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Monday Feedies; PoV Meeting At Some Point



Good afternoon, everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend.  If you haven’t been around all weekend and want some spoilers, I’ll give you a brief recap of the events since Gidget (Frank) won the HoH Thursday night.

  • Nominations were Tiffany and Paul
  • Frank won the Roadkill competition
  • He nominated Bronte (though you saw all that last night on CBS)
  • Gidget won the Power of Veto, then nearly broke her ankle when she did the jumpbump with Frank
  • Showmance watch:
    • James acted like he was going to break it off with Natalie, but has still been following her around like a puppy
    • Corey and Nicole slowed a little most of the weekend, but were pretty close again last night
    • Paulie and Z  are about the same.
  • Frank watch:
    • I believe he pinched a total of 0 butts since Da’Vonne had it out with him
  • Meeting of the minds watch:
    • The girls met up last night (Spy Girls) and solved the twist this season. There are two of everything…
    • Two nurses, two tutors, and two dancers. They’re missing 5 other ‘duos’, but I guess 3 similarities are enough for a twist to them
    • To be fair, there are also two siblings, two Nicoles, and about two actual good players this season

Now you’re all caught up. Time for the feed updates:

  • 10:50am – Feeds just went down for the veto ceremony.  I expect Gidget to not use it.
  • 11:50am – Feeds back, veto not used. Poll time…
[poll id=”14″]
  • 11:52am – Da’Vonne, Michelle and Van2.0 are in the bedroom chatting….
    • Michelle is glad nobody laughed at Frank’s joke. Michelle is weird, she is buddy/buddy with Frank when he’s around but bashes him every other time
    • They’re wondering why Gidget didn’t take her friends to the Outback dinner, and didn’t take her friend off the block.
    • Michelle jokes that Gidget is going to come in the room soon to pretend to look for something
    • Or maybe they’re talking about Bronte because they’re saying how ‘If looks could kill, everyone would be dead, especially Nicole’
    • Tiffany asks if she needs to campaign, Michelle said she doesn’t think so, but she should campaign to Natalie
  • 12:30pm – Lockdown over, we’re now able to watch them lay in the sun for the next few days
  • 1:00pm – Paul sits down with Nicole to talk to her a little about the meeting.  I guess Frank said something to Paul and then stared him down.
    • nicole-paul
    • I guess during the meeting (from what I remember of Day/Michelle conversation), Paul made a friendship comment during his speech, and Frank said something about his friendship is going to get him evicted (then stared him down)
    • The pair talk about how crude Frank has been this season. Calling girls fat, smelly, etc. And taking seats… (yes, Nicole is venting because he took her seat). While Frank has said a lot of weird and dumb things, but her complaining about the seat thing just shows they’re super annoyed at him and are looking for reasons to be upset.
  • 1:53pm – Had to take care of the groceries. Back to the feeds. Frank and Paul are talking, let’s see if this gets interesting…
    • Well, starts off with them talking about smoking. Not very exciting
    • Now the talk turns to TV. I don’t think Paul is going to confront him about the meeting. Especially considering he’s on the block
    • Got boring. Went live with the feeds and this is what I see….
    • sunbathing
  • 3:20pm – Quick note, but is camera 1 the only one working for people?  The other 3 switch to midnight. Never happened before
  • 5:15pm – Had to run out. On the feeds, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Paul and Paulie are outside talking about…  guess who… .Frank!
  • 5:45pm – While they were outside, Frank joined them and obviously the bashing stopped.  After a little while, a bird crapped on Frank’s hand so he went inside
    • Michelle loved the fact that a bird did that because the other day Frank said he hoped a bird crapped on Tiffany’s head
    • Michelle loved it SO much that she went around the house for the next 10 minutes telling everyone that story.
    • Early on in the feeds, Michelle seemed to have such a major crush on Frank, now she’s trashing him every chance she gets
  • 6:30pm – Very slow on the feeds. People were outside playing catch and Zaki, Gidget and Frank are in the Tokyo room chatting.
  • 7:00pm – Nicole and Z are on the hammock bashing Frank. I’m sure he isn’t too pleasant to live with, but I am noticing a trend in this house. Whenever they target someone, suddenly that person is the worst person in the world.
    • The weird part is nobody is really controlling that, at least obviously. I can see that being a Vanessa move to get the house turn on everyone who is leaving, but this is just kind of happening.  Jozea, while annoying, wasn’t nearly as annoying as the house made him out to be. Same with Victor.
  • 8:45pm – Nothing has been going on in the house. It’s hard when you’re stuck to one camera. I am forced to listen to some very, very boring conversations by Corey.
    • One thing to note – Beard was up in bed with Good Will Hunting and she was rubbing his back softly. Could something be blooming in his beard?
    • Michelle is chatting with Van2.0, and getting buttered up. Van is telling her how great of a social game she’s playing (I’ve heard a few people tell her that today)
  • 11:15pm – Feeds were too crazy for me tonight with only being able to watch one camera. I don’t think much happened, but hopefully they have it fixed by tomorrow.  Sorry this post was pretty boring today, I’ll try to spice it up tomorrow somehow

Overnight in the morning!


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  1. Elaine

    I have a theory. Though I do believe that Day was upset about some of the Frank treatment, she is also devious enough to milk it and get the other houseguests to agree to get out a popular vet, with good competitive skills. Those player-types are tough to get out and Day knows it. James also knows it, so I believe some of his “mad at Frank” stance is also a ploy.

    • AIO_7

      Probably, and I hope it works.

    • stevebeans

      It’s not a bad theory. This is obviously not to take away from how dumb Frank has been acting, but he was clearly caught off-guard by Da’Vonne’s different reaction to it. He seemed very sincere with his apology, and from the feeds, he doesn’t seem that difficult to approach if she had a problem with it from the start.

      Again, this is not excusing his actions. But, this is a game where super religious people swear on the bible and lie. It wouldn’t shock me at all if she exaggerated her anger to gain support. It also wouldn’t shock me if production pointed it out to her to work her up to spice up the feeds.

      • Elaine

        Exaggeration is just the type of play needed. It has to be over-the-top, so newbies won’t be swayed to a different position if/when Frank finds out. Some novice players get easily confused and good game talkers, like Frank, can work magic with even a presumed eviction on the table. Should be interesting.

      • danmtruth

        That would be an all time low. I would hope for D’vone this is not the case If not it will be a hard discussion with her daughter

        My daughter and I are having a disagreement on if getting Bronte out will divide Bridgidoit from Frank the Snake I say the Snake spins a tale of how its someone else fault. Waiting till after the HoH comp to chose who to say was the master mind in evicting her close friend My daughter says it will hammwr in the wedge between her and Frank.

        So evicting Bronte helps everyone in the house Tif/V2 will be more driven to Day The 8pack is now after Frank but most are scared that Frank is such a comp beast But what they forget is with the three noms small voting blocks can be poqerfull. They need to stop voting as a house Take a chance mix things up

        If it were not for the live feeds and votes . Would anyone even know that Michelle was even on the show.? I cant remember any DR interviews with her or any time she was show on the CBS broadcast Talk about floater

      • Elaine

        Day’s daughter is very young. Long after BB days are over and throughout her daughter’s life, Day can show her and discuss with her how women should be treated. At this point Day is out to win 500K. As for Michelle, she is doing the “lay low so I can get to jury, and continue to get a paycheck” strategy. It doesn’t hurt that she has benefitted from players on her team who are winning and keeping her safe.

    • Colby

      Kind of like Vanessa, huh?

    • Jenny M

      When the CBS show played the clip of him jokingly calling her a slut (in response to her calling him a douchebag), I saw Day laugh and respond “only on Tuesdays!”. Sorry, but you can’t laugh it off and say nothing, then cry about it later. Calling him a douche bag might be her way of trying to let him know he’s being a jerk, but how the heck is he supposed to connect those dots? All the “mean” things he says to the girls are just jokes in his mind. Dumb boy doesn’t realize that even beautiful women in great shape might think he’s serious when he says they’re getting fat. To him it’s obvious they aren’t fat or ugly or whatever, but a lot of women in their 20’s are super self-conscious and hypersensitive about every tiny little flaw, real or imagined.

  2. ClaireBear

    I think I am officially to the point that I dislike Bridgette more than Bronte. Bronte is at least consistent in her annoying voice. Bridgette reverts to a 7 year old any time she has to address the house, and that irritates me even more. You’re an adult! Stop talking like a child because you’re in power! Arrrrgh

    • Elaine

      Her nomination speech was pathetic. All she did was giggle and never did tell each of the noms why she put them up. Of course we know it would have been hard for her to tell them that Frank told her to, so acting like the 7-year old was the best action. Arrrrrgh x 2.

      • Avatar

        I wonder if Bridgidiot is that pathetic in her everyday life? I could not imagine being in closed quarters with that nutcase without snapping. Its obvious she has the brains of a billygoat. Oh, did I just insult billygoats?

      • AIO_7

        Didn’t Bridgette say something about the noms. coming up to the HOH and talking things over with “hot Cheetos”? What does that even mean?

      • Elaine

        Made no sense, and like the Scarecrow, Bridge needs to appeal to Oz for a brain.

      • Jenny M

        She might not know how to handle conflict yet. At that age, I sure didn’t. I hated hurting anybody’s feelings so I would over-apologize and let people walk all over me instead of risking someone getting mad at me. I am surprised to see a BB contestant afraid to have an opinion, though. She’s either acting or…. hasn’t learned to be a grown-up yet.

    • ClaireBear

      Her “let’s talk about it over hot Cheetos hehe!” comment made me cringe the most. Surely she can’t be that helpless in real life.

      And the little girl act she pulls around the guys grates on me too. Just over all of it!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I just love repeating how much I HATE THOSE GIRLS (The Bobbleheads)! After that night of the BIG reveal in the HOH, with all the squeeling and jumping up and down with glee…it still sends shivers down my spine. I’d just like to line them all up and pimp slap (rapid slapping back and forth) or slap them Three Stooges style (one long slap across all 3 faces at once)!

  3. Avatar

    I really want Tiffany to go this week. Even before Bronte. Bronte is annoying but Tiffany’s crying gets on my nerves worse than Bronte’s voice. UGH.
    And Bridgie….everytime she comes on I want to tell her to use her big girl voice and put on her big girl panties and play the game.
    Michelle…Michelle who?
    James and Natalie…Jamalie! What a mess.
    I still like Frank and would like to see him go far in the game.
    Day….playing a good game. I hope she is not using this Frank thing to turn the house with sympathy. Good theory though, Elaine! We have seen Van start a commotion just to justify her actions! So this is not beyond BB play!
    Nicole and Corey…She needs to play and not depend on a guy to be by her side!
    Zaki…Oh, the lapdog! Pant Pant….what do I do Day? I don’t know how to play Big Brother!!!
    Paul…didn’t like him in the beginning, but without his partners in crime, he seems much better. I kind of enjoy his DR sessions. He can be pretty funny. Better than the cry babies in the house. I hope he escapes eviction this week.
    The poll shows people think Tiffany will go home, but I am not sure about that. Seems the 8 pack (less Frank) may keep her. I hope not! But we shall see. I really want Van2.0 gone!

    • Elaine

      I will hand it to Z…with her being Paulie’s play toy and Day’s lap dog, she has attached herself to two good players.

    • ClaireBear

      I’m with you. I wanted to like Paul before the show started, simply because I love a big beard (ha). But when he hooked up with joz, I was over him. However, not that his two friends are gone, he’s a different person. I’ll also applaud anyone that realizes their original strategy didn’t work. In the case of Paul, it was aligning with loudmouths. Now he’s keeping his head low, game wise, but upping his social game and being fairly smart with who he talks to/what he shares.

  4. Shivani33

    As a sidenote, I hadn’t paid Bronte much mind since she hasn’t interested me. So I just read that she’s 26 and am surprised. She has bad motion sickness and can’t sleep much unless she can go running, maybe can’t run without motion sickness meds. The other day she said that she’s barely slept the whole time that she’s been in the house. Her parents named her Britney, changed her name to Alaska quickly after birth and, around her first birthday, changed her name to Bronte…if her bio is to be believed. There is only one reason I don’t want her evicted, and it’s ’cause I don’t want her to battle back (unless she loses.) See, I tried to get interested in her, but it didn’t work.

  5. Shivani33

    Paul, cussing and all, is my favorite newbie underdog. I could write a thesis about how come. A lot of the reason has to do with what I see in his eyes – intelligence, compassion, joy of life, creativity. He’s only about 5’8″ but his hair gives him about 3 more inches of height.

    • Elaine

      I will give Paul props for moving to the other side of the house seamlessly. I can’t watch him on feeds though because he is too loud and, though the others cuss, his is at least 80% of his conversations. If Paul is so intelligent than he needs to show a greater expanse of vocabulary. Luckily, I usually can find other convos to follow so I can avoid him talking. I will catch up with him on the CBS shows where he can be bleeped.

    • Avatar

      Great point. He did seam to move quite flawlessly from one side to the other. He is the best newbie so far. I like Paullie and Corey, but they just don’t have the charisma Paul has (which could ultimately lead to his downfall).

    • NKogNeeTow

      Where I saw Pawwl Bunyon’s compassion come in was with Slick Vic. When he knew Vic was going to be evicted, he genuinely felt sorry for him. While playing pool, Vic kept bragging about how he wasn’t going home and was safe and you could see Paul felt kind of guilty. He tried his best to give him hints to prepare him, without actually coming right out and saying it. He must have given him 5 or 6 hints, but ole Vic was so busy bragging, all of the hints went right over his head. At that point I felt more sorry for Paul than I did for Vic. Paul looked a little defeated when Vic didn’t get the hint.

      • Jenny M

        Vic was too busy dreaming about his new career as a soap star/model to hear anything Paul was saying.

  6. Avatar

    “To be fair, there are also two siblings, two Nicoles, and about two actual good players” – ROFLMAO !!!

  7. Elaine

    I am having feed problems. It keeps reverting back to 12:00 am and plays in a loop. Anyone else?

  8. jimbo

    Day wanted Frank out way before the butt pinch or anything, and is using — like Vanessa — some trunmped up outrage to rally the house against him. He may not be Mr. Manners, but the overkill of this is annoying and obviously motivated by Day wanting to get rid of Frank. Frank’s apolgy was sincere on the episode, but Day didnt care — she has ulterior motives in not accepting it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      So what if she is playing it up to get him out. Look at all the “behind their backs” wheeling and dealing Frank is doing to control the house to get out who he wants out. What’s the difference? It might not be a nice thing to do and not something people would do in their regular everyday lives, but this is a game and there is a lot of life changing money on the line. At least the 2 of them are doing SOMETHING! Heck, they might be the only 2 actually playing the game. Everyone else seems so complacent. BB is a game of manipulation as well as comps. Anyone who is there to win had better be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get to the end….except “float”. As for ulterior motive, they both have them. Her in not really accepting his apology, might be to stay mad to stay focused on her goal of getting him out. His in apologizing, might be to keep him on her good side for as long as he needs her. Like it or not, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.

      • Avatar

        Agreed! They are both playing the game really hard. Day is throwing Frank out to the sharks but starting a bashing frenzy! However, if she can keep throwing attention another way, she might make it to the finals this year.
        Frank is just making too many deals. He is playing all the sides too hard. It will be his demise! Day is throwing targets on other peoples back and Frank is putting on one all by himself.

      • Jenny M

        He thought he had apologized. And I think he really meant it. But she didn’t fill him in on ALL of the things that upset her or explain how upset she was. So gee, he didn’t apologize ENOUGH for her. Again, he does and says some stuff that isn’t okay and he should know better, but I really think he is just clueless and if nobody lets him know he’s offending women, he’s not going to know he should stop. He knows that the butt smacking is not okay, but did anybody tell him she was upset about being called a slut, told to shut her mouth, etc? If not, how is he supposed to know that what he thinks is playful teasing with a friend who obviously knows he is KIDDING (in his mind), is in fact upsetting her?

  9. danmtruth

    It is a game I also would not be surprised if Frank did not act that way around Day to get her to react and lash out like she did in her first season.

    The other thing is Except for being a Human Manikin what has Corey done? Distract Nichole The spoiled rich frat brat has done nothing. He is out quickly in most comps Is another Frank the snake boot liker His dismissive view of the women competitors

  10. Shivani33

    Corey is one of my least favs from day 1, but sometimes it just takes awhile to get used to someone. Early on, I read somewhere that he has three housemates IRL and that one of them, whom he never mentions, is Clay Hunnicutt from last Season. I’ve never seen this discussed anywhere; guess it doesn’t matter. But Clay played like a sad-assed dope and so far, Corey is about the same, surviving like a barnacle on Nicole’s boat bottom. All he has going for him so far are a couple of alliances while he strokes the hair on his head. Big whoop.

  11. Jannie

    Oh for crying out loud, now it seems there may be a showmance between Paul Bunyan and Bronchitis.
    I did see him rubbing her leg on the couch last night, and now they were spotted cuddling. Can’t ANY of these idiots just play the damn game and stay out of each other’s pants?
    Please, CBS, I know we say this every year, but put some mature adults in there and not a bunch of beach blanket bimbos.

  12. Avatar

    I would almost agree with that, but watching the loop of the crap he’s said to most of the girls, well, it is not ok. You should not talk to women like that, and he has to know better. When he actually poked at Natalie and called her Fat, I almost jumped through the tv to claw out his eyes. He is a jerk, I used to like Frank, and wrote any of his bad behavior off to being Boogies Mini Me, but it’s become clear that he has no respect for women.
    It doesn’t matter if his Mom and Grandma goose him, and vice versa, he’s talked to them in a way that is unacceptable for a 15 year old that doesn’t know any better. A full grown man… well, it’s pretty clear why he’s stayed single. And also clear why the bubbled headed Mini Mouse 4 year old (as my daughter is 5 and has more since than Bridge) was laying all over him on BBAD.
    He’s gross, if the girls are playing it up GOOD. He should be “put on blast” for it, in a world so filled with sexist, racist, prejudice people, we should all call more people out on unacceptable behavior. And most of them are mad, and just scared to call him out. Granted he did apologize, and while it may have been legit, we’ve seen him repeatedly lye and seem genuine, so why should we or they believe he meant it???? And would anyone be so quick to forgive him, apology or not, if it was them, their daughter, mother, sister??? I think not.

  13. Avatar
    Joy blumenschein

    Why does frank wear women’s tops, t’s and even a blouse? Carries his water everywhere, never sets it down, starting to look kind of weird.

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