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Live Endurance Competition Thread!

Big Brother 13 Rachel Chokingusing this image because I love it

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When we left the houseguests, they were on skis getting snow blasted at them while 4 snowballs tempted them to fall off.  The snowballs contain one $10k prize, and likely (2) one-week slop passes and one other reward.   Refresh this page or watch the live feeds to see who gets knocked out first.. me or the houseguests!   I predict: me!

Spoilers below after the jump

7:16 PM – Feeds back on, floater #1 Adam is off already.  It appears Lawon is also off too.  That’s floater #2.  Porsche, you’re due!

Kalia looks good already

7:22 PM – Rachel – “You got it Brendon!”  “Thank you baby”  — Am I going to have to listen to that for hours?

7:28 PM – Brendon down. No more Rachel cheer leading!  Double bonus

7:29 PM – Trivia again, ugh.. come on

7:35 PM – Feeds are back up

Who is this jellyfish in the ugly sweats?

7:40 PM – Current status: Brendon, Floater 1 (Adam), Floater 2 (Lawon) are out

7:44 PM – Jeff jumps off. And then there were 5!

7:46 PM – From Dingo (hamsterwatch), Adam has to wear an elf suit, Brendon is a have-not

7:50 PM – Jordan is out of the game, one of the 4 alliance members of veterans will not be the HoH

Jordan taking a tumble

Get the live feeds here!

7:55 PM – Feeds back  up, and I’m honestly shocked Kalia is still up there.  The rest is going according to my prediction

8:02 PM – Daniele and Shelly looking strong, Porsche starting to look tired, Kalia looks dead

8:08 PM – I’m being told Jeff got the $10k  – Congrats!

8:09 PM – Porsche is down.   Kalia, Shelly and Daniele remain

8:16 PM – Kalia not really thrilled that everyone keeps rooting for Shelly

8:19 PM – Shelly is down!  Only Kalia and Daniele remain

Shelly is down

8:26 PM – Kalia and Daniele still hanging in there, though she knows Daniele will outlast her

8:30 PM – Kalia drops and Daniele wins HoH which is going to lead to a VERY interesting week for the veterans in the house

Daniele Wins HoH

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