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Celebrity Big Brother Andrea Boehkle

Celebrity Big Brother Cast Rumors

Celebrity Big Brother Andrea Boehkle


It’s January, yet I’m blogging about Big Brother?  Yes! I could do this year round but the slackers at CBS need breaks, apparently.

Alright, I haven’t talked much about Celebrity Big Brother as I spent the last month or so dealing with website issues in an effort to hopefully improve on the speed this season – especially during live show when we nearly crash every week. I think we’re good to go with just a few more tweaks that should be flushed out by the summer. In fact, Celebrity Big Brother is going to be a perfect testing platform to make sure things are ready to go by then.

People have been asking me all winter “who is on the cast? who is on the cast??” but I simply don’t know. Big Brother is notorious for keeping their cast a secret until about a week before the show airs and only once in awhile we’ll get a leak a week or two ahead of that. That is because only a very small handful of people know who the cast is before that point, and that doesn’t even include the cast members. They are typically told they are to going to be on the show about two weeks prior to it beginning and then immediately put in a hotel for a week before beginning the show.


Now, Celebrity Big Brother will likely be a bit different than a normal season because celebrity versions of these shows are typically fluff content that nobody actually takes seriously. The show is only going to be on for three weeks and I’d be willing to bet any prize winnings will go to a charity (or so they say). That is why I’m actually putting a little weight into the casting rumors that were revealed today despite people like Andrea Boehkle (above) going on Twitter and denying being on the show.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if CBS broke the mold this season and let the cast become public knowledge before they went in. This is because a) again, nobody is going to take it seriously, and b) these celebs can spend a few days hyping up the show on their social media platforms before going in.

A twitter account called JulieBBInsider leaked what they claim is the cast this season and even said that the celebs are going to deny being in it (for now).

Now, without any more babbling, here is the unofficial list:

  • Tiffany Pollard – Reality Star
  • Gigi Gorgeous – Canadian (really no clue what she’s famous for)
  • Johnny Bananas – MTV’s Real World alumni
  • Beth Chapman – Mrs. Dog The Bounty Hunter
  • Matt Iseman – Alleged Comedian
  • Brody Jenner – The forgotten Kardashian (not really even a Kardashian)
  • Lance Bass – Singer and hopeful future astronaut
  • Terell Owens – Actor from the movie Any Given Sunday, Dancing with the Stars contestant and spent a little time in the NFL
  • Andrea Boehlke – On Survivor during the first few seasons that I began blogging (may have been my first season)
  • Sammi Sweetheart – Person from New Jersey

So much to make fun of in this list that I’m hoping it is true! And, I actually do think it’s true because it’s the right mixture of bottom of the barrel celebs that I’d expect to see on the show so even if this isn’t the actual list, expect the cast to look very similar in terms of “star power”.  Because I’m bored, I may break down each person, but that leaking twitter account says that we’ll get the full lineup during the Grammys this Sunday which means I’m going to be forced to watch that show. Ugh.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Rita

    Terell Owens was on Celebrity Challenge and quit because he got his feelings hurt.
    Johnny Bananas needs to get a real job.

  2. Avatar

    I’m so excited for this to start! I love Beth Chapman and I do like Tiffany Pollard! Beth will keep it real and New York is just crazy lol! I don’t care who they put in there tho, I’m a superfan and I’m excited to have a small season between seasons, can’t wait! I’m so glad to be back here, SteveBeans! I wasn’t around much last season because I could not handle the negativity here. I’m hoping it’s not like that this time, because I love this blog so much! Hope all the regulars come back to talk about this crazy show!

  3. JadedMage

    Seriously they call them Celebrities? More like D Level Celebrities…
    Grateful its only 3 weeks, lawd knows they have to get back to their very busy careers!
    This is going to be worst than the last two seasons combined

    And I think Sammi is from the show Jersey Shore, who is really from Staten Island

    I was from the Jersey shore, till all the Staten Islanders came and made it the hole it is today.

    thank gawd for Netflix…

  4. BBBonbon62

    Love Matt Iseman. He won Celebrity Apprentice last spring(the season with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host). He also hosts the show American Ninja Warrior. Did not know he was also a comic until today.

    With the exception of Lance Bess, The Dog’s wife and Sammie from Jersey Shore I have no idea who the others are…God I’m old.

  5. Alda

    Well,TO played for my EAGLES! Hope all is well with you Steve.Three weeks will probably be long enough with this group.At least it’ll be something else to watch during the winter.We’ve had more snow in South Jersey this winter then I can remember.See you all in February!

  6. g8trgirl

    I don’t think I’ll be watching much, but I will try to get here often to follow along.

  7. Rita

    Well the person who claimed to have the inside scoop appears to have lied or was misinformed.
    Omarosa is the biggest name in the new cast of Celebrity Big Brother.

    American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, The Cosby Show’s Keshia Knight Pulliam, Real Housewife Brandi Glanville, former NBA star Metta World Peace, UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell, actors James Maslow and Marissa Winokur, TV personality Ross Matthews and Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez will also be moving into the Big Brother house this week.

  8. Alda

    Boy,this is a real “D”list group.I do think Ross Matthews will be entertaining.I think Omarosa is so annoying.We’ll see how this goes.

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