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Eviction Prediction And More



Last week, Tiffany was able to get her stay of execution thanks to the work of Da’Vonne, who basically sabotaged her own game to keep Tiffany. In what was considered one of the dumber moves I’ve seen on this show, Da’Vonne decided to push to keep Tiffany in the house so she can do her dirty work of getting Frank out. This made 0 sense at the time, and makes even less sense now that we see what happened in hindsight. The entire house wanted Frank gone, so keeping a dangerous person in just to do dirty work many others are more than willing to do is flat out stupid. To do so knowing it will risk your own game because that said person was in your alliance and knows a bunch of secrets is even worse.

I’m not sure this tops Lawon’s move of volunteering to be evicted so he can compete in the ‘buyback’ competition (only to lose and go home), but this is certainly second to that.

When Tiffany and Frank did what people expected them to do – hook up and compare notes – it instantly became clear the plan backfired. Then, Da’Vonne made matters even worse by holding a grudge against the girl she knew was roadkill winner after Tiff spilled the beans to Frank.  I understand being upset, but hold that shit in.  After a clusterfuck of a week, we wind up with Tiffany and Da’Vonne on the block (with Natalie who doesn’t count because she’s the forgotten option). Tiffany actually almost got a second week of safety, but last week’s colossal blunder made the house scared to make another big move so soon. They want to correct the mistake made last week and try again for Frank this week.


That’s where the ‘Battle Back’ competition comes in. Whoever is evicted will turn around and enter the competition to face off against Glenn (not really), Jozea, Victor, or Bronte to re-enter the house. Whoever re-enters will probably end up being sucked in by Frank and actually last longer than expected, especially if someone on Frank’s side wins HoH tonight.

Who will re-enter?  As I said yesterday, that will depend entirely on the competition. If it’s luck/carnival style skill game, I think Victor or Jozea re-enter because they’ll get better every round they play. If it’s an athletic competition done back to back, the edge goes to Tiffany who will only have to compete once.  If I were a betting man, I’d rank the returning players with the best odds at:

  1. Victor
  2. Tiffany
  3. Jozea
  4. Bronte
  5. Glenn

Speaking of Tiffany, that’s obviously a spoiler alter for who is getting evicted. After some mild flipping back and forth on the decision, the house finally decided to keep Da’Vonne. The keep Tiffany campaign never really had a whole lot of traction to begin with, except in Frank’s mind. Every essentially humored him all week and told him they’d think about it, but they thought less about this move than Corey does trying to solve a math problem.

Frank and Bridgette probably will vote to keep Tiffany unless they get word there is no chance and they just may vote with the house to keep things smooth
The rest of the house will vote to evict Tiffany

I think shortly after eviction, Julie Chen will announce the ‘Battle Back’ competition to the house, and they will prepare to play it. They may even play a round (Glenn vs Jozea) on live TV before it’s cut for the evening and feeds will probably be off until after Friday night’s special episode showing who won the competition. If for some reasons the feeds come back before the episode, I’ll gladly tell you who won the BB comp, but right now it doesn’t appear I will know any sooner than you guys do.

Tune in tonight at 9pm est for the live eviction episode! See you then.


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  1. Avatar

    “Keep that shit in” ROFLMAO,, Best one yet…

  2. Avatar

    Although tiffany is not my favorite player…I really hope that she stays. With that said…I have a feeling she won’t. Winning battle back would be awesome! I like how that side of the house actually had to work this week a bit. Not as much as I’d like to see though!! I don’t base my opinions on the house guests personalities…I vote on how they play and at least frank and tiffany are playing. A lot of floaters this game and one guy rulling his cronies (Paulie).

  3. jimbo

    Honestly, Id love to see Glenn back! This is a guy who spent a few hours in the house — he would come in a COMPLETE stranger. Plus, he’s older — talk about a square peg! It would be fun to see who grabs him in, and what the hell he would think of these complete strangers.

    • jimbo

      *complete, younger idiot strangers (I should have said!)

    • Jenny M

      I don’t get the casting decision to put Glenn in a house with this group. I’d like to see him come back with people like Donny. A whole cast of actual fans who don’t spend all their time checking themselves in the mirror would be so much more fun to watch.

  4. Elaine

    After all her bungling, I wish Day would go. I know that won’t happen, and the house wants her to at least get to jury. Whatever. I think Tiff did a better job this week than Day, and under other circumstances her campaigning might have changed votes. Unfortunately for Tiff, this is her fate delayed, not abandoned. Out of all of the possible folks to return, there will be memorable looks on the houseguests’ faces if Tiff came right back in lol.

    • Avatar

      My thoughts exactly Elaine! Floaters need to get a lifeboat!!!!

    • Avatar

      Frank did Tiff campaigning. Tiff did nothing as usual but speculate and converse with Bridgett. Day won’t be making to finals but at least maybe jury.

      • Avatar

        Tiff called everyone out and it was great. She got to frank..was honest and bonded while figuring out davonnes lies. Allies help each other just like Michelle and z run back and tell DA! The only reason DA is staying is cause Paulie doesn’t like the idea frank has a rally on his hands. He wants all the cards in his hands.

      • Avatar

        In tiffanys defense it’s not like the others would give her time of day. I don’t think I have ever been more excited for players like Michelle,Z and even Paul who I was starting to like until recently to meet thier fate. They are way too cocky.

    • Avatar

      My only reason for wanting Tiff gone tonighr is because I HATE that Filthy Booger flicking, farting, arrogant, obnoxious, sack of shit Frank. I dont want his army getting bigger because Tiff is flunky now & Bridgidiot is lapdog. They would both stick to that slimball. I want his nasty ass gone ASAP & his lapdog right along with him.
      Dont get me wrong, I want Da gone too but after Frank & Bridgidiot.

      • Avatar

        Damn Ann, u should try yoga lol Your hatred of Frank is a little absurd considering you don’t have to live with him lol filthy but doesn’t look dirty, farting… who doesn’t? arrogant… have u seen the other side of the house? lol obnoxious? well ya but find a single one in the house that isn’t this year, then u finish up saying he’s a sack of shit… that’s just you running out of bad insults. I hope he wins the season now just so u can rip your hair out and break your tv. lolol what is wrong with people? hahah

  5. Avatar

    let’s say Tiff gets evicted this week, but comes back in this week (or someone else, in battle of the block…
    does that not mean the next person evicted is NOT in Jury it’s like rewinding this weeks eviction ??

  6. Avatar

    I wish they would keep Tiffany. She makes the game interesting with her bi-polar attitude. I am so sick of Paulie thanking he is the everything in this game. Come on Frank I’m rooting for the underdogs. And on the way send Michelle packing she’s like a high school want to be Gossip Girl Queen.

  7. Avatar

    Steve I can’t wait for you to post a pic of the haircut. I’ve watched it twice now. Around 2:24pm cam 3/4.

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