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The decision to keep Tiffany just keeps looking worse and worse by the minute, and as someone who likes to say “I told you so”… well, I told you so. Not you readers, but the houseguests. When they get out and search the internet for their season, they’ll find me saying how dumb it was to keep Tiffany over Bronte. The formula is pretty simple. If you have a chance to take out a strong player, you take out that strong player. It’s not rocket science. It’s not brain surgery. It’s basic Big Brother strategy. The freakin’ tagline of the show is ‘expect the unexpected’, so if you’re making moves under “If’s”, you’re putting yourself in a bad situation. I’m not saying players shouldn’t look ahead and plan out a bunch of contingency plans, but to make one and then hope the pieces fall into places is just bad gameplay. It would be like an NFL coach gameplanning around facing a team that has a strong running game. He focuses all week to stop the run game, and keeps going with that plan even though the opposing team is throwing 500 yards on their team.


Sorry for the football reference, but it is one of the closer things I can think of where you need to not only plan for one situation, but plan for about 10 different scenarios should that plan crumble.

Here is the situation in the house now. Tiffany won the roadkill competition, and she put up Corey. While it’s hard to tell if this further solidifies her relationship with Frank (neither he nor Bridgette were eligible), but it’s clear she is going after the people who are going after Frank. Who knows?  We’ll find out later this week. I was out all day and night (thank you a TON Amy for covering), so I don’t have a feel of the house right now. Let’s see what’s going on…



  • 8:45pm – Da’Vonne, Sunburn, Nicole, Paulie and Corey are in the safari room talking about Tiffany.  Sounds like Frank is going to get off from being their scorn of the week, and it’s going to go to Tiffany.
    • Paulie is trying to play innocent about Tiff’s ‘dictator’ comment. Please. He was one of the people who encouraged her to make a speech. He is the one who told her to pretend she thought she was safe, but to act like Frank thinks she’s going home.
  • 9:00pm – Tiffany is talking about how sweet and kind she is to James while saying how rude everyone is. She’s trying to find a loyal alliance, and James asks which is the loyal one. She doesn’t know
    • Frank was talking to Paul in a bedroom for a bit. They finish up and Paul runs right to the big group to let them know that Frank trusts him
    • While talking to Paul, they were talking about loose cannons and mentioned how Paulie is kind of a loose canon. Paul of course runs in and tells Paulie right away
    • I am starting to get disappointed in Paulie. He is getting seriously arrogant. I heard him talking about his wrestling career earlier and how he never lost.  Oh boy
    • Oh man, if this is going to be another week with 2-3 groups all split apart just talking crap about each other, I’m going to cry. Let’s see some drama. Confrontation. Stop acting like Mean Girls.
  • 9:20pm – Bridgette and Tiffany are casually talking in the bedroom. Things have settled down a little. I am kind of hoping it doesn’t flare up tonight because I am about to crash
  • 9:30pm – Yea, house is eating and there is no way I’m going to be able to stay awake for it to pick up again. Time for a quick nap, for about 7 hours

overnight in the morning


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  1. Avatar

    Golden opportunity missed to take out Tiffany..that second guessing and cockiness got to Day. Love Day but she too damn cocky.

  2. Avatar

    This is interesting especially if Nicole plays PoV if she pulls her showmance partner off I wonder who Tiff would put up especially if they learned from last night just because your nice doesn’t mean your safe. But if she pulls Tiffany down then Paulie will be choosing who to replace her with. He is limited in his options on who to put up if she does that.

  3. Avatar

    Maybe what’s going on with Tiffany will wake the house and they will finally get her the hell out. Let’s just hope she doesn’t win any comps..

  4. Avatar

    Why are they questioning Paulien now? He’s won 2 HOH and 1 POV and kept have of them from going on the block thus far. I foresee alliances shifting over the next few days. One thing is for sure, Paul has Paulie’s back.

  5. Avatar

    With the way things change in the house, who in the hell knows for sure what’s going to happen or who will be evicted next.

  6. Avatar

    I actually hope Tiff wins veto. This we’re all in this together to get out one person bs has been going on all summer. Tiff comes off. Paulie would have to pick from Paul, Nichole, Day, James, and Z. He’s not picking Z. Chances are he picks Paul to try to lessen the blood on his hands. But James is going to want Nat safe. Nic is going to want Corey safe. If everyone gives in and gets rid of Paul, That’s another guy out. If not and Corey or Nat for home, Frank can probably sweet talk his way into get more allies, evening the house up a bit and making it a true US vs. Them instead of US vs. him. AND if Nat goes, James will be the only unicorn left, most likely signalling an end to the teams. Which once again puts Frank in a situation where he’s comfortable, win to stay.

    • Avatar

      Me too or Nicole wins pulls off either her showmance Corey leaving Tiff on the block and Tiff gets to nominate either Paul, James, Day or Z. If Nicole wins and pulls off Tiff then Paulie will probably go for Paul for less blood because he is too chicken to put up James or Day and he definitely won’t put up Z.

  7. Avatar

    What’s wrong with Corey besides being pissed at Tiff for putting him on the block? He said something to Frank about being afraid he was about to have a seizure earlier.

    • Avatar

      Since Corey has been a Have Not, he has not been able to sleep well, the little Bumper Cars don’t accommodate his 6’4 Frame. He also keeps talking about how he “Blacked Out” too, Idk much about that though.

  8. Avatar

    Day needs to Wake Up, & engage with the other HG, because they are ALL Plotting to put her up as a replacement for Natalie, or Corey…

    After her talk with Frank, she should have done what Zakiyah does, and repeat the WHOLE conversation, because her Goose is Cooked. Day has lost Michelle, Zakiyah, Paulie, James, and she never had Nicole or Corey.. Sad, because the rest of the HG are Boring, and without Day it will be SNORE CITY!

  9. Avatar

    Hey Everyone! My thoughts are none of this would be happening if it weren’t for this dumb idea to put them on teams or by having it still go on for this long in the game, I look forward to the team aspect going away so Bridgette and Frank are not protected with safety because Pauloe does all the work. And leave Day alone she was only trying to figure out a way to get frank out, everyone complained about him but no one had any good strategies or ideas to get rid of him except for her. Most of the time house flips work just this time it didn’t because of the team aspect.

  10. Shivani33

    Paul has sooo worn out the treads on his perpetual use of the word “friendship.” Enough of the monotony already, Paul. Find a new line. Both Day and James are taking a liking to Corey being on the block. Frank is pleased, too. Watching Frank reminds me of Charles Darwin’s observation that adaptation is the key to survival. He might not be a smooth operator, but he is one helluva fast operator. He extends just enough rope to lasso someone or to watch ’em hang, and any which way works for him.

  11. danmtruth

    Shivani33 great point about adapting. Even tho you look long term to final 2 dont get locked in list of who needs to go before others . And never ever tell people your grand list. This was the thing Derrick did well Planted seeds of doubt but let others feel like the chose who to go home He knew everyone had to go just did not care what order. That’s why this week Day and James will have no problem voting Corey out

    Steavebeans your preaching to the choir with TiffVan2 The ” house ” made a BIG mistake in not evicting her. Funny thing is that it’s the same thing that happen to her sister.

    Rumor and innuendo or going to be weapons this week. Tiff will keep mining for bits of gold . She says stuff just to get reaction to watch to see who people run too. She uses algebraic logic . She knows what happen she just needs to fill in the players who made it happen . So she knows little bits of info tells someone she knows all about a plan drops hints than lets the other person fill in the details

    This makes Nichole a very week player she is easily distracted by whats being said Now that Corey is on the block she is blinded to long term goals Her only concern is saving Corey After that it will be who got hom out. Thats when Frank and Tiff will point to Day and simple minded Nichole will buy into it

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      Jake from state farm

      How can you say that Nicole is a weak player? Last time she played, she went after Frankie, when everyone was afraid. It got her evicted twice.

  12. Avatar

    I would love for COREY to go. That would be a a blow to Nicole. She plays with no spine. I cant stand to watch her style of gameplay.

  13. Avatar

    I would love Frank, Day, Paulie, Tiff, and Paul to team up secretly. That would be a killer alliance. And watch them pick off the riff raff (Bridgette, Corey, Z, Nat, and even Mich and James who I like).

    Those four would be great to watch as a final four.

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    Have you been receiving complaints since you switched to the new format from people having difficulty opening your postings. A lot more often than not now, I’m able to open the initial page where you show the snipits from each posting; however, when I click on “Read More” it starts to open up the full posting, then it flashes off and I get an “Apologies, Encountered error message”. This morning, I’ve been trying to open last night’s posting (7/17/16) and it’s clicked off on me at least a dozen times already.

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