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Celebrity Big Brother – Wednesday Feed Updates

Shannon and Brandi Celebrity Big Brother


Good morning, everyone!  It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and the veto competition is set to be played today. It could mean the difference between Shannon staying or going this week as the house has set her as the target with Brandi appearing to control the house for now.

You’ll have to pardon me if I do get some alliances wrong here and there as I missed the first few days of the feed due to my vacation. I am still playing catchup here and don’t quite feel confident about the direction of the house at this point. On a side note – Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there.  That’s not something I thought I’d ever write on this blog but I’d be happy as a pig in shit if I could write that and Happy Thanksgiving/Halloween every year  (man, do I still miss BBOTT)


  • 7:30 am – The house is up early today and people are still mulling around
  • 8:00 am – Brandi, Oma, and Ari are chatting in the bathroom
    • They are confused on the direction of the house. Mark apparently made some comment to Brandi about them ‘seeing what it’s like’ which was odd to her, clearly…
    • The group breaks up and Brandi has some small talk with Ross in the kitchen about how uncomfortable it is with Shannon not talking to anyone
  • 8:05 am – Brandi joins Omarosa talking to Ari.
    • Oma is telling Ari how it’s all an act when celebrities say they don’t need the money. They need the money. Everyone has a tax bill to pay, etc
      (pst: Oma – Real celebrities actually don’t need the money. You guys are D-Listers at best)
    • Oma says she was on a show with Dennis Rodman who had a million dollar child support *feeds cut*
    • Feeds back. Brandi said she sat up last night doing the numbers in her head and they’re going to get fucked
    • Brandi asks who should go home this week and the girls say Shannon
    • Brandi doesn’t like that idea because then the guys will be 4-4 and if he wins HoH, she (Brandi) is going up for sure. Everyone already thinks Shannon is crazy
    • Brandi says she and Omarosa are going up. Ari says she will too (she does realize only two noms, right?)
  • Breaking News – Omarosa doesn’t want to look stupid…
    • Brandi is pushing the “If you’re sitting next to me in the final 2, you’re winning” route.
    • Still talking, Omarosa says she had to get up every day at like 5 to get into the WH.  Brandi asks if they paid her well, she says ‘No, only One Hundred….’ feeds cut (I assume her salary was 100k range)
    • Omarosa got a bunch of death threats
  • 8:55 am – Shannon is having a talk with Ross about the situation
    • Shannon begins trashing Omarosa by mentioning “Kerry Anne Conway”… Ross corrects her “Kelly Anne”  *facepalm*
    • Her point was to say that Oma was trained by the WH to deflect points
    • Marissa joins the conversation and begins rambling. She really does talk a lot. Holy shit
  • 9:15 am – Shannon’s pity party continues and she keeps telling people how awful her game has been and shouldn’t be a target
  • 11:55 am – Took a nap. Back.
    • Omarosa talking to Ross and Shannon chatting with Ari in the kitchen. No game talk
    • Feeds go down for a bit, come back to Mari crying over something with everyone around her trying to cheer her up.
    • Meanwhile, James and Mark are in the bedroom talking about how Mari cries 18x a day and how she’s crying wolf.
    • They can’t tell if she’s crying over something real or if it’s too cold today.
  • 1:30 pm – Ross, Ari, Brandi, and Mari are all up in the HoH room repeating the same crap over and over. They’re trying to figure out if they should get Shannon out or not. They’re still leaning that way, but they are just talking for the sake of talking at this point
  • 2:00 pm – James joins the HoH room and works out a deal to stay in the house longer. This deal appears to be completely fluff and I wouldn’t trust anything.
  • 2:30 pm – Mari tells the HoH a story about how she and Mark hugged today
    • Typically, he gives a weird awkward hug but tried a normal one today and his penis got too close to her.  She said she felt it through her tutu
    • Brandi asked if it was big, she said ‘well, I felt it through all this and it was flacid’…. ok then. Big Dick Mark
  • Fairly slow day, a bunch of boring talk. Waiting for PoV so I’m going to have dinner. I will start a post veto post once we find out who wins




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  1. Avatar

    Welcome back Steve, and don’t worry about getting the alliances correct, they change hourly! Even now the women are in the bathroom talking about switching again and getting rid of James instead of Shannon. Stay tuned though it will change over and over!

  2. LO1004

    Shannon needs to get it together and stop crying, she has a POV to play.

  3. Avatar

    Am I the only one who thinks Shannon studied Vanessa’s game of crying poor me as her new strategy ?

  4. Mel

    Rumor, JUST A RUMOR, black box comp today and feeds may be down for hours.

    • Avatar

      What is the black box comp Mel?

      • Mel

        It’s a fairly new comp and its only been around the past several seasons. They go inside this huge dark container and have to feel around in the dark, trying to find specific items and relocate them to another spot. Sometimes they’re crawling through some pretty gross things while they’re in there too. It’s an easy comp to team up and help people but keep it a secret because no one can see anything.

  5. Mel

    It’s wierd watching Marissa go on and on telling Shannon how much she likes her. It may have made since yesterday but I think Shannon could care less at this point. Shannon made it too personal yesterday so that’s allowed Ross and Marissa to focus on that but I think at this point, she would rather hear about how they want to work with her in the game. Shannon is so hung up on blaming all of this on Omarosa and it’s starting to get old. In order for me to be friends with Marissa, she’d have to wear a muzzle. Besides using the word “like” every 4th word, she feels the need to make every point and repeat it 5 times. Just SHUT UP please!! Give someone else a turn!

  6. Mel

    Shannon and Omarosa made up (fake real?) Shannon’s done with the pity party and she’s ready to play.

  7. Mel

    Shannon and Brandi may be making a deal at the moment which would leave Ross and Marissa out in the cold. Brandi had already started speculating about James leaving first (she was saying it kast night and Ross freaked out) so I’m thinking, she’s wanting to get something out of it if she decides to switch things up. Omarosa may get her woman’s alliance back up and running, minuaMarissa, at least for a little while.

  8. AIO_7

    “Ross, Ari, Brandi, and Mari are all up in the HoH room repeating the same crap over and over. They’re trying to figure out if they should get Shannon out or not. They’re still leaning that way, but they are just talking for the sake of talking at this point”

    Here is a screencap of that. They still seem to be a fairly tight group.


  9. AIO_7

    They welcome Metta to the confab. He seems to be liked by everyone, I just wonder if he can slip through to the end.


  10. hogwild

    Anyone else get the impression that the mental elevator for most of these people does not go all the way to the penthouse?

  11. hogwild

    I only started watching BB about three years ago and I know this is minor celebrity BB but these are some of the weakest challenges I have seen.

  12. Mel

    I love the sideways look Ari gave towards Omarosa after she won hoh. Omarosa has tried to act like she’s been a huge part of the plan to backdoor Shannon when she only found out about it right before Keshia’s eviction.

  13. Mel

    For those of us rooting for Metta, (and got made fun of)we may not be idiots after all! He’s plain the “accidental” Dr. Will game. I said ACCIDENTAL, I like him, I’m not actually comparing him to Will Kirby.

    • Avatar

      I am totally in the Metta corner. I don’t know if it has been mentioned here before, if so I apologize. Metta is a huge supporter of mental health as he suffers as well. That is what he donated his championship ring for. He also speaks at conferences on mental health, I was lucky enough to hear him and he is very inspirational.

      • Mel

        Yes, he’s fantastic. My son met him at an NBA game and he was the most gracious and patient with fans of any player I’ve ever seen. He gets a bad wrap from malice at the palace and maybe some dirty defensive plays. He didn’t hit harder than any other good defensive player and the Detroit fans deserved worse than they got at the palace in 2004 imo.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I like Metta. He’s fun to watch and seems like a genuinely nice guy. The only thing I knew about him was that he was a basketball player (please don’t make me embarrass myself by asking me what team). I did think maybe he had ADD because sometimes he seems so hyper. Now it all makes sense.

      He mentioned tonight, that since they wouldn’t send him home, they’ve unleashed “Metta World Beast” and it was time to divide and conquer. I can’t wait to see what he does.

      • Mel

        He played for several teams so you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed anyway. I’m just a little NBA crazy, that’s the only reason I knew so much about him and he won his ring with the Lakers, my son’s favorite team, well used to be. The day Kobe Bryant retired, I actually called my son (at his college) to make sure he was ok. Maybe my family needs some of Metta’s mental health connections too.

  14. Alda

    Maybe Metta can give these houseguests some business cards of his mental health speaker friends.

  15. Mel

    I don’t like James because he’s so full of himself and a know it all but he’s wearing me down! His attitude towards the game itself and his never quit optimism is going to make me root for him a little. He’s giving me no choice! Damnit Joshua!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Have to agree with you again Mel. I’m starting to like him more too. I think what made me start is that he is a direct contrast of Shannon. From the beginning I said I hoped Ross or Shannon would win. I’m starting to lose faith in Ross because he spends so much time with Marissa, he’s almost beginning to sound just like her…and she drives me nutz. I lost faith in Shannon when she went from a fighter to a quitter. Can’t stand that. Things change in that house from day to day. Hell, from hour to hour. And as long as you’re still in the house, you have a chance, no matter how slim. But she’s blowing it…BIG TIME! James never gives up, even when he know they want him out, He’s there to win an not afraid to let them know.

      I was a bit disappointed with Keisha too. I understand she has to feed her child. But she knew that when she went to BB. She said the longest she’d ever been away from her was 1 day and she couldn’t stay there for 3 weeks. I’m sure when they signed contracts, it was specific how long they would be in the house, so she accepted the deal when she went in. But, she’s gone now so that’s neither here nor there. *shrug*

      • Mel

        I though the same about Keshia. I’m wasn’t knocking the reason but agreed anyone who breastfeed know pumping do 3 or 4 weeks only can cause issues. She’s a single mom trying to bring home the bacon and she isn’t a fan of the show, probably didn’t know how seriously we take this shit. She may have thought she’d five it a try and if it didn’t work, she’d leave with her initial pay and still have a good paycheck for a couple weeks work. I blame CBS for casting her to begin with or at least not running those boobies thru some major tests and obstacle courses before they let her in. I mean, she isn’t the name that Omarosa is, no big loss if they had replaced her with someone else.

      • Sassy

        CBS wanted her around because of the Cosby scandal, hoping for a #metoo and more publicity…

  16. Mel

    I just realized, with Steve back doing his blogging and not needing my help anymore, I’ve become the Marissa of the comment section!

  17. LO1004

    These feeds being down all day is killing my flow. I hope it’s the black box or my personal favorite: the slippery slope. I would love to watch that train wreck.

  18. hogwild

    If anyone is interested Cody and Jessica have made it to the final four on Amazing Race.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hog, I couldn’t stand Jess and Cody when they were on BB, but I’m loving them on AR. Never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I’m even rooting for them to win. Funny how sometimes when you see someone in a different scenario, you see them in a different light. Cody wasn’t cut out for BB, but he’s right in his element on AR.

      • Mel

        I’m that way with Brandi. I never liked her as a housewife and was sooooo glad when they kicked her off. I actually like BB Brandi and never thought I would type that, ever.

      • hogwild

        Yeah they like having their fate in their own hands a lot more.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I can’t say I like Brandi, but as with Cody, I couldn’t stand her as a housewife, but she’s in her element here. She’s still messy but she owns what she does and makes no apologies for it. I do wish she’d stop using her kids as an excuse for the money though. She needs it for herself. Eddie and Leeann have primary custody of her boys and she gets alimony and child support for the times she has them. But hell, I even like Omarosa better in the BB house than turned loose on the real world.

  19. Mel

    Reddit source says 3 hg’s done with comp and 3 still in. Also said Omarosa asked for medic during this comp too.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If she’s going to act like she’s on death’s doorstep after every comp, maybe her ass SHOULD go home. *rolling eyes*

      • Mel

        Wouldn’t it be funny, bad, wrong and right if they couldn’t get rid of Shannon again because of something like that. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m kind of hoping for that. Not that I’d miss Shannon, but just to see her stick around and watch everyone go crazy because she won’t go. I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of that hyena Marissa though. Mark is just another piece of furniture to.

      • Sassy

        I can’t buy the helpless, I’m so sick act from O. It’s not a good look on her. If they don’t get rid of James or Shannon, I hope they dominate the rest of the HoH and pick them off one by one!

  20. Mel

    Nk, do you have any idea about what time the feeds went down? I was curious if it might be close to over or if should just give up on the idea of bbad tonight.

    • NKogNeeTow

      After keeping my nosey ass up all night last season, I didn’t get the feeds for this BB. I only have BBAD, here and Jokers to rely on. I haven’t checked Jokers foday so I don’t know what time they went down. I’m hoping BBAD Live comes on within the next hour or I might not make it. I’m getting sleepy…lol

  21. NKogNeeTow

    There’s a new thread, and Gerardo’s acting up already…,,LOLOL

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