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Monday Night Updates BBOTT



Good evening, everyone.  I posted that I was going to do some homework, but I ended up keeping the feeds on and have decided to procrastinate instead. Oh well, right?

Let’s catch up on the day’s events, shall we?  It was America’s Nomination and the Veto comp today, and that resulted in a lot of anger on the side of the LNC (or LNJ -whatever).  Danielle became America’s nominee, and that didn’t sit well with Neeley as she spent about 30 minutes ranting and raving about how awful the plastics are. Mostly Shelby, but she basically lumped them all together a few times. According to her, those girls are entitled, rude, and all around awful people who are far worse than anything she has experienced dealing with some of the richest of the rich people in Texas (she works at Nordstroms, so she has experience with the wealthy).

Now, I didn’t actually see the girls gloating, but I think the stress of the house division is simply wearing on her.  One of the plastics said they weren’t really sure how Neeley’s game was, but they expected to find out after nominations, and they certainly did. It turns out, Neeley and Kryssie are no more mature than the girls they spend all night bashing, and are actually pretty sour and petty when things don’t go their way. Keep in mind, nothing really went the girls’ way last week, but they weren’t even remotely as bitter and just mean. I hate to sound like I’m constantly defending them, and I typically root for ‘normal’ people, but Kryssie, Danielle and now Neeley are making it pretty damn hard.


The PoV was played, and Alex and Justin were the ones picked (along with the 3 noms and Scott), and the two picked players were the ones who won.  Scott used the ‘double veto’ reward which meant the top two finishers won the power of veto this week. This sent Danielle into a tailspin for two reasons. The first was because Justin didn’t throw the final round to her even though he was going incredibly slow trying to solve the puzzle (possibly intentionally), and the second was because he picked to play against Danielle in the first place. By picking Danielle when they were down to the final 3, that guaranteed Alex a PoV, but when confronted about that, Justin just kind of played dumb.  Honestly, I believe him. He is new to the game, and I don’t think he had a remote clue on how to handle the knockoff competitions. It’s almost like he picked Danielle simply because Alex just finished a round, so he wanted to be balanced. Is Justin to blame for that?  No. They are for not teaching him the proper way to handle that format of competition.

Alright, time for some nightly updates before I have to head out for a few hours…

  • 4:50pm – Jason is running around the house acting like Harry Potter while wearing Neeley’s glasses.
    • jason-potter
  • 5:30pm – Everyone just hanging out chatting now, back to their normal routine.  I was hoping to blog some drama tonight. Boo!
  • 6:15pm – Indoor lockdown over. The plastics run to the pool table and the LNC head to the smoking spot

Check back for updates



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  1. Shivani33

    Krustie said that she was mad at herself for losing the tetris comp. Morgan, trying to be sympathetic, said Krustie, having played first, was kind of the guinea pig and that made it harder. Well, of course Krustie got offended to be called any kind of “pig” whatsoever. She made a snappy retort and called herself a little piggy. Mental giant. Guinea pig. This is one sensitive (and insensitive) human. Is human okay!?!

  2. Helen

    Really kinda strange seeing the two love birds sitting on opposite sides of room and not up each other’s butts! You would think they would want to be together as much as possible if they think they are going to be apart soon! I mean after all,isn’t Danielle already pretty much got her house with the white picket fence picked out in North Carolina and starting on the wedding invitations? Wonder if she is still going to save up them child support checks to take LNC to Bahamas if she gets voted out? Oh I have so many questions!!!!!!

    • caRyn

      Jason asked Shane if he was going to fall on the sword for Danielle to be able to stay in the BB house. Shane said he wanted to stay and there are other things outside of BB. What does that mean?!

      • caRyn

        Correction – leave out the word “other”.

      • Avatar

        Wow sounds like he may have gotten wise and is pulling away already. He’s been putting more distance between them for the past couple of days.

      • caRyn

        Agree. Convo is at 4:25 pm (PT). Wasn’t that long of a convo but informative.

      • Avatar

        Raider34 He got what he wanted the other night a piece of A….s that is why he is pulling away most guys are dogs MOST GUYS his parents must be so proud of him and hers to . right on national TV but you must know shane is going to be voted out so we will have to get Danielle or keyssie NEXT WEEK

      • caRyn

        Glenda, Shane and Danielle were hooking up every night when they were not in the Have-Not room. I don’t know about what they have been doing in the Have-Not room because I haven’t stayed up. For sure making out. Shelby even commented on them being the worst because they make so much noise kissing.
        Scott will probably send Shane but I am ready for Danielle to go.

  3. Avatar

    Ugh, I wish they could both go this week! The late night people have just blown my mind these past couple days. I don’t see how anyone who watches the feeds can like them. They are all nasty. The BS may talk about them, but they really mostly just state facts and they do not get any where close to being as mean, hateful and nasty as the late nighters. It’s a game. The LNC acts like its life or death.

  4. Helen

    I just hope Alex makes Justin go first!! Or we could still be stuck with both of them!!!

  5. Rita

    Danielle should get a penalty vote for sleeping.

  6. Mell

    Keep in mind, a person can be just as negative but without all the crude language, it doesn’t seem as bad. I’m not defending LNJ as a group but I’ve heard some really awful things from the group of women as well. They arn’t as loud and boisterous but the message is just as ugly sometimes. They have also been on top the past few days so they have no reason to be agitated.

    Krissi is nonstop insults (I’ve had enoigh of her) but I won’t lie and say I’m done with Neeley this soon. Yes, she has shown her ass today but it was also a very low moment for their group. She handled it poorly and seeing Shelby dancing in the mirror sent her over the edge. Shelby had every right to dance and be excited. Maybe I’m naive but Neeley is on probation with me. I need to see if she gets it together and realizes she was becoming what she complains about. If this isn’t her daily reaction like Krissi’s, then I may still root for Aunt Grandma Neeley a while longer.

    I really like Shelby but if you arn’t as enchanted with her as I am, I can see how her nasty comments and smart mouth can be as annoying to the LNJ as Danielle is to us but for different reasons. The Plastics have repeatedly said that they don’t think Danielle is pretty, they are the pretty side of the house, some of the others are jealous of them, etc. That’s just as petty but isn’t laced with foul language.

    I’m not really holding it against either side yet. (that may change) I know how heated I get over something I watch on the feeds and I’m not even inside that pressure cooker of a house.

    As I said, Neeley is on probation with me, I’m kind of liking Scott and I still LOVE Justin and Shelby! Although I don’t like the personalities of all the plastics, I would also enjoy watching a group of women (and very young ones) bulldoze through the house. That never happens. I love a season when I can’t pick a player because I like several instead of because I despise them all! Lol

  7. Avatar

    Please tell me I just didn’t hear Danielle say in her DR on the daily recap that she is doing this all for her son. She is doing everything to make him proud of her! And to let him know you can get anything you set your mind to. I guess she set her mind on looking like a slut on tv! smh

  8. Mell

    I think Friendship Paul will be hosting the hoh comp on Wednesday. He may cuss them all out!!

    • Mell

      Krissi will complain about Scott breaking some mystery rule. Remaining player of Shane and Danielle will cry over their recent loss. Jason will tell him that Shelby is hard to live with.
      Paul will tell them “Never Cared.”

      • Shivani33

        I saw an interview with Paul, and when he was asked about different BBOTT players, he held up friendship (or not friendship) cards. When Shelby came up, he said maybe that’s his future wife. He was kidding around, but I think Paul really likes her and gets her wit. This delights me that Paul might be hosting a comp soon – and maybe he’ll give Shelby an encouraging word. She is my favorite young lady in the house by far.

      • Helen

        That’s so funny because about a week into this I said Shelby and Paul….perfect couple!! Ann or Mell responded back and we were talking about them yelling fuck yous at each other in the street,then kissing Lmao

      • caRyn

        Shelby is my favorite female in the house and Justin is my favorite male. I remember Helen saying Paul and Shelby would be a good couple. I also think it was Mell that said they would cuss one another out and then connect again.
        I didn’t see the interview. Do you remember who Paul liked?

    • Avatar

      It would be great to see FRIENDSHIP and yeah he could teach them all a thing or two about cussing!

    • Avatar

      It’s official Paul posted on his instagam that he is indeed hosting!

  9. Avatar

    I didn’t like Justin at first, but I tell ya the guy is growing on me. Never a dull moment when he’s around.

  10. Avatar

    Random note from today’s feed chat. Paulie and Zakiyah meet Danielle and Shane in a bar, who wins the fight! I think the possibilities are endless!

  11. Mell

    Can you imagine what kind of adorable brat a Justin and Shelby kid would be?

  12. Avatar

    All I can say is Welcome to the future! This is a sneaky ass generation, and they’re all self-righteous. I would never last a day in this house. The plain Jane Plastics remind me so much of all girls Catholic school, walking in a group and entering every room together. Such group think. The LNC has foul mouths, and need to clean it up. I never did trust Southern bells anyway, they talk nice but cut you deep. Alex not only acts like a little dictator, she looks like a dude too. Not the softest girl in the world.

  13. Helen

    I can’t help but want Danielle out this week over Shane!! I know Scott wants Shane to go but oh my!! Course Neely and Krustie may snap on her if she sticks around idk…….it will be hard for me not to vote her out.

      • Helen

        I just keep hoping that Danielle does something to pick up a penalty vote….I was not happy with Scott early this morning trying to make deals with Jason/Justin for himself and Alex while basically throwing the other girls UTB!!

      • Avatar

        I watched that too Helen. I was thinking “what in the hell is he doing”? Did Scott find out Jason ran right back to Shane & told him that he & Danielle are the targets?

      • Helen

        No. not at all….he was talking about doing this a couple of days ago…up in HOH room.
        I can’t remember if he was talking to Alex or was just talking to himself at the time. I think what makes me the most angry at him for doing this is the fact that Shelby (I will admit one of my favorites) has had scotts back since the beginning when it was her,Scott,Jason and Krustie out there in backyard. Alex on the other hand (also one of my favorites) hasn’t. I personally would like to see Alex and Shelby dump his flip flop butt!!!

      • caRyn

        Scott had the conversation with Alex alone in the HOH room. Scott would like Alex, Justin and Jason to work together.

    • Avatar

      Same for me Helen! I think we should vote her anyway. Scot is wanting to break the tie and send Shane out himself!

      • Helen

        I am going to vote for her…..and first chance I get ima gonna put Scotty the not so hottie OTB!!!

      • caRyn

        I will vote out Danielle. Are you also thinking of making Scott a Have-Not again, Helen?

      • Avatar

        I actually like Scott. Besides that, the girls need him right now. We can’t get rid of him just yet if we want the girls to have a chance! That may be the only thing we don’t agree on, Helen lol.

  14. Avatar

    Is it just me or does anybody else think Shane don’t have both oars in the water? He’s not very bright. I like to look at him as long as he keeps his mouth shut because he talks in such low voice that you cant really hear him & if you can its something dumb coming out of his mouth.Danielle does not let him talk. She takes over every conversation & turns it into a story about her.

  15. Avatar

    Justin needs to watch what he says because he does not need to tell them (Scott & Jason) everything & stop talking about how he can run & how good he is at other stuff because he’s putting a target on his back. He’s making himself look like a physical & mental threat. Next thing you know Scott will go & relay the entire conversation to the plastics & they’ll be gunning for Justin.

    • Renee

      I don’t think we need to worry about that Ann. Justin lacks focus, as he showed in the comp where he had to hold the pole. He gets bored easily and has to start dancing around and entertaining himself.

  16. Helen

    My dream team to go to final 3. Alex,Justin and Shelby…….would not mind seeing Neely go to final four IF she can detach from the crowd she’s with!

  17. Mell

    I know their planning for Shane to go but I’m hoping Alex and Scott realize that if they want a side alliance with Justin and Jason, it isn’t a good idea to blindside them 2 days after they discuss it. It’s a smart alliance if the could stick to it. Each side can steer their group and pick the others off. I’m not sure they can accomplish it because Jason’s crew will want to go after Shelby and Scott is not okay with that. Scott’s side may want to go after Justin or Jason before Krissi and that would cause a problem. I can’t tell yet if Alex is only humoring Scott aboit it either because she had a conversation yesterday with one of the Plastics and said Jason and Justin may have to go next. I guess time will tell but the idea is definitely interesting.
    For selfish reasons, I hope they do it because most of the people I like the best would be in that group.

    I couldn’t help but wonder if Monte was somewhere last night watching Morgan getting a foot massage from Justin.

  18. Renee

    What is the guys reasoning for wanting Shane out before Danielle? I find that interesting considering a typical season of BB or Survivor, instinct takes over and each gender doesn’t like to lose a number if forced to choose.

  19. Renee

    Seeing that Danielle likes men with money, if she stays, I could see her hooking up with Justin. They all know he owns a restaurant in Louisiana. They all have enjoyed his cooking. They all comment on his expensive clothing. Sure, it’s not NFL pay, but he has to be doing alright to maintain a restaurant for years in the district it is located.

  20. Shivani33

    Two tidbits from looking around last night: Justin has said that he has attention deficit disorder and takes meds for it. I missed this point before last night but have wondered about it since his first veto comp, plus observing that he moves rapidly from group to group and seems ten times more active than anyone else in the house. Corey sacrificed a lot of himself by not having his meds last Season, and I thought it was unfair to him. You could see him struggling with this often. I hope that Justin got to keep his med schedule uninterrupted.

    On a lighter note, Jason said that he wouldn’t reveal WHO from BB he had a “hook-up” with -let’s get sexual- but would tell when OTT ends. He was chatting with a couple of Plastic ladies and did add, “you’ll be really surprised!” Ah-cha! This is a case for Detective Latoya Jackson. She could get to the bottom of this little mystery. Lol.

  21. Shivani33

    LaToya! If you’ve ever watched her figure things out, that is a mystery in itself. She digs conspiracy theories and was an unforgettable riot to watch on The Apprentice.

  22. Shivani33

    Jason and Justin were talking with Scott about going to the end together, along with Alex. Justin said he wouldn’t even be talking about it without Jason being present, adding that they’re partners. Scott seemed receptive. Then Jason began an out-front campaign for Scott to evict Danielle rather than Shane and listed off how he, Scott, Alex and Justin can start going after the weaker fish from each side as the game progresses.He mentioned Shelby and Whitney as obvious weak players for the LNC to evict. Left unsaid but also obvious is that the Plastics could make countermoves and eliminate Shane, Neely and Krustie. Morgan wasn’t mentioned, but I think that Jason knows that Morgan and Alex are sisters and doesn’t choose to reveal that.

  23. Avatar

    The people on this forum make me feel sad for America, how your able to watch a house full of shitty people and still nitpick which horrid things u accept and which u bug out over is ridiculous. Both sides are the same, one has pretty people and one has the misfits. I for one relate more to the misfits but im not delusional like most here and I think both sides are equally offensive and obnoxious. Passive aggressive BS like the plastics pull just doesn’t get respect from me. I watch for the fights and the strategic gameplay. The fact the plastics aren’t targeting Jason, my favorite, is all the proof anyone needs that they aren’t playing strategic, all it took was 2 weeks to have every single houseguest playing on emotion.

  24. Shivani33

    Jason said it well the other evening, describing himself as the Elmer’s Glue holding the backyard crew together.He is the sun to that little universe, and it’s more like the LNC gravitated to him than that he pulled them together into an us vs. them alliance. I think he sees himself as a free agent who is working to adapt his position to the ups and downs of the game and its players. He breaks the various tensions a lot and does a good job of “doing” while looking as if he’s not doing much at all.

  25. Avatar

    I will be glad when Danielle is gone. I would love to hear what the Plastics will talk about 24/7 then. They are obsessed with her!!!! Get over it-she’s gone. Quite frankly why did Monte feel like Justin was dishonoring them? When Justin talks vulgar, the Plastics get right in. Shelby the witch speaks vulgar too. Lots of double standards in here.

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