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Congrats To Ariadna For Completing The Greatest Upset!


As Omarosa put it so eloquently, congrats to Ariadna for completing the “greatest golf upset in the history of Celebrity Big Brother”!

Absolutely incredible accomplishment on her part! Granted, it was the first golf competition in the first season of Celebrity Big Brother, but it was the greatest! Ever!

(Yes, I’m bored waiting for the feeds to return from the veto competition)


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  1. Alda

    I was hoping the comp would be dirty,long,painful and did I say dirty.Let the makeup run down their faces.Let their hair get wet and messy.Where is the slop?Let them really get the feel of Big Brother!

  2. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I was just waiting for Steve Harvey to show up and announce to Ari that there was a mistake… James actually won HOH and she was the runner up. Ok, I’ll see myself out…

  3. Mel

    I was trying to stay up but don’t know if I’m going to make it…

  4. Sassy

    I was obsessed with Ari’s shirt, she must have had nipple covers on, because there wasn’t a shirt underneath…

    • NKogNeeTow

      OMG that shirt was EVERYTHING and Ari is a really beautiful girl. Smart as a whip too. I underestimated her. Just thought she was going to be eye candy for the show but I was pleasantly surprised. Now poor Mark, I still say he’s furniture.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    I just turned to POP and BBAD is on. James, Mark and Ross were talking about the comp would be easier if they had lights. Shannon is in the bedroom telling the girls that she could work for them until they don’t need her anymore (they don’t need her now). It sounds like James won the Veto, but I’m not sure yet.

  6. NKogNeeTow

    G, I think Mel crashed on us. Just goes to show, she’s not as nosey as we are..lol

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Yeah I was tempted to crash too, but I remembered that there are already only 10 days left in the season so I decided to tough it out tonight. Plus I REALLY needed to know who won that veto.

      I’m really enjoying this season, and the funny thing is I don’t really have any favorites at this point (although I do have some least favorites). So I think I’m just rooting for whoever will nominate Marissa and Ross to win HOH on Friday. But no matter who wins HOH, it should be interesting to see what they will do.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I swear G, I didn’t think I’d like this so-called Celebrity BB, but I am thoroughly enjoying it myself. So much so that I think I’d rather have BB on 3-4 times a year for only 30 days, than for 3 months at a time. Three months of BBAD almost kill me by the tie it’s over. I’m rest broken and evil as a wet hen by the time the regular season is over….but to damn addicted to turn off the TV and take my
        a-double-scribble to bed…lol

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I agree NK, I really like the pace of this season. There’s so much dead time in the summer season, plus usually the first month or so nobody’s actually even playing the game… just “going along with the house” and “not getting any blood” on their hands. This shortened season really upped the ante for the HGs and I think the formula could work for the regular season for sure.

  7. LO1004

    Looks like they did the black box and James won POV

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Shannon just told Metta that her not going home depended on her winning tonight. He said “You think so?”. She slyly said “Unless you can convince them that you want to go home. Or unless someone one needs me for something”. Metta said “Nah, I usually try to keep my word”. Desperation does NOT look good on her.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Hey, at least she’s giving it a shot. I thought she might pull an Alex from BB19 and spend all her time pouting and reading her bible alone until eviction night (although I did enjoy Alex’s hula hoop tea spilling rant in the BY before she left).

      • NKogNeeTow

        LOL…I forgot all about Alex. In fact, after the show is over, I forget 95% of them.

        Hey, did you see James do laundry last night? I want to hire him! He’s the only one that take meticulous care when taking them out of the dryer. He was almost OCD about it. He folded the HELL out of that green tee shirt…made sure all the corners were even, then went back and smoothed out the neckline. I thought he’d never finish folding the damn thing.

        ON another note, with BB’s little experiments with BBOTT and now Celebrity BB, do you think they’ll ever try them again or do you think it’s a one time thing?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I didn’t catch James doing laundry, but I’ll hire him as well!

        I’m not sure if they’ll keep these experiments going– I think I read somewhere that this Z-list season was created primarily in order to have something to put up against the Winter Olympics. I really hope they at least integrate some of the elements that worked from BBOTT and Z-list BB into the regular season. There are several features of these special edition formats that work better than the summer edition in my opinion.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I keep falling asleep at the puter. Time to go to bed. Have a GREAT day everyone!

  10. Mel

    Nk & G, yes I crashed. You two have always had to hold the late-night fort down while I snuck off anyway so it’s nothing new. Lol

    *James won veto
    *They had sushi and Cake to celebrate the halfway point-crazy it’s half way.
    *Shannon’s trying and she’s using the tried and true “I want to see zingbot,” “use me and then I’ll throw it and leave” and “I’m defeated anyway” approach.
    *Omarosa asked if they wanted to have a cake fight. Didn’t expect that from her.
    *Brandi’s starting to play emotionally. I’ve been impressed with her but this may end up being her Achilles heel in the game.
    * Brandi wants to punch James in the face for gloating too much over winning.
    *Hg’s came in back door thru storage room to avoid getting honey all over the house but Shannon was the only one who didn’t do that and tracked it everywhere. The mess was mentioned by several people but James felt the need to point out it was Shannon.lol
    *James wants Mark or Ross to win next hoh.
    *Brandi wants Omarosa as a replacement and Ari wants Mark, she said he volunteered. He volunteered last time for Ross but I’m not sure he volunteered this time.
    *Brandi kept pushing for Omarosa to go up and is trying to change the plan and save Shannon.Ari was pretty blunt in telling her to cut it out. She said they had a plan, they were going through with it and told Brandi to stop going back and forth. She also pointed out how they didn’t back door Shannon, gave her a chance to win veto, she lost and now she’s going home. I’ve said before, Ari’s a little ganster!
    *Brandi likes to wear the hoh robe.
    * CBS is going to do the best they can to screw up a perfectly good season and start having us vote on shit.

    My thoughts: They better want to take out Omarosa if they’re going to use her as a replacement nom. If she’s sitting up there, Shannon could pull off a switch or BRandi could I shold say. Brandi doesn’t like Omarosa or James and she can’t get James so I think she’s wanting Omatosa to go. They may decide to target Ross sometime today, at least Brandi might. Omarosa already wants to target Ross. Brandi needs to cool her jets, she has a F4 and two F5’s. Three, if she continues to let Omarosa think she’s back in a girls thing with her.

    Shannon seems like a nice girl but if she leaves, I don’t feel sorry for her. It was fun for us to watch but she didn’t need to flip the house the first week and it’s biting her in the ass. Keshia couldn’t have won the following HOH so even if Shannon had been right about Keshia eventually coming after her , Chuck would have needed to win that next HOH for Shannon and her group to be in trouble anyway. (James was better than Chuck at comps) Omarosa wasn’t going to win it but even if she did, she would have gone after guys and kept planting seeds for Keshia to take out Shannon later. Shannon flipped the house to save a guy who she ended up against this week. Super Fan or not, she won’t go down as one of the best players we’ve seen, despite how much smoke the hg’s are blowing up her ass this week. I wonder if she’ll blame everyone else when this is over or eventually take some “responsibilities.”

    With this group, it’s early and they could send home anyone…until we have this stupid vote and CBS screws it up.

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