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Power Shift In The Big Brother House


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The first two HoH competitions were dominated by original members of the “Bomb Squad”. Caleb/Frankie won week 1 and Devin/Amber won week 2. Frankie was already preparing the HoH bed for Caleb’s win again this week, but something strange happened.. he didn’t win. In fact, there is only one person in the ‘Bomb Squad’ who has a chance to win HoH this week, and that guy is far more committed to his Team America role than that silly alliance. Derrick finished second in the HoH competition behind only Nicole, and the two will enjoy the suite, for now.  Nominations and battle of the block will likely be done by tomorrow evening, so we’ll know who actually gets to keep the room then.

Before the HoH competition, we were finally able to see the much anticipated highlights from the PoV meeting they teased us with last night. As soon as the meeting ended, Brittany stood up to further explain herself and why she slammed Paola during the meeting.  Britt blamed Paola for throwing the competition (which put her in that spot to begin with) and said it felt like a knife in the back. Paola stood up and decided to slam Devin a bit on how he’s acted this season, but both were nothing compared to Zach’s.

Zach took the floor and stood next to Devin, and went off on nearly every person in the house. However, most of his wrath was aimed at the man he stood next to. Bashing his fake smile, his fake tears, he medication usage (not aired on CBS), among many other things, he slammed Devin pretty bad. This is where I defend Devin, mostly based on how so many describe him as a monster.  As he stood there and took the verbal abuse from Zach, he smiled it off, didn’t say anything bad, didn’t flip out (like a Willie Hantz), and let Zach say his piece. Look, I don’t know Devin personally, but after watching that episode tonight, any reports of his aggression and anger are grossly exaggerated.

Despite Zach going off on everyone, Derrick worked quite a bit of magic this week in securing him the votes to stay. Paola would have easily walked out the door had Zach just kept his mouth shut, but the meeting stirred up the pot and nearly secure Paola the votes needed to stay. Fortunately for Zach, he had Derrick campaigning for him, and that was all he needed. Zach locked down all but 2 votes and Paola become the second member evicted from the Big Brother 16 house.

As I mentioned above, Nicole and Derrick ended up winning the HoH, and we will find out soon who actually is able to keep the title for the week.

In another news, just before the show ended, Julie Chen told us the house will now be wearing wristbands to monitor their daily activity. It sounded a lot creepier than it actually is. In reality, it’s a health tool called fitbit where we can see how many steps they took or how many calories they burned each day.  To check the latest stats, check it out here.

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  1. Comments (316)

    Devin is getting wayyy too much air time. I’m glad Derrick and Nicole got HOH.

  2. Comments (15)

    Why why why would big brother show Hayden coming into the alliance and not show Zach blowing it up before hand? And did anyone else see Paula a couple days ago saying she didn’t throw the botb but she was drunk on Jell-O shots instead?

  3. Comments (1)

    What meds of Devin’s was Zach talking about?

  4. Comments (1288)

    Very astute analysis SB and spot on about Devin. Considering his build most people have the knee jerk reaction that he is a steroid abuser but considering the behavior I have observed I would suspect his medication is for mood altering/stabilization purposes.

    From the late conversations I saw “Operation Backdoor Devin” is in full swing and Derrick is rowing hard to keep Devin from getting any chance to save himself with a POV win. It will hopefully come down to the POV comp contestants draw and if Devin sits on the bench it will be a Kumbaya week.

    And if that happens I do not see Devin loosing his smile or cool as long as his meds are delivered on time. Xanax, it’s a hell of a drug.

    • Comments (1288)

      Side question, I noticed that my mention of the Zanibar triggered an ad link for the purchase of it. Does this accrue any credit for you? If so I will be sure to mention others by name such as Abilify, Zoloft, Lithobid or Valium. Let’s see who is paying for ads.

    • Comments (138)

      So if someone who looks like Devin isn’t easily aroused to anger it HAS to be because of mood stabilizers??? Why couldn’t he be on ADHD medication like so many other previous cast members? That would certainly explain his paranoia. Tried to hold my tongue, but you people are relentless.

      • Comments (37)

        Why don’t you just wait for him to get out of the house and offer to bl*w him in person? You will feel better and it will relieve his stress! WIN WIN……………………… Plus it will be hard for you to talk/tyoe with your mouth full. I for one am tired of reading your posts

  5. Comments (487)

    Zach is a loose cannon who runs his mouth way too much. Zach is going to piss Brittany or Christine off this week or blow up someone else’s game like he did Frankie’s. I also see him undermining Derrick and for sure, he will be heading out the door before Devin. Besides Derrick has no way to ensure that Devin doesn’t play for the power of veto.

  6. Comments (1288)

    I suspect Brittany’s vote for PowPow was done to incite chaos … and very well played. People know and accept Donny’s token vote but that second vote is being pinned, incorrectly, on Jocasta or Amber. Points for the hotmom if so and she can keep it secret.

  7. Comments (50)

    I’m so excited that Nicole and Derrick won HOH! I’m really curious to see what they’ll do, especially Nicole!! 🙂

  8. Comments (68)

    I really want Devin out, i feel like once he leaves the game will totally change because there won’t be a “bad guy” anymore. People will start to rely on alliances and it will create drama for sure.

    However, getting him out won’t be an easy thing. They cannot nominate him as one of the 4 people on the block. If they do, he has a chance to win BofB and be safe all week and even if he loses BofB he is automatically eligible for POV. This means that he cannot be nominated and he can’t be chosen for POV. That’s pretty hard to pull off.

    Not to mention that the 4 nominated houseguests will be pissed towards the HOH so that doesn’t help.

    • Comments (224)

      I think Derrick should make a deal with Devin. He leaves him alone this week and Devin won’t put him up next time he wins. It’s a gamble cause it’s Devin, and he could not honor the deal. But since he’d basically be all alone in the game, he probably would. And, leaving Devin in means everyone’s focus is on Devin and Derrick can work his magic in the background on getting better targets out, pretty much undetected.

  9. Comments (843)

    Derrick has a great idea about putting Caleb and Amber up on opposite sides. Not real sure about Brittany. Wanting to put Devin up now gives him two chances to get off the block. Hope they put Frankie up and leave Donny alone!

  10. Comments (138)

    SB, is the winner of Battle of the Block safe from being backdoored?

  11. Comments (162)

    Does Derrick not have to put up who America wants? I think they need to get floaters out first and then let the games begin.

  12. Comments (198)

    It was soooo nice to see Hayden wearing a Wisconsin Badger shirt.

  13. Comments (11)

    Victoria is flying under the radar so low that until last night when she went into the diary room to vote I had forgotten she was even in the BBHouse!! lol

  14. Comments (231)

    Devin’s behavior towards women is difficult to watch bc it is typical dominant and bullying tactics (to put it mildly). I’m happy that the HGs went against him ——Devin was a very poor leader.

    • Comments (138)

      Here we go again! More baseless accusations. Patricia, what has Devin done to any woman besides threaten to evict them and get into arguments? Don’t tell me that the women in the house are afraid of him because that doesn’t answer the question.

      • Comments (46)

        Here we go again! More of Me’s love affair with Devin. We ALL understand your point of view on the Devin front without constant reminders. Do you have any opinions or comments on any other part of the game or only where Devin is concerned?

      • Comments (138)

        Dan, the way you feel about my repetitiveness on this topic is the way I feel every time someone accuses Devin of intimidating or bullying the women in the house – here we go again. Instead of jumping down my throat, why not jump down the throat of the people making the baseless statements? I feel if I don’t ask the question, people are just going to accept it as true that Devin is intimidating, threatening or bullying the women. And for the record, I hate Devin. I just happen to hate it more when people are falsely accused.

  15. Comments (130)

    Hmm, wouldn’t it to be fun to see Zach and Devin selected as two Noms and have to work together to win the BOTB?!

  16. Comments (37)

    I want to “back door” Frankie and I think secretly Caleb wants to be “back doored” by anyone! first he wants to cuddle with Devin and now he is sleeping with Derrick. I think if he hasn’t already satisfied his curiosity he is getting close. He should come out of the closet or at least turn the light on!

  17. Comments (46)

    There is no point in having the two HOH twist if one is going to always “bow down” to the other. Much like the BOB if people are going to throw the comp I feel it defeats the spirit of the twist! as much as I can appreciate Nicole not wanting ” blood on her hands” I would rather see her form her own group and be a strong player making a strong move. Here she will just look like (and rightly so) a sheep. She should tell Derrick if you trust me then lets switch it around so I put up the ones who throw the comp and I remain HOH to make the move to get Devin out. I bet he wouldn’t like the plan as much then even though according to him that is his only goal!

    • Comments (50)

      I agree, I hope she doesn’t let Derrick rule this one completely and that she uses it to make a solid alliance to move her forward.. I think even Nicole and Derrick could work together now and then continue to in the future..!

  18. Comments (2726)

    I’m wondering, is CBS trying to wrangle even more money from BB fans with these wristbands, or does the wristband info. come with a purchase of the live feeds?

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