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James, Nicole, Pregame, Alliance? Megaphone Returns



Whenever the house is stale, you can always bring a megaphone to a party to stir things up.  That is exactly what happened last night at 12;19am when Nat, James, Victor, and Paul were outside when they heard a message being repeated from the outside. “James..Nicole..Pregame-Alliance”. As you can see from the image above, Paul, Victor, and Natalie staring at James is pretty much exactly when they figured out what the message was saying.

Uh oh

Now, as far as the actual message goes, very few know if it’s actually true. I certainly don’t, and every season we always hear rumors about this and that happening that never happens. James and Nicole, however? That’s a tough one. Could they actually be working together privately?  If so, they’re doing a pretty damn good job hiding it from the feeds. Scratch that, thinking back, they’re doing a shit job if true. A month or so ago, Nicole and James were talking about their final 4 alliance and how they can split the money with each member if one of them wins. Now, if they really had a pregame alliance, I really doubt that conversation would have ever happened. Not only did production slap them for it, they made both James and Nat go declare that they’re not going to give prize money to anyone.


I just can’t see the pair having a secret alliance that apparently didn’t need any discussion through the entire season, only to have their showmances pair up toward the end of the season and then get sloppy about the rules of the game.  Makes no sense to me.

That said, it would certainly explain Nicole’s random change of heart about voting Natalie out this week.

What do you guys think?  Did they have a pregame alliance?  Or do you think the megaphone dude is just spreading gossip he thinks to be true?


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  1. Avatar

    If Nicole and James had a pregame alliance they really haven’t played it out very well. Who knows what’s going to happen. They have said that they have kept in touch with each other since last season.
    Now about the megaphone guy, it seems this happens every year. Don’t you think that CBS would have learned by now to have extra security around the outside of the BB backyard?? How many times has this happened that someone is shouting over the walls?? I’m beginning to think it’s CBS doing it.

    • Avatar

      In the beginning of the game Nicole and James where in the storage room and they said that they were going to the end together and gave themselves fist five, so I believe they still have something going on, remember they played last year together and they know what they are doing………………..

      • Avatar

        Correction, people keep saying that James and Nicole played together. They did not play together. James was on last year and Nicole was on the year before. They do know each other, tho. A lot of former HGs from different seasons know each other from public appearances.

  2. g8trgrl4life

    I doubt it. They haven’t mentioned it to each other or their showmance partners all season. Hell, Nicole can’t keep a secret going from the bathroom to the bedroom without telling at least Cory. Megaphone person is just bored of watching the same boring conversations and wanted to stir things up. Mission accomplished.

  3. AIO_7

    Either way, hopefully the megaphone guy will put a spot light on Lames and SNacole. It can’t hurt our side.

  4. Shivani33

    Natalie has asked James whether he is secretly working with Nicole quite a few times, has asked him why he is so protective of Nicole and voiced other similar questions. Of course, he denied it each time. The megaphone guy repeated the same message about five times, and only Corey and Nicole weren’t outside to hear this. It started a major eruption from Natalie to James, and then she went to bed crying. I don’t know if she’ll get over it, especially because it confirmed something that she, more than anyone else in the house, has suspected and mentioned. She said that she will try to leave graciously when evicted. But this had a big impact on her.

    Who knows, though, whether there was a pre-game alliance or an alliance that was made in the house? James and Nicole are probably the only ones who know, unless their alliance was generated by production. The megaphone user said something that many people have said might be true. It’s just that this message was not prefaced by the word “maybe” and was telegraphed as if it was some kind of fact.

    Things like this have happened during BB many times, with opinions and messages given from outside of the house. Really, everyone has to make their own decision about its significance.

  5. Avatar

    I wholeheartedly believe they had a pre-game alliance. I read on a different blog (sorry Steve) that they were both (at least James for sure) were coached by Derrick on how to play their game. Derrick told them to keep the alliance secret from everyone else in the house and especially from production. This is why I believe Nicole wants to vote Natalie out this week over James and why she was talking about taking James to the final 3 with Corey. Really, I believe she would cut Corey at the end and bring James to final 2, if she has the opportunity.
    When they had the poolside discussion about giving away part of their prize money and got in trouble for it I’ve been closely watching their motives and it all points to YES, they have a final 2 deal.

  6. Helen

    I’m not sure if there is or isn’t…would not surprise me if there was one….Natalie isn’t the only one who has asked…Meech also had the same thought….
    One thing I do find very strange is Paul…he has been like a pit bull all season when questions have been raised about anyone’s intentions…until now….he has had several instances this past week that should have raised some questions in his mind about Nicole and Corey’s loyalties but yet he has blown them off…seems so out of character for him…
    Alls I can say at this point is when he and Vic are voting with either Nicole/James or Nicole/Corey in F2 they have no one to blame but themselves…….they pretty much threw their game away this week IMHO

    • Shivani33

      @Helen. I’ve thought that Paul has been forcing himself to act diplomatic and to play dumb and ride along for the moment as if he takes the “final four” to heart. But I don’t think that he has any blind faith in it at all. I’m watching to see what his next move will be.

  7. Avatar

    I would not be surprised if they did.

  8. Helen

    I think maybe lightbulb just went off in my head…..Who was ride or die with paulie? Corey and Paul…lol. wow. Took me long enough

  9. Avatar

    Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Even if not true, the fact that James was included in the message and had to stand there like a deer in headlights, is great. He is the master of double-talk. If he stays and others are doubting him, that will be satisfying.

  10. Helen

    Wonder what’s up? Unusual for housepets to be lockdown in HOH on a Wednesday at noon?

  11. Colby

    I don’t think there was a pregame alliance.
    I think they have a friendship bond because they are vets and played together before.
    I think megaphone guy just wants James to go this week. Maybe a Nat fan, or a P&V fan who figures James will join forces with N & C next week.

    • Avatar

      James and Nicole have never played together before. They don’t seem to have much of a genuine friendship. I think she just knows James word is the only one shittier than hers is at this point. Im sure production has been pushing both towards working together all year.

    • Colby

      I was wrong. They did not play together before. Must be my ‘sometimers’ kicking in (not Alzheimer’s‎, just sometimers). LOL
      But I think they do have that BB vet bond.

  12. Avatar

    It would not surprise me at all. I’ve said before that I thought Paulie and Corey knew each other before entering the house and would have taken it to the F2. That failed when Paulie’s game blew up and he was evicted.
    BB needs to stop recruiting cousins and siblings of former players and put REAL fans in the house.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Exactly Susan, I totally agree. BB needs to cut the crap with bringing back all these alleged “vets” and relatives of former players. The whole point is supposed to be that nobody knows each other, nobody knows who they can trust, and they all have to work to figure out who they can trust, should align with, etc. Bringing back people who have already played before and who already know each other gives them an unfair advantage, both because there it opens up the possibility of pre-game alliances, and because America already knows them and thus are more likely to vote for them when it comes time for ACPs and other such “twists”.

      In my opinion, if they want to bring back vets, then do an All-Stars season. Otherwise, bring in new blood. Stop mixing the two.

  13. Avatar

    Victor / Paul: fool you once, shame on them; fool you twice, shame on you; fool you a third time, you don’t deserve $500k. (Substitute ‘bone’ for ‘fool’ as appropriate.)

  14. Avatar

    Im done watching the self professed superfan, what is the qualifications of being one? 1 season, 5 seasons? Live feeds or blog reading? some people can watch things for years and not understand gameplay and take nothing out of it more than oh I like him or shes my favorite or get rid of the bully. Just put SMART people in the house.

  15. Alda

    I believe Megaphone guy.The final three will be Nicole,Corey and James.Corey will be cut,F2 Snake and James.
    This season was in the books by week one.

  16. Avatar

    Steve I love that you posted the pic. Nat Nat doesn’t look sweet and innocent at all. Looks like a woman scorned or maybe that Karma catching up to her.

  17. Shivani33

    Corey and Victor recent chat, saying that they both prefer dark-haired girls. Victor said that he’d never dated a blonde. Corey chimes in that his last girlfriend looked just like Selena Gomez. Anyone who has looked at Corey’s photos with his former girlfriend knows Corey isn’t telling the truth. There are lots of pictures of him with her on his Instagram. Maybe no big deal other than that he’s lying so blatantly just to lull people into thinking he’s an okay, relatable guy. It’s just a game and all that jazz. Personally, I take note of instances like this and don’t want people with these character flaws in my life, if it’s possible to avoid them. Victor is being fooled with like this by Corey for a reason, as Nicorey want him out more than anyone else who is left. And of course Corey doesn’t want him to know it. Neverthless, this kind of trivial, unnecessary lying is ridiculous.

  18. Avatar

    If here is an alliance, James sure scripted an elaborate showmance backstory. And quite a good supporting actress. And who is this unknown person with a megaphone who knows this for a fact and ready to tell all? Just a zealous BB fan wanted to become or change the story. And this House group is ripe for conspiracy theories. Nat fell for it.

  19. Avatar

    Depending on how tomorrow night plays out, it very well could be my last time watching. If Paul doesn’t win HOH it’s a wrap because Nicole & Corey are going to get Victor or Paul out. Once that happens, that’s my que to say goodbye to all of my Junkies friends. I will miss you guys until next summer.

  20. Avatar

    ‘Twas a long summer, but I remember the 4 vets at the beginning of the season promising each other’s backs and that even if it seems like they’re tight with their newbie teammates just to blend in more and take the vet target off their backs.
    That’s what they said.
    3/4 of the retuning vets settled in for a long summers nap with a showmance buddy.
    Showmances double your power-your one vote = 2
    I’m not a fan of showmance couples OR returning vets.
    Crossing my fingers that Corey and Nicole’s showmance cracks next. Hoping Corey teams up with our boys Paul and Vic and leaves Nicole at the curb with her mouth hanging open!

  21. Avatar

    After hearing Natalie threaten James if he hooks up with Nicole… the way she used his heart against him? She really is a damn bitch. That’s much more than just gameplay that’s flat out cold and completely unnecessary.

    Perhaps he dug his own grave by allowing her to manipulate his feelings but when people care about somebody sometimes you don’t see what is right in front of your face,and he did not deserve that!

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