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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Friday Feeds

Good afternoon, everyone!


Happy Friday! Tom’s very bad reign as HoH is about to come to an end as he’s going to go from a super power position to likely not even making the top 5. The biggest chance he has tomorrow night would be if Kato or Dina win the HoH as the power could once again slowly come back to him. The reality is, though, he lost his alliance at the worst possible time in the game. He’s HoH so he can’t play in the next comp and there are not many options or people to really flip things back in his favor. It’s going to just take luck and winning if he wants a crack at the finale.

Even if Kato or Dina win this week, it’s still a huge hill to climb because they’ll be in a similar position next week. There are just too many targets and not enough bullets for this duo to survive until the end.

Not a ton happened during my downtime yesterday. There has been a lot of back and forth on who will be going home tomorrow night but other than that, it’s just the slow and painful breakup of an alliance. It kind of has the feel of when Whitney flipped on her alliance in BBOTT. It’s just weird to see former allies pretending to still be friends but take jabs at each other. That leads us to the feeds:

  • 10:25 am – Nat and Lolo are in the bathroom and Kato is in the kitchen
    • He tells them ‘Good news for you guys, I’m going to win HoH this week’
    • Then he says ‘ahh but you’re safe’.  Nat says “why wouldn’t I be??”
    • Kato asks if she ever went to an acting academy
    • Nat asks if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and asks why he’s being weird.  He says ‘all is good’ and walks away.
  • Meanwhile, Tom is talking to Kandi in the other room
    • He is telling her that he tried to BD Ricky
    • Tom promises he won’t vote her out if she can get the tie
  • 1:35 am – They all make their way into the kitchen
    • So, Tom and Kato are being very passive aggressive toward the girls. Tom keeps asking if they want to talk privately. Kato says he’s upset because he didn’t get to talk to them yesterday because Lolo was sleeping
    • Lolo says “you guys can feel however the fuck you want to feel”. She is doing her aggressive approach
    • Kato comes out and asks ‘what?’ and Lolo snaps at him “do you want me to spell it out for you?”
    • He slams the counter “have you ever taken an acting class??”  She replies “I’m not an actor you mother fucker!”
    • Lolo walks away “you guys are pieces of shit for ruining everyone’s morning”  okay
    • Tom tells Kato he feels bad this Olympic American Hero is upset with him but they lied
    • They head back into the kitchen and Lolo keeps repeating “fun fun fun ya’ll turns into fun fun fuck ya’ll” then walks away screaming ‘fun fun fun’
  • They break up, Lolo goes into the bedroom to trash Tom and Kato to Dina
    • She keeps telling Dina that Tom threatened her and Natalie
  • 11:00 am – Dina and Kandi are in the side room and all cams on them
    • We hear Lolo screaming in the background. Thank you feeds for screwing us yet again!
    • Seriously, some major drama going on and all 4 feeds on someone doing makeup. Do not buy the feeds until summer.
  • 11:10 am – Ricky comes into the workout room and flips on Tom and Kato
    • He is upset because he was doing yoga in the room and feels like he was kicked out. He wants Tom to do his thing in the HOH room
    • Ricky leaves.  He was upset Tom was walking over his yoga mat so Tom rolls up the mat and they keep working out
  • Meanwhile, Tamar is downstairs upset that Kato slammed the table an hour ago
  • 2:20 pm – Things have calmed down a bit from this morning.
    • I’m going to try not to vent much but I am so disappointed with these feeds. I don’t know if it’s PR people freaking out when their Olympic athlete runs around dropping f-bombs left and right or not, but they have cut some of the best drama this season. They show us a very abbreviated version on the show and pretend the rest didn’t exist.
    • I know other seasons have cut when it gets way too crazy but there was nothing about the fight in the kitchen that needed to be cut.
  • 2:35 pm – Kato approaches Dina in the bathroom and tells her to vote Joey out
    • Kandi will just need to work on Tamar and Tom can break the tie
    • Lolo did a number on Dina earlier today, so I’m not exactly sure she’s brave enough to vote against Lolo but we’ll see
  • 3:00 pm – Kandi asks Tamar if she’s going to keep her, Tamar says yes.  Joey may be gone tomorrow. Woah!
  • 3:25 pm – Tamar is back in the bedroom re-telling the conversation with Kandi
    • Lolo is saying that they need to keep Joey because she made a promise to him
    • Tamar is struggling with this vote. I’m not quite sure where she’s actually going to vote tomorrow at this point.  My heart tells me she’ll keep Kandi
    • Lolo, Ricky, and Nat are just praising Joey over and over. They are really working him to Tamar.
  • 3:45 pm – Joey comes in and starts talking tough
    • He is worked up because Tom stopped him to talk before a shower.  Okay, Joey.  Woah!
    • Tamar jokes about Kato being a senior citizen.  Now she’s bashing him for being a celebrity (says the girl who has a famous sister)
  • 4:00 pm – Lolo is still upset that Kato predicted he would win HoH tomorrow lol.  Relax.

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  1. AIO_7

    The wheels are falling off for Kato too. After last nights BBAD I’m not even sure she would keep either Tom or Kato safe.

  2. AIO_7

    WOW! This just happened. Lolo and Ricky had just returned to their room to talk and after about a minute Kato knocks and walks in. Immediately Lolo yells at him to get out, that she doesn’t want to talk to him now. She is yelling. Ricky makes Katlo leave. Then we get fish.


  3. danmtruth

    Steve 10,000 thank you on the all 4 cameras on Kandi doing her eye makeup While Dina trys to pleed her case that she is not a pawn of Kato & Tom not to mention looking to find a way to drop Lyndsey name. This week’s eviction is almost becoming an after thought Tom still is under the belief He and Kato can win all the HOH & Veto comps They just don’t want to be both on the block HOHitetest is real
    Tom still thinks he can turn this around and blame the girls for turning on them That they have swayed Joey to there side
    This day has started with a bang
    In the old days I would make a joke about Joey being part of a short bus crew Now I must say as someone pointed out Joey might have aspergers or as also is said he is somewhere on the spectrum Just his mannerisms I have been around people like that nothing wrong
    Ahoh we keep getting screaming in another room than the hold screen Makes me miss the fish

  4. Alda

    These women are off the charts cray cray.

  5. AIO_7

    R/N&T agree to give Tom and Kato the silent treatment,


  6. AIO_7

    Ricky laughs, and says Tom took the HoH and went backward …


  7. AIO_7

    * “Tom tells Kato he feels bad this Olympic American Hero is upset with him but they lied”

    This is where Tom and Kato are wrong; Lolo and Nat never agreed to a backdoor of Ricky.

  8. WhereisPablo

    I changed my mind after finishing BBAD from last night, I do not like Dina. Watching drunk Dina have a conversation with sober Kato was truly painful. Maybe Drunk Kato and sober Dina could have pulled it off? I am enjoying this season, but really don’t “like” any of them. Except Kandi, but she doesn’t deserve a win.

  9. Alda

    Lolo has some filthy mouth.What an example of an Olympian. I hope she gets evicted sooner then later.Tom and Kato have made massive mistakes this week,but they don’t bother me half as much as she does.

    • WhereisPablo

      She surely does! The look in her eyes when she is mad is scary. Something is seriously wrong there.

    • mm22

      I was thinking the same lolo has a short fuse and
      a potty mouth – nice role model ya looser

    • danmtruth

      Lolo is known to have an edge to her She has always been considered a sore looser As had been pointed out before Ryan has help himself On the different interview shows some of the host have tried to get him to say mean things about houseguests . Especially about Lolo To his credit Ryan does not take the bait He is fine with everyone
      This is like watching the stages grief Except it’s the steps of poor BB play Tomoto is now to the stage They did what they did because they had no choice People made them do this They had no choice They never wanted Ricky in there alliance Listening to these people I’m not sure what I saw

      • WhereisPablo

        “stages of grief” is perfect Dan.

      • Sassy

        I think it was good for Ryan to get evicted early, this has helped his image, which was probably the purpose of him joining the show. If Lolooser’s purpose was to rebuild her image, she is not doing a very good job of it. She would have been better off keeping her cool and getting evicted early, while soaking up the interviews and spot light on the outside. This show is not going to hurt Tantrums image, because this is who she is and her fans are her fans because of it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Didn’t I warn you about those two (Dina & Lo)?

      Dina: Ms. Messy Boots. She stayed sober a lot longer than I thought she would.

      Lolo: Ms. No Sportsmanship. She has a hair-trigger temper and a mouth to match. She either needs some DEEP anger management therapy or her posterior tagged (aka, a good old fashioned ass kicking).

  10. AIO_7

    These two realizing that they are on an island …


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  12. pkcable

    I’m kind of rooting for Ricky now.

  13. hogwild

    These people are drama queens on steroids.

  14. mm22

    I wasn’t sure I would watch after kandi gets the boot tomorrow
    but I’m staying in just to watch lolo get so angry her head blows off

  15. Seattle Kari

    Celebrity-itis is disgusting. But yes the whole thing with the feeds? I would raise hell if I were to a paid for it and then got nothing.

    With Lolo acting the way she has done I wonder if there’s any chance that the Olympics will not allow her to compete? Maybe it hasn’t gone that far or to the extremes to warrant that.

    At this point in time I really don’t know who I like anymore. I take back everything I said about the Tomato Brothers. They seem to be doing pretty well in the beginning and now?

  16. danmtruth

    AIO_7 that’s a great question I will dive in and try
    Lolo – Joey
    NEM – Joey
    Ricky – Joey
    Tantrum – Joey
    Dina if I must – Joey She does not want to be on the wrong side of the house – never back a looser
    Kato – Kandi
    The best case for Tomoto is to swing Dina and Tantrum to get a tie vote Not sure if they can pull that off

  17. Mel

    Once again, a funny day in the BB house. These people have cracked! Lolo gets waaayyyy to loud but I don’t blame her for being irritated. Tom and Kato have driven them crazy changing the plan 5,000 times BEFORE the veto was even played. Tomato are also very condescending to the rest of the house. There’s nothing wrong with having pawns but they’ve let Joey, Kandi and Dina know they were pawns. They just assume people are going to be on their side when they arn’t in an alliance with them. It comes off like they’re openly volunteering people to sacrifice their games for Tomatos game.

    On the flip side, I get why Nolo didn’t want them to take out Ricky. Still, at some point, they needed to realize that Tom won hoh and they didn’t. It’s Tom’s right to take out HIS biggest threat and have them back him up. He can return the favor when they win. It just shows they were never a good alliance because they have such different targets. Tom also put Ricky in the alliance and changed targets so many times, he hurt his chances of ever convincing them. (I don’t think he could’ve but his timing was terrible)

    I’m a little bummed that Lolo and Natalie both have picked up the bullied, threatened and attacked stuff from Tamar. Yes, Kato slapped the table but no one was threatened. I did notice today and last night that Kato seems to have a bit of a temper too.

    Ricky didn’t lose it on Tom and Kato in the work out room imo. He seemed more frustrated than mad. Again, Kato seemed more worked up than Ricky and Tom put together.

    I don’t think Tamar can save Kandi and that kind of sucks. I’ve heard people say she hasn’t played. She hasn’t played much compared to most of the others but she’s talked game just as much game as Joey so I’d rather her be in the house. (Just my personal preference because I like her, I’m sure)

    Kandi would need Tamar, Dina and Kato with Tom breaking the tie. Half the time, Tom wants to save Joey and I don’t see Dina going against the group. Ricky is fine with Tamar giving Kandi a pity vote but shocker…. Lolo is not.

    Natalie and Ricky are still my picks to win. I fear Dina and Joey are more likely to win at this point tho.

    Who would’ve thought, we’d have days when Tamar wasn’t the loudest mouth in there? Lol

  18. hogwild

    Not trying to be sexist here but I’m statring to wonder if Lolo not having had sex yet is less because of religious and morale reasons or more that men are scared if they don’t ring her bells she will go Lorena Bobbit on them. If you are to young to get the Bobbit reference google it just reading the feeds on her makes me nervous.

    • Sassy

      I doubt it has anything to do with her morales, as she doesn’t seem to have many. I’m not sure how religious she is or if she’s even sexually attracted to men. There are a host of reasons possible, unless SHE says why, we will never know.

  19. danmtruth

    Mel I must disagree with if the HOH wants someone out than they should vote that way In an alliance you need to listen to everyone in your alliance That is not what Tom was doing He was just looking out for his game Not his teammates
    Like now you have a talk with Ricky Lo and NEM as to who to vote out As strange as it seems they are talking of keeping Joey Feeling he has a better chance of beating Kato in the next HOH comp The thing is they are weighing the options
    Tantrum & Kandi talking about how hard it will to beat these athleats So now Tantrum is talking to R/L/N I must change my vote perdition
    Kandi out 4- 2
    Scared it might become a tie as strange as it sounds Dina might have the swing vote Long way to that Saturday vote
    Ricky & NEM explaining how Kandi has not come to anyone about trying to save herself

    • Mel

      Oh, I agree with that part. I only meant if you have an alliance that simply can’t agree, why should Nolo expect to get their way when Tom was the hoh.It’s how most alliances would handle it if they wanted to stay an alliance. Ricky was after Tom. Joey was after the women so it was pretty even.

      • danmtruth

        It is the age old BB question You need to get everyone out just when do you do it To me after Tom brought up the Ricky backdoor and heard the girls were not into it He should have dropped it He did not lay the groundwork to get the girls to feel it was there idea – sort of like Derrick did it – just like Kato sprung the Ryan backdoor But first he brought up Ryan was looking to put Lolo on the block Tom did not do anything like that

  20. LO1004

    The red room calls Joey in and as soon as he starts telling the story of the counter incident, feeds cut. SHOCKER. I’m so sick of them cutting the feeds for no damn reason. I wish I could slap the bitch in charge of the switch.

  21. hogwild

    So glad I don’t pay for the live feeds.

  22. danmtruth

    Everyone downstairs playing cards talking —— except for Tom & Kato They are upstairs watching everyone Telling Production what a great job they do Kato invites the camera operators out for drinks after the show He names a bar It is sad to listen to them talk crap about the other houseguest As they sit and watch a party they are not wanted at

    The others are Talking about normal BB Lolo trying to explain the hide the veto comp Joey than says how they are sequestered for a month before the show starts Things we learn
    Can’t believe they let Tom turn the lights off in the HOH room It is 9:15 here in Chicago So it puts it at 7 their WTF production where is the warning

  23. Shivani33

    Kato could do better for himself if he would divorce Tom, gamewise. Tom has been a mental disaster as HoH. But there are still more irritating people in the house who might supplant Kato as immediate targets. Kato doesn’t have to let himself be trapped in Tom’s titanic undertow. He doesn’t seem strong enough to fight it.

    Lolo is one extreme kind of an irritant. I think that Ricky is completely aware that Lolo conducts herself like a BB loser. I have the sense that Ricky is glad to keep her around as a meatshield. Ricky might be one of the only ones who knows what a smooth operator Kandi is. I think that he doesn’t want to get off his ass and beat her, so will be glad to eliminate her without admitting why. I hope Kandi stays. She found out that her pal Ricky wants her gone over Joey, and she is really unpleasantly surprised. Shocked even.

    Drunk Dina running into the exercise room at 1:30 in the morning trying to deceive Ricky was feeds gold. Completely out of breath in her pink cowboy hat pretending to be exercising and she could barely stand up straight. It looks as if all of her vague passivity in the house is just a long dry drunk between drinks. Will this make it onto the show? It’s sad and grotesque but funny like a Charlie Chaplin hobo.

    This celeb season seems to come down to social dynamics. Several players have shown that they couldn’t strategize their ways out of a paper bag. Some are frantic now, working their psyches to out-Tamra Tamra. I mean, for the past 2 days, Tamra has been looking like one of the more rational players. That is how far round the bend it’s been going.

  24. danmtruth

    Shivani33 it is strange that Tantrum has toned down a bit It also surprise me that TaTa has kept her power a secert She says she is a big fan of BB so I think she is taking a page from Tylor Be quiet use it if need But if not tell no one let the mystery hang out Where people keep worrying about it Kandi is defenly playing up to TaTa

    • Shivani33

      Tamra must’ve been gratified to get the Publicist power and has been smart to just keep it in her back pocket. She has relaxed some. But the power expires Feb 4, so let’s see how steady in the saddle she stays. She said awhile ago that she would never work with Tom, Kato or Ricky. Maybe she wants to get a girl power kind of a win?

  25. NKogNeeTow


    Tomato in the kitchen alone having a laugh about whatever.

    In the parlor, Kandi and Tantrum are talking.

    In the pink bedroom, Joey is doing jumping jacks as Dina tells him that it would be wild if the power was given to Jonathan to come back. Joey says nothing.

    In the parlor, Kandi is telling Tay who she follows on social media. NRM/Lo comes in to tweet. NEM says Lo asked Tom why he hit the table and he lied. Tay says he did hit the table and that’s not right. Kandi says that people sometimes do things when they are in the heat of an argument. Tay says she just wants to know what he meant by that.

    In the bedroom, Dina is talking to Joey things that Kato had said (she’s talking low and Production isn’t asking either one of them to not obstruct their mics). Dina is saying that now she’s hearing stuff and she has to figure it out. She says that T said hi to her but the other girls didn’t and now they are all in there (parlor). Joey is sitting on the floor, mostly listening to her. She keeps talking about Jon. Joey is just looking at her like he wishes she’d shut up. Production tells Joey to put on his mic and he tells them it’s on.

    In the parlor, N/L/K/T are trying to figure out how many episodes some program has.

    In the bedroom, Dina is telling Joey that the girls aren’t including her in anything so she’ll just play her own game. Joey says if it’s his time to go, he’ll go.

  26. LO1004

    T asks Kato what he meant by the counter incident. He says, it was a reaction to Lolo, now she in the train room telling NEM and Lolo he said it was to get her attention. This is how fights happen. Miscommunication.

    Kato shouldn’t have reacted the way he did, but it doesn’t give the Lochness Monster the right to scream profanities, stomping around the like Hulk, and creating mass choas in the house. She’s the root of every problem. What an incredible example for young Olympic hopefuls.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m with Mel, did we ever think we’d see the day when Tantrum was the docile one? SwingLo is off the hook! BUT, I will not lie, as much as I don’t like the screaming and definitely not physical fights, I do like it sometimes when the house burst out into chaos. At least it keeps it interesting, not to mention, keeps me awake in the wee hours of the morning.

      • LO1004

        I love it too, but she’s shameless and simultaneously so worried about her image. Ummm ok. What I don’t love is an entire house against one or two people. Even though I hate Tom’s tyrant-esque HOH and all the mistakes he made, my heart hurts for him a little. He barely said a word today, but sure as shit went down w Katos ship.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I agree with everything but feeling sorry for Tom. That fool painted himself into that corner.

      • Sassy

        Tomato did this to themselves. I don’t feel bad for either of them. I think this is different from The bearded monsters season, when the one they picked on was random without good reason. Sloppy play and getting caught up in the Back to back Hohs gave them a false sense of security, and power trip. The house is knocking them down a peg.

      • LO1004

        I know, I’m such a mush!

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    In the parlor, Tay told Lo that she tried to apologize but she didn’t want to accept her apology. Lo tells her that she never threw her under the bus. She said she told him that yes, she gets on her nerves but she would never throw her under the bus. Tay says that Tom said something about betrayal. N says that he tried to get them to swear on the word in the gym and they refused.

    Lo is tweeting and says that they never betrayed anyone. Tantrum tells them that Kato told her he’s going to win the HOH. Lo tells Tay that since she’s the only one talking to him to tell him, then Tay cuts her off and says she’s not talking to him. Lo says that either way, at the end of the game, there is a 12 person vote and they still have to get their votes to win and that’s not going to happen. Kandi says they have to get to the end first. Lo says that after what went down on the live feeds today with those 2 grown ass men, everyone knows that they won’t win.

    N says that if Kato wants to talk about betrayal, he told everyone they would be safe then put T OTB. She says that’s why she gave him the win because he wasn’t supposed to put the girls up. Tay asked Lo if she told him to put her up. She said she did tell him that Tay drove her crazy sometimes but she never told him to put her up.

    In the pink bedroom, Ricky is telling Dina that she’s still in the game. Joey says that the game changes so quick.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky is telling Dina/Joey that as fast as things swing, they can swing back.

    Los Lonely Boys (Tomato) are upstairs playing pool (while there are other more interesting conversations going on in the house). Kato is talking about the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest”. Kato is called to the DR.

    In the parlor, NEM is saying that is why one of them (the girls) has to win HOH. She says she really doesn’t like them (K/T). Tantrum says that’s why when she really doesn’t like someone, she shows them love so they won’t think she’s as bad as they are. NEM says she can’t do that, she just doesn’t f*ck with them. Tantrum says that you control your own energy. Tantrum gets up to show them how she walks in a room when she doesn’t like you. NEM laughs and says that’s the way she walked into the meeting.

    In the pink bedroom, R/D/J aren’t saying much. Ricky is on the middle bed shuffling cards.

    Parlor: Tantrum is telling the girls you can change your energy just by your actions. She says “”. Lo says she gives them (Tomato) no energy.

  30. danmtruth

    Lo needs to shut the fuck up TaTa is just letting Lo trip herself up So far Lolo has admitted to saying she felt uncomfortable around TaTa
    Now NEM is upset that TaTa was eating with Tom & Kato get over it She can eat or talk to who she wants too Don’t think she is cheating on you

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is in the pink bedroom talking to Dina. Ricky still playing with the cards and Joey just laying on the bed.

    In the parlor, Lo is telling N that Tay just needs to decide who she trusts more, the person who told her she needs to go home because she needs to clean the shrimp off the floor or her. Tantrum comes in and Lo asks her which one she trusts her or Kato. Tantrum never actually gives her a direct answer but says Kato offended her on a different level. Lo tells Tay that she was frustrated. Tay asks her with who. Lo says there were moments when they wanted to do something and Tay would want to do something else. Lo said for her it was hard because once something is set, she’s a trained athlete and she likes things done as planned. She says Joey blows off steam everyday but she(L) holds things in until it blows up. Tay says that she was going through a lot. She said she didn’t want to go from a show, arguing with her sisters, to another show, arguing with women there and she didn’t want people to see that. She said she had stuff going on with Kandi, then there was some more shit that came up and it was just a lot. Lo says she understands that now. She said she thought that she had stopped talking to her and became friends with Kandi. Tay said it wasn’t that she jumped on Kandi’s bandwagon, but she had to work on that (making peace with Kandi). Lo said she felt betrayed. Tay told her that actually, she and N stopped talking to her and she felt they deserted her. Lo said she can’t speak for N but that was never their intention.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    N/T/L are talking and Lo says that she’ll fall on the sword for Nat. Tay tells them that they are worried about a HOH/Veto that hasn’t even been played yet. She says it’s a game but it ain’t that damn serious.

    Lo thanks Nat for winning and telling her that at least she uncovered 2 male chauvinistic men. Nat says yes, but it turned the house into WW3. Tay says it was already WW3. She says they just have to win HOH. They need to fast, pray and win, let’s start tonight.

    Lo says that Kato plays poker and is mad because the girls didn’t tell them their plan. She says, do you tell what cards you have when you play poker. Tay says Kato told her that when you fight, you get closer. Lo says that Kato told her that when he nominated Tay, she looked like Ms.Cleo. Nat said that Ricky told him that if he had said that, he would have been dead to the world. Tay jumped up and said “See, I told you I got a racist and sexist vibe from him”. N and L agree.

  33. danmtruth

    I need verification from people who listen The weaveline sisters said that Kato was going to tell Tantrum she should see her being put on the block Saying she looks like Miss Cleo so you should see this coming
    Production has moved away from that conversation

    • NKogNeeTow

      When Kato put Tay on the block, he made the remark behind her back that since she looked like Ms.Cleo, she should have seen it coming.

      • Sassy

        I’m assuming Ms Cleo is a psychic? This will not be forgotten by Tay. Whether he said it or not, Tantrum will run with the racist/sexist comments whether true or not.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Years ago there was a commercial with Ms. Cleo, she was supposed to be a famous psychic. She would always wear a head wrap and big earrings and at the end of the commercial, she used to say “Call me now” in this Carribean voice. After years of advertising and people calling and sending her money, it came out that she was just a schiester(sp) living in NJ. At that time, she was so big and famous that it became a big scandal and she was never heard from again.

      • mm22

        I don’t think kato is a racist
        Isnt he an actor/comedian?
        Maybe he was just making a
        joke -blown way out of proportion thanks for adding
        gasoline to the fire now thats
        all we’er gonna hear about from tamar

  34. NKogNeeTow

    In the pink room: Joey is telling Ricky that everything in England is on steroids.

    In the parlor: Tantrum is telling N/L that Kato’s run is over and they have to believe that and if they don’t believe it, it won’t be. Lo says whoever wins the Veto wins the whole house. *Nat needs to either reposition her mic or put it on*

    Lo is saying she still doesn’t want a girl alliance, she just wants good energy. Tay still can’t get over Kato saying that when he nominated her, she looked like Ms.Cleo so she should have seen it coming. She asks Nat and Tay what would make him say that because she wears a headwrap or she’s black or both. *Nat gets a warning from Production to put on her mic and she says she’s fixing it.* Tay gets up and tells the girls she’s going to share that info with Kandi.

    N/L/T leave out the parlor and run into Joey in the hall and they go to the kitchen. Tay goes to the pink room and tells Kandi/Dina/Joey about the Kato comment. Kandi and Dina seemed shocked and Tay asks Ricky if she’s lying. She says “That’s what we’re in her negro? That’s what we’re doing?”

    Nat/Lo in the kitchen and Lo is saying that how Kato should have never said he’s going to win HOH because when you say that to an athlete it only fuels them. Meanwhile, Tom slithers upstairs without saying a word. Tay comes into the kitchen and says she’s going to just sit at the table to calm herself. Nat says that Tom just went upstairs. Lo they(BB) should make them come out of that room because their time is up. Lo says, let them have it for the last few hours.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    In the pink room, Nat/Lo are telling Ricky that Tay has gone to the DR because she’s pissed. Lo says that she told Tay that Ricky said what Kato said was wrong.

    Upstairs, Los Lonely Boys are playing pool again. Oblivious about the hell that is about to be unleashed if Tantrum doesn’t calm down. *I’m waiting to see if she’s going to snatch that remaining ball off Tom and clip one of Kato’s. Maybe they should save some from that pool table, they might need replacements*

    Lo is telling N/R/D/J that what Los Lonely Boys didn’t realize is that they were on to them. Nat says she’s going to say that in her DR and will tweet it also.

  36. danmtruth

    Production wanted no part of that conversation about Miss Cleo Kept on switching then went all 4 live feeds on the pool game it is hard to follow Is pop tv getting any of this ?

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Pool game still going on…While Tom is shooting, Kato is nervously looking over the balcony.

    Martha Stewart in the bathroom grooming his face. Looks like he’s plucking his eyebrows. Now he’s beard trimming(?). Dina comes in and tells him that everything is calm now. Nat sitting in the LR with Ricky. Tay is in the background talking to someone. Nat/Ricky listening. Tay is getting a little louder. I think she’s talking to Kato. Tay is going off but the damn cam keeps showing us Joey manscaping.

    Tay is yelling “You should be ashamed. As a matter of fact, I’m ashamed for you” (*all in the background while the cam remains on Joey….REALLY Production? REALLY???*)

    Dina comes out of toilet and washes her hands and laughs and says “what’evs”. She gives Joey a few grooming hints, then leaves and asks Joey when he thinks the BY will be open. He says probably in 10 minutes…then goes back to his manscaping.

  38. danmtruth

    You can hear Tantrum going off on Kato Saying how disgusting he is for saying those things we cannot see it As we just get 4 camera shots of Joey manscaping his face Along with Dina hiding in the toilet Tom is frozen up by the pool table Letting Kato take the rath of Tantrum

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is sitting at the chess table playing with his hair. Don’t know where his other appendage is (Kato). Tom can hear voices downstairs and he looks worried. *Think he knows he’s up to his knees in doo-doo?* Cam zooms on a close-up of his face. The boy looks haggard! He sighs. He’s still alone but not so talkative now.

    *I’m just killing time here, waiting for the camera to change. Just showing us a worried Tom. I think I’d be posting job announcements…for a NEW camera crew*

  40. danmtruth

    Come on production people are going out to the yard Going in the lap pool Yet still 4 cameras on a solo Tom Sometimes a shot of the balls on the table Oh good here comes Kato WTF more Joey grooming !!! No just follow Joey amlessly wondering the house And a hairdryer on the mic !!! I’m not making this up There is no words just Joey in the shower and I think Tomoto has turned a blow-dryer on there mic

    • Sassy

      What will production do if Joey is booted. Who will become to go to groomer? Where will the cameras focus if not on him? Production is panicking! Got to work them hard in DR tomorrow to save Joey.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Martha Stewart is still in the bathroom, wasting electricity with the blow dryer running while he undresses to take a shower. *Who does that?* He disappears behind the shower door, takes off his shorts, folds them neatly and places them over the door. Washes his hair (blow dryer still running on the sink counter). *He’s bald, why the f*ck is it taking him so long to wash his head?!? Besides, he’s got that little Friar Tuck thing going on in the top of his head so he doesn’t even need to bother with that*

    For all those who think I’ve lost my mind, I’m just killing time again. The cameras seem to love everyone who’s not doing anything.

    While we wait, let’s just take a tour of the lovely bathroom. Love that green sofa and stools. And that plaid rug is to die for. And what about the quad vanity.

    FINALLY! Lo in the pool talking to Dina and Nat who are not in the pool…Aaannnd commercial!

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Cam back on Martha humming in the shower. Who knows what he’s washing now. Hair dryer still running. *WHAT does he think we will hear? Farting?*

    Nat and Lo are in the bathroom talking to Joey. Nat leaves and Lo gets in the other shower. Joey is telling her that ain’t no way you can get your man parts clean in 2 minutes. He says he likes to scrub it real good. He asks her how the hot tub is. She says good. He says if he’s there, he’s going to get into the hot tub but he doesn’t want to take any chances right now because he has to sing when he gets out of the house. He says he’s been keeping his voice warmed up and the last thing he wants to do is get his throat worked up because the air quality is so bad in the house. He says when he gets out of the shower he’s going to put on a warm robe and go sit outside. He says he’s just trying to look after his instrument. He says if he’s still there next week he will go to the DR and ask for something for his throat. He says if he’s not there next week, then he will see them at the Finale. He says that maybe the twist is something simple. Lo says she just wants whoever has it to use it. Joey says he just wants to get it over with. Lo tells him that Kato says he’s going to win HOH.

    Nat is dozing off on the LR sofa (*since when is this allowed?*). She gets up and goes toward the bedroomss.

    Cam is back on Martha…washing his underarms now.

  43. danmtruth

    This is a great big FU to anyone with live feeds I have CBS all access and it is disgusting No NK you have nothing to work with
    Why does Mr natural Mr organic eat healthy waste electricity with a blow-dryer dryer just running Than use it to dry his bald head and body ? That’s what towels are for !! Because we have had nothing else to watch He is now going on 25 min in the shower And counting Is there no longer a water shortage in Cali any more

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is out of the shower and putting on makeup. Nat is now in the shower. Guess who’s still IN the shower…

    Ricky in the pool alone. Looks like he’s in deep thought. He smiles to himself then looks up at the sky then sinks down into the pool. He moves to the other end of the pool (near the door) and it looks like he’s either trying to listen or see inside (the door is open). He then back floats back to his original place before going underwater. He goes back to the end of the pool by the door and starts listening again then back to his original position.

    Cams just on Ricky in the pool. Backdoor is open but it is quiet. Cameraman should be fired (*The last sentence was just a personal opinion*)

  45. danmtruth

    Finally a conversation to listen too Joey N/Lo and they are saying ,,,,,,,,,, shot if Ricky in the hot tub by himself I said it before but WTF !!!

  46. Sassy

    NK, not sure how you could hear what was being said in the other room. I’m straining to hear, and can only pick up bits of what Tantrum was saying.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky is in a different spot in the pool. *I’m getting more excitement reading the ads at the bottom of the POP screen* Ricky goes for a quick dunk underwater then back up. Back floats back and forth then goes to the right corner of the pool. *Where the hell is Tamar when you need her!?!* Ricky sighs then lays his head on the side of the pool. He lifts his head to listen again (silence). He’s looking into the house, then back floats back to the other side and sits down.

    *POP/CBS should PAY ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Ricky back towards the door again slumped down. He sees Nat and calls her and asks her what’s going on. She says nothing and tells him she just took a shower. She’s talking about her eye. She’s standing in the door talking to him. He asks her if everyone has calmed down yet. She says the girls are all in the room and Tay is still a little riled up.

    Meanwhile, back in the bathroom…Martha is back in the mirror again, putting ointment on his face and chest.

  48. danmtruth

    Sassy I will confirm that is what TaTa said In fact I give her credit as she kept in control Best line was when she said that she felt sorry for him
    Not much else to work with Please with what was being said today with the whole Miss Cleo thing Anyone else think Ricky looks a little like the guy from Westworld ?
    Oh NEM talking to Ricky in the endless pool ( that’s the brand name ) let’s listen ,,,,,,,, and Joey cleaning his ears

  49. Sassy

    I walk away, and now it’s Dina showering…

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is now in the bathroom to take a shower…hair dryer still running…Martha still in the mirror dabbing stuff on his face. He puts the stuff away then goes back to the mirror and checks himself then gets a big pump bottle of something and his toothbrush. Dina checks the shower where Joey was and says the water is cold (LOL). Nat comes in and rinses something in the sink then leave. *ALERT THE MEDIA! MARTHA HAS FINALLY LEFT THE BATHROOM!!!*

    Dina gets in the shower. Now we’ll spend the next 15 minutes watching the top of her head.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is still in the shower and guess who’s back in the bathroom. Now he’s lotioning his arms and putting on a shirt. *Whoever that was that said “Vanity, thy name is woman” never met this guy*

    He just sprayed himself with toilet water, put his things in his man makeup bag, announced to Dina that he’s going to use the restroom then he’ll be right out…*hair dryer is still running*

    Dina gets out of the shower and cleans her ears. She’s now blow drying her hair. *Finally, the poor dryer is getting some REAL use* She stops and goes to the kitchen to take a towel, then goes to the bedroom and gets something out of her bag. Looks like she’s doing some chin plucking. She then puts about 5 different lotions on her face.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! With any luck, we’ll have a different camera crew tomorrow night.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  52. danmtruth

    I’m a boken man I can’t take it I don’t care if it’s a better game move to keep Joey To help beat Kato out of the HOH I just can’t take another night / Day of his hygine regimente The man has to be OCD For the love of water & electrical conservation in California Get him out of their

  53. Shivani33

    Did it seem that Kato might have tried to leave the game tonight? After Tantrum was heard bellowing at him, it seemed like DR had to talk him into staying. We who want to watch got a major shutdown tonight. Tom sat there on camera silent, serious and waiting. It was pretty profound. A lot of the players were shown being very quiet, off by themselves.

    In the meantime and we don’t get to choose this, Joey is extremely peculiar to watch. He is like his own personal mannequin in need of constant forms of obsessive grooming. I nearly retch when he flosses. His half-hour showers. His hairdryer is hell! Yet Joey must’ve been the only choice for the cameramen while hellzapoppin’ elsewhere in that house. Everything didn’t get hidden, though!

  54. Mel

    People were wondering what Tamar said to Kato. She began by saying he was a pompous, racist, sexist asshole. Kato did make a joke about Miss Cleo. I think it was because of the head scarf. It didn’t feel racist at the time but rather one of those comments that could easily be taken that way. I don’t know Kato Kaelin so I really have no idea. Tamar got into the part about being embarrassed for him after that part.

    Lolo also told the ladies that Kato was eyeballing or mean mugging Ricky as he went to the DR. She keeps saying she’s an athlete and this fuels her to win but honestly, I don’t see it. I raised an athlete (obviously not to the Olympic level but he did play in college) She seems to take things way too personally to be able to use it as competitive fuel. My son also always blamed himself when things went wrong, even the times it wasn’t his fault. He said as captain, it was his job to lead and if someone messed up, it meant he hadn’t done his job. This has nothing to do with BB and I’m just saying Lolo may have a bit of a character and responsibility issue. She’s always the victim and always should’ve won, etc. I expected this from her based on things I’d read and seen before the season. I’m disappointed in NEM because she’s chiming right in with Lolo. Maybe she was like this before, maybe not. I knew nothing about her before BB. I liked where she was in the game and shes still is a smaller target than Lolo but it’s still disappointing.

    Kandi pointed out to Dina that Lolo didn’t mention what Kato said about Tamar before now and it was obvious why she was doing it now. Everyone needs to realize that NEM has seen Tom, Kato, Kandi and Tamar eating together shortly before Lolo dropped this bomb on Tamar. I agree because if Nolo were truly that disgusted by what Kato said, why did they continue to work with them AND continue to speak well of them to Tamar in order to get Tamar not to rock the boat.

    The fights are funny but last night just felt icky. When they start potentially ruining people on the outside, it really isn’t fun to watch. Tamar has called someone a racist and talked about Ricky being unfaithful and having a baby with a woman who is not his wife. I can’t remember the last time Lolo or NEM talked about an actual game reason for wanting Tom and Kato out. Now, it’s all about how they’re disgusting people, sexist, pieces of shit, the devil, etc.

    Tom and Kato caused the problems they are having with the house with their arrogance, assumptions and loose lips. However, they do at least talk about wanting people gone because they are coming after them, are comp threats and are working with so and so. It doesn’t feel like personal attacks.

    I hope tonight’s eviction can somehow wash off some of the ick of this week like one of Joey showers but I don’t think we’re done with it. Kandi leaving won’t reshuffle the deck because she hasn’t been in the mix of it. I didn’t want to see her go yet but with the bullshit that’s happening now, I’m happy for her to get the hell out of there, go back to her family and be the actual celebrity that she is….unlike most of the others. Except for the Mooch, she’s got more money than the rest of them put together. I was glad to see her campaign and try to stay this week but she needs to get the hell out of there and away from these trainwrecks. She has to deal with enough of that with RHOA.

    We know Tamar will be safe at the next nom ceremony so maybe we’ll finally see one of the big players in trouble this week….unless Dina gets drunk again.

    • danmtruth

      Perfectly said Lolo has a long history of this kind of behavior To pass it off as just competitive emotion and fuel is a lie My daughter explain all the same issues she had on the MTV show called The Challenge Her problem was all the other people were just as hyper driven That kind of energy just beats it self Funny how you always find someone stronger, faster, tougher than you when you have this false brovodo As I said her Olympic gold’s have come in relays team races She has not won an individual gold in her specialty the hurdels Last time it was she hit the second to last hurdel and was thrown off stride finishing 4 It was blamed on a eye and nerve problem Never her fault
      Sorry I can’t give Kato a pass He knew what he said He knew how he mentioned it what he was saying It is said all raciest jokes start the same The person looks around to see if the person they are going to insult is not around to hear it
      Yes I agree they did not say anything at the time They must not have been that insulted as nothing was said The way that NEM was acting because Tantrum was just sitting and having dinner with them was wrong Who cares you are all supposed to be adults As the bits said before are you sure you want to be seen with us Seeing as we are leppers The outcast As for NEM & Love talk about your mean girls You can’t sit at that table with THOSE people
      This is why we had production doing everything not to show it Yet in an odd way no matter the motivation to get their Tantrum did a nice job of not getting physical I just would have liked to seen and heard Kato response That to me is a disservice to him We need both sides Remember this started because Tantrum wanted to give Kato a chance to explain the hitting of the table in front of Lol An explanation she was not buying because he said he only hit the table once But she stood frim and said no I heard multiple strkes So in her defense she did want to clairify what happened Giving Kato a chance to explain himself It was with this going on Her saying how she felt like she caught Kato in a lie That Lo and NEM decided to throw more fuel on and tell her the Miss Cleo line Remember it is Tantrum who likes to play the victim

      • Sassy

        I’m just surprised, if it was so offensive and people heard it, that it wasn’t already blowing up the internet! Last season, JC couldn’t sneeze without it being inappropriate and Twitter exploding. You would think this would have been similar…

      • Mrs. Frisby

        Kato, what a racist & sexist! I can’t believe he had the audacity to compare a black woman with a head wrap and big earrings to another black woman with a head wrap and big earrings. It is unbelievable that OJ ever let this biggot in his house, maybe that’s why Kato testified against him. They better get this filth out before he starts burning crosses or lynches someone. This dirty colonialist really should of been vetted before being placed in a “reality” show with such high caliber of people. How does BB expect the HG to endure this abuse!

    • Sassy

      Well put Mel! I understand why Kato and Tom are on the outside looking in now, but for Lo to stir with pot with insinuations of racism and sexism is passing a line without proof. She KNEW this is where Tantrum would take it. She’s a mean girl. I said on a post yesterday that Ryan was probably lucky to get out of the house when he did, his image can now be rebranded. Lolo’s image is going to continue to disintegrate. Tantrums is going to be what it was. Love her or hate her, I think the person she is, is just who she has always been. Kato and Tom have shown an ugly side this week, but I think it could be redeemable if given time. I hope for Kandis sake, she goes tonight. I like her and I think she’s done a great job keeping things in perspective, but eventually this crap wears on you!

      I finally heard someone mention finale votes (I think it was Lo). At least one person is thinking about it, but not doing a good job of managing it…

  55. danmtruth

    Morning all I have recovered from that production form of water torture First the camera people only shoot what is in front of them It is the producer who decides too show us which camera to see They are the one to blame here It was painfully obvious that they did not want to show these conversations They are very upsetting It shows Kato in a very nasty light Some might wrongly try and pass it off as just a joke Never the less it does not seem like he denied it Than again we can’t know as it was not shown Just like last season with JC and Baylie and the discussion / argument about the use of the N word and for JC the M word for little people How both are hurtful words to people This if said – I must admit I cannot remember Kato having said it – Kato must own it and understand why it is not right for him to say such things There is no way you can say he did not say it as a racial insult No matter if in a joke format or not To call her Miss Cleo is an insult I assume feeds will be down a lot to day as production trys to get a handle on this One thing for sure it will be the turd in the punch bowl during the live broadcast People who only tune into the TV show will be lost

    • Sassy

      By that logic, my husband calling me Ms Daisy is racist, sexist, Agist… For clarity, he’s black, I’m white, and when we go places he always drives. The Cleo comment was probably meant more for the clairvoyance purposes. I’m not saying Kato isn’t a racist, but I’m just not willing to go there with the little bits of info that I have. I think he can make that statement without it being taken incorrectly. I’ve always told our kids, know your audience, and if you don’t lean on caution.

  56. Alda

    I hate how every time you open your mouth anymore there is always someone trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.My cousin is married to a black man.When they have their end of summer barbecues they have so many friends,neighbors and relatives attend.Does the language get a bit raunchy?You bet it does.But,it’s white and black jokes going back and forth.No one takes offense to anything said.We all love each other,and it’s always the party of the summer!

  57. Alda

    New thread….

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