I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, and I really am not saying it so you sign up to the feeds, but this season so far has been the best season I’ve blogged. It is extremely unfortunate that they’re doing it web-only because I think the format, interaction with viewers, and the cast has been top notch.  I have asked my contact at CBS to make the produced videos (recap, eviction, etc) free so we can embed them in our blogs. I’m waiting to hear back to see if they actually do that, because if they do, people who are holding out will need to check this season out.

Being able to see 99% of the feeds has been a welcome addition to those who have been watching the feeds for years and have experienced hours of staring at Jeff and his stupid awkward interviews with evicted houseguests while they do a comp. Or as a blogger when the feeds go down, you don’t know if they’re down for 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours, so we’re left sitting at our computers patiently waiting and hoping they come back up.  The comps are also a welcome addition as so far they’ve all been completely unique, so even when the house sits there and plans for a specific comp (like they did for the veto comp), it’s irrelevant because it’s something that is new to the show.


Finally, the cast is pretty damn solid. They avoided a big ‘bro-squad’ and only put one in the house (Monte) mixed in with superfans, and a semi-bro (Shane).  The girls have a nice mix of ‘the plastics’ and real looking girls, and almost everyone is familiar enough with the show so they at least look like they know where they are (Justin excluded.. he has no clue). It’s great, and I really hope they take the good parts of this season and add it to BB19, because putting this on CBS would kick life back into the show after BB18’s season of boring ass showmances  (Not hating on Paul and Vic, they were funny and carried the season).  Are James and Natalie still together?  Corey and Nicole?  Zakiyah and Paulie?  I don’t know, and don’t really give a crap. I’m sure if they are, BB will try to shove them down our throats at some point in the future, so I’ll find out then (wow, I sound bitter… but seriously, this is not a dating show. Showmances are fine if they happen naturally, but stop casting people who are prime candidates to get into one)

I realized this cast was so much better last night when Danielle was outside ranting and raving like an awesomely crazy madwoman. She was saying things like Zakiyah was terrible, and she should have been in that spot. Trashing Paulie’s opening segment for BB18, and talking about her showmance with Shane saying she’ll kick him to the curb if he shows any sign of being more loyal to Monte than her.  To me, that is so much more refreshing than watching a Natalie or Zakiyah do nothing all summer.

Alright, enough ranting. I guess I had to make up for the feeds.  It’s eviction and HoH day, so the house is locked inside which means a lot of casual talking and hanging out (and not a lot of excitement)

  • 1:10pm – I’m almost an hour behind as I write this.  I was eating lunch and typing up that rant above.
    • Anyway, Alex and Morgan go into the storage room and finally get some time together to compare notes
    • Alex is growing more and more paranoid as the days go on. She’s now worried about Scott having a secret alliance with Kryssie
    • Morgan tells Alex that Shelby is rubbing people the wrong way, so they may need to cut ties with her sooner rather than later.
    • morgan-talking
    • Morgan thinks that Monte is going to try to pull her into an alliance with Danielle and Shane.
    • Alex tells her to go with it because then she can get information and keep her safe.
    • Morgan is surprised the cheerleader act has worked, as she thought acting like one would put a target on her back, but has made Monte fall for her
    • Alex says “Well you haven’t been mean yet. People don’t know how you can be”  I love having these two in the house. The love-hate relationship is real there
    • “If you’re like this in real life, I’d probably live with you”  Alex to Morgan
  • 1:15pm – Whitney joins, so the sister talk calms down, but the gossip continues
    • The girls are telling Whitney how smart Scott is and what good of a position he is.
    • The house is called to HoH lockdown.  I guess I can skip ahead and get caught up now
  • 2:00pm – Ok, I’m live and it’s almost like nothing changed.  Alex is back in the storage room and she’s talking to Shelby now
    • Alex is frustrated everyone keeps saying they’re with Shane
    • Shelby talks about how Danielle talks about shampoo 30 minutes a day lol
    • shelby-on-danielle
  • 5:20pm – Back from running errands
    • Scott is doing some Ian type of nervous thing leading  up to the first eviction
    • scott-nervous
    • Scott just got finished telling Cornbread he thinks he (CB) is good tonight. CB leaves and Scott does some camtalking. He says he think it will be 10-0 to evict Cornbread.
    • He calls himself a terrible person, but he’s not there to make friends.
    • He then says next week he has to keep Shelby safe because she’s on his side right now, so he has to keep her for as long as he can

Check back for updates