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Down To The Final 3 Tonight – BBOTT



Happy Tuesday, everyone. Only a few more days until I hibernate for the winter. Make sure you’re following me on social media so you can get updates on Big Brother 19 which of course I will be covering next summer.

In just a few hours, we’ll be down to the final 3, and then the rest is up to us. We’ll have about two days of voting, and the winner will be revealed on Thursday night.   For those wondering about the final schedule, here is what Caryn dug up…

11/29 – Final Full Episode Recap 5pm
11/29 – Part two of the Final HoH competition/Eviction after episode
11/30 – Winner Vote Opens 8am
11/30 – Final Pleas to America 5pm
11/30 – Shelby’s Interview w/Julie (time ?)
11/30 – 4th Place Interview w/Julie (time ?)
12/01 – Winner Vote Closes 1pm
12/01 – Live BBOTT Finale 5pm

Yes, final pleas to America begin after voting opens which is kind of weird, but there is still about 20 hours to vote after that. I think most people have their minds made up at this point, anyway. If Justin wins tonight, Jason wins Thursday.  If Morgan wins tonight, Jason still likely wins Thursday, but she’ll give him a slight run for the money.


A finale of Jason/Justin/Kryssie I’d guess would be like 85% Jason, 12% Justin, 3% Kryssie.  With Morgan, I think it would be closer to 70% Jason, 27% Morgan, and 3% Kryssie.

Alright, here are some updates:

  • 2:00pm – Justin taking a shower, while Kryssie and Jason talk in the kitchen
  • 5:20pm – They are doing the recap episode now and should have the big comp by 6pm
  • 5:40pm – Final competition time. Justin gives Morgan a virtual butt slap for good luck lol.
    • The competition is a physical/mental comp and probably should have been the final PoV
    • Here is a picture of the board
    • 3rdfinalcomp
    • comp-final3
  • 5:50pm – Morgan wins easily.  I’m a bit disappointed this wasn’t the final PoV competition because it would have been far more fitting of a comp than the maze, but if you listen to Twitter, the game was rigged for Shelby to win (haha)
  • Final hug for Justin
  • morgan-justin-hug

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    If we are voting for three in the end, maybe Krust and Skid could split the vote enough for Morgan (or Justin) to slip through for the victory.

    • LindsayB

      Wishful thinking. We all know that nobody will vote for Krusti besides her icky boyfriend.

      • Ann

        I just hate the thought of Shitstain or Krusty winning.

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, how do I put a picture up in place of the A?

      • Ann

        I finally figured it out after all of these many months. Now I just have to figure out how to friend people on here.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Ann, click on Steve’s name and send him a message about your Friend Request access. I tried it and to see if it was working and you get an error message.

      • Ann

        @NK, I’ll do that. I’ve been pittling with this thing off & on all day trying to figure it out.

      • NKogNeeTow

        At least you finally figured out that picture thing. It took me a while to get mine posted to. And I’m not changing it because I’m to lazy and it’s just to much trouble…lol

      • Ann

        I’m too scared to mess with it because I might get myself into something I can’t get out of. To be honest, I don’t know that I could remember how to change it. I guess “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Lol

      • AIO_7

        Look at Ann finally rocking the avatar.

      • Ann

        AIO 7, it took some hard work for me to figure out how to put a picture up there. Lol
        That was some crazy shit to figure out at the end of the frikken season, right? Just in time.

      • AIO_7

        Ann, see if Steve can give you your old comment number back. Just remember, if you ever want to change your avatar, point your mouse button to the right hand corner of the page where it says “Howdy, Ann”, when it drops down, click on “Edit my profile.” Then click “Profile”, then click “Change profile photo”.

      • Ann

        @AIO, I didn’t know I could get my comment number back & I sure didn’t think I would be trying to change that picture because I got lucky getting that one up. Lol
        Thank you for the help. Now I can just go back to your comment & read how to change the pic. It only took me 3 BB seasons to get it done. Lol

        Do I just send Steve a comment on here or what should I do. I tried to message him this morning about my friend arequest access not working but haven’t heard back. Who knows, I probably messed that up some how.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann, Steve has been kind of busy lately but I think he check his messages daily. If you don’t hear directly from him in a day or two, send him another email. You should be able to click on his name at the top, under the blog title, or go back to his last comment (I think the last one may have been yesterday) and when his name pops up, click on it to send him an email. I’m not that compute savvy…well actually, not at all, but I hope that helps 🙂


      • NKogNeeTow

        Annie, I forgot to say, when you type in his name type: @steve, it will highlight it. Another thing I noticed, when I typed that last message to you using @ann, I clicked on the highlighted name and it came up Nancy. That might be some sort of mix-up though.

  2. caRyn

    3:27pm (PT) Justin apologizes to Jason.

      • caRyn

        For being caught up in his own emotions. He apologized to Jason and Kryssie, but only Jason was in the room with Justin to hear the apology firsthand.

      • caRyn

        The time was 3:37pm not 3:27pm (PT). Sorry.
        Justin apologized and said was in his own emotions and his own feelings.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I really wish Justin hadn’t apologized to them. If he only knew the things they have been saying about him for over a week. And would you believe that now, even after he’s gone, they’re still doing it. The only bright light is, that whenever Krusti isn’t around, Skid is now trashing her too. NOW he’s having a case of “buyer’s remorse”. Serves him right. I don’t like Morgan either, she swung her way through the game from person to person like Tarzan going from tree to tree. That being said, I’m now for her to win first place, him for second and if I had my way, The Krustation wouldn’t get ZIP!

      • AIO_7

        NK, what is second place? I still haven’t heard.

      • caRyn

        I was thinking about Justin’s apology today, NKogNeeTow. Initially, I hated that Justin apologized also. When he did, it was Jason’s opening to apologize in return and fess up. Jason knows Justin will see or hear about the trash talk (in time) so why not apologize in return? Plus, wouldn’t America be proud of Jason if he did apologize? Instead Jason accepted Justin’s apology and then made a comment or two about how Justin had acted prior to the apology. So my answer was this – Justin apologized for what he thought he should apologize for so he has a clear conscience. Justin’s apology was more for himself and what he can live with and the standards he holds himself to. Just my thought. Would Justin still apologize if he knew about the trash talking? I think Justin kinda knew there was some but I don’t think he knew how much.
        I did go ahead and vote for Morgan. I didn’t want any of them in top 3. The reason I voted for Morgan is because I do not want Jason to win and if my votes can help with that, I will vote Morgan again tomorrow.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @AI, second place is $25,000 and third is $10,000

      • NKogNeeTow

        I did the same thing Ryn. I voted for Morgan to for the exact same reason. Let’s face it, our choices are slim pickins. I so don’t want Krusti to get as much as 1/10th of a dollar! I’ve got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed..rubbing a rabbit foot bald..throwing salt over my shoulder..lighting candles..wishing on stars..plucking 4 leaf clovers..doing a rain dance..and anything else I can think of in the next 24 hours 🙂

  3. Avatar

    which is why I will be voting for Justin if Morgan doesn’t win tonight

  4. Avatar

    There’s $$$$ on the line and you lie in bed rather than keeping in shape. All you had to do is run. Even inside. Up and down the stairs. Lucky for Morgan Justin didn’t know the answers.

  5. caRyn

    11/30 – Final Pleas to America 4pm not 5pm (PT).

  6. Avatar

    The devil has returned. On that note Congrats Morgan. Still hate your shitface has made it to final 3 but at least you earned it, bimbo power.

  7. Avatar

    GO MORGAN! She played the quiet yet smart game, the perfect Big Brother game (had America not been involved). I’m voting for her in hopes of a miricle!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t think she played the game at all. She just grab the whatever coattail was closest to her and hung on. I was pulling for Justin, but she won that third spot fair and square, and I’m not mad at her for it. I’m now pulling for her to win, even though I agree with Steve. With all of Jason’s followers along with Da’Vonne’s help, he will most likely win. But, it is what it is. Congrats Morgan!

  8. AIO_7

    Somehow I missed the competition; glad Morgan won. Thanks for the update, Steve.

  9. LindsayB

    Have they still not done an eviction interview with Shelby or am I blind?

  10. Avatar

    What’s up Grandma! Can’t believe Morgan granny face is still in the house. But Justin losing is probably great for him. While he is being held captive somewhere in the sequestered BB playhouse for a chance at a surprise return he is enjoying an extra large extra cheese PIZZA!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I agree that him losing might be the best thing that happened to him. He was going crazy in that house and I’m not sure he could have lasted a few more days. I’ve watched him every night and all he does is TRY to sleep and stress eat all night long. Maybe now that he’s out of there, he can finally get some rest and enjoy that pizza!


      • Ann

        I kept thinking to myself during the comp tonight “damn poor Justin is wheezing so bad I want to give him my inhaler,” then after the comp just before he left, I saw him using an inhaler. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        What I couldn’t figure out is if BB knew he had asthma, why did they sit up a final Comp like that. If he had collapsed and it became a medical emergency, would they have been libel for that? I felt so bad for him. At one point, he looked like he was going to pass out. At the end, he kept spitting and I’m surprised he didn’t throw up. I had asthma as a child and I know the feeling. I do hope he’ll be okay. Like him or not, I’m glad he didn’t give up. At least he tried.

      • caRyn

        I wanted Justin to win, but since he lost, I am thankful he lost/was evicted on his terms. Not on a DE or voted out by his alliance.

      • Avatar

        Justin was wheezing during the entire comp. Him smoking and suffering from asthma did not work in his favor. However, he should have been working out to prepare himself.

  11. Mel

    It’s been an interesting season with good and bad. I loved the cast as a whole but kept my position about hating the voting and that still stands. I think the season has left many entertained and confused. I’ve lost count of how many people like the voting but are upset Jason may win. (due to voting) I’ve also read so much from people who don’t want vets on the show but are already making comments about how this person or that person should come back for a regular season. The HG’s talk as if its a career choice rather than 1 shot in a game for a big prize. On a personal level, I will miss Justin and Shelby. Although she’s very snarky, Shelby is also intelligent and witty. I hope she has an amazing legal career. Justin is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen but has entertained me more than perhaps any HG ever has. I will never make a frozen pizza again without humming a little tune. The rest I will have forgotten by Monday even if I’ve enjoyed watching them.
    The cast was OTT and so were many fans everywhere. Frankly, I’m tired of debating and need a break. LOL With the presidential election behind us and OTT ending, I’m ready for a peaceful Christmas season. It isn’t possible to know whose game was better this year by wins or weekly results. The voting made that impossible. In the end, I’ll go by what I enjoy the most which is strategy and game. Krissi fueled the fire for a couple of days and had a hand in turning Justin against Danielle so he would evict her. She burped the rest of the time. Morgan didn’t have much game but won an hoh and the last comp when she needed to. Jason was an asshole but he also won when he needed to all season. He made some mistakes but also strategized the most. If he wins, I think he deserves it over the others. He shouldn’t be given the win because he has fans voting but I also don’t think it should be given to someone else to punish him for having fans. If there was a jury this season, I beleive Jason would win and even Alex has praised his game since leaving the house. She obviously stopped once she realized her sister may not be going home and I can’t blame her for it. I do beleive Jason has a good heart with a hateful shell and I’ll hold out hope that when he sees the things that turned us against him, he will be remorseful about behavior that went too far. It doesn’t mean I think he is an amazing player. I only happen to think he is better than the other two.
    It’s been great chatting with you all this season as in the past. Thank you Steve and Caryn for the updates. I wish for all of you (Gerardo, NK, Ann, Steve, Caryn, Shivani, Raider, Bon, Helen, AIO7, Kneeless and everyone I can’t remember to list at the moment) to have a wonderful holiday season and will look forward to being with you here next summer.

    • Renee

      Well stated Mell. I have enjoyed your posts. Merry Christmas!

    • Ann

      Merry Christmas to you & yours Mell.

    • NKogNeeTow

      We’ll miss you Mell. Have a safe winter. Until next summer…… 🙂

    • Avatar


    • Avatar

      Thank you Mell, I hope you and all of your family and friends have a great holiday. See you next summer!

    • Shivani33

      @Mell When I think about how OTT could be adapted to improve its format, the main changes that I’d like to see would involve less public voting upon crucial game junctures, most especially eliminating “America’s nominee,” as well as the vote for have-nots. But then we’d lose most of the differences between real Big Brother and BBOTT. OTT as it stands has minimized the players chances to strategize, making it less of a game and more of a waiting game – with the houseguests doing a lot of sitting around waiting to base their moves and decisions upon America’s popularity contest. The choice to put a returning player into this mixture distinctly skewed the voting process in one person’s favor. However, it was a pragmatic decision as well, because it was a production-driven idea to have the returnee in place to draw viewers and grab better ratings. Still, it might have been more interesting with a more level playing field and a house full of newbies.

      I have a feeling that many of us have watched OTT and found it to be reflective of our American national election – with varying degrees of humor, irony and dismay. What can we remember about peace on earth and goodwill amongst men and women? Is this a dream…a finger pointing at the moon? I can sense your thoughts about this! The best thing that’s happened to me during OTT was the arrival (out of who knows where) of a rooster in our yard. He is still with us, and his name has become Mr. Justin Cluckington. Every day he does at least one happy dance. He comes and stands right beside me giving a wonderful side-eye glimpse, blatantly demonstrating the wisdom of simplicity and joy. Joy for no reason, as a natural state of being. That’s exactly what I’ve loved about Justin Duncan, too.

      On another note, I’d prefer to see the Big Brother Seasons be trimmed into shorter game spans with a week or two lopped off so that there’s less downtime in the doldrums. Since OTT has no jury, I think that the last 3 weeks could be done in one week and that the length of the game is counteractive to its suspense. And so! Have beautiful holidays, dear Mell. Your comments are always a bigtime gift, with so much thoughtfulness. You’ve helped me to think a lot of things through and to get a foothold out of what sometimes feels like chaos. Thank you.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Happy Holidays Mell! Always great chatting with my ride or die! Looking forward to more BB fun next summer!

    • caRyn

      Mell, I am just grateful, thankful and blessed for ya. Ya dig, baby? Remember you smell good, you do good. It’s all gravy, but you already know, beau. xoxoxo

  12. Avatar

    Kudos to Morgan for calling out the hypocridiots on their whole “loyalty” game after they trashed Justin when it no longer mattered.

    I wish this comp had been the final POV and had just been timed. Would have been great.

    I felt bad for Justin’s asthma, but they can’t tailor comps to houseguests; they all should know what’s required. I don’t feel like it’s unfair–even if it had only been the questions, he still would have lost.

    I don’t think Morgan will win, but I will be rooting for her. I wish CBS would announce percentages so that Burpy knows just how much everyone can’t stand her.

  13. Avatar

    Did Morgan say something to them last night?
    Re Justin and his asthma, like you said, it’s a moot point. Like the previous comps that he lost for the same reason, he didn’t know the answers.
    There’s no indication there’s a third prize so hopefully when she gets absolutely nothing she’ll get the message loud and clear.

  14. Avatar

    Just gonna throw it out there, even though I’ll probably get crap about it. Morgan may have coasted along in a lot of ways, but she had to play a game no one in BB history has had to play. She had to hide her true identity and had to play that double game of deceit that has never been done before.(yes there have been sisters but they played as 1 until the reveal) The fact she had to hide that Alex was her sister gives her another point in my eyes. I may be trying to find a reason not to vote for Jason even though he may have played a better “game”, but the unnecessary trashing of Justin went beyond game and really left a bad taste. I was set to vote for him once Shelby left but that went out the window !

    • NKogNeeTow

      Same here Raid. I wanted Justin or Jason for the win, but once Jason & The Krustation tore Justin’s name to shred, for no more than discrediting him so he wouldn’t get any votes, I wouldn’t vote for Jason if you threatened me. And the sad part is even though Justin in now out of the house, last night Heckle and Jeckle were STILL trashing him. What was the point of that? Now I’m wishing there will be a surprise of AFP and it would go to Justin….just to see the looks in their nasty little ‘green’ eyes.

  15. LindsayB

    I’ve got my votes in for Morgan. It’s really hard to have the “who played a better game” conversation. With this format, none of them really played. All any of them did was navigate around all of America’s influence. Skidmark and Morgan both won a couple comps. They also both sucked in comps. They both used their alliances to get ahead. They were both shielded by their alliances. They both talked shit about each other. America protected and hurt both of their games. Everyone’s hands were tied by America the whole season. HOH turned into nothing more than safety and snacks. Moves weren’t made because of the fear of America’s wrath.
    This season was nothing more than a popularity contest and not even that was accurate due to the rules about who was eligible to be voted for at any given time. My vote can’t be based on game play when the game wasn’t able to be played. They all, in their own way, navigated this new format successfully. My vote is based on not rewarding someone who wiped his armpit sweat and boogers on people’s things. My vote is not going to reward someone who threatens physical violence after the game. My vote will not support someone who wants to terrorize someone so much that their mother will need a restraining order against him. My vote will not go to someone who encouraged, supported, and worshiped that behaviour. My vote won’t go toward someone who preaches only taking strong people to the end while saying “take me cuz I’m not a threat”. I will not vote for a hypocridiot.

    My vote is for Morgan.

  16. Shivani33

    Alex Willett was on an hour-long podcast last night with Rob Cesternino and his crew. She described the surprise of winding up playing alongside her sister, plus the feeling of being a superfan and seeing Morgan, a casual BB fan, making it to the Final 3. Alex said that she’s in contact with Scott and Shelby all of the time and wouldn’t reveal whether Shelby passed her bar exam. She said that it’s Shelby’s news to share. Alex knows Shelby’s results, though.

    Alex said that she and Morgan were intending to play on opposite “teams,” but real life in the house changed their plans when neither found a way to work well as a part of the LNC. She said that playing this game brought them more together as sisters than she could have imagined. It has really altered their relationship and improved it very much. Alex said that she thought Morgan would play very differently than how she has. She said that being low-key and quietly staying in the background isn’t Morgan’s real-life style at all but has been a deliberate strategy to stay in the house. Over and over, Alex thought that Morgan would be evicted, both right at the start of OTT and especially after Alex herself got the boot. Several times she expected that Morgan would end her quiet persona and come out with guns blazing, using her more natural outgoing and spunky character. Morgan has blown Alex’s mind, showing her a Morgan that she she’s never seen before.

  17. caRyn

    How do you think these pleas to America will go? Will they throw each other UTB and then be pissed afterwards at what a hg said?

  18. LindsayB

    You have to tune in to the feeds just to see what Krusti is wearing. I can’t even begin to describe the horror.
    Is this part of her plan to reveal her secret that she does pin up? These pleas to America are going to be equal parts hysterical and pathetic.
    Ironically, I just made myself some biscuits n gravy to eat while watching this. I guess no matter how all this goes…. it’s all gravy baby.

  19. Avatar

    Hola everyone. It’s been interesting season but I overall enjoyed. Good luck to the finalist. Most importantly, Jason! He earned this win. See ya all in the summer.

  20. Avatar

    Well the final pleas made Jason look even worse. He is the only one who stooped to the level of insulting the other two people’s games. He just couldn’t stay above the belt and point out only his strengths instead of others perceived weaknesses. That shows a real flaw in character just like most things he has said!

  21. LindsayB

    They are still trashing Justin. Wow. Do the hypocridiots seriously not realize that he’s no longer in the running for the money? They really don’t need to keep campaigning against him.

  22. Avatar

    Jason had the best speech imo. But I don’t think any of their pleas will sway anyone’s decision at this time.

  23. Avatar


  24. NKogNeeTow

    Their Pleas have been over for how many hours now? GUESS who’s the topic of conversation….

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Where the heck is Helen? Is she okay? I don’t think I’ve seen her here since before Thanksgiving.

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