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One Day Until Eviction – Big Brother House Still Undecided!


One indicator of a potentially good season is how the first few votes go. in some of the more boring seasons, you had one alpha group that dominated the house and picked off who they wanted at will until the group eventually collapsed on itself creating a blip of drama before the drama faded.

This season appeared to be heading down that path with the three showmances clearly in a great position to just peg people off until there was only six left ready to go to jury. Then Paul came in the house, then Megan self-evicted, and then Paul was given the first temptation which kept him safe for 3 weeks. This all created a chain of events that forced Cody to break his word to his alliance which shattered the group of six before it even got going. To be fair, I use the word ‘forced’, but Cody wasn’t forced to make that move. He chose to do it on his own. I want to call it a dumb move, but getting Paul out wasn’t dumb. What was dumb was going rogue and not securing the support of his alliance before making that move.

Right now the house appears to be:


Alex, Kevin, Jessica, Ramses vs Paul, Matt, Elena, and probably Raven

This leaves Josh, Jason, Mark, and Dominique as wildcard voters this week who need to be flipped one way or another.  Josh is currently leaning towards Paul. Jason is flipping back and forth. Mark appears to be with Paul but Cody thinks he’s just spying for him, and Dom is kind of floating around playing neutral.

Granted all this could change in a few hours when Christmas gets back from her MRI. If she’s forced to exit the game, things will be ugly. Let’s assume that she has to leave the game, here are the options…

  1. Big Brother asks her if she’ll stay another day and volunteer to be evicted – Unlikely because Christmas will say no
  2. Big Brother forces her out of the game which forces Cody to make another nomination
  3. Big Brother forces her out but decides the house has had too much. Cody still makes a nomination but Julie reveals they’re both safe tomorrow night – Unlikely

There is also a chance that Christmas leaves and BB tells the house the week is off, but there is a live show tomorrow night and they can’t have a live show without an eviction. It’s too much work to get everyone together just to tell everyone is safe and watch them compete in an HoH comp.


Alright, enough rambling. Time for updates….

  • 10:45 am – The house is awake and Christmas has left for her MRI. Everyone else is getting ready for the day
  • 11:00 am – Paul is telling Kevin that they have Josh and he shouldn’t be on the wrong side of the house tomorrow
  • 11:30 am – Paul is sitting around the kitchen telling stories about his season.
    • Here is Cody’s face when Paul is telling the part where they got Victor out but he came back and they got revenge…
  • 11:45 am – Jason and Kevin branch off and make fun of Paul’s constant stories about his season.
    • They don’t really care that he was on a previous show (I like these two)
    • Kevin picked up on Paul giving away his plan by saying how he went after showmances last season
    • Kevin says if you take all the mirrors away from the house, you’re going to see a bunch of people hovering around one mirror
    • They joke about how they look in the mirror while talking to each other like this…
  • 12:00 pm – Cody is in the living room with Alex, Jill, and Ramses.
    • Cody points out how Paul was basically making fun of him referring to the past seasons and stupid moves
    • He approaches Ramses and says if he ever needs to get away and have privacy he can go into the HoH room.  Cody is really working these votes
  • 12:20 pm – Jillian tells the group that Shaq went into a restaurant she served at and he apparently tipped $10 for his table of like 20 people
  • 3:00 pm – Got back from a nap, still no Christmas but no announcement, either. An MRI will take awhile so I wasn’t really expecting her to be back already but had to update everyone!
  • 3:15 pm – Update!
    • Christmas is back!
    • She has a broken foot.
    • Producers asked her if she wanted to go home, she said ‘fuck no’.
    • They said they are absolutely not changing up any competitions for her.  The doctors will approve which comps she can compete in, but they’re still going to have running comps, etc.
    • Now the question is whether or not the house will keep her around because she’s lame, or if they’re send her home out of pity

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    11:00 am –” Paul is telling Kevin that they have Josh and he shouldn’t be on the wrong side of the house tomorrow”

    I saw this convo. and it looks like Paul has secured Kevin’s vote.

  2. Alda

    We can only hope Kevin goes with Paul’s side of the house.

  3. Avatar

    and what is jillian doing?just saying omg im in the block and 2 people already got out and im still there,like really…still, i wish alex can get christmas on her side of the house(shouldnt be too hard,all things considered),but her side is voting christmas out…i dont know what to think…also as i predicted dominique is a floater…

  4. AIO_7

    I understand Alex wanting to keep her friend in the house, but I really don’t like this double agent game she is playing; same with the rodeo clown cowboy. (BTW, does he remind anyone else of Terry Bradshaw?)
    Also, I think Alex totally over reacted to the Megan/Arias flare up. I wish Alex could see that Arias has been stabbing her in the back (no pun intended) this whole time.

    • Avatar

      I agree AIO 7 but he also really reminds me of Adam A-baller from BB9 from certain angles.

      • Avatar

        Omgosh! Yes! Adam! I seen him on the feeds the other night, he didn’t have his hat on, I had to stare at him for quite a while trying to figure out who he was! I was like wtf is Adam doing there!!!! Haha! Just add him to,the list of look a likes!

    • NKogNeeTow

      AI, that’s what I thought when he finally took that hat off in the HOH last night. Must be that receding hairline. He’s not going bald, he just has a big forehead 😉

      • Avatar

        Whistle Nut doesn’t have a forehead. He has a fivehead. Hahaha

      • Ann
        Ann (1806 comments)

        @NKogNeeTow, does Ramses have to put himself OTB just once over the next 3 weeks or just 1 time over the next 3 weeks while Paul is safe.
        If I was Paul I wouldn’t give a flying fart about the curse to be unleashed on the house as long as it meant I’d be safe for 3 whole weeks. He needed it. Too bad the curse wasn’t unleashed on Jess or Grody.

  5. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Actually depending on how the HOH goes Alex may run into trouble this next week…..say Kevin and cowboy vote to evict Xmas……next week if Paul or that crew gets HOH Alex will lose a vote…..Grody or Arias will go home….Ramses will more than likely be OTB because he HAS to use his curse this week or next….that’s one vote down on Alex side leaving her,Jillian,Cowboy and Kevin……maybe Arias or Grody….one of them won’t be able to vote along with Ramses…..that will narrow their votes to 5. Even if Xmas goes this week they still have 6 votes on Paul’s side……could be an even more crazy week next week

    • AIO_7

      I can’t think that far ahead; too many variables.

    • danmtruth

      @helen doing that crazy BB math more useful than algebra
      I like how Grody & JesAris complain about the old showmance girls Saying how they have not done anything to deserve to stay Well what has Jess or Jillen done ?

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        I can’t even watch a feed with Jillian in it…..her voice and laugh just drive me up the wall….she has absolutely no personality……all I know for sure at this point is Paul is safe for 2 more weeks……the rest of the house can all scramble …..

      • Avatar

        @helen I feel the same about dim dum. She is so annoying to watch.

    • Avatar

      Grody and Arias? Sorry I must not be up on the nicknames. Explain please.

      • AIO_7

        Cody = Grody, Jessica = Jodi Arias, Josh = Slosh, Elana = Hot Lips, and so forth. Other posters use other names for the housegursts, you just need to hang around enough to catch on to them. Not everyone here condone nickname use, but some of us like to have fun with it.

  6. Alda

    Just watching Grody on BBAD makes me want to puke!Now he’s talking about how he’ll take down Matt.Arias is talking about knives.Such a nice couple!!

  7. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Ramses lied to Alex and Jillian last night….they asked him who else he told about the curse….he said Paul knows…..he neglected to tell them hot lips was the first one he told…….

  8. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I just can’t watch feeds today….too many days of the same [email protected]@t ……
    Kevin,Ramses,Cowboy,Alex are all voting to keep Jillian……today and tomorrow they will go hard for Josh’s vote….he is the true swing vote …
    Paul told Kevin that Josh is voting to keep Christmas…..Kevin is the only person he has told…….Kevin may just put himself to Paul as being a weak link depending on who Kevin shares that info with

  9. Avatar

    I’m starting to not care for Alex with how oblivious she is to Cody/Alex. Has she forgotten they wanted her gone?! Her loyalty to the weaker players (Ram, Jill and Jason) is going to risk her position going for. I hope she snaps out of this stupidity she’s displaying and realize the sudden interest Cody/Jess has in her is only temporary till they regain power.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I agree Cyn…..she has 3 of the weakest players in the house…game wise and physical……the only person right now she thinks she has is Grody and he can’t play HOH this week…..Ramses does not want HOH so that really narrows her field….Arias will get rid of Alex in a heartbeat……Alex had some real potential coming into this game but her strategy so far is not really in her best interest….she needs to wake up real quick because her friendship with Jillian is not going to take her too far……

  10. danmtruth

    Alex keeps hanging on to the idea Grody respect her game play That he threw the veto to her She forgets that JessAriias wants her out Grody only did that so he could try to backdoor paul
    Has Jillean started to fluff up Josh yet for his vote As Grody and Jess wanted ?

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  12. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Well……Kevin just sealed the deal with Grody to keep Jillian…..followed with a handshake……I am soooo disappointed with Kevin……these people really have poor judgement with character

  13. nancy

    I hope Christmas doesn’t get her MRI results today (I don’t think most people get their’s the same day) and they just let the vote play out tomorrow night. Then if she has to go (if she’s still there) it’s a new week with a new HOH.

  14. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Per jokers….Grody tells Arias he hopes Paul’s safety pisses off fans…… he really that stupid? Fans are the ones that gave him safety !!!

  15. Shivani33

    Paul is the only one who knows that Kevin took the $25,000, right? Kevin told no one else, and Paul has kept his secret, as far as I know. If anybody has different info, I’d like to hear it.
    I don’t know whether Kevin meant what he said to Cody about voting out Christmas or not. One thing Kevin does know is that nobody is coming after HIM right now. Maybe Kevin is having some fun riding the middle of the entire muddle. I wonder if he gives a hoot at all about who gets the ax. He could even be working with Paul and making fun of him at the same time. Man of Mystery, lol.

    Until we know what’s up with Christmas, I’m just waiting to see what changes her situation brings or doesn’t bring.

  16. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I’m starting to get a little nervous about Christmas…..she’s been gone about 4 hours now. Might not be a good sign.

  17. Lynn

    I’m not sure who I want to win this season……,but I am CERTAIN that I will be elated when Paul is gone. I don’t like his arrogance, his condesending attitude and the main problem – his TOTALLY unfair advantage handed to him by CBS. Not cool at all.

    • Avatar

      I unfortunately have to agree with you Lynn, I love Paul but his over the top narcissism this year has been unbearable. Having 1 returning player with america having a vote is completely unfair.

      • AIO_7

        As much as I have to agree with both of you, I have to continue to support Paul in the battle with Bonnie & Clyde.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        I respectfully disagree…..coming back as a vet is a huge disadvantage in this game. You automatically have a target on your back….CBS didn’t give Paul 3 weeks safety…we did….just like this week…so far polls shoe xmas winning,which was happening before she had her foot broken.
        Paul is and always was a larger than life character…that’s why he and el fit Vic were fan favorites most of season…
        If these houseguest sdon’t want to know about Paul’s experiences maybe they should quit asking him? Because they all do ask him….problem with Paul is once he’s on a roll he keeps on rolling…
        I’d much rather watch Paul pontificate than listen to Grody slam interracial couples or the transgender population.

      • AIO_7

        Hear, hear, Helen!

      • Avatar

        While I agree with both you Lynn and you Raider that Paul can be super annoying and he uses the f bomb waaaay too much he may be the only one who can herd this group of cats. All I know for sure is that I want Grody and Jessica Rabbit gone.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t care for Paul last season but he is one of my faves this season because most of the rest of the cast sucks!!!! Cmon, grody? Jessica grande? Josh? Jason?? Dom??? Raven??? Jillian??? Sucky cast of dum dums.

    • Avatar

      I know Paul can be nuisance to everyone but he keeps it entertaining and it will be interesting to see how far he can using his strategy. The may talk a lot but he’s truly a social butterfly

    • feltso gudinya

      i agree with you, and i am unanimous in that……….

  18. Avatar

    So i have never posted before but i feel like i wanna add to the “Hot Lips” convo. She is on the radio station that I listen to on my way to work but she never talks about anything other than social media. She is actually called the Selfie Queen. I find her so trashy on this show but she is acting just like she talks on her 15 min of fame a week on the radio.

  19. Avatar

    I swear I adore this blog. I know in the past we’ve all had our favorites. But the aliases you guys come up with is freaking hilarious! I think the most creative one has been Jessica aka Jodi Arias and I followed that case so Jess must really come off crazily obsessed with Cody (Grody).

    • NKogNeeTow

      You too Cyn? I was FASCINATED by that case. I followed the entire trial on what use to be Court TV. I’ve been having withdrawals every since they’ve taken off the televised trials here. I also followed the entire Casey Anthony trial. I’m completely obsessed with anything legal…especially the trials.

      • Avatar

        Did you follow the Aaron Hernandez trial too? It was a sad ending because so many families were affected by the actions of one man who lived so recklessly. Yet I still feel bad that he ended his life that way. I’m still not certain if it was suicide.

      • AIO_7

        NK: I was all over the Casey Anthony case and trial too.

        Cyn: I suspect that “suicide” too.

      • Colby

        Me too, NK.

      • Avatar

        Me too NK! Trial junkie!!! Also watched the Morman doctor who killed his wife. The one with the mistress named Gypsy. Hewas horrible! Sent his 6 year old daughter in to find her mothers body. Low.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I can’t find the trials on TV anymore. I miss them SO much 🙁

    • AIO_7

      Gross. Speaking of JODY, the are smooching up in the HOH right now. Cyn, for me it’s not JessA’s “obsession” (she’s just using Grody), but I can see JessA having a similar outlook on life and relationships as the real Jodi. And I wouldn’t put anything past a schemer like JessA.

      • Avatar

        I keep hearing everyone mentioning her with using knives? I haven’t heard her say anything about knives. But she manipulate others well. The girl is good in scary way. lol

  20. Seattle Kari

    Does anyone know what the curse is yet, and who is getting it?

    Hope everyone had a great 4th! Seattle was nice with mid 70s. Perfect for me! 😉

  21. Avatar

    I feel bad for Christmas. Hopefully she’s a mental beast as we all expected her to be physically. But this injury is a huge hindrance for her now. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

  22. AIO_7

    Christmas is back. I hope some of the undecided voters realize that it is to their advantage to keep a player who won’t be able to compete in many competitions.

  23. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Actually Xmas is better off with fracture…..torn ligaments take much longer to heal.

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