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Julie Chen Interview With Monte – Video Clip Of Monte v Justin


Yes, yes, yes!  I have spoken, and they have listened – at least for now.

A week or two ago, I shot an email to the people I know at CBS asking if they can start adding some free videos to the site so we can embed them into our blogs.  This way you can actually get more of the ‘Big Brother Experience’ rather than just reading conversations and seeing screenshots.

Well, today, they sent out their first free video for us to embed.  It is a clip of the fight between Justin and Monte, and then the interview with Julie Chen asking Monte straight up if he is racist.  She didn’t dance around the issue like she had to with Aaryn because it’s not on CBS, so that makes this clip even more awesome.




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  1. Avatar

    🙂 happy they gave it up. 🙁 that my cell says “plugin not supported”
    Tried at work. no clip showing due to our security. I will try at home.
    Anyone have an idea of viewing on my Samsung?

  2. AIO_7

    Fantastic; love the new clips, Steve. Gives more liveliness to the blog.

  3. caRyn

    Could this Care Package that Scott just received work in Scott’s favor? Meaning he could put up hg from his side only OTB, or one from his side and one from the other side, to play in the Veto and then backdoor his target(s).

  4. caRyn

    I know Scott mentioned blowing up Shane’s game with his HOH nom speech but I don’t think it is going to as much as Scott thinks it will. Scott believes that telling the hg that Shane was in a 4 guys alliance on night one is going to be mouth dropping news.

  5. caRyn

    1:20 (PT) Scott happy that he received the Care Package. He is talking across the backyard in front of a lot of hg and says he is glad he received it because he can have somewhat of a stable week . Alex mumbled to Shelby: Stable as..they can control.

  6. caRyn

    8:14 pm (PT) The Plastics are saying they hope they are not guilty by association with Monte and Cornbread. They hope they are judged by themselves.
    What does that tell you? Before and after this conversation they keep calling out to Monte and Cornbread on the camera telling them they love them. Huh?

  7. Avatar

    I couldn’t play the video with safari but it worked fine on puffin. Monte tried to minimize what he said about Justin stealing the clothes. He lied about it. It wasn’t necessary in my opinion. Justin talked about being shot at. I don’t believe Monte meant it as a racist comment but i can understand Justin seeing it that way without an explanation. This is a perfect example of Monte’s deceptive ways. I am so glad he is gone.

    • Mell

      Agree. Monte lied several times in his interview. Did he forget we watched it? He could have redeemed himself a little of they had only shown the last 1-2 minutes of his interview….but that’s not how it works this year.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        As soon as Monte opened his mouth to answer that question and started with “Justin is a great guy, I love him…” I was done listening. It was obvious at that point that nothing was going to come out of his mouth other than a bunch of BS. Monte would’ve been better off just being saying “look, I dislike Justin, and in that moment I made reference to his past legal troubles which was a low blow. My comment had nothing to do with his race but in retrospect I can understand why he took it that way, and I apologize for that”. I would’ve respected that explanation and we could’ve all just moved on. Pretending he “loves” Justin and expecting us to buy that BS just further demonstrates Monte’s extreme arrogance and cluelessness.

      • caRyn

        Exactly, Gerardo. It is like an apology with a BUT… When a person puts the word BUT in their apology the apology falls on deaf ears.

      • Mell

        Yes Ryn. Apology should have a period at the end and not a but.
        (My old Grammer teacher would cringe at my attempt to make that the correct format for a sentence.) Lol

  8. caRyn

    3:35 pm (PT) Danielle is talking outside to hg. She said her county was number one for teen pregnancy. She’s says it has gotten better, but they did have 11-12 year olds getting pregnant. Morgan said that hurts her heart.

  9. Mell

    Hope everyone has the willpower to NOT make Danielle our nominee. Since Scott has switched plans, I’m voting for Morgan. I’m afraid if I don’t, Danielle or Shane (maybe both) could stay.

    • Shivani33

      Scott is thinking ahead. He’s gonna be a backdoor man! (?)!!! I was hoping for this move. And have Backdoor Man music blasting. It beats the Rawhide theme song that I kept playing to get Monte out of the way. Head ’em up! Move ’em out! Rawhide!

  10. Avatar

    Cornbread wont give a fat rats ass about anybody but Alex because she was the only one to give him a vote. Little does he know she did it only to cause chaos. I dont maybe she did really like him as a friend & competitor, fungus feet & all.

  11. caRyn

    America Votes (PT):
    Have Nots:
    Friday 2 pm – Saturday 10 am

    Saturday (PT):
    1 pm: Have not reveal
    7 pm: Safety ceremony

  12. Shivani33

    What was Jason doing rubbing his armpit sweat all over pillows and someone’s jacket? Yuck. No wonder Shelby thought the LNC farted on the Plastic Ballcrushers’ bed pillows. Smearing armpit sweat is a whole different kind of “strategy.” It gives me the creeps and is right down at the bottom of the barrel with Monte getting off on killing squirrels with his pickup. I’ve just never seen anybody rub their sweat around as a deliberate move before. Blarrrgh!

  13. caRyn

    Chat is calling Danielle a puppy killer.

  14. caRyn

    Scott’s four hg that he likes: Alex, Shelby, Justin and Jason. Scott will turn on The Plastics once LNJ is in power.

  15. caRyn

    Danielle sitting on the table.

  16. Mell

    Wad there a hair bun convention tonight? At least it wasn’t the messy bun.

  17. Quwana

    WHEW!!!!! being on a strict budget I am unable to add another bill to the many bills I have already but I finally found a website that is showing BB:OTT I must say I am liking the new format on this show…It is a lil boring on eviction night watching everyone just sitting there and saying absolutely nothing but over all I likey…I also like the alliances of Danielle, Jason, Justin, Kryssie, Neeley and Shane…and I hope they clear the house out…I love when a power alliance start running the house so that eventually the backstabbing and crying can begin (even though Kryssie has already started the water works) I am so happy now I can enjoy the show along with the rest of America and has the ability to comment on the “pluckery” that is about to happen in the BB house…and how funny to hear them drop F bombs without a bleep lol Good one BB

    • Avatar

      Yeah, the evictions are so awkward! I really wish they had a host or an audience to make noise when they walked out, something! It’s so wired.

    • caRyn

      Glad you found a website too. I love the OTT version also. When I hear people complain about the OTT I think to myself….This is a season we don’t normally have so why complain about it?! And on top of that hg are making money and getting an audience from being OTT. Plus, making life-long friends. Win, win.
      America has wanted a say and now we have a say and some still are not happy. This is a trial season – first season of OTT so let it play out. Embrace it and move forward playing the game.
      I do like the LNJ, minus Danielle. I also like the other side of the house and my favorite Plastic is Shelby. She is snarky and witty and has a bite to her comments.

      • Mell

        I’m with you on that. I personally don’t like the voting and involvement but I’m rolling with it because it’s new and different. It either works out or it doesn’t. It’s still an extra season of Big Brother and very entertaining.

  18. Mell

    VERY random tidbits and opinions:

    Whitney has been hiding cookie dough in the bathroom for Morgan. Based on a few conversations, this may be the worst cheating season for have nots.

    I like the Krackle war and agree with Jason. It gives them something to do.

    When the DR’s start, I don’t want to stare at an empty sofa between each HG. They know what time they start and should be ready. Herd ’em in I like cattle please.

    During the last couple questions in DR, they are asked to tell us anything we should know about their strategy, insights, etc. Very few do this and instead whatever they are reading off of should say “cue begging to America.”

    Twitter has been slamming “ball smashers” alliance name. I think it’s funny. If those 4 stick arould, could we see those 4 and Scott become a reverse Brigade?

  19. caRyn

    It looks like Danielle, Kryssie and Shelby will be Have-Nots.

  20. Avatar

    Did anyone watch the live dairies last night? It is my favorite part of this season and this was the first time I was unable to watch!!

  21. caRyn

    10:43 pm (PT) Whitney’s birthday dance. Worth watching the house cut-up.

  22. caRyn

    Hg wanted someone to get naked for the birthday celebration. They suggest Justin, including The Plastics, and they cheer for him. Shelby hinted to the “Flashing Incident” but Justin didn’t catch on because he isn’t aware there was a problem.

  23. caRyn

    Danielle tells everyone 22 was when she had her nipples pierced. TMI.

    • Mell

      Did you notice how no one seemed to care or want to let her talk about herself? I loved it.

      • caRyn

        All I can think is – you are a school teacher so you will be under a microscope more so than other hg. Parents are probably at the school with concerns.

      • Mell

        True. People do get judged differently and like it or not career choices play a huge role in it. My sister-in-law is a high-school teacher. She is older now but started in her early twenties and is gorgeous. (definitely the type the girls think are cool and the guys get a crush on) She’s also the only person I know who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Most schools have rules regarding students and social media interaction and she always felt the best way to prevent something like that happening on accident was to avoid it entirely. I don’t know if she has a nipple ring or not (frankly don’t want to know) but if she does, she’s smart enough to keep it from being conversation for her students and parents. Lol

  24. caRyn

    Last night the hg were given a grill.
    Whitney smoked a cigarette for her birthday. Whitney’s mom asked her not to do two things in the BB house – not cuss and not smoke.

  25. Shivani33

    The late night batch have been talking more & more about their disenchantment with Danielle. Kryssie and Jason talked about it last night and mentioned two specific negatives about trying to be around her. One is that she has to be the center of attention and turns their group interactions into “I’m the focal point here.” It’s getting old for them. Another thing bothering them is that Danielle ropes herself into every little conflict and then magnifies it instead of letting things ride. It ‘s true that there are two distinct groups in the game. However, it’s looking as though nobody will miss dealing with Danielle once she’s gone. She’s the new Cornbread and Monte.

    • caRyn

      I am so glad to hear that. I am watching the feeds now from last night. I haven’t heard that yet, but so thankful they are seeing it and just in time since Danielle and Shane may be OTB if Scott’s plan works.

  26. caRyn

    11:33 pm (PT) Last night Morgan notices the candy bars are missing from her drawer and shows Shelby and Alex the empty candy bar wrapper. Alex said game on. Shelby said I guess the drawers where we keep our stuff is not off limits.

  27. Mell

    I like these DR sessions. There is a layer of fakeness to them we wouldn’t have if we weren’t so involved but its so much better than the scripted ones. I’ll say they’re truthful “for the most part.” Heres what I got out of last nights dr and other recent comments they’ve made:

    Morgan- She doesn’t want to be lumped in with Monte when speaking to us but not only does she still defend his actions she played a part in many of them. She tells us how great she thinks Justin is and we know she does not like him at all and she mentions how Jason is a target for her in the future but not now. Too much of her DR was catering to us and not truthful so I didn’t care for it. She seems to have had a pretty rough time as a have not. I’m sure it felt worse once she was left as the only one having to do it. (even with the cookie dough Whitney snuck her) She’s also sure everyone sees Alex as a huge competition threat due “to all her wins.” (hasn’t Alex won only 1?)

    Jason- I only liked Jason because he made me laugh but I actually think he’s playing pretty smart right now. I don’t think people should love him because he’s played before but I also don’t think people should be hating on him because he’s played before. ( I’m talking about us-not the hg) I mean we’re not talking about Dan so how much of an advantage does Jason really have? (As far as game) I like his game better now then I did in 17. He trash talks but that’s just his personality. I don’t read any more into him calling someone a ho or hooker as I do when Justin calls people baby. It’s just the way they talk.

    Shane- I hope everyone is clear that he hates Scott. It was comical how much he said that. If he goes home this week, it’s not a total loss. After all, he’s the only one in the house who has gotten laid. I may not care for Danielle but during the lap dance Shane gave Whitney, I had a flashback of last season. Danielle was laughing but can you picture the look on the Zakiyah or Nicole’s face if that had happened with Corey or Paulie?

    Krissi- I didn’t mind her attitude in this dr as much and I like her loyalty to being the final six with her group if possible. I found it very interesting that she sees Neeley as her long term threat. She needs some self-awareness regarding her personality but she isn’t entirely dumb when it comes to the game. Her game is similar to Scotts as far as who she wants to get to the end with. They may be her biggest threats but are also her best chance at getting there. I’m still hating those flowers. I like that she is sick of Danielle but is smart enough to fake it.

    Whitney- I didn’t really pay attention because I just don’t care.

    Justin- I’m glad he doesn’t trust anyone but I wish he could pinpoint who his biggest threats are. That’s insight he’s going to need. I hope he doesn’t fall for Morgan’s flirting but if he does, props to her.

    Alex- The weird high-pitched diary room voice needs to go. It’s really annoying and hurts my ears. We missed part of her dr because she won’t shut up with her shoutouts. (she’s a fan and knows better) Like her sister, she doesn’t want to be associated with Monte but continues to give him shout outs. I predict she will be the reason I finally have to pick a side. She’s going to want to go after Justin and I have a problem with that. (I don’t blame her tho)

    Shelby- I like how she told us if there’s anything about her we don’t know based on the feeds that there’s a reason for it and she doesn’t want us to know. I’m also glad her grammar issues are intentional. I’m going to miss that caddy costume. It’s adorable on her. If the food war continues, she should ask to keep the golf bag since an oversized purse could be a very smart thing to have in the house.

    Neeley- I’m really liking her game but I hope she doesn’t hurt herself by taking too big of a stand over someone lying to Krissi. She can be on her side without fighting her battles. I’m still waiting for all those damn wigs! I don’t like a tease!

    Danielle- Shes the new reason I have mute. She begs, whines and feels entitled. They could have played her dr from the beginning of the week. Repeat.

    Scott- I enjoyed watching him go from the outhouse to the penthouse. I know he’s going for Shane and many of us prefer Danielle but one is better than none. She has plenty of time to piss people off and change the vote if they both end up OTB. He fumbled but seems to be putting his game back together. Despite what LNJ are saying, I think he’s making good decisions for himself. He’s working on a tight connection with two ball smashers and trying to keep a tight connection with Jason and Justin which gives him options. He’s awkward but way more fun than recent token “nerdy” players. His willingness and apparent eagerness to twerk and join in the fun on both sides makes him more likeable to me. His veto idea isn’t bad either and may give him the best odds.

    • caRyn

      Justin wants Shane out next – as far as I know. I do not think Alex will make it to the end. Alex doesn’t get out of her circle – she did at one time but got back in it. Nelley needs to take a calmer approach to events in the BB house and not get so pumped up – keep in locked in. Danielle = care factor ZERO/Never cared. Danielle needs to start with the woMan in the Mirror.
      Scott and Shelby said last night when they were talking that they are going to work around America.
      10-13-16 Morgan and Alex do not like that Neeley used the word segregated when she was talking about the divide in the house. Morgan thought and told Alex and Shelby later that it is was about race.
      Alex has said (10-13-16 @ 10:07 pm (PT)) that this season is a comp season not a social game season. I think it has been just the opposite so far. The Plastics haven’t been OTB.

      • Mell

        Exactly. I don’t get upset when LNJ talks about things “finally” going their way. To us, it appears everything has gone their way but we only factor in the result at the end of the week. From where they’re sitting this will be 3 weeks in a row their side is in danger and having to spend a week OTB. I do understand since they’re in that bubble why they feel like underdogs. The segregated conversation annoys me. Morgan was the main person keeping it going and she’s also the one who stated she thought it was because it’s 4 white girls.

      • caRyn

        Agree. Shelby also gets caught up in the talk and falls back on it also.

  28. Mell

    The ladies seem offended that LNC went through their drawers. I’m assuming they all have a selective memory since they went through Danielle’s drawers and discussed where she buys her clothes a while back. It wasn’t for a prank, they just went through her shit. Double standards anyone?

    I’m already tired of hearing how Scott is making a stupid move. (In fairness to LNJ, I never like that) It’s always a dumb move when it doesn’t benefit you. Alliances will move and shift anyway but let’s assume they don’t. If everything stays the same, Scott is #5 with BS (ball smashers) and #7 with LNJ. 5 is better than 7 no matter what math system you’re using.

    I wonder if Morgan and Alex would have been as gung-ho wanting Justin to participate in the lap dance if Monte was still in the house. Morgan sure got over being offended and scared of Justin fast! Have those women even cooked a meal? That’s the only reason I’ll be ready for Justin to be a have not since they’re starting to act like it’s a restaurant.

    I won’t be surprised if the women aren’t going along with Scott’s choice for now but plan on persuading him to target Danielle once all the noms are final.

    Jason and Krissi are doing a decent job of being patient with the late night sex and allowing Danielle and Shane to think it’s adorable. Do they really think these people wanted to replace CB snoring with sex noises? Doing that on the feeds is their business if they’re comfortable with it but doing it while other people are trying to sleep is just rude! I did think it was funny when Krissi told Danielle she should yell “Fore” during an orgasm.

    • caRyn

      Scott is making the best move he can with the Care Package. I wouldn’t doubt if The Plastics didn’t try to change Scott’s decision. The Plastics also know they need Scott so they may not push it that hard.
      Do you think Jason and Kryssie know Danielle and Shane are connecting in the bed? A few days ago Jason said to Danielle not to and Danielle agreed she wouldn’t. Shane keeps asking if any hg ever has and acts as though he and Danielle haven’t. I am just wondering if the LNJ know and if there has been an open conversation about it. Justin told The Plastics he didn’t want to sleep in that room with LNJ but he didn’t say why.

      • caRyn

        I just answered my own question…Last night, 11:55 pm (PT) the hg were just talking about Shane and Danielle in bed. Jason said he goes to sleep and doesn’t hear anything. Danielle said there is nothing to hear and Kryssie said she hears everything.

      • Mell

        Oh yeah, they know. Jason may not know how far it’s gone but he’s had lots of comments regarding all the slurping noises. Shane and Danielle don’t need to bother trying the Nicole and Corey innocent strategy. For pity’s sake, Danielle’s already been on top. They have left nothing to the imagination and they’re either crazy or stupid!

      • caRyn

        I haven’t seen that but I have seen plenty. It is every day.

  29. Avatar

    I find it interesting to see Scott become more confident with himself and come out of his shell. I can see this effecting his life outside the house. I hope he does not get targeted too soon. This could be a life changer for him. He is really growing on me!
    On the other hand, Danielle is so full of herself she will never understand that the world does not revolve around her!

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