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Independence Day Feed Updates!

It’s the 4th of July and I’ll say the only fireworks that are going off are anywhere but the Big Brother house. It has been a snoozer all week and that continues today as the house is locked in and everyone is incredibly bored. After nearly two weeks of almost nothing going on, this crew is just done with this cycle and are waiting for tomorrow night.


Regarding tomorrow night – That is the tough call. The bros plan on voting out Steve while the misfits are going to vote out Sam. As of right now, it looks like:

Sam to leave – Scottie, Chris, Angie, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Faysal
Steve to leave – Angela, Rachel, Winston, Brett, JC, Kaycee

Tyler has been working hard on getting Kaitlyn to flip, but she is proving to be tougher than expected. They’re also thinking Scottie may be willing to, but that seems like a super longshot considering he’s Steve’s ride-or-die.  They’re only clinging to the fact that Scottie said he would have thrown the PoV so they think he’s vulnerable to flipping.


I expect a lot of late campaigning tonight but it should be interesting to see which route they actually take.


  • 3:15 pm – Most are up in the HoH room while Kaycee is chatting with Winston in the living room
    • Her thing has been spinning for a few hours now so she’s been stuck there. They started keeping her company but clearly lost interest
  • 3:50 pm – Sam goes on and on about a story about how she almost killed a bear.
    • Brett is trying to listen but is clearly humoring her
  • Meanwhile, in the living room, talk turns a little to politics. Uh oh
    • JC starts trashing liberals and Steve is completely blown away at the fact that JC is a conservative
    • They are having a really civil conversation about how people can be different yet still be friends
    • Talk changes to Kaitlyn’s job and how she gives spray tan to David Hasselhoff
  • 4:35 pmPotential week-changing info
    • Brett and Winston are realizing they’re down a number and may not to expose their hand just for Sam.
    • This will clearly split the house and create a huge divide that they can’t come back from.
    • So, their theory is to keep hidden for now and try to get Steve/Scottie to their side next week
    • If they expose that they voted for Steve (to leave) then there is zero chance they will ever get Steve/Scottie.
    • JC comes in and they tell him. JC is still confident in Haleigh and Kaitlyn but Winston and Angela are not even close to confident about them
    • Time for me to watch the CBS show. I’ll tweet about it here
  • 7:00 pm – Back from the episode and now the feeds cut for the 4th of July party
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds back, everyone hanging out. Sam still in human form
  • 8:30 pm – A lot of whispers on what to do tomorrow
    • JC is still pushing to vote out Steve but Winston doesn’t feel comfortable showing his cards
  • 9:00 pm – Still waiting for any interesting conversation. If I pass out, I’ll update in the morning

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    They go through this two weeks of boredom vote Sam out she uses her advantage comes right back in what waste of two weeks.

  2. Helen

    Winston and Brett decided last night it was better to keep Steve. So I’m not 100% that they will vote for Sam to stay

    • hogwild

      This is based on not much as these first two weeks have been pretty much a snooze fest and Sam has spent a lot of time as that moronic robot but it seems to Sam is the one who is more likely to be the one who will stick with an alliance and be loyal than Steve I get the feeling with him the second he thinks he doesn’t need you anymore the knife goes in the back.

  3. danmtruth

    Long way to go till the vote These people all want to prove how smart they are

  4. danmtruth

    Very true Hogwild The two bro’s think they know how to control the game all the way to the end Anyone who has seen this show knows how quickly it can change The other side is not much Better
    Personal pet peeves I know many people don’t like Rachel -the entertainer- or Angela but at least they know how to put makeup on Kaytlin, Heather, look like 12 year olds that look like they just found mom’s makeup

    • strwar1

      Well Rachel and Angela(definitely Rachel)look like girls who are hookers. Like maybe this just me saying this,but even with makeup? It doesn’t help me like them and I already hate Rachel as it is.

      • Avatar

        Hate them for their bad attitude, but there’s no reason to call them hookers and bash them based on how they look. This isn’t the 1900s anymore, you can’t talk like that.

  5. Seattle Kari

    FYI. Not sure how many other people he is hit up on here but I got a private message from somebody calling himself “Rejoice” trying to hit on me. The typical “You are so beautiful” bullshit. Hoping somebody can maybe find his ID and delete his ass..

  6. Ann

    Omg, did you guys see the Leprechaun putting his nasty fingers on Fessy’s ham, sniffing it & putting it back? First off, I would’ve been pissed off at them for opening my box because it wasn’t meant for them. Next, fingering somebody’s food. Omg I would’ve snapped.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I’m watching the show right now and Bay just learned that she might be the replacement Nom. She’s crying “Why me”? Every time someone is nominated they whine those same 2 words. My answer is “Why not”? Nobody wants to be OTB, but what makes one think that they are any more valuable than anyone else in the house. To me, the best thing you can do is if you’re nominated, do your damndest to get off or stay off. But stop complaining about it because whoever nominates you does not care. They have to put SOMEBODY up so anybody is fair game.

  8. g8trgirl

    G8trgirl says sit your cold, shrunk ass down, Shaggy hag.

  9. ingodog

    Tyler’s voice sounds just like Shaggy on Scooby Doo

  10. Alda

    I thought I was watching Fear Factor tonight.

  11. hogwild

    I really hope the advantage Sam has blows the house up tomorrow.

  12. Yael Sara

    In one year, you can create your best life. [face palm]

    Encino is not far from me… I was finding some amazing reviews about life coaches in the area and oddly she did not come up.

  13. danmtruth

    Faysal was smart in the shock collar comp With his long strides he filed the shocks so he was not moving a ball
    Once more with editing we never got to see how close Sam was to Ty From what I heard she did not get many Also she was cussing out production
    Reading that the Bro’s might vote for Steave to stay Not wanting to show there hand WHAT?? It’s not like Shaggy and Faysal are ever going to believe them Just go for it Remind Scottie he is low man in the other group

    • Yael Sara

      Completely agree regarding the bros. They have actually had my support but as they have drifted to voting out Sam instead of Steve that support has dwindled a little. Was also a little irritating earlier on feeds when Winston and Angela were talking that out and everything he was saying now in support of Steve and against Sam was a double standard. (and glad Angela did point it out at one moment in the conversation but he just walked around it)

      • danmtruth

        That is always a down fall for many people Not listening to others Only believing in there idea
        Earlier today Rainbow Brite mom was showing Kaytlin how she can cry on demand Not sure why she did that Not a trick I want people knowing that I can do

      • Colby

        I also have been on the side of the alliance that the bros are in, probably mostly because the other is pretty much run by Swaggy.
        My initial thought when I heard the bros are switching their vote was that they are pretty quick to turn on the alliance that they pretty much put together.
        Then I realized that they think they are in charge of that alliance and that everyone should do what they decide. I think that alliance won’t last long at all.
        The more I see and hear about the bros, I don’t think I like them.

  14. Helen

    Tyler has a big mouth…he just told Kaycee that Sam has the power app…

    • Ann

      Aaaaw damn,,, I knew he was going to tell someone but I thought it was going to be the Weirdo life coach. If you want to keep a secret & don’t want it to get out, keep it to yourself. Now Kaycee will tell everybody else in her group & the mean girls will really start treating Sam like crap & she’ll really start up with the crying. Dammit Sam, why didn’t you just keep your mouth closed? They might not believe her & think she just said that to try to save herself thinking they will cast all votes for Steve to be evicted. Hells bells woman, I think you’re going to be in deep doodoo now.

      • Helen

        Well at least if Sam gets voted out,if she comes back in the game she will know to not trust Tyler…
        He kinda lost me anyway with his snuggling up to the psychotic Chakra

    • Ann

      Tyler, I was just starting to like you. You screwed that up now.

      • Colby

        I guess his ‘airhead surfer dude’ moments are starting to show through. At least Sam didn’t give him all the details of it.
        Hopefully Kaycee will keep it to herself.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It took longer than I expected. Why, oh why can these people never keep anything to themselves. When Sam first got the power, I was wondering if she would tell anybody or not. I was leaning more towards, she would. I just wasn’t sure who because to me, she didn’t see that close to anyone there. Then once she told Tyler, I was wondering how long it would take for him to tell someone. If you noticed, he got mighty close a few times this past week, so I was sure it was just a matter of time. Now I’m wondering how long it will take Kaycee to tell someone and who (my guess is that at least half the house will know by Sunday). It’s dumb stuff like that, that makes me not feel sorry for their consequences.

      • Ann

        I just really hoped Sam would keep it to herself. Wasn’t she a BB fan before she came into the house? If so, she should have known once she told one person, they almost always end up telling someone else. What makes it so mind boggling is she told the person who put her otb in the first place. Trust no one in the BB house because these people are complete strangers to you & you don’t know that you can trust them yet. It’s only been 2 weeks.

      • Alda

        Now,omce Kaycee tells her group that Tyler knew about the power,they’ll never trust Tyler.That’s all they’ve been nonstop wondering who had it.Finding out Tyles was sitting with them keeping his mouth shut,not good!

      • ElaineB

        This is the generation that tells EVERYTHING on social media. I don’t think any of them know what it is to keep something to themselves. Even if they did, it is too early in the game to risk revealing a power app. Let HGs speculate. Personally, I think it is a hoot to know something that no one else does….but I am old school. Lol.

  15. Avatar

    Hi all. This is my first post.

    Not much to add except that I’m so glad Paul is not there and (I think it was kari b) I to got an email from “rejoice”. Creepy

    Thank you guys for watching and commenting. Keeps me in the loop.

  16. danmtruth

    I can see Kaycee telling the bro’s if they keep freaking and saying that rainbow bright or Hayley have it Than Kaycee in an attempted to call them down tells them The not witts freak Claim Sam is untrustworthy Beside she can come back Than vote to keep Steve to look like they are not attacking Shaggy’s group Just like that unanimous house voting again Ty swings over to Swaggy

  17. Ann

    Im watching BBAD & I can’t understand a damn thing the leprechaun is saying to Fessy.

  18. Seattle Kari

    Ever so fun watching Fay throw up from the fake ham? Yeah, not.. Thanks a lot production.

  19. NKogNeeTow


    Tyler, Winston, Brett, Kaycee, Rachel, Angela talking. Tyler pretty much has convince them to keep Sam, even Brett is on board. Winston the asshole with legs, is trying his BEST to get them to keep Steve. He’s trying so hard that he’s actually starting to look frustrated because he’s not in control. Tyler tells them the sign for who to vote for is if his hair us down, vote Steve out. If his hair is up, vote Sam out.

    My head hurts. To much talking.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    The jig is up! Tyler just told the group Sam has the power. I knew he was going to tell because everytime someone brought up a name of who they thought had it, he was jumping up and down telling them that that person didn’t. They would ask him how he knew and he’s say “I just know”. Finally when he couldn’t stand it any longer he jumped up and started jumping up and down telling them that Sam had it. Their shock quickly turned to changing their game plan. And what do you know…suddenly the asshole with legs (W), jumps up and says “I change my opinion. She is playing this f*cking game”.

    My head hurts. To much talking.

  21. Ann

    Now lets see how long it will be before Sam finds out Tyler told her secret.

  22. NKogNeeTow


    Tyler, Winston, Brett: Winston says they should take a shot at Swaggy next week. He says that if they get him out, the other side will run to them and bow down to them. *To quote Shakespere(sp) “What fools these mortals be”*

    Tyler says he trust Fessy the least and that Fessy doesn’t like him.

    Brett says that Rachel told him that there was a couple (Brandon and Rachel), who had the name Brachel. He said that she told him they could be like that. He said that made him feel uneasy.

    They are pretty much raking Rachel over the coals.

    Brett says he feels like he has Rachel in his “back f*cking pocket”.

    Tyler says he has Sam.

  23. NKogNeeTow


    Manny, Moe and Jack (The Pep Boys) are now talking about Rainbow Brite. Winston says Rocky has lied to them from day one. He said she told him that she has hardly seen any of the show, then the other day at the pool, she was telling him about season 2.

    Winston says he loves JC but they all agree that he’s over confident. He says JC won’t let you get a word in. They are doing a little mini trashing about him.

    They agree again to never let Sam know that they knew she has the power. They say that if she knew, she’d never trust them again and they’re not sure what she would do. They think that once they keep her, knowing she has it, they can use her to their advantage and control how she uses it.

    Now they’re mini trashing Sam.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Now The Pep Boys want Angela to win HOH so she can put up the big targets (the ball-less cowards).

    Winston says they have to make more jabs about Bay and Swaggy and Fessy and Hayleigh, to cause discord. Winston is saying he can’t wait. They say it’s going to be so much fun.

    Brett says he likes Hayleigh but he knows “she thinks she’s playing me like a f*cking fool”.


  25. NKogNeeTow


  26. NKogNeeTow

    @stevebeans : Steve, can you check my access level. I see a comment pending in the que and 2 deletes, but since the system reset, I can’t access them. My Edit button is the only thing that still works.

  27. Ann

    Winston made me cringe when he was talking about the other side bowing down. What the hell is up with that guy, does he think he’s the Messiah like Jozae did? We see where that got him quick, fast & in a hurry.

  28. Alda

    I couldn’t stand Winston from day one.I really don’t like their side at all except for Kaycee.JC has to go too.

  29. Helen

    I am so glad it’s finally Thursday….this week has seemed to drag on forever! Probably because I haven’t been glued to the feeds like in previous seasons…too many people i have to tune out this year….last year the only one I couldn’t stand to watch was Raven…occasionally would switch if they became too locked on Cody and Jessica but for the most part was awake till they all went to bed. This year…can’t stand JC,Rockstar,,Kaitlyn …the only ones I really like so far are Kaycee,Sam and Scottie…and they don’t give them much time on feeds…I was getting to like Tyler but then he started snuggling with Kaitlyn and ratted out Sam so I added him to my loser list…..I am hoping this power app is something that will shake up the house….

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