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Monday Night Eviction and HoH Thread


Good evening, everyone! Feeds have been down for a big chunk of the day, so I’m not really sure what’s going on in the house but I don’t really expect anything to change from the current plan of evicting Brandi.

Oh, wait, I forgot. They still haven’t played the veto yet so there is still a chance Brandi wins and flips the entire plan around. I guess we’ll find out!

Whether she wins or not, the upcoming HoH is fairly important as right now the house has a bunch of very fragile alliances going on so the right ‘side’ having power could carve a path toward the final 4 fairly easily. Considering they had their super epic endurance competition on Friday night, there is a very high chance that tonight will be some sort of trivia which has proven to be anyone’s game. Just because nobody is expecting it, I’m calling Metta as the next HoH.

  • Here we go!
  • Clips of the last few days
    • Omarosa messing with the house and exposing everything. Pretty solid
  • The people have chosen the VIP veto which means the winner can use it twice if they want
  • Veto competition after the break
  • Puzzle competition. First person to complete it wins.
  • Probably the easiest puzzle in BB history.  9 pieces, all same shape.
    • Metta not even really trying
    • Mark does it wrong
  • The only slightly difficult part is it’s 2-sided
    • Ross wins. Just barely beats out Omarosa
  • They do the decision one at a time.  Ross saves, Oma picks, Ross decides, Oma picks
    • Ross saves himself
    • Metta is the replacement because he wants to leave (wtf)
    • Ross doesn’t use it for the second time
  • Can Brandi stay because Metta is a baby?  Will he completely throw off my prediction where he fluke wins?
  • I’ve been sitting here in shock. Time for the vote…
    • Ross – Metta
    • James – Metta
    • Mark – Metta
    • Ariadna – Metta
    • Marissa – Metta

Double eviction on Friday



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  1. hogwild

    If it’s a trivia challenge for HOH I wouldn’t rule out one of the inflatable swans winning.

  2. Avatar

    I would love to see what a Metta HOH looks like. Who in the world would he nominate?

  3. AIO_7

    I’m thinking that the Spotlight veto won the votes. That’s the one I gave my 20 votes to.

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    *rolls eyes* Seriously America? VIP Veto? They need to stop letting us vote.

  5. Mel

    I wish they had picked spotlight. Ross would have saved himself anyway and it wouldn’t really have messed with the game. It would have been just like a regular win since someone otb won.

  6. Painter1

    Well Ross pulled it off and Omarosa is like!!!!! Not only did she lose her target but now she has a huge one on her.

  7. hogwild

    Another watered down wuss challenge sheesh.

    • Sassy

      They kept trying to get camera angles that made it look a little farther than it really was. Metta probably only needed to take 4 1/2 steps from one side to the other and they could take the pieces in bunches! What a joke!!!

  8. Mel

    Never thought I’d say these words but I feel bad for Omarosa.

  9. Painter1

    Metta, you had a week left your supposed to be a champion,what a chump. Kills the shoe imo.

  10. Colby

    What a total disappointment!
    Unless Mark or James wins HOH, this next week will be totally predictable.

  11. NKogNeeTow

    Was it just me or did it look like everybody was totally ignoring Omarosa in the kitchen…lol

  12. Yael Sara

    So disappointing. I don’t even want to watch tonights episode now. Can’t believe the VIP veto got put through, that it the last one I would have wanted to consider to be played in the game.

    And yet again, what another waste of an HOH. I guess Ross and Marissa have A LOT more fans out there than we thought.”not it”

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Unless Omarosa can win the Veto, she’s toast. Unless James can win either HOH or veto, he’s toast.

    And Drunken Brandi and Manic Marissa, live to see another day.

  14. Yael Sara

    Officially behind either James or Mark to win. Everyone else, you suck!

    And I hope Metta finds that bag of weed!

  15. Shivani33

    I’d like to send love to all the mothers of my kids. Oh, and to my girlfriend. Family is everything. OK yer highn’ass. Bye, Felicia.

  16. Mel

    I still love Metta…I just don’t ever want him near BB again because I love it more. For people who haven’t listened to him interview for years and thought he didn’t make sense:
    If he couldn’t compete, he couldn’t handle the mental part of the isolation in the house. In his mind, he COULDN’T compete because of where he would have taken it. There’s ON and OFF, there isn’t a dimmer switch and his ON is a lot nastier than even hardcore BB fans would like. It’s not an excuse to quit and I’m not giving him a pass but that’s what I beleive he was trying to say.

    I’ve still really liked CBB, been entertained and like that they’re always gaming excepthe during the 2 mercy eviciton which the remaining players hate as well. With the celebrity version, there was always a risk that some would do this because several of them don’t need the money and none of them are trying to become more well known. (even James, he has a very high opinion of himself) That part sucks but so does regular BB when we’re watching a house full of people try to increase their Instagram followers and just make it to Jury. Besides, it’s like eating a huge piece of cake for dessert in a restaurant, getting stuffed and then complaining because you didn’t like the mint they gave you at the end of the meal. It’s BB in February, it’s just a mint. It’s an experiment for CBS and a bonus for us. Omarosa, on the other hand, has a lot to complain about this evening. I feel for her and I don’t even like her.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t know about the first paragraph, but I’m in total agreement with pt.2.

    • Avatar

      I got the impression that it was the isolation before they went in the house that got Metta.

    • Sassy

      “I’ve still really liked CBB, been entertained and like that they’re always gaming excepthe during the 2 mercy eviciton which the remaining players hate as well.”

      LOL! Mel – that is 1/2 the evictions… I think the 2 mercy evictions killed it for me.

      • Mel

        Yes, it suck that 1/2 have been wasted. Lol I’ve liked how much constant gaming some of the others have had going on. It isn’t their fault that all that brainstorming gets wasted by quitters. There has been brainstorming, paranoia and constant changing of minds. That’s what I’ve liked about it. Everyone except the 2 who quit have been playing, thinking and planning. They really want to win. I can even say that about Mark. Watching a floater game is boring as hell butt he’s at least floating with a purpose and he’s said enough to let us know it. I’ve been so tired of sheep for a few seasons that it will take more than a couple of quitters for me to give up entirely.

      • Sassy

        I didn’t get the feeds for the mini season and haven’t watch BBAD. You guys make it sound a lot more exciting than CBS portrays it in their edits. We just see cry babies and quitters.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    What was laughable is Metta telling Julie how cerebral he was and how he got into beast mode and turned everyone against each other. He said he was a fighter but the only thing I saw him fighting for was a way to get out. The whole time he was talking to her, I kept wondering…”What program was I watching because I didn’t see any of that”?

  18. Avatar

    That was just plain pitiful. What a waste of a live episode and an hour of my life. It started with such promise. There was some actual game play. And then nothing. Voting out Metta? Who thinks he has them all on their heels? What a sad BB this is turning out to be. Although, as bad as it is, there’s still more game play than on 19 when they were all mindless sheep.

  19. Mel

    I have a new reason to hate voting. Marissa is convinced that America loves them and that’s why we made the choice we did, it was all to save their group.

    One good thing from tonight will be watching to see if the seeds Omarosa planted take root or if the 4 can rebound and stay together. Honestly, either one of those things happening is a little impressive.

    Marissa is already wanting to give Ross credit for saving them. Ari pointed out that it was Metta, not Ross. When they tried to pull Marissa away from Ross earlier today, Ari is also the one who asked her if she wanted to disappoint her son or Ross. I really like this girl. She’s also the only one in their 4 who won’t openly cut out the idea of working with Omarosa. She’s smart. She’s the one I’d like to see win.

    I’m pulling for Brandi too (I can’t beleive it either) but instead of complaining so much about Ross making deals with everyone, she’d have been better off to do the same thing. if things had gone normally tonight, she’d probably have been voted off because she’s openly been an asshole to James, Mark and Omarosa. It’s entertaining but sloppy game.

    I haven’t written off Ross either and I still like him. He’s playing all sides and a rat game but that’s what he said he was going to do from the beginning. If Omarosa is the only one wanting him gone, he’s doing something right.

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