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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – HoH Results And More

Good morning, everyone!


Last night the houseguests had an endurance competition which brought out the best and worst in some people. It was the wall competition where they were also able to hold on to some grips which resulted in a fairly long competition even for amateurs, let alone celebs. Here are a few things I learned during this competition:

  • Everyone seems to have shoulder or general body issues.  Lolo dropped because she didn’t want to pull her shoulder. Joey was complaining about this all comp. Tom said his stomach area hurt due to the surgeries he has had.
  • Joey doesn’t understand how Big Brother works. Throughout the competition, he kept bitching about how hard it was. He was whispering into his mic telling production to ‘speed it up’ which I’m not exactly sure what that even meant. It was stupid, dumb, blah, blah, blah. All he had to do was drop but he’d rather stay on the wall and complain. Seriously though, it was so awkward hearing him actually try to tell production things.  Eventually, someone told him the entire point of that competition was for it to be brutal and to see how long you could last.
  • Kato and Dina are beasts. Kato won and Dina remained until the last 20 or so minutes of the comp.  At around 55 years old each, that’s wild
  • Tamar is scared of heights, but apparently only realized that when she had to fall
  • Endurance comps are always fun and should be every HoH competition ever

As I mentioned, Kato emerged as the winner when Natalie (Eva) dropped for him once Joey fell. I’m not exactly sure she could have beat him anyway, but she definitely threw it to him at that point because she knows she’s safe, and she is. Kato’s initial target should be Dina but it’s unclear who will be sitting next to her at this point. Or if he tries the backdoor approach. Either way, he knows she is coming for him and was rooting for Joey last night, so he wants her out. Tom may be able to talk him into a stronger player, but his mind is set on her for now.

After the comp, players were mostly complaining about the green in their hair. It was more noticeable in those with lighter hair like Dina and Lolo so they were complaining the most. Ryan made a pitch to Kato that he’s willing to work with him and came clean on his old alliance with Jonathan, but I don’t think it made any real difference. Kato is either going for him or he’s not, Ryan’s pitch did nothing to change it. Kato has his 4-person alliance he is happy with.


Noms are today, and I expect veto tomorrow. There is an episode on Monday which I expect to be another eviction so these next few days will be rushed along as expected.

Check back later for the live update thread!



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  1. Alda

    I was glad Kato won last night.It was funny how Ryan wants to work with Kato now.His final two man has left the building and the girls left his alliance awhile ago.I think Kato will make his own decisions and won’t be rattled by anyone.He seems to keep his cool too.

    • Sassy

      Ryan is now a loner, and someone should try to pick him up. It would not be a bad idea for Kato to pull him into his 4 person alliance, at least for now. He can only win every other comp at best, so there is plenty of time to get rid of him later. The positive about Ryan is that he’s so dumb, you can convince him to do your dirty work, like being the first to put up Tantrum…

  2. danmtruth

    Kato thought Tom Green knows the game and is smart With the game being so compact The usual paranoia will be ramped up Look how quick Tantrum was able to get NEM & Lolooser to turn on Ryan Who IS as clueless as Fesse from last season G8girl what is in the water out their !! The fragile egos in this house are showing up Many compare Lolooser to Anne Kournakorva ( spelling?) Good looks but never wins the big race Yet always has an excuse why it is not her fault Joey wants attention but doesn’t want to admit what made him the money Tatrum STFU Tom Green is still over thinking things Ricky is not as slick as he thinks in stiring the pot He seems to be getting backsplash on himself Nem , Lolooser & Tantrum are on to him

  3. danmtruth

    Listening to all the housguest during the wall comp confused me How did the medical staff clear these people to do this As Steve pointed out It is a long list of preexisting condition That’s why I respected Dina when she fell All she said was she held on for as long as she could Contrast that with most of the (ahhem) men Like Joey the Biotch his labrum His bicep his shoulder his knee It was too high It was to cold It went on to long Close to bumping Tantrum out of her STFU crown Not to worry as Steve also correctly pointed out It was not too high when she got on Just when she had to FALL
    Why did there agents agree to this Can’t wait till OTEV and the swamp to find clues in

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