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Mike’s Weekly Power Rankings – Week 8

August 28, 2021 | 1 Comments
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Author: Mike

Editor’s Note – I know I (Steve) have been publishing power rankings over the last few weeks, but mine are very basic with virtually no thought put into them. I like having two different opinions on how we see the houseguests.  Hopefully, you enjoy it!  On to the post…


Hello friends! They say it’s better late than never so here I am. I hope that everyone in the community is well. Last summer, I posted power rankings each week. I will continue to do that this season. I also highly recommend checking out The Winner’s Circle podcast hosted by Derrick Lavasseur and Cody Calafiore. They provide incredible analysis and perspective from having won the game themselves. I didn’t listen to this week’s episode yet so my listing is not influenced by theirs. Additionally, I don’t watch the live feeds. Without further ado, I present my power rankings this week.


  1. XAVIER – The mediator of the house, the subtle leader of the Cookout, and all-around house favorite Xavier, also known as “X”, is working 24/7. He has the dominating alliance, The Cookout, wrapped around his finger. One of his allies is this week’s HOH. PUt those two variables together and X is safe this week. He will have to go on the block as punishment for winning last week’s Veto, nonetheless  He appears to have no enemies and, when he said in the DR that he would not miss his shot on Derek X for taking out Christian, X was not kidding. Derrick X’s eviction benefitted X because it happened on another person’s HOH and could hide the fact that X was (1) put on the block by accident and (2) X, who throws competitions, definitively won his first comp of the summer. X said in the DR his goal this summer was to not be nominated at all. I see that as a sign that he is intentionally playing a quiet, yet sophisticated game. He could go down as one of the best BB players of all time with a gameplay style of Derrick L (BB16) or Dan Gheesling (BB10). X’s time in the BB house appears to be limitless unless he unexpectedly returns to the chopping block and experiences a catastrophic decline.
  2. TIFFANY – This woman is entertaining, smart, and has one of the loudest voices in the room (figuratively and sometimes literally). She orchestrated the Cookout’s move to pair with a houseguest outside the alliance in order to ensure safety while one Cookout member is on the block. This move is nearly identical to the Brigade’s shenanigans in BB 12. Still one can ask is Tiffany an elite player this season? Yes. Since the beginning of the season, Tiffany sought ways to get ahead ranging from her and Azah fake crying to directly telling players how to improve their games. I think she needs to do less of the latter for her own sake. She is the HOH for the first time this season so that puts her high up on this list. She will likely be remembered this summer as one of the 3 to 5 best players and is certainly one of the best all-time players in the modern era of Big Brother. Tiffany might have to look out when the Cookout burns up if strong competitors like X and Kyland are still in the house.
  3. KYLAND – After picking up an HOH at the worst time for him and nearly fragmenting his relationships with most of the houseguests last week, Kyland had a quiet 7 days. He and Tiffany are starting to target each other, but I doubt she would put him on the block this week to actually send him to jury. Kyland is a proven comp beast and he has too much support in the house. Sarah Beth would vote to keep him. X would not vote to evict him nor would Hannah, Azah, or Derrick F. Kyland’s comrade Sarah Beth could meet Julie at the end of this week.  SB evicted would weaken Kyland given that SB is capable of winning comps on the right occasion and she is really his closest ally. Kyland and X are the last male physical threats in the house with both serving as a meat shield to the other so it will be very interesting to see who pulls the trigger first. I give it a 40% chance that Kyland is on the block come eviction night as a pawn to send SB home.
  4. CLAIRE – The strongest houseguest outside the Cookout. Claire, in my mind, plays a good game, but has no alliance to shield her. Tiffany already stated in the DR that she would cut Claire if necessary. Claire understands the dynamics of pairings in the house otherwise she would not have deduced that DX was SB’s target. The biggest mistake Claire made was not going for the HOH two weeks before jury when she was guaranteed safety from nominations for the following week. A few things might have happened if she won HOH at that point: Other players would start offering her deals. Houseguests might reveal or offer alliances in fear of hitting the block. Since she only has a teetering Tiffany, Claire would have benefitted from anything people would offer her. Claire in power might wrangle control out of the Cookout’s hands with the possibility of seeing two Cookout members on the block come eviction night. By the end of the week, Claire would still be safe regardless of the outcome as per the Wildcard rules thereby giving her time to mend relationships. With Tiffany in power, Claire is very unlikely to experience the chopping block this week.
  5. HANNAH – Superfan Hannah is coasting through this season like a pro. Now, I don’t mean coasting in a bad way. There is nothing wrong with a floater’s game if you play it right. That is what Hannah is doing. She is not the loudest voice in the Cookout, but everybody will protect her. She’s extremely smart. Houseguests go to her to ask about competitions from this season. Despite developing feelings for DX, she kept her mind in the game. One of the best examples of Hannah’s social awareness was when Tiffany revealed the Royal Flush right in front of her when she, Tiffany, and DX were in the bathroom. Hannah waited until Tiffany left the room and then asked DX about the Flush. Later, we see Hannah ask Tiffany about it one-on-one and Tiffany does not feel pressured. Things could have gone bad for Hannah if she reacted by blaming DX or Tiffany for not including her in the alliance or storming off or reacting in another negative way. I think everyone in the house is overlooking her and should expect the unexpected.
  6. ALYSSA – The swimsuit designer who got into the sole showmance of the season, Alyssa sits 6th on my list because she is relying on herself to stay in the house, unlike Azah and DF, and is not Tiffany’s target. One of the best things for Alyssa was losing Christian. Without him, she must depend on herself. She remains close to X and is fostering her relationships through the house. With Tiffany in power, Alyssa will likely survive another week. She might not even hit the block. Alyssa can be a physical threat in competitions. She has come close several times with the sole victory coming in the OTEV comp, which was given to her by Kyland. Like I said at the beginning, I don’t watch the live feeds. However, this houseguest needs to stop crying about not winning anything. Maybe she stopped doing that after OTEV. If anyone knows, feel free to put that in the comments.
  7. AZAH – The most emotional driven player remaining in the BB house is the simplest way to describe Azah. She consistently consulted Britini and even asked to be put on the block in place of Britini to avoid seeing Britini sad. She consulted DX this past week and she already butted heads with Tiffany, who approaches the game completely differently. Azah seems like a wonderful human being. I would love to be friends with her and ask her about her experience in the house because her perspective would possibly be different from several of the gamers casting brought together this season. Her best move this summer was joining the Cookout. The alliance protects her and Derek F, whom she has grown close to this summer. The Cookout also pins her near her crush, X.
  8. DEREK F – Derek F, also known as “Big D”, is playing a small game. He does not have any comp wins. That can be said for a majority of players this summer, but Big D even threw this past week’s competition to gain reward when one of his Cookout members was on the block. Everyone knew Big D went for the reward so it will hurt his chance of winning if he makes it to the finale.  Is Big D entertaining? Yes. He definitely brings fun and positivity to the house. You can never have enough of that in Big Brother. however, Big D lacks a strong ride-or-die partner who can carry him to the finals like Cody and Enzo last season. Apart from sitting next to Azah on finale night, I don’t see a path for Big D to have a chance to win the $750,000 grand prize.
  9. SARAH BETH – Sarah Beth appeared to be a dangerous competitor early in the summer. She made relationships, bonded with Kyland, and schemed as well as the best of them. She was in the Royal Flush alliance that directed the early game. She made a solid argument for Hannah to be evicted over Whitney in Week 4. The only flaw was the fact that the Cookout controlled evictions by then. Now, her game might be closing in on her. HOH Tiffany does not like SB, making SB the most likely target this week. The best thing for SB would be to persuade Tiffany and the ladies of the house that Kyland and X – two strong male players – will run the game if they get hot in competitions. In just three weeks, everyone can play in every Veto and none of the houseguests want to see a Michie-type run (BB 21) near the end of the game.
  10. DEREK X – evicted Week 7
  11. BRITINI – evicted Week 6
  12. CHRISTIAN – evicted Week 5
  13. WHITNEY – evicted Week 4
  14. BRENT – evicted Week 3
  15. FRENCHIE – evicted Week 2
  16. TRAVIS – evicted Week 1
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