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Celebrity Big Brother 3 – That’s A Wrap

February 23, 2022 | 80 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Well, that was a quick season and another Celebrity Big Brother is in the books. And I have to say, it was actually a lot better than anticipated.  Anyone who has been around here enough knows I have absolutely no problem shitting on a boring cast or a boring season. But I actually ended up liking some of these guys this season.

I already wrote about my feelings toward Todd Bridges and how amazing he is.  But the other people in the house were all quite a bit different than I expected. Most tried to play the game, and I always appreciate that from people clearly just trying to jumpstart a career or sell a clothing line.

Take Lamar Odom for example. Being from Boston, we were born to hate any LA sports so Odom was never a favorite even though I don’t even care about the NBA. Then he married a Kardashian and thought he was completely ridiculous after that.  But, he’s another who really surprised me by not only being a far better person than I originally thought but actually a bit into the game and trying to play.

Sure, it’s not like he was spending every hour counting days in the house (something the entire cast needed to do more after tonight’s performance), but I also didn’t get a season 1 vibe from him.

And I’m going to say it – I hated Chris Kattan heading into the season. I mean not as a person – I didn’t know the guy – but more as a comedian.  He was brutal in SNL and Night at the Roxbury took one of his most annoying characters and put it in a movie.   But even he impressed me.  I expected Kattan to go in and always try to be the funny guy, but he really wasn’t. He was just pretty chill. Sure, he quit the game, but I don’t think he realized what he was getting into here.  I’m not a fan of him as a Big Brother player, but my impression of  him improved overall. And he really loves his cake.

I have no clue about Cynthia, Teddi, Miesha, Carson, Mirai, or Todrick before this month so I don’t have anything to base them on.  Out of that group, however, I really wish we got to see more Teddi this season.  I loved her during the finale. She was clearly still bitter at the cast and I am all about that life.  I want players in the house who love it so much that they actually resent others when they get voted out.  Is that weird? I feel that’s weird. I feel like they should all just take it as a game, but I don’t feel that way at the same time.

Anyway, that’s it for this season.  Congrats to Mirai for winning the game. Congrats to Carson for AFP.

Now that the season is over, it’s time for me to start cranking away on some code to get this baby up and running smoothly by the summer.  Have a good rest of the winter and spring!  See you in June

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