one at the beginning and end of every week.  This is probably the slowest part of the season but people will be pegged off left and right beginning Friday.

We know that Jon was nominated by default and Ryan chose Tom and Anthony to join him on the block. He was trying to decide between Tom and Diana (he kept calling her that) but ended up choosing Tom when Jon got in his head – which is insanely easy to do, by the way. I have a feeling the Mooch will be the first to go because I’ll cry if Tom is only on the feeds for a few days.

Alright, we’re 30 minutes away so I’m going to publish this now and start blogging when we’re live!

  • And we’re live!
  • Tom, Ryan, and Kato are playing cards in the kitchen. Apparently, the bigshot celebs get games right away
  • Four of the girls are hanging out in the hot tub upstairs (Lolo, Eva, Kandi, and Tamar)
  • Joey “Alliance Hater” and Dina join the guys at the table.
  • No word on veto yet
    • Random picture of Eva jumping around after almost having a slip while changing
  • Lolo called to the DR upstairs. Not sure what that is. Do they have two?
  • I think Ricky called to the DR downstairs, so seems like two.
  • 11:00 pm – Some updates now that the house knows the feeds are live…
    • Tamar is already pissed at Kandi and is venting in the bedroom to Lolo, Eva, and Ricky. Whatever.
    • Sounds like Kato won the PoV but I don’t think he’s used it yet
    • It also sounds like the Mooch has exited the building. Not many details on his exit but the house asked why his picture wasn’t greyed out yet. Bye, Mooch
    • Ricky pointed out that everyone was getting along until the cameras went on and now there is drama. Not surprising. Just as I expected. People playing it up for the cameras
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