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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Paranoia Eats The House

Good evening, everyone!


It’s been a super busy day in the Big Brother house which I’ll try to recap as best I can without sounding as confusing as it does on the feeds….

As you know, Tom won the HoH so he has been trying to figure out who to get out this week because this cast really is playing hard (maybe too hard?). In the middle of it, feeds were cut and the winner of the recent twist was revealed to the winner (privately) which sent the house into full-blown paranoia mode because nobody knows who won.

After the reveal, Tom and Kato with Ricky here and there spent a few hours trying to figure out how to flush the power out. Ricky thought Joey had the power, Kato was convinced Kandi did. Meanwhile, through all of this, Tom is realizing that his own alliance of Lolo and Natalie are getting closer with Ricky so he has been working to backdoor him this week. He wants to be able to flush the power out AND get Ricky out which is a tough task. Tom’s plan with the girls was that he was basically just going to nominate Joey and let him play for his chance at safety, so he was trying to decide if he should keep that plan or flip things up and put Tamar and Kandi on the block. The reason being, he wants to prevent a situation of Ricky and Joey being on the block together which would increase the chances of Ricky staying.


It was a crazy discussion and was wild to see the gears turning in their heads. Especially considering these are celebs who nobody really expected would take the game as seriously as they have been.

Feeds went down and Tom ended up nominating Joey and Kandi because those were the two people most likely to have the power (in their head). They wanted to flush out the power, but it didn’t happen (probably because it’s unlikely either have it).

After the nomination, they were still trying to figure out what to do but the game talk calmed for the most part. There was an incident in the storage room that made me almost guarantee Tamar ended up with the power. Natalie asked Tamar if she thought about who had it, and Tamar immediately tried to change the subject to talking about her period and then even started snapping at Lolo for being too nosey. An hour or so later, Dina joked ‘she has the power’ either referring to Tamar or Kandi who were both in the room with her and Tamar instantly got defensive again. I’ll be shocked if Tamar doesn’t have the power.


Now it’s time for more craziness. Tamar and Tom finally get together and Tom is trying to get Tam to sneak and find out if Kandi really does have the power. Tamar, of course, gets defensive and starts snapping back at Tom. They actually argue a bit because Tamar thinks Tom is threatening her that he’ll nominate her if she doesn’t go and do his dirty work. Things calm down between them and the talk breaks up.  That leads me to now when Tom and Kato are talking to Nat and Lolo in the workout room.  I’m going to just live blog from here….

  • 7:50 pm – Natalie and Lolo are in the workout room talking about how crazy Tom has been recently
    • Lolo is pissed because Tom questioned her loyalty (something I didn’t even get to cover above. Tom apparently hinted around to Lolo to see if she’s working with Ricky)
    • This house is a mess
  • Tom and Kato enter the room
    • Lolo and Tom immediately talk and she apologizes for being too worked up
    • Tom says the reason he’s apologizing is because he thinks Ricky has the power. He wants to get to the final 5 and pick a side and destroy the other side
    • Kato says that he’s mostly worried because it would break his heart if Lolo and Nat are working against them
  • 8:10 pm – The talk continues
    • The guys hint at getting out Ricky but the girls aren’t really feeling it
    • Lolo getting heated. She does that a lot
    • She starts talking to Tom about her concern and he mentions something. She spends some time lecturing him on how he cuts her off
    • Lolo is mad that Tom keeps comparing the game to chess and he wants to get rid of the strong players. She is worried he looks at her and Nat as pawns they can just destroy at the end of the season
    • Sounds like a weird concern
  • The talk is calming down

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  1. danmtruth

    Tom has Hive mentality He has talk himself into thinking it is Ricky He also has Kato as an echo chamber Agreeing to everything Tom says
    Tom is also under the false idea that the person can use it after a person is nominated
    So now he is talking about losing a vote in his alliances

  2. Shivani33

    I’ve had no doubt that Tamar got the power, because Twatter said so all along last night. I think that Tom gets good gut instincts but tends to then overthink them. Ricky is a danger to him and Kato and their little partnership but doesn’t have the power. He’s got the HAREM. Lol.

  3. danmtruth

    And Ricky has just nailed it Saying The paranoia about the power Has been more disruptive than anything the power could be

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Hey There! I just got on so I haven’t had the chance to read the last 2 blogs/threads yet, so I’ll just jump right in to BBAD (which just started).

    Joey is talking to Tom in the HOH. Tom said he feels like he might be gone soon, but he doesn’t mind going out in a blaze of glory. He said that Lo has already blown up at him and Joey today.

    In the bedroom, Ricky/Lo/Tantrum are talking about the power. Ricky says that Tom is obsessed with this power. Lo says that Ricky has to understand that Tom has worked so hard to get where he is and now there is someone out there with this power. Ricky says everyone is acting crazy. Tom comes in and the talk stops.

    Joey/NEM/Tatrum in the pink bedroom doing jumping jacks. Tantrum stops and tells them they are insane, then they start doing squats.

    In the sofa room, Lo/Kato are talking. Lo is telling Kato who is turning against who. Kato says that he thinks they are saying things to her thinking they are going to come back and tell him. Lo said that Tantrum came in screaming about something. Lo says that the tide is turning against Tom, she says she’s just letting him know.

  5. danmtruth

    Showing my age but Joey is the new age Jake Lalane Exercise nutrition Doing jumping jacks burpies

  6. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is telling Kato that Tom (?) thinks that he can read people. She says she loves his thinking but he just needs to hold back. Kato says Tom over thinks things. Lo says she thinks that Tom or Tantrum have the power but she needs more time.

    Kato tells her that he told Tom that he trust Nat and Lo. Lo says she’s confused because Tom seems to question her loyalty. Kato tells her that they do have to discuss things every day because everything changes every day. Lo tells Kato to talk to Tom and let him know he still has power and if he keeps going like he is, he is turning the house against him.

    Kato says that Dina is a team player. Kato says he’s just going to tell Tom that Tantrum is spreading things about him. Lo says no, because then he’s just going to try to vote her out and they need her for a number.

    Kato says he’ll go to Ricky and tell him that they know what he’s doing, but he’s not going to do it tonight.
    Kato says this power has changed the game. Lo says that if it helps them to find out who has the power, then its a good plan. NEM comes in and Lo jumps up and starts telling her that she was just telling him to tell Tom to calm down. NEM tries to say something but Lo won’t let her. NEM leaves.

    Lo asks Kato who does he think has it. He said he thought it was Ricky but now he’s not sure.

    *Sorry if I got a few things wrong. I’m typing as they’re talking so it’s kind of hard to hear everything and keep typing at the same time*

  7. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Tantrum and Ricky are talking. Tan tells Ricky that everybody out there is crazy.

    In the sofa room, Kato is telling Tom that he told Lo that Tom is smart and just trying to figure everything out. He said Lo said to talk to Tom and tell him to stop pushing so hard. Kato said that Lo said Tom is so rude and won’t let her finish anything. Kato told Tom that he told Lo do not doubt Tom.

    Tom tells Kato he just had a long talk with Ricky. Kato tells Tom that it was said that Tom doesn’t have the power. Kato says he’s thinking that the one thing that sticks out is that maybe Ta or Kandi has it. He says that Kandi is playing it too cool, playing pool and everything. He says that he thinks it comes down to 3 who might have it, Ta/Kandi/Ricky.

    Tom says if they put Ricky up (because he thinks he has the power), and he doesn’t have the power but Kandi has it, should they put someone else up and just apologize to Ricky. Kato says, or he can just put up Ta and Kandi and see which one of them has it. Tom says he thinks Ricky doesn’t want to pick them apart just yet. Kato says either way, they have to get rid of either Kandi or Ta.

    Tom is saying that although the house is going crazy, he feels more in control than ever. He says that even if he gets kicked out next week, he’s good with it. Kato tells him he wants him to stay and he thinks the 2 of them can go all the way.

    *Steve was SO right about Tomato. They’re over-thinking and possibly over-playing, BUT at least they’re playing. Moreso than that little namby-tamby group we had last CBB*

  8. danmtruth

    Way way over thinking

  9. NKogNeeTow

    NEM/Lo/Ricky talking in bedroom. Ricky said some people do well in leadership positions and some don’t. Lo asks Ricky if it was true when he told them that he wants to go to the end with them (N/L). He says yes. NEM said that Tom is going insane.

    NEM is telling Ricky about when she and Lo were upstairs doing excercises and Tom comes in and has a weird convo with them. NEM said that Ta said that Tom went after her because he thought she had it, then came after her (NEM) about having it. She says that she’s getting annoyed with Tom.

    Ricky says stress is cumulative and being in this house it builds. NEM said that after the convo with Tom, she could feel his lunacy and she told him to just stay the course and stop pushing and trying to blow up the spot.

    Lo asks Ricky who he thinks has it. He says everyone says they don’t and obviously someone is lying so he’s just not going to worry about it.

    NEM says that what she doesn’t understand is that they had Noms today and they have 2 people on the block so why he stressing out. Ricky says he doesn’t think he (Tom) is, he’s just trying to stay the course but he doesn’t know how to do it.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Lo talks about maybe not wearing makeup in her next DR and gets dinged by Production. She yells that it’s better than talking about the power.

    NEM asks when does the power have to be used. She says she hopes whoever has it doesn’t have to use it.

    Lo says that worst case scenario is that she could be backdoored (she told them earlier that Tom has basically tired to backdoor everyone in the house).

    Ricky tells them not to worry about being backdoored because he’s pretty sure he could get Kandi/Ta to keep either one of them. He tells them not to worry because although everything has been going up and down, it’s gone smoothly.

    In the sofa room, Tom says he thinks it might be better to put Ta up and not tell Ricky. Then he asks Kato if he should tell Ricky. Tom says he’s not sure because Ricky has an amazing poker face. He said Ricky might be getting mad because he thinks they’re questioning him. Tom says he could ask him straight up if he has the power and if he says no, then that’s the end of it. (*It won’t be*). Kato tells Tom to wait until tomorrow because everyone is tired tonight.

    Tom says he’s happy with everything he’s done today. Kato says he told Lo that Tom’s speech was amazing.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    Tom/Joey/KatoTantrum in kitchen. Tom and Joey start singing. *No warning from Production* Tantrum leaves the room and Tom raids the fridge while Martha Stewart (Joey) tells Tom what he has cooked and what he’s fixing tomorrow.

    Tom is called to the SR by Production. He finds a small black gift bag on the counter with a note. He asks Production if that’s why he’s there, to pick that up. He pulls something out of the bag and thanks POP for the gourmet gummy bears. The note says “Congrats on winning HOH from your friends at POP”. Tom tells POP that he’s enjoying his time on CBB and it’s been a crazy day and he’s stirring things up trying to get to the bottom of the secret power.

    He goes outside the SR and runs into Kato/Kandi/Dina. Kandi tells them that everyone is going crazy over a power that they don’t even know what it is. She tells Tom that she has the power, does he think she’d use it against him and even if she told him she didn’t have it, would he believe it.

    She goes to the bedroom door and calls Ricky out and ask him in front of Tomato, who did she say last week that she would never vote against. Ricky says he doesn’t remember. She then tells Tom that she finds it annoying that she doesn’t believe her. She says it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, she still put her on the block and she’s starting to feel she’s just expendable.

    Ricky gets mad and tells Kandi that why is she acting so bitchy about it because it’s just a f*cking game. She says she understands that but she’s just expressing how she feels. He says then why doesn’t she act like the people who have gone before her, like Ryan who went out with class. Ricky then storms back into the room and Tom hugs Kandi and asks her not to cry.

    After Tomato leave, Ricky comes up to Kandi and ask why she’s getting so emotional. She says she’s tired of them asking her and her telling them that she doesn’t have it and she can get emotional if she wants to. Ricky tells her he’s just trying to keep everyone grounded.

  13. danmtruth

    Who spends more time together Tom & Kato or Lo & NEM They are never apart for any length of time
    It is now perv time with NEM jogging in the lap pool

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is telling Dina/Kato that even if she tells them she doesn’t have it, they don’t believe her anyway. They leave her alone in the room and she picks out a bathing suit. Ricky walks through and she tells him she’s sorry *actually he should be apologizing to her*

    She tells Ricky how she was just sitting there looking for her bathing suit and Tom came at her and kept asking her if she had the power. She explained to Ricky the entire conversation and said that now they have lost an ally and she just started to get angry and now she feels foolish. She says also because she messed up her makeup (when she was crying). She leaves to go change into her bathing suit.

    Lo/Tantrum/NEM in the pool, telling Kato how the water feels. Tantrum is jogging on the pool treadmill and laughing annoyingly (*You know, the usual*). Just general chit-chat.

    Lo says her stomach is hurting from all this stress. *It’s kind of hard to hear the convo because of the pool jets and they don’t have on their mics*

    Kandi is sitting alone in the sofa room, staring at the tablet.

    Tantrum and Lo are trying to adjust the temp on the pool. (Lo said the water was kind of cool)

    Lo is now running on the treadmill and NEM and Tantrum tell her that her back is jacked. Lo says that’s not good for a girl. NEM and Tantrum says yes it is.

  15. danmtruth

    Let’s see how many times Tantrum pulls the victims card when talking about Tom She keeps saying how wrong it was for a MAN to talk to her like that After she accused him of threating her He said she might have misunderstood him But she wanted to direct the conversation in that direction

  16. Avatar

    Early day tomorrow, so I am turning off the tv. I still want Psycho T to get the boot, but Lolo has thrown enough hissy fits to merit a boot as well. Just my 2 cents.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Lo/Tantrum/NEM talking in the pool but I can’t make out what they’re saying.

    On the BY sofa, Tomato/Joey/Dina talking. Kato yells to the pool people “No splashing” then yells “Get Daddy a beer when you finish”.

    Tom asks Dina if she’s feeling better. She says she’s just a little congested. They start to talk about smoking. *I just realized that I haven’t seen anyone in the house smoke* Then they start to talk about the sky.

    Dina keeps coughing. *I’m surprised Joey hasn’t thrown a blanket over her head*

    *While everyone is being boring with small talk, I’d like to ask a question. Is this power any different from any other season, where they can lie about whether or not they have a power but they can’t lie about what the power is?*

    The sofa crew (Tomato/Dina/Joes) are just talking about movies. Mainly Tom Cruise movies. Joey says Cruise has had the best movie career because of his sustainability. Tom says and because he looks the same as he did when he started.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Now the sofa crew are talking about the power. Dina asks them what would they do if it was her who had it. Joey says nothing. Dina laughs and says no, she wouldn’t want that pressure.

    Tom says whoever has it has to go because it’s impacting him.

    Joey starts to talk about Production telling him that he didn’t get it. *No warning from Production* Joey says that they don’t even know what the power is so whoever has it, is having fun.

    Dina says she says she believes that more than 1 person knows who has it. They start talking about Kandi and Ricky. Joey and Dina keep trying to throw suspicion on Kandi. They keep trying to convince Tomato how good Kandi is at games. Joey brings up that when he was nominated, he took it gracefully but Kandi didn’t.

    In the SR, Lo/NEM are discussing Tomato. NEM she thought this week would be relaxing but instead, it’s stressful. They also start to question Ricky’s attitude towards the game. Lo also says that Kato tells a lot of jokes (*I think she is eluding to whether or not he’s telling the truth when he says something*)

  19. NKogNeeTow

    In the BY Kato and Dina are talking alone. He tells her that this game is hard to win. She says that every day is different. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry because she’s a millionaire. She says she’s not.

    Kato tells her that her kids and mother have to be laughing at her in the game. She thinks so too.

    In the kitchen, SwingLo is eating AGAIN. She says she’s going to bed and hopes he has a dream.

    In the BY, Kato is still obsessing over the power to Dina. He asks her did she (no name mentioned) say she had the power. Dina says no, but that she didn’t really have to.

    Kato changes the subject to taxes and Dina says she has to call home and have her son send her more clothes.

    In the bathroom, Martha Stewart is brushing his teeth and Tantrum is telling him she’s not doing this. She said it’s Ricky’s shit and that 2 days ago it was with him and Joey, now it’s with her. He doesn’t say anything, just mumbles with a mouth full a toothpaste.

    Tantrum says she doesn’t even want to go into the kitchen because she doesn’t want to talk to those girls (Lo and NEM). She tells Joey maybe they (she and him) should just not talk to any of them. She says the house is supposed to be free and fun. Joey keeps brushing.

    In the BY, Dina tells Kato that maybe Lo has it. She tells him that either way, it expires. He is surprised. He says he didn’t know that and it was important to know.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Tom has now joined Dina/Kato outside and says he’s trying to find out as quickly as possible.

    In the SR, Kandi says she’s sorry she’s an emotional mess. Tantrum gives her a hug and tells her not to worry about it. SwingLo is raiding the SR fridge and tells them she can leave, they say no, they are leaving out too.

    In the BY, Tom is telling Kato that he feels there has been a building of trust with Ricky today. He says he talked to SwingLo and NEM, he’s saying that suppose he pull Joey down and puts Ricky up against Kandi. Two things can happen, either Ricky pulls out the power and says he can’t be evicted. He says he’ll tell Ricky that if he doesn’t have it, he’s sorry he accused him. *Shit, I know this entire paragraph sounds f*cked up, but so is Tom talking. He’s droned on about this power crap for so long, I can’t even keep up with the conversation.*

    *Okay, blowing off steam…trying to get back into this convo, so bear with me*

    Tom is now telling Kato that Ricky either does have the power or he doesn’t. If he does, he’ll replace him with Tantrum and send her out. He says either way, fighting against a weakened Ricky if Ta is gone. But he still thinks Ricky has it and will win the game. Kato asks him what if he doesn’t have it. Tom says that he (Tom) can still pretend that Ricky has it and put him on the block and send him home. Tom says if Ricky has got the power he has to go and if he doesn’t have it he has to go. Kato tells Tom to tell Ricky tomorrow. Tom says that he thinks Ricky knows that he knows that Ricky has it. Kato says the only reason he feels it now is because the way Ricky walked into the weight room. *Goddammit, this is the 3rd time they’ve had this stupid ass conversation since BBAD started. Sorry folks, I REFUSE to write about this until they move on to something/someone else. I’m like Tamar now, I’m not doing it*

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Commerical over. Tomato still talking…Same shit, different whatever. *frustrated*

    Tom tells Kato not to tells the girls anything before the Veto because they might be working with Ricky and tells him and he’ll fight even harder for the Veto.

    Kato said he suspected Lo/NEM were working with Ricky when he (K) told Lo that he was just going to walk into the room and say to Ricky “We know” and Lo told him not to do it.

    Tom says that they have to make sure that whoever wins the Veto, uses it. Tom says that if Joey or Kandi win the Veto, they will use it on theirself so that they can still put Ricky up. Tom says they have to tell Lo and NEM if they win the Veto, they have to use it. If they don’t, they’ll (T/K) will know that Ricky is working with them (L/N). They (K/T) decide to go in and tell the girls now.

    *This is one of those nights I wish I had taken my azz to bed*

  22. NKogNeeTow

    NEM/Kandi in the bathroom. NEM is telling her that Tom is pressing everybody. Tantrum comes in and NEM goes to the bathroom while Kandi gets ready to get into the shower.

    In the BY SwingLo is talking to Kato. She is telling Kato that NEM wants to win HOH so she can get a picture and letter from her husband.

    Kato wonders if they get an after party when the show is over. She says there is a wrap party. She says Jonathan knew what the entire schedule.

    SwingLo asks him if he thinks everyone will still be mad when the show is over. Kato thinks so.

    Kato asks her if she’s looking for a nice dude. She asks if he’s Christian.

    In the bathroom, Kandi is in the shower. Tantrum is sitting on the sofa quietly. Kandi asks if she can see into the shower from there (she’s wondering how much the camera sees).

    In the BY, SwingLo and Kato are talking about who would get the fan favorite. She said that it was based on entertainment and making people laugh. She says it’s between Tom and Kato.

    She says she just hopes the house calms down tonight. She tells him that Kandi was upset earlier because of something Tom said. Kato tells Lo that he was there and Kandi got upset and he (Kato) told her that it’s just a game and she should take it like Ryan and not to cry because she could win Veto. *This is a lie, Ricky told her that. Kato said nothing*

  23. NKogNeeTow

    SwingLo is sitting in the bed EATING and drinking water. Ricky is laying in bed drinking water. Lo says “Another great day in Big Brother house”.

    Ricky ask what time it is while NEM primps in the mirror. Ricky lotions his hands and feet.

    SwingLo and NEM discuss how many tracks they lost out of their weaves. NEM starts to hold up pieces that came out. Lo starts bitching about how the green stuff messed with her hair and the weave started coming out because she had to wash it so much. *Every damn person in that house suffers from tunnel vision of some sort*

    In the kitchen, Tantrum is eating cereal and talking about her zits. Dina is drinking coffee. Kato is basking in compliments of Tantrum telling him how amazing his skin is. Kandi comes out of the shower and gets ice water.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    10 minutes to go THANK THE GOOD JESUS!

    SwingLo/NEM/Ricky discussing who they think does and doesn’t have the power. Lo says she absolutely didn’t think Ricky has it. She is telling him everything Tomato said. Ricky says he wants to win but he’s not going to play all those games that Tomato are playing. NEM is mostly laying there listening.

    Lo is saying that Joey said that whoever has it is lying that they don’t. Ricky says Joey and Kandi has their backs against the wall. Lo says she’s trying to prevent a backdoor. Ricky says his next move is play till the next week.

    Ricky says Tomato are going to get themselves into trouble if they cross him. NEM says Tom just keeps saying “what if, what if, what if”.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! And not a moment to soon. After listening to Tomato all night, my blood pressure is up and my IQ is down. I’m going to bed.

    Goodnight everyone, and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  25. Seattle Kari

    Has anyone picked a favorite yet? I really like the way Tom and Kato discuss things in a mature fashion, and really go over the gameplay ideas so I’m hoping that one of them win.

    • Seattle Kari

      I get today can be tedious listening to them all the time, believe me I do understand that. I just can’t think of anybody else that is playing the game well/ strategy. Any other thoughts?

      • danmtruth

        Kari in some ways I agree with you that Tom and Kato do discuss and think about things Yet that is also there downfall They talk themselves into so many different scenarios It sounds like the old George Carlin joke Can God make a rock even he can’t lift That’s Tom & Kato worrying about things that can’t ever happen Tom is just using the power app as an excuse to get rid of Ricky It is a HIVE move Lose a vote for something that might happen Just because you talk yourself into it

      • Sassy

        I agree, sometimes they have good, clear thoughts but think themselves out of it. I believe getting rid of Ricky would be good for tomato and I hope they stay on this path.

    • Mel

      People: I like Kandi, Tom, Natalie the most
      Players: Natalie, Ricky, Tom probably in that order

    • Sassy

      i Have people I don’t like but none that I really like. I don’t like Lo, NEM, or Tantrum. I appreciate that the whole group is playing the game hard!

      • danmtruth

        I do like Ricky He has ask questions to Tom Like did Tom chose his noms based on emotionally Tom says he does what is fair Ricky was well who decides what is fair

  26. Mel

    I thought Tom was playing well until the power thing happened. He may have let paranoia and over thinking blow up his game. Kato tells everything to everyone even when Tom begs him not to. I still think Natalie is playing the best game, followed by Ricky. I know Rickys pissed off some people but the stuff he says is usually true. Lolo is playing smart except for her temper. Kato and Natalie are holding that alliance together. Tom and Lolo don’t really trust each other. Ricky and Tom are both right in that their both after each other. Kandi sees some of what’s going on in the house but she doesn’t have the power or allies to do anything about it.

    • danmtruth

      I agree with you Tom & Kato have lost there minds about this app As Ricky said the paranoia caused by thinking what might happen with the power app is more destructive than what the power app can actually do

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  28. mm22

    *Kandi sees some of what’s going on in the house but she doesn’t have
    the power or allies to do anything about it.* that’s so true mel n she’s my
    fav person in there I’m preparing myself for her eviction trying to decide if
    I even want to finish the season It would be great if she popped up with the power

    • Sassy

      I wish she could have made better connections. Without them, she’s a sitting duck and will be OTB until she is finally evicted. She’s the easy put up. The only one that cares that she is up there is herself. I hope Tom is smart and puts Ricky OTB. I don’t think they will have numbers to evict him but it will make things more interesting in the house.

  29. mm22

    Morning Ann!!! So sorry to read of your health issues
    The well wishes you received were so sweet,heart warming,
    n supportive and your messages back to all so kind and
    loving what a great group of people in your alliance

    • Ann

      Thank you mm22. It makes me want to fight through this thing even more knowing that I have such wonderful & caring friends here even though non of us have even met face to face or really know each other’s real names, I love it. Thankfully I got the feelings & use of my arms & legs again & can talk right now but my eye sight is bad & I have to wear an eye patch now. Hopefully that will get better too. Anyway, I appreciate all of the well wishes & prayers & Thank you.

  30. danmtruth

    So Tom and his echo chamber better known as Kato Will run around driving people nuts Trying to figure out WHO HAS THE POWER !!! If this is all part of Tom’s plan Like he shared in the SR thanks to pop He is doing a great job of putting a target on himself Speaking of pop tv gift (?) What was that all about A bag of gummies bears ?

  31. danmtruth

    It will be a long time to the veto comp than the vote Tom is still under the impression that the power is used AFTER they announce the final noms

  32. Cat Lady

    I really don’t care who wins, I really don’t like any of them. If I had to choose it would be Kato or Tom but it doesn’t really matter..

  33. danmtruth

    Tantrum STILL on the Tom threatened me story Kandi packed and can care less about the drama Oh look Look & NEM together
    Can’t get to the vote fast enough

  34. Shivani33

    Kato seems to be a pleasant guy but maybe not that bright. Categorizing him as a “celebrity” is quite a stretch. About the only thing that makes him known at all is that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What the hell?

    I had never heard of either Lolo or Eva before CBB. I do know that a 36 year old virgin used to be referred to as a spinster. Why do people announce these things about themselves? And how come Tamar is so LOUD? Does she have a hearing problem? Yes, it seems that she only wants to hear herself and then to blame everyone else for not liking whatever she hears. Ugh.

    Also, I find it weird when Ricky suddenly yells. It goes against the image that he tries to convey, and I don’t like it. Find it creepy. Buh-bye, Ricky. Keep your widdle harem.

  35. Alda

    Lolo has a BIG mouth.She’s the one I’d backdoor.

  36. Sassy

    I’ve listened to several of Ryan’s exit interviews. He comes across as a really good genuine guy. He doesn’t bad mouth anyone regardless of how much the hosts try to get him too. He basically says he really enjoyed the experience and it was much harder than he thought it would be. He also talks about how thankful he was that CBS put in the pool for him, says he used it for at least an hour a day but looks forward to real training. He has something nice to say about everyone. I really did not want to like the guy but I do…

  37. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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