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Monday, August 15th Big Brother 24 Spoilers

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Havenots may appear to be over for the season, but the slop is still around – just in form of gameplay now. (sorry, had that line in my head all morning and had to use it. It’s a banger)

For real though, let me summarize in a few different plot points from yesterday


Jasmine – Turner

Jasmine asked for a balloon to be released this week for her late father’s birthday. Nice message, but pretty unprecedented and unlikely production will accommodate her. That will make Turner happy because he doesn’t agree with releasing balloons into the air. They eventually deflate, come back down and become dangerous to animals. Jasmine became pissed about him saying that so they had a little spat for the day.

Turner eventually apologized to Jasmine for being insensitive. He still obviously doesn’t agree with the balloon thing but he recognizes how important it is to her. They ‘make up’ and say they won’t nominate each other because of it (they will).

Kyle – Alyssa


Speaking of a banger – they ended up doing the Devil’s Tango the night before which put Kyle in all types of a weird situation considering he’s the veto holder and she’s the likely replacement should he use it – which his alliances does in fact want him to do.

Kyle – Leftovers

As mentioned above, they want him to use the veto. He doesn’t want to. This has put the entire alliance in a weird situation and likely screwed Kyle’s game. He will almost certainly be the first LO targeted when they turn on each other, but they eventually do agree he doesn’t have to use the veto. So, Indy will likely be leaving this week. I guess that call to god the other day actually went to his receptionist because her request was not answered.

Alright, should be an interesting day when Indy realizes she’s still on the block so let’s jump into the updates..


Live Feed Updates for August 15, 2022

They talk about Boston accent. I’ve lived in Mass my entire life and suck at a Boston accent

2 months ago

Unless it’s one of those situations where all I hear are accents so I don’t notice myself

Joe keeps talking in his accent but Taylor has been dinged a bunch of times

2 months ago

Taylor is in denial. She thinks she’s speaking NY but she’s not lol Joe is definitely trying, but Taylor slips and just forgets her accent after a few minutes

lol Production just told them to make sure to speak in their accents

2 months ago

Ohh it’s based on Sid (Vicious) and Nancy (Spungen) which is why the accent

2 months ago

Joe has to speak in a British accent and Taylor a NY

Joe and Taylor got their outfits

2 months ago

They have to be rockers for the next 48h and talk in a British accent because apparently all rockers are British lol

Indy rubbing Alyssa’s back

2 months ago

Not a good look for Monte’s personal training services. She hurt it while doing his workout

Indy talking about how she hopes she’ll get famous for doing her punishment

2 months ago

Because Michael told her that those who get the punishments are usually remembered. He’s right, but Indy is far too focused on trying to be famous from this show.

Turner and Kyle outside talking

2 months ago

Kyle said Indy asked for his vote and he said he wasn’t going to promise anything

House still has backyard which is surprising. I wonder if they’re going to have one HoH comp with two winners

2 months ago

And then from there have two separate games like they planned.

Kyle asks Alyssa what she thinks, they proceed to make out

2 months ago

Thankfully the camera switched to Indy drying her hair

Kyle telling Alyssa he can’t balance her and the game at the same time

2 months ago

He said he feels like he hasn’t been playing the game for the last few weeks. He is telling her there needs to be a balance, but he can’t explain it. (He’s casually saying the need to be on a break)

But then they start kissing so clearly he has no backbone

Most of the house sitting around ignoring the ‘no napping’ calls

2 months ago

Indy’s current mood

2 months ago

Kyle tells Jasmine he pretty much told Taylor last night he wasn’t going to use it

2 months ago

So Taylor’s outburst doesn’t make sense

Kyle and Jasmine feel like Taylor was faking her outburst

2 months ago

She said it’s weird she didn’t snap at Daniel but does because of the veto?


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