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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Thursday Updates

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Good morning, everyone!


What a crazy week in the Big Brother house that I really can’t remember happening except for maybe when Evil Dick was out of the game before the feeds went live back in BB13. I’ve never seen the Big Brother community so confused before because typically we’d have the entire story by now. As I covered yesterday, confusion tripled when Ricky played and won the PoV during the CBS episode last night even though I had Kato as the winner. It still does seem what I explained which is sometime after the veto competition, they revealed that Mooch was never supposed to be a houseguest and he was part of a twist. Whatever happened with that twist made Kato PoV.

They could have replayed the competition, but I’m beginning to think otherwise. Seeing as Mooch was in an alliance with Kato, I am wondering if during the twist, Mooch had the ability to give the veto to anyone of his choosing. That’s mostly because I haven’t really heard them talk of a second PoV competition (unless I missed it. I was out a lot yesterday). Having a second PoV competition wouldn’t really make sense, either, mostly because they would likely reset the entire week rather than an arbitrary moment after the nomination ceremony. That makes me strongly think the PoV was stripped from Ricky and given to Kato via some twist with Mooch.


Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow night during the first live eviction of the season.

It’s still early in the house, but Tom and Kato are up talking so I am going to jump right in and cover this…

  • 7:45 am – Tom and Kato go into the HoH room to have a little talk
    • They are talking strategy moving forward and how best to keep playing the game but under the radar
    • Kato mentions how Dina is a really strong player that they need to be aware of. Not really get her into their alliance, but just be aware of her really trying hard to play the game
    • Tom is assuming Jon is going home tomorrow night because he thinks they have the numbers. I’m not entirely sure if they do yet, but if they do, Jon is their target
    • It sounds like Tom, Kato, Lolo, Eva, and Ricky are aligned. I’m not sure how strong the alliance is at this point
    • If this is the case, they easily have the votes to eliminate anyone they want. Their entire alliance of 5 will be voting against Dina and Tamar.
    • Hopefully, Eva and Lolo will talk more today because if they get together and have a talk like this, we’ll have a much better understanding of the strength of this alliance.
    • They talk about eventually having a fake argument to make people think they’re not aligned before they break up the conversation
  • 11:00 am – The house has been waking up for the last hour. Casual small talk going on. I’ll keep an eye out on Lolo and Eva to see if they talk today
  • 11:10 am – Kato is working out and Eva joins the room
    • He asks if everything is good. She confirms that she’s good on their side. I figured she’d say yes regardless but the question will be how she talks to Lolo privately
  • 11:30 am – The two are finally together
    • Eva re-tells the conversation with Kato and tells Lolo how he wants to be a final four with them and Tom
    • They bump elbows
    • Eva notes how she didn’t say ‘yes’, just ‘cool’.
    • Lolo jokes how Eva was flirting with Kato and she had Tom but now Eva has them both.
    • They also agree that they like Ricky. This definitely sounds like they’re willing to merge alliances for the time being
    • They confirmed the vote tomorrow. Looks like Jon will be the first eliminated.
  • 11:55 am – Tom and Kato are in the bedroom wondering why the other guys seem so relaxed. Tom wonders if they are overconfident on their votes or if they actually do have the power
    • Meanwhile, upstairs Jon tells Ryan that the DR is making him nervous with their questions
    • Ryan presses him on what they said and Jon says they’ll yell at him if he talks about the DR.  But, it is clear they are currently asking him questions along the lines of his trust of the girls which is the DR doing what they do best, interfere
  • 3:15 pm – This gym gets quite the workout compared to last year’s crew
    • Meanwhile, Dina and Jon are downstairs chatting with Ricky
    • Meanwhile, Joey is upstairs with Ryan and Jon and is in the stage of the show where he wants to get down to the final 4 and have an ‘honest game’.
    • Jon leaves and Joey starts talking about how much tension he brings blah blah. Reminder – Joey hates alliances
  • 6:00 pm – Feeds have been down for some reason for about an hour now. Not sure why
  • 6:50 pm – Feeds are back. Just Ricky chatting with Tamar with a few other people in the kitchen. No signs of anything happening, but maybe Tamar had a meltdown and Ricky is now calming her down?
  • 7:50 pm – Eva is in the bedroom talking with Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky
    • She mentions how Jonathan has been in the room trying to be nice and grateful for being there
    • They think he knows he may be going so he’s trying to kiss ass
    • Eva isn’t a fan that Jonathan mentioned god because she doesn’t want him playing that card when he knows how spiritual she is



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