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shelly fortune teller
Shelly better stray praying to her fortune teller

The PoV Results Are In…

shelly fortune teller
Shelly better start praying to her fortune teller

So the feeds are back up, and Rachel won the veto which means Rachel and Jordan are off the block, and Shelly and Adam will be their replacement.   This means Shelly will be voted out on Thursday most likely, and it also means Rachel and Jordan will be competing against Kalia and Adam for the HoH this week.   There is an extremely good chance Rachel or Jordan will be HoH on Thursday because of that, so the vet fans have reason to celebrate tonight.


What this means:

Rachel and Jordan will be off the block tomorrow, and by default, Adam and Shelly will be their replacements.   It already sounds like Shelly is their #1 target, and they have complete control of the votes this week as Kalia is the only other person able to vote.

What are your opinions on it?  Leave the comments below, but be civil to each other and the houseguests please.

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It sounds like it was an endurance competition, and Adam said as soon as he saw it, he knew Rachel was going to win.   Speaking of Adam, here he is suddenly chatting with Rachel and Jordan….

Adam flipping alreadyIn the words of Daniele.. … SHOCKER!

Meanwhile, in the pantry, Kalia still has a shocked look on her face.  So close to $500k, but was a Pandora’s box away from possibly going to jury soon…



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  1. Avatar
    KEG (26 comments)

    I am thrilled, I had to keep reading it I couldn’t believe it, revenge is sweet, about time Rachel stepped it back in her game

    Start shaking newbies

    • Avatar
      bandar singh (63 comments)

      Another ploy by CBS to stack the deck in favor of the vets.
      Bringing back Brendan was an epic Fail. All the polls I saw had Cassi far ahead of everybody then at the last minute Brendan was “chosen” by America. Now they are trying desparately to salvage this loser season by giving Brencel and Jeff & Jordan still another chance to win. Shame on you CBS. Shame on you. The Newbies never had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Jeff got all the prize money except what Porsche just got and Jordan already has 500k from last year. Guess you are trying to give Brenchel their dream wedding. Why can’t they just get quicky wedding in Las Vegas and be happy until they can afford it? I am very dissappointed. Why not bring back Dani or Cassi? Oh that would not help the chosen couples. Rachel is such a poor choice to try and help. She has no admirable qualities. She is a poor sport, evil, coniving, phoney and unbalanced.

      • Avatar
        Janice (15 comments)

        Those polls didn’t include the text messaging from people’s phones. You were allowed 15 votes per person. 5 text messages and 10 votes on online cbs bb website. I used all my votes on Brendon. so did lots of other people who were aligned with jj and br

      • Avatar
        bandar singh (154 comments)

        you must have spent you cigarette and beer money on voting huh?

      • Avatar

        She is a poor sport, evil, coniving, phoney and unbalanced.
        ^god that’s exactly why cbs wants to keep her. who would watch a show full of nice chicks and sweet guys? it’ll be full of “oh here, you take the hoh”, “oh no you take it”, “oh but you tried so hard”, “oh but your hair looks nice.”

        the basis for reality shows is drama. no drama queen, no drama, no show. it’s all about the money whether you like it or not. so get over it, there is a reason why cbs does what they do. and it’s not to teach you some morals about who should be rewarded and who should be punished.

  2. Avatar
    Shana (2 comments)

    How are Jordan and Rachel both off the block?

  3. Avatar
    Brenda (2 comments)

    I love it, please Rachel stick with Jordan, she certainly has stuck with you the last several weeks. I hope P & K ‘s egos are bruised a bit, after all a few hours ago Miss P stated she didn’t think she’d have a problem winning the POV.

  4. Avatar
    RaJo Fan! (7 comments)

    Ding Dong Shelly Gone!!! Wooohoooo!!! I noticed Adam is now trying to talk with Jordan and Rachel again, in the last 24 hours he has been pretty much considering them a nonfactor in this game… things sure change quickly in that house!! Im soooo excited!!

  5. Avatar
    Lindsey (5 comments)

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS RACHEL WON POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!! That means Rachel & Jordan are safe this week & they are most likely safe next week too because I have a feeling 1 of them is going to win HOH! I can’t wait to see Shelly go to the jury house. She deserves to go there. She is one of the two people who are responsible for Jeff leaving. Its not over yet for the vets & the newbies thought they had this game in the bag. Are you people wrong. Way to go Rachel.

  6. Avatar
    nicole (1 comments)

    I’m soooooo glad that Rachel & Jordan are safe from elimination. The newbies really felt like they had total control over the house & today they got a wake up call! I cannot wait until Shelly is evicted on Thurs. She deserves to go for all her lies & betrayal.I hope Jeff rips her a new a-hole at the Jury house!

  7. Avatar
    Lilly (1 comments)

    I am so happy right now. Please send Shelly home. It will be a joy to watch the live feeds tonight and see Rachel and Jordan smiling, the lying Shelly crying and the two smug faced valley talkers worried! Way to go Rachel! Please do not screw up and send Adam home.

  8. Avatar
    team Rachel/Jordan! (: (1 comments)

    way to go RACHEL! now you can finally get Shelly out! Rachel, you are the best BB player EVER! you are by far the most hated on the show this season, but you have managed to stay here despite everything; you are a true fighter, people are afraid of you! you could of easily been gone weeks ago, but you fought & now look, you are in the final 5! you or Jordan win HOH next week, & nominate Kalia & Adam, then send Kalia out of here! final four RJPA! way to go Rachel, I am so proud of you! (:
    team Rachel. ♥

  9. Avatar

    What happened to Kalia’s arm? Bedsores?

  10. Avatar
    cbsproducer (2 comments)

    in the next twist, CBS plans to give permanent POV to anyone with boyfreinds named Jeff or Brendan…Seems fair to me.

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  12. Avatar
    cbsproducer (2 comments)

    In the final twist, CBS has decided to allow Jordan and Rachel to replace any remaining houseguests with two men of their choice from the jury house. The jury will then be replaced by CBS staff and you only get to vote if you are married to the president of CBS.

  13. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (19 comments)

    Shelly hasn’t won anything so she deserves to go. Adam is so lucky and will continue to be as the other 4 fight it out. He will likely float right into the top 3.

  14. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    this is a manuipulation created by cbs.. conspiracy!!! they wont jordan to win again……is Les Moonves sleeping with jordan and/or Jeff?

    • Avatar
      Faust (216 comments)

      I mean, it is manipulation, but it’s not because they hate Kalia or love Jordan or Rachel. They love RATINGS, and don’t want a house full of (literal) sleepers.

      It’s also somewhat of a signal to future BB contestants. If Kalia and Porsche made it to the end, the contestants on the next season would spend the summer sleeping, and no one would watch. So they’re sending a very clear signal to the Season 14 cast: If you try to hide all summer, we will make sure you do not get to the end.

      • Avatar
        bandar singh (154 comments)

        the newbie cast did fall asleep at the wheel after cassi and dom got evicted for trying to get the ball rolling.

    • Avatar
      bandar singh (154 comments)

      Freaky things happen in Hollywood

  15. Avatar
    marg7117 (1 comments)

    I hope to heck Shelly does go home. Yes I relaize it is a game but she pushed the friendship thing to far with Jeff and Jordan. She has a daughter, how could she break Jordans heart like that did you see her crying, it killed me. I can only imagine what her daughter thinks of her now. That is kind of scarey to think you could change your kids perception of you but I am sure she did. I didn’t want the VET’s to win. Infact, I didn’t feel they belonged in the house at all but now that they are there I can’t see anyone in the hosue I would rahter win than Rachael and Jordan. I was an Adam fan until he flipped to the “dark side”. If he won, not so bad as K&P.

  16. Avatar
    Shawn Hill (1 comments)

    Uh did I miss something??? Why are so many people against Kalia??? She’s won two HOH and evicted Jeff. I CALL THAT AWESOME GAMEPLAY!!! I’m not sure about a CBS conspiracy to let the vets win, but it does look pretty damn shady.

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