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Power Rankings! Not Much Change At All



Liz is going to be pretty lonely soon

 Good afternoon, everyone. I haven’t done an ounce of research whether or not there have been leaks to the eviction last night, so perhaps this looks stupid putting Steve so high if he’s out of the house. That said, it’s been a nice break, and have been able to catch up on a ton of schoolwork, so I’ll go into tonight surprised if he is evicted.

That said, it doesn’t really change the rest of the rankings.  Austin dropped a slot, but I feel pretty confident about where the house is heading. Vanessa has had peaks and valleys, but she has controlled the house throughout. At this point, I think they’re all kind of terrified to actually try to take her out, and with no more double evictions, they lost the chance to do it painlessly.


Here are the rankings….

(btw, 8 nominations for John?  Wow)

[table id=11 /]


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    Ummm, pretty sure that’s a pic of Julia Beans.

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    It’s ironic that Steve & John are near the top, after both of them were considered have nots for the better part of the season.

    I am really looking forward to these next two shows. If Austin goes tonight, and Vanessa tomorrow, we will finally see the house-flip that Becky tried to start so many weeks ago.

    I am curious about the chessboard. Was it always there ? In any event, the chessboard, and the games that they have been playing this season remind me about the house itself. Strategy. Who can make a move now that will come into play later on.

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    That’s right, Stevebeans. The house missed their opportunity to get out Vanessa during a double eviction when it would have been painless — without a week of her mouth in everybody’s ears. During Sunday’s episode, I turned the channel during her interrogations; I just couldn’t take it anymore. And, I turned it again during the Ariana/Frankie Grande “extravaganza”. Give me a break!

    • Jannie

      I would have thought that going to an Ariana Grande concert with Frankie would have been more like a punishment rather than a luxury reward. I was one of the few who actually didn’t mind “the Mango” last year, but he was over the top on Sunday…

      BBAD was on last night, but it was filmed during the day.
      Production gave them a tie-dye shirt kit with shirts for everyone(to which Liz promptly turned up her nose and said ‘Ewwwwww…why are these shirts so cheeeaaappahhh!’), Lincoln Logs, and a Jenga game to try and keep the HG’s awake for filming, but they all just looked at the stuff and went back to bed. We were treated to what could be the last big creepy Liztin make out session(please!) JMac and Steve sleeping, and Vanessa lining up her Skittles and pacing the house.

    • ChiKelz

      DebMuse, I’m with you on that. I DVR’d it and zoomed through all of her bulls%*t and all of Frankie’s skipping and fluttering around. UGH as soon as I saw his pink hair and the silly ass clapping thing he does….zooooommmm! Zoomed right through him and I stopped to hear his sister and I wasn’t impressed and zoooooommmm! I think I finished that episode in 14 minutes??? Maybe!!!

    • Avatar

      I fast forwarded evertime I heard Vanessa’s voice & damn near gagged when Frankie came on. I didn’t watch him or the concert. If I had gotten that curse, I would’ve given it to someone else because I sure wouldn’t have went. Luxury my ass!!!

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    Watching Frankie fangirl his own sister the other night was nauseating. He’s so gross to me. I do hope Austin gets the boot tonight, but this season’s been so predictable, they’ll probably evict Steve. Going back to last week, and Julia’s interview with Julie – that business about Austin being a good fit for her sister, and that’d he’d be welcome at Christmas dinner had me screaming at the tv. There is no way in hell their parents think that cromagnon with personality disorder is husband material for their daughter!! So so gross. He needs to go.

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      After watching the way Austin & Liz acted on national tv was disrespectful to her family. At least I would’ve felt disrespected, pissed, embarrassed & mad as hell if were my daughter. I know Liz is an adult but as a woman she shouldn’t want to be groped, stalked or treated like someones property. Damn, she’s only known the man all of 5 minutes. Not to mention being a homewrecker. If he so easily turned his head on his girlfriend at home after giving that speech about his queen waiting at home for him & not wanting a showmance. Well Liz, he did it to his girlfriend at home (cheated with Liz), what makes you think he’s not going to do it to you (cheat with someone else)?
      As a parent I would be mad as hell if my daughter brought home a guy like him & I’d be pissed at her too for her choice in men & not thinking more of herself or wanting better.
      I would have a few choice words for the both of them when she came home & if he showed up at my house for Christmas, it would be all I could do not to kick him in the nuts & sick the dog on his ass.
      Liz is not the type of woman I would want my son to bring home either. Wtf is wrong with these people?

  5. Renee

    I would love to know if Shelli and Clay still think they are going to be a couple. Clay has been doing events with Audrey and the two of them post pictures together all the time at parties.

    • Jannie

      Clay is from TX and Audrey from GA(Shelli is too). Not like they’re neighbors.
      Still blows my mind that people actually want BB cast members at their “events.”
      Hey, I am a fan, but that’s kinda silly…

      Guess I’m just old and not into what the kids are doing these days.


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      I really doubt Clay would be romantically interested in Audrey. I don’t think he has anything against Audrey, and she is an attractive woman, but it’s gotta be nearly impossible for most men to get over the fact that she was once male.

      But, I also doubt Clay and Shelli will last more than a few weeks at most outside of the Big Brother house. Same with Liz and Austin. It’s one thing to hook up when there are only 6 other people of the opposite sex you can talk to, another when you have millions to choose from.

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    I just get this gut feeling that Steve will go then Vanessa will work with Austin/Liz to oust John then she will get rid of Austin and be at the final 2 with Liz….Van can easily convince Liz that Austin is against her and for himself and that she would have a real shot at winning against her do to her HOH wins. The boys are not that gullible. Remember how fast she turned BOTH twins against Austin when it was Julia that threw away their entire plan when Vanessa said pick Austin, lol……

    • Avatar

      Other than the fact that Steve has won HoH, this scenario is unlikely because I can’t see Austin and Liz going against each other in favor of Vanessa. At this point, they all have to realize she will win if she is in the Final 2.

      Vanessa probably wants Johnny Mac in the Final 2 with her. I could see her wanting Steve out this week, but his winning HoH ruined any shot at that.

      Johnny Mac is probably guaranteed Final 2. His best bet might be to throw one of the first 2 rounds of the final HoH competition to Steve in hopes that he takes out Vanessa.

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    since the whole season has been about not getting blood on your hands, then I think Vanessa screwed up this week. she should have nominated 1 from each side of the house, and let everyone know that whoever won POV (V would throw the comp), would be in power to decide who leaves. in other words, put up Austin and Steve; Steve (or JM) wins POV and removes himself (Steve); V puts up Liz as replacement; Steve and JM get to decide who is evicted. Vanessa is completely out of the picture.

    • Avatar

      This is a great idea! Even if she wanted to take out Austin or Steve or Liz, which she might, she could hope that things work out that way on their own, and if they don’t, go back on her word to let the PoV decide who goes. Better than just going after Austin off the bat.

  8. Alda

    Four hours till showtime.I hope nothing has changed and Austin will be walkin out the front door!Then pray Steve or JohnnyMac get HOH and goodbye Vanessa tomorrow night.Whatever happens,final three will be chosen tomorrow.

  9. Avatar

    Rumor has it that Austin was eliminated and that John won his first HOH of the season. We’ll see if that’s actually true tonight!

  10. ChiKelz

    Greetings all! I would just like to say it has been a fun season! I have had some of the best laughs at some of the comments. I’m not sure how much I will be on here between now and next week when this awful season ends, but I’d like to say all of you have made it worthwhile. Stevebeans, thank you for your efforts and the details you provided about your trip out west. Sounds like you and your had a well deserved great time. Ann, DamnTruth, Jannie, Deb, DMC, NKogNeeTow, Mouse, and of course my Aunt Millie; we have had some AWESOME conversations. Wishing all you a great year and if I don’t write before next week; see you next year with BB18 “expect the unexpected”! (Yeah right!! Whatever!!) Ciao for now!

    • ChiKelz

      Steve I meant to say you and your wife had a well deserved great time! (Next year add an “edit” button so I can fix my typos! LOL 🙂

    • Avatar

      Very nice sentiments, ChiKelz.

      All the very best to you for an enjoyable winter, new year, and hope to see you back next summer !

    • Avatar

      its hard to believe that the season is almost over, the past 4 months have really flown by. I was chatting with my mom and said sure seems like the seasons of the year just go by so fast….she says wait until your my age, you’ve not seen nothin yet…

    • Jannie

      Have a great next 9 months, ChiKelz
      Until next summer!

      Check in if you can next week for finale night – I bet it’s going to get crazy(in a good way) around here 🙂

    • ChiKelz

      Jannie, I plan to be on here finale night too. I’m sure things will be crazy! Now I need to “lecture” you… I am CHIKELZ! Although my name is Kelli (with an “I”) I AM NOT KELLY!!!!!!! I was not and will never ever defend Vanessa or attack anyone like what was going on yesterday! LMAO!!! That was crazy! I have never seen the F-ing attacks etc. on this site that she was talking about. I feel your points were definitely valid and clear. Have a great year and remember; when a person shows you who they are, believe them and ignore them in the future…although it was entertaining to read after the fact. 🙂

  11. danmtruth

    As a father I would disinherit the daughter if she 1) whored her self out for this show 2) whored herself out with this idiot fame grabber. 3) embarest the family how she trash peopl behind there backs . Out side of that sure bring him to dinner so I can slap him for grouping you on national TV
    It’s the time of the game when HOH only saves you to F/3 The big power will be POV as they will have the only vote this week No throwing this comp Steve

    • Avatar

      right and why I expect to see Vanessa go all out to win the POV. She had clutch wins when needed and she has to control the game. She can only do mind control so far…she way behind Derrick that had Cody and Victoria both thinking they had a shot to win if they took him to the Final 2….pure genius.

    • Avatar

      Danmtruth, I think you & I were cut from the same cloth. Lol
      As soon as Liz got home I would let her know she is not bringing that overgrown, hairy, smelly, disrespectful SOB into my house. If she don’t like it, get her own place & keep filthy mcnasty there all she wants.
      I would be beside myself watching my daughter on national tv acting like tramp.

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