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Over The Top Saturday Afternoon Updates

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Good morning, everyone! Sorry I crashed a bit early last night, but by the time I got home, I was beat.

Anyway, before I begin. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but each blog post has an info box automatically added to it.  It has the typical ‘follow me blah blah’ crap, but I am also adding relevant links to the show in there.  Like right now I have alliances, rankings, and will be adding the schedule today. I put it inside each post because a huge portion of my viewers are mobile users, so it’s easier to see those links rather than scrolling way to the bottom of the page (where they are also at).  You can see information better on the desktop version, but not everyone is on their PC

While so far this season, it has been pretty easy to keep up with the feeds for the most part, I do occasionally miss some stuff, so if there is anyone keeping track of alliances and things like that, add me on facebook so I can have an updated alliance page. This season is a work in progress for adding more information for you guys, this way I am on top of the game before BB19 starts, so I’m still working out the kinks.

Today, there will be a safety meeting, which I hear Monte will pick 4 people who are safe.  I think tomorrow he will pick the rest, and the two remaining people will be noms. Based on that, and the HoH competition, it seems this is how a lot of competitions will go this season due to the fully live feeds. During the summer shows, they cut the feeds for 4-5 hours and get a lot of crap done that can be re-capped, but this season they want things to play out throughout the week rather than banging stuff out all at once.  It’s why I think the Veto competition and future HoH comps may be a similar pace as the first HoH comp (which is fine by me)

Alright, updates.. This waking up early thing for the house is crazy…

  • 10:00am – Shelby is checking in with Scott.  I guess they have the Jamboree alliance going on which also includes Jason, Justin, and Kryssie. Monte making it pretty clear that Jason is the target this week is making this alliance scramble a little. We’ll see how today goes
    • They call for an indoor lockdown. Wonder how long this will be
    • The outdoor workout crew shifts inside. Gotta respect their dedication
    • monte-neeley-morgan
  • 10:30am – Another potential alliance alert. Alex is working Cornbread for a southern alliance (so, most of the house?)
    • In the workout room, Danielle is speculating about BB18. She says if they took Nicole to the f2, Nicole would have won (she’s smart)
    • If Paul and James went to f2, James would have won. (I agree, though Da’Vonne says Paul would have won)
  • 10:45am – Lockdown is over. Guess it wasn’t for havenot
  • 11:00am – The girls are in the bathroom talking about how interesting some of the people are. Whitney seems to be amazed when she hears stories from others
    • girls-bathroom
    • They talk about how wild Shane apparently is, and that is surprising to me. He does seem Lowery, but he loves to party
  • 11:15am – Monte is talking to Alex in the storage room.
    • He wants to use this safety thing as a strategy. He wants to put people who wouldn’t expect safety as safe first to see reactions
    • Jason approached Monte some time recently and said he’d join Monte and Shane, but no way
  • 11:30am – Scott, CB, Shelby and Alex were in the kitchen talking
    • As soon as the girls leave, CB tells Scott “She gets on my fucking nerves”.  I guess he’s talking about Shelby since he’s cool with Alex
    • The girls come back in the kitchen briefly for Shelby to make fun of Scott’s slow dishwashing skills
    • alex-cornbread
    • Shelby heads back outside, and CB quickly tells Alex how annoyed he is with Shelby.
  • 11:45am – Shane says that he put Tool and Perfect Circle on his list.  I knew I liked Shane
  • 12:30pm – Shelby and her new hat are playing chess with Scott
    • shelby-hat
    • Before that, the four girls were in the storage room talking strat.  They didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, but it sounds like the sisters and Whit are the primary, and Shelby is the add-on
  • 1:00pm – Havenots should be revealed soon
    • Everyone is hanging around the house.  Alex and Shelby are playing fake chess while chatting
    • alex-morgan4
    • Scott comes up and eats his kiwi with the skin on. Channels his inner Michelle
    • No sign of anything HN yet. Maybe it’s a little delay
  • 1:30pm – Nothing yet, going to step away and bang out a lab assignment (first time doing school at same time as BB)
  • 1:45pm – Back, quick lab.  I have a test to do later, but I want to wait until the lockdown is over.  Right now they’re locked inside for what I assume is some HN thing. Competition?
  • 4:30pm – It looks like the lockdown was just about the drone they saw. Lockdown ended sometime during my nap
    • Whitney appears to be in 24h pjs already, and it hasn’t even been a week
    • girls-backyard
    • Alex talks about how she is all about credit card rewards for travel. Yup, I’m pretty sure I would be bff’s with her if I was in the house.  Gamer, Pokemon Go, Chase Sapphire.
    • If you’re wondering, I used Chase Sapphire rewards to pay for my Disney trip.  If you have good credit, look into them
    • Alex was found for BB through her application to The Amazing Race
  • 5:15pm – Everyone hanging outside (mostly everyone). I’m going to close this thread and open a new one in an hour or so to prepare for the safety meeting

Check back for updates



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