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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Thursday Updates

Good morning, everyone!


What a crazy week in the Big Brother house that I really can’t remember happening except for maybe when Evil Dick was out of the game before the feeds went live back in BB13. I’ve never seen the Big Brother community so confused before because typically we’d have the entire story by now. As I covered yesterday, confusion tripled when Ricky played and won the PoV during the CBS episode last night even though I had Kato as the winner. It still does seem what I explained which is sometime after the veto competition, they revealed that Mooch was never supposed to be a houseguest and he was part of a twist. Whatever happened with that twist made Kato PoV.

They could have replayed the competition, but I’m beginning to think otherwise. Seeing as Mooch was in an alliance with Kato, I am wondering if during the twist, Mooch had the ability to give the veto to anyone of his choosing. That’s mostly because I haven’t really heard them talk of a second PoV competition (unless I missed it. I was out a lot yesterday). Having a second PoV competition wouldn’t really make sense, either, mostly because they would likely reset the entire week rather than an arbitrary moment after the nomination ceremony. That makes me strongly think the PoV was stripped from Ricky and given to Kato via some twist with Mooch.

Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow night during the first live eviction of the season.


It’s still early in the house, but Tom and Kato are up talking so I am going to jump right in and cover this…

  • 7:45 am – Tom and Kato go into the HoH room to have a little talk
    • They are talking strategy moving forward and how best to keep playing the game but under the radar
    • Kato mentions how Dina is a really strong player that they need to be aware of. Not really get her into their alliance, but just be aware of her really trying hard to play the game
    • Tom is assuming Jon is going home tomorrow night because he thinks they have the numbers. I’m not entirely sure if they do yet, but if they do, Jon is their target
    • It sounds like Tom, Kato, Lolo, Eva, and Ricky are aligned. I’m not sure how strong the alliance is at this point
    • If this is the case, they easily have the votes to eliminate anyone they want. Their entire alliance of 5 will be voting against Dina and Tamar.
    • Hopefully, Eva and Lolo will talk more today because if they get together and have a talk like this, we’ll have a much better understanding of the strength of this alliance.
    • They talk about eventually having a fake argument to make people think they’re not aligned before they break up the conversation
  • 11:00 am – The house has been waking up for the last hour. Casual small talk going on. I’ll keep an eye out on Lolo and Eva to see if they talk today
  • 11:10 am – Kato is working out and Eva joins the room
    • He asks if everything is good. She confirms that she’s good on their side. I figured she’d say yes regardless but the question will be how she talks to Lolo privately
  • 11:30 am – The two are finally together
    • Eva re-tells the conversation with Kato and tells Lolo how he wants to be a final four with them and Tom
    • They bump elbows
    • Eva notes how she didn’t say ‘yes’, just ‘cool’.
    • Lolo jokes how Eva was flirting with Kato and she had Tom but now Eva has them both.
    • They also agree that they like Ricky. This definitely sounds like they’re willing to merge alliances for the time being
    • They confirmed the vote tomorrow. Looks like Jon will be the first eliminated.
  • 11:55 am – Tom and Kato are in the bedroom wondering why the other guys seem so relaxed. Tom wonders if they are overconfident on their votes or if they actually do have the power
    • Meanwhile, upstairs Jon tells Ryan that the DR is making him nervous with their questions
    • Ryan presses him on what they said and Jon says they’ll yell at him if he talks about the DR.  But, it is clear they are currently asking him questions along the lines of his trust of the girls which is the DR doing what they do best, interfere
  • 3:15 pm – This gym gets quite the workout compared to last year’s crew
    • Meanwhile, Dina and Jon are downstairs chatting with Ricky
    • Meanwhile, Joey is upstairs with Ryan and Jon and is in the stage of the show where he wants to get down to the final 4 and have an ‘honest game’.
    • Jon leaves and Joey starts talking about how much tension he brings blah blah. Reminder – Joey hates alliances
  • 6:00 pm – Feeds have been down for some reason for about an hour now. Not sure why
  • 6:50 pm – Feeds are back. Just Ricky chatting with Tamar with a few other people in the kitchen. No signs of anything happening, but maybe Tamar had a meltdown and Ricky is now calming her down?
  • 7:50 pm – Eva is in the bedroom talking with Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky
    • She mentions how Jonathan has been in the room trying to be nice and grateful for being there
    • They think he knows he may be going so he’s trying to kiss ass
    • Eva isn’t a fan that Jonathan mentioned god because she doesn’t want him playing that card when he knows how spiritual she is

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  1. hogwild

    Hate to say it but things in the house are still as clear as mud.

  2. Cat Lady

    Would you please change the pictures with the correct results?

    • danmtruth

      That’s the problem this season Production has muddy the waters Not sure if they are not making it up as they go I do know Many of the house guests were seen reading the rules the other day So even they were trying to make sense of it all

  3. Cat Lady

    I don’t understand your recap..you said Ricky really won, which I said yesterday but than you said Kato..something I didn’t get and about Mooch ..I’m confused..

    • Sassy

      We are ALL confused! Ricky did win the POV, but there has been an additional twist. 2 people are leaving on Friday and we may not know what’s really going on until that episode.

      • Avatar

        from my understanding Mooch self evicted so Ryan had to nominate someone else in his place so he put Kandi up. They had to have another POV comp & Kato won it & used it to take Tom off the block so Ryan had to nominate someone else so he put up Joey, but he asked Joey if he was ok with it & joey said Sure. The girls are planning on voting Jonathan OUT.

  4. Sassy

    I love that we are confused, even though it’s frustrating because I like to be in the know. This group of celebs are more entertaining than last year and even though Tamar is overly dramatic, she’s an upgrade over Marissa!

  5. Sassy

    I’m watching BBAD, Kandi makes reference to being on the block, and she doesn’t think Jon will vote her out. When Ryan and Joey are in the bathroom, Ryan mentions picking Kato to play in the Veto, but then looks at the camera and says something about they are playing this as if it’s a double eviction but they don’t know whether or not it is… So I think that is our answer. Friday’s episode will seem like a planned double eviction.

  6. Sassy

    Tamar is the new Vanessa. She is paranoid and thinks everyone is against her. She’s the only one that is honest and straight forward, according to her… She thinks Ricky lied on her and she let him know it…

  7. Apopkedave

    Why does Tamar wear big dark sunglasses all day and night in the house?

    • Ann

      Because she’s special, its all about her, she’s Tamar, (yea right). I hate listening to her bark & act like she’s big & bad. Lolo let her know she is not the badest bitch in the house when she made that comment about punching her in the throat. Tamar meant it when she said it but her ass was brought back to reality real quick, fast & in a hurry when Lolo told her she can fight, that let Tamar know she had better watch her mouth. When things don’t go Tamar’s way she has a tantrum. She now knows that Kandi is not one to be played with either.

    • Avatar

      to hide her bare face i suppose… thats what some ladies do on there when they dont have any make up on.

    • mm22

      I was wondering that too – I thought maybe
      she didn’t want to put her lashes on

    • Sassy

      A lot of past HGs have said the stage lights are really bright and that’s why they wear glasses.

  8. danmtruth

    As NK said you have to like the way Ricky does not mind stirring the shit up It has Tamtam in a dizzy As short of a trip that is Ann you hit the nail on the ball head Tamtam tried to act street tough with Lolo With the throat punch comment Than tried to back those lips up and say she did not mean anything by it That it’s something she says all the time Well guess what now is not the time and Lolo is not the person to say it to Speaking of a bucket of poo Production will need a big mop to swifter this mess of the Mooch jumping ship My daughter read where he is at some European ski resort Sounds like it was planned a while back OOPS Thanks Steve for trying to sort this out We need to remember CBS is still trying to control what get learend and when They want to control the story line so they want to control information Right now Tom & Kato seem to be controlling things Lolo & Eva think they are slick Than again Eva speaking before she knows who is in a room Not smart See talking final two with Lolo WHILE Tamra was in the room Ricky playing a little like JC As he has a few people trusting him Yet likes to drop hints to see who starts to panic

  9. mm22

    The punch you in the throat comment is awful-
    who says that? And then says that’s their thing
    they always say

  10. Mel

    Hey guys! I’ve been watching, I just haven’t been on BBJ before today….crazy week!
    I don’t know if this helps clear anything up and apologies if it’s already been covered. There were 2 veto comps played, at least that my understanding from some of the convos in the house. Ricky won the first one on the horses. Sometime on Monday, (after the veto ceremony) Mooch left the house. Ryan was told to replace him and put someone otb and he chose Kandi. (no talk of why that happened) The hg’s were confused, questioning if Mooch was coming back and started wondering if he was a mole. A 2nd veto comp was played and that’s the one Kato won. It had some kind of news headlines theme. The hg’s think it was a Mooch themed comp. I don’t know if it was or they just think that because of the news headline stuff.

    Later, the hg’s were saying they’d been fooled and we’re shocked to find out Mooch wasn’t a real player. It’s still unclear if this is fact or something they just believe. There’s 3 options that I can see so far: 1- The Mooch could’ve said something that confused them before he left and the hg’s are reading too much into it. 2- He quit and CBS is trying to spin it to look like it was something else. 3- It is a twist and he wasn’t really a player to begin with.

    I don’t think it’s a twist simply because 1- We weren’t in on it and we always are. 2- Anthonys entry interviews sounded like everyone elses. 3- He played in the veto comp, was eligible to be saved with the veto and all his dr’s sound like a regular player. 4- His pic didn’t turn gray for 2 days but now it is. 5- What did he do that was twist worthy? We haven’t even had a vote yet.

    If it ends up being a twist, it’s complete bullshit imo. It would also be crappy for 2 players to sit out of the first hoh comp but have a guy who is “visiting” take one of the swings in the comp. That makes me think he simply quit. The only thing that makes me think it could have been planned was how quickly he made it from the house to the annual business summit in Switzerland that he always attends and hosts a party for.

    • delabear

      Welcome back, Mel! I was wondering if Mooch only wanted it as a diverse entry for his CV. Or maybe ducking a subpoena? hehehe

    • danmtruth

      That’s the problem this season Production has muddy the waters Not sure if they are not making it up as they go I do know Many of the house guests were seen reading the rules the other day So even they were trying to make sense of it all Welcome back Mel great to have your insight This just looks like production scrambling to cover what happened

      • Mel

        That’s been my guess too. I LOVE the cast but the game has been very strange so far. I couldn’t believe they thought they needed 2 people left out of the hoh challenge, the way Jonathan went otb AND 3 nominees. On top of that, we’ll have a fake twist/quitter. You’d think I’d finally start to expect the unexpected too! Lol

      • kneeless

        Good to see you Mel!

    • Alda

      Mel,glad to see you’re back.Hopefully,we’ll all find out what the heck is going on in the house.I think I’d rather be in Switzerland then in the Big Brother House.

    • Beez

      Thanks Mel, glad you’re back. Will you be blogging CBB?

    • Sassy

      I heard some of the HGs talking about the Veto comp. They made it sound like it was questions about Mooch. Dinah said she got the color of his suit wrong.

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  12. Seattle Kari

    Did anyone notice that they have access to Twitter in the house? Last night I’m bbad they showed the dude with a beard… My brain isn’t working right now… Saying he was going to tweet something and then he went to a tablet setup right there. What the hell about that?!

  13. Mel

    *Ricky just called Tom a prick after a really wierd convo.
    *Tamar still hasn’t showered.
    *Jonathan has been warned in the DR that he’s in trouble. (It’s obvious)
    *Tamar told Natalie and Lolo she thinks she should talk to Kandi AGAIN and sort things out. (Never gonna work)
    *Tamar told Natalie and Lolo that Ricky cheated on his wife. (Tamar is the same person who claims Kandi talked about her and says that’s why she has a problem with her)
    *Joey is taking a break from teaching the 12 time Olympic winning ath-a-lete how to work out. Today, he’s teaching him how to eat healthy.
    This cast is sooooo good!

    • Ann

      Hi Mel…..you see, Tamar is cruising for a bruising, she needs to stop flapping those jaws. If she gets called out on her shit again that “I was just playing” bullshit ain’t gonna fly. The very thing she keeps on crying to Kandi about trying to get an apology from Kandi for is the very same crap she’s talking about Ricky’s marriage. What does that have to do with the game? Not one damn thing. Please keep bumping them gums Tamar so somebody can bust your ass. Keep on hounding Kandi so she can blow up on your ass. Kandi couldn’t care less about Tamar & her marriage.

      • Mel

        Agree. I think that’s partly why Tamar cried half the day yesterday and continued to talk about Kandi today. It burns her ass that Kandi doesn’t act upset over it.

      • danmtruth

        How can TAmtam think it is ok to talk about anyone’s marriage This has nothing to do strategy It is just her trying to throw shade

      • Sassy

        She gonna have a fight with everyone before it’s done. She will be even worse when she’s OTB.

      • Ann

        I wouldn’t be surprised not one tiny bit if Tamar self evicted when she is put otb or when & if she’s confronted by Ricky or Kandi for running her mouth. You can tell Tamar is a spoiled rotten brat who is used to getting her way.

  14. mm22

    I’m hoping Tamar is evicted before Kandi
    and Kandi yells “I’m gonna talk about u now”
    as she exits

    • Mel

      I predicted Tamar would be the one to self evict but unfortunately she hasn’t. She left in the middle of a theatre performance because her dinner didn’t arrive when it was supposed to a year or two ago….

      • Ann

        See, what kind of shit is that? Like I said, she’s a spoiled rotten brat who is used to getting her way. Please Oh Please Oh Please let her run her just a little too much so Kandi, Lolo or Ricky can put her ass in her right place.

  15. Avatar

    Someone may have answered this already but do we know what happened to the real Vegas on Twitter?

    • Mel

      She was outed to be someone named Alexis Perkins (a story editor for the show) There were a few spoilers preseason from Vegas but they were completely wrong and proven to be wrong. People on Twitter started calling her out on the BS leaks so she announced she was taking a break. She says she is NOT this Alexis person for the record.

  16. Newbie2017

    I read a story online that Tamar was told to stir things up with Kandi. Production wants her to be the “bad guy” this season (aka Evel Dick or the “friendship” dude – Paul). Kandi has no clue that’s what’s happening. The article stated that she should win an Oscar with the acting job she did in the DR crying session. This was supposedly revealed by a friend of Tamar’s. Not sure if it’s true – just throwing it out there for comment.

    • danmtruth

      Not sure about her being a great actor while crying All I thought about was Josh when he was doing his fake crying

    • Mel

      I’m guessing the story is bullshit and her friend is trying to spin it. Tamar and Kandi have real history and some of it is fairly recent. There’s also a reason Tamar made news for leaving in the middle of a theatre performance, (a back up dancer was trying to learn her lines during the intermission to fill in) being disruptive on Kandis Xscape tour, walking off in the middle of Iyanla Vasants episode of Braxton Family Values AND being fired from The Real talk show. She bashed the other Real ladies on social media and put a spin/lie on why she was fired. After enough of it, Loni Love and the other women finally spoke up for themselves.

      The theatre job was for Snoop Dogg if I’m not mistaken. There’s lots of back and forth over Kandis issues with her. As for The Real talk show, they said she wasn’t professional, yelled at staff, threw tantrums and even threw a fit once when she didn’t win a game they were playing. It was also rumored that the focus groups they were doing for the show weren’t positive. They claimed that many women of color (their target audience) didn’t care for her eye rolling, neck rolling and constant sound effects. They said they felt she was perpetuating a stereotype for educated black women that they didn’t care for. As I’m not a poc, I don’t have an opinion on that and don’t have a right to one. I’m just writing was said.

      Have a great day!

      • danmtruth

        Thanks Mel that helps fill in a lot To me Tamra is trying to do anything to seem important Something that Production is only too happy to feed into Her false sense of relevance

  17. hogwild

    This should be on the door of the BB house at least for the first week.

  18. danmtruth

    Speaking of signs on the door I notice they have the exit rout Like they do at hotels Have they had that before and I just miss it ?

  19. Seattle Kari

    Last summer celebrity was pretty lame. The last couple seasons of regular big brother have been relatively lame. In just three days were already confused as hell and are really interested in what is going on. It’s nice to have a little excitement for a change!!

    But why is it every single season there’s always some loudmouth idiot that drives everybody crazy? Oh that’s right production drama, lol..


  20. Seattle Kari

    I do not like the comment Eva made about Jonathan bringing up God. It’s no one else’s business how people decide to live their life or the beliefs that they have. That kind of thing annoys the hell out of me.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Late but reporting for duty. Having a bit of puter trouble (it keeps locking up). I’ve been trying to post this for almost an hour.

    Hey Mel with 1 L *waving*

    Read online that when Mooch showed up for his meeting in some country that starts with a D, he was asked why he wasn’t in the BB house. He said he couldn’t talk about it because of a confidentiality agreement.

    Apop: I don’t trust anyone who wears sunglasses all the time. Makes me think they’re hiding something because you can’t see their eyes when they’re talking to you.

    Regarding Tamar telling Nat/Lo about Ricky cheating on his wife, her husband Vince cheated on her. Guess that makes Tamar the Wendy Williams of BB.

    Newbie2017: It wasn’t necessary for Production to tell Ta to stir things up. She has acted like this since the beginning of time.

    And yes Mel, this cast IS soooo good!

  22. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: (I’m a little behind)

    Tom/Kato were talking about Roclu and trying to change his mind. *This is when BBAD first started so I’m not sure what that was all about*

    Ta was appalled that Jon mixed canned tuna and salmon together. Says she’s not havin it!

    Tom/Kato vs Nat/Jon in game of pool.

    Ricky in the HOH tuning up Dina’s chakras.

    Jon was singing and playing the organ. *Boy this group has all kinds of perks*

    Ta was annoyed that Ricky was massaging Dina.

    No sign of Kandi. *Did she self evict too?*

    Lo tells Ta, this is the last time she’s cooking.

    Ta keeps referring to Lo as “Becky”. *Beyonce fans will get it. Wonder if Ta would be offended if anyone referred to her as a loud mouth barracuda?*

    Ta says her boyfriend was excited that she’s older (41).

    Ta/Lo discuss Ta’s picture on the Memory Wall. Ta says she hasn’t been taking good pictures lately. *My grandmother always said, a camera only takes what it sees.*

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky/Dina have finished her massage.

    For someone who doesn’t drink, Tay-Tay is hitting those Coors Lights pretty hard.

    Dina/Ta discuss having kids. Ta says she wants more. *I’m gonna leave that right there*

    Ryan/Jon/Joey playing cards. Ryan gets called to the SR. POP has sent him a present, Orwell socks.

    Ryan/Joey waiting for the pool to heat up. Joey joins them and they joke about pulling down to see what the outside world is doing. They start to talk about one of the girls (I didn’t hear who), then start to exercise.

    Kato/Tom/Dina in the pink bedroom talking (just joking around, nothing serious). Nat comes in and tells Kato to stop flirting with Dina.

    Ta/Nat/Lo in the bedroom wondering who will go home next week. Nat says it won’t be one of them. Ta lets out this long-loud-extremely high pitched-annoying laugh and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear the camera crew deliberately cut to the outside to get away from her heathen ass.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Tom/Kato are talking about Ricky not wanting to be part of their Team Fun alliance. They are kind of pissed at him.

    In the kitchen, Ta/Lo/Nat/Jon/Joey are talking. Ta/Lo showing different dances and asking Joey and Jon to identify them. *Ta is still extremely loud and still trying to be the breakout star of the show.*

    Ryan is outside alone, swimming in the pool. *He might be a tad dizzy but the boy can swim his azz off.*

    Inside, Ta is sitting on Lo’s lap and they are tweeting. Nat comes in and tells Lo what to type about her.

    Jon/Dina/Kato are now outside on the couch. Dina leaves to change her mic. Jon is mocking Production calling him out. Jon and Kato talk about their parents passing away. Jon says his Mom died of lung cancer and his Dad died of brain cancer the same year. They then discuss their DR sessions they have to do tonight. Jon says they have to give their 3 goodbye messages.

    Still no sign of Kandi.

    Tom joins Jon/Kato. Jon tells them that when he’s with his friends, he’s always the butt of their jokes. he said the more they do it, the better he likes it.

    In the purple sofa room, Ta says her favorite thing to do in the house is bedtime because it’s like a pajama party.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Outside, Tom/Kato discussing going to Nat/Lo and asking how they feel about Ricky. Kato says he wants to ask them if they think Ricky will come after them (Tom/Kato). Tom says Joey doesn’t try that hard at comps. Tom is worried that if they kick out Joey and the fans love him, they (T/K) will look like pricks. They say that if they go after Jon they won’t look good because Jon seems like a nice guy. Kato says not to worry about that because the game is to knock people out, no matter how nice they are. Tom says he thinks Ricky will win the whole thing. Kato doesn’t think so. Tom tries to break down who will pick off who. Tom says they need Ryan/Jon in their alliance because they need strong players to win Veto. Kato starts to talk then Kandi shows up and their convo ends.

    Lo/Ta/Nat/Dina/Jon in purple sofa room. ta ask Dina if she was surprised that Mooch wasn’t a real HG. Dina says yes but she hopes he was sincere because she’s supposed to have dinner with him and his wife when they get out. They all speculate about what Mooch was doing in the house. Dina says she thinks when he went into the DR, they were telling him what to say when he was with the rest of the house.

    In the purple sofa room, Ta starts to interview Dina about her kids.

    On the outside sofa, Tom/Kandi/Kato talking. Kandi says overall she met some great people there and learned how to play pool and chess. Kato leaves.

    Ricky joins Tom and Kandi. They discuss Tom’s time on The Apprentice. He tells the story of how he got fired. He was project manager of the wedding challenge and since his team was mad at him, they wouldn’t help him do anything so he went out drinking with Dennis Rodman and nothing got done.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky asks Tom if he thinks the BB audience is a conservative audience. Tom says he thinks it’s probably split down the middle.

    In the purple couch room Ta/Nat/Joey. Nat asks him what was his first impression about them. He tells the story of a minor beef with Lo. He said he was asking a question about the game and she thought he was talking about her and got mad at him but they straightened it out.

    Ta asks Joey about the misconception that actors can’t have real friends. He says his closest friends aren’t actors.

    Ta says she thought Kandi would come in to be interviewed but she guesses she declined but to tune in tomorrow for another episode of The Parlor Chronicles. She said they will be interviewing whoever survived the eviction and the new HOH.

    They then leave and join Lo in the kitchen, who is eating (every day she says she’s going to eat healthy because she’s gaining to much weight, yet she eats constantly).

    Nat/Lo/Ta (aka the REAL 3 Stooges) start whispering about someone but can’t hear what they are saying. Ta AGAIN announces loudly that she’s not fake.

    *Is it just me or is Lo starting to act like Tamar? She’s starting to get louder and louder. Not a good look for “Becky”*

    Joey and Tom have a whispering conversation so the girls can’t hear.

    They are discussing what to cook for tomorrow because it’s going to be hectic.

    Lo is on her maybe 12th bowl of cereal.

    Tom is telling Joey about a conversation he had with Ricky(?), where he was telling Ricky how when cameras and mics are on, everybody acts differently because they know the cams and mics are there. He said Ricky said he didn’t act differently. Tom says he told him that everyone does.

    Outside, Kato/Dina/Ricky discussing how Kato’s career ended when he appeared on Jay Leno. He said after the appearance he couldn’t get any jobs or interviews, he got death threats, people were showing up at his daughter’s school, putting notes under his door. He said that’s why he has been laying low all these years. he said it got so bad that wherever he went, he had to have people walk him to his car.

    The fire goes out in the pit and everyone goes inside.

    Kato tells everyone that tomorrow they will have 2 lockdowns, one around 11 am then another around 3 pm.

    In the bathroom Tom is telling Nat where he and Kato want to meet with she and Lo after everyone goes to sleep. He says he wants to talk to them about a plan and wants to make sure everyone is on board.

    That’s it! BBAD is OVAH!

    Nite everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

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  28. Seattle Kari

    Quick question because my phone is not staying charged and I can’t stay online. I noticed that Ricky was working with Dina’s arm and shoulder. Does anybody know what happened or is it just a basic stretch out?. I’ll check back later

  29. Seattle Kari

    One more cuz I simply can’t resist being snarky. I really wish production would say “TAMAR! PLEASE STOP LAUGHING!”

    Oh my God my ears, and I’ve got my TV volume down to under 10 because everybody in the house is sleeping..

  30. mm22

    When Tamar was on “the real” all you ever heard
    was her loud lip smacking loud laughing that
    loud squealing thing she does – she constantly
    over talked her co hosts butted in the conversations
    so they could finish there thoughts – basically trying
    to takeover the talk show-at times the co hosts couldnt
    mask there frustration -I don’t know how long she
    was on before they fired her but I believe should threw
    some shade her co hosts way – the way Tamar
    acts on the show is saddly just the way she is a
    loud disrespectful person (in my opinion)

    • TeeJay

      Tamar made The Real unwatchable for me. I knew she had been fired but only recently watched the show again, without her clowning antics it is a good show for daytime talk now. The Tamar attitude is on full display now on Big Brother and it’s still gets on my last nerve.

      • danmtruth

        Thanks for the input as a over 50 white guy not sure I’m her target demographic Yet rude is rude If you ask a question Try waiting and LUSTENING to the answer

  31. Mel

    I’m not sure how I’m going to stay up to date on the BB feeds, up to date on El Chapo trial, get my 1099’s finished and ready to mail and go to work today….Today should be a mess! Lol Do you think the IRS would count BB feeds as a valid exception to the 1099 deadline? Asking for a friend…

  32. danmtruth

    Thanks Mel that helps fill in a lot To me Tamra is trying to do anything to seem important Something that Production is only too happy to feed into Her false sense of relevance

  33. TeeJay

    Hi All, I’m thrilled to see the BBJ crew already showing up and feeding my new obsession.

  34. Sassy

    Is anyone on here, a fan of tantrum Tamar?

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