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Pre-Eviction Feed Updates – BBOTT



I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, and I really am not saying it so you sign up to the feeds, but this season so far has been the best season I’ve blogged. It is extremely unfortunate that they’re doing it web-only because I think the format, interaction with viewers, and the cast has been top notch.  I have asked my contact at CBS to make the produced videos (recap, eviction, etc) free so we can embed them in our blogs. I’m waiting to hear back to see if they actually do that, because if they do, people who are holding out will need to check this season out.

Being able to see 99% of the feeds has been a welcome addition to those who have been watching the feeds for years and have experienced hours of staring at Jeff and his stupid awkward interviews with evicted houseguests while they do a comp. Or as a blogger when the feeds go down, you don’t know if they’re down for 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours, so we’re left sitting at our computers patiently waiting and hoping they come back up.  The comps are also a welcome addition as so far they’ve all been completely unique, so even when the house sits there and plans for a specific comp (like they did for the veto comp), it’s irrelevant because it’s something that is new to the show.

Finally, the cast is pretty damn solid. They avoided a big ‘bro-squad’ and only put one in the house (Monte) mixed in with superfans, and a semi-bro (Shane).  The girls have a nice mix of ‘the plastics’ and real looking girls, and almost everyone is familiar enough with the show so they at least look like they know where they are (Justin excluded.. he has no clue). It’s great, and I really hope they take the good parts of this season and add it to BB19, because putting this on CBS would kick life back into the show after BB18’s season of boring ass showmances  (Not hating on Paul and Vic, they were funny and carried the season).  Are James and Natalie still together?  Corey and Nicole?  Zakiyah and Paulie?  I don’t know, and don’t really give a crap. I’m sure if they are, BB will try to shove them down our throats at some point in the future, so I’ll find out then (wow, I sound bitter… but seriously, this is not a dating show. Showmances are fine if they happen naturally, but stop casting people who are prime candidates to get into one)


I realized this cast was so much better last night when Danielle was outside ranting and raving like an awesomely crazy madwoman. She was saying things like Zakiyah was terrible, and she should have been in that spot. Trashing Paulie’s opening segment for BB18, and talking about her showmance with Shane saying she’ll kick him to the curb if he shows any sign of being more loyal to Monte than her.  To me, that is so much more refreshing than watching a Natalie or Zakiyah do nothing all summer.

Alright, enough ranting. I guess I had to make up for the feeds.  It’s eviction and HoH day, so the house is locked inside which means a lot of casual talking and hanging out (and not a lot of excitement)

  • 1:10pm – I’m almost an hour behind as I write this.  I was eating lunch and typing up that rant above.
    • Anyway, Alex and Morgan go into the storage room and finally get some time together to compare notes
    • Alex is growing more and more paranoid as the days go on. She’s now worried about Scott having a secret alliance with Kryssie
    • Morgan tells Alex that Shelby is rubbing people the wrong way, so they may need to cut ties with her sooner rather than later.
    • morgan-talking
    • Morgan thinks that Monte is going to try to pull her into an alliance with Danielle and Shane.
    • Alex tells her to go with it because then she can get information and keep her safe.
    • Morgan is surprised the cheerleader act has worked, as she thought acting like one would put a target on her back, but has made Monte fall for her
    • Alex says “Well you haven’t been mean yet. People don’t know how you can be”  I love having these two in the house. The love-hate relationship is real there
    • “If you’re like this in real life, I’d probably live with you”  Alex to Morgan
  • 1:15pm – Whitney joins, so the sister talk calms down, but the gossip continues
    • The girls are telling Whitney how smart Scott is and what good of a position he is.
    • The house is called to HoH lockdown.  I guess I can skip ahead and get caught up now
  • 2:00pm – Ok, I’m live and it’s almost like nothing changed.  Alex is back in the storage room and she’s talking to Shelby now
    • Alex is frustrated everyone keeps saying they’re with Shane
    • Shelby talks about how Danielle talks about shampoo 30 minutes a day lol
    • shelby-on-danielle
  • 5:20pm – Back from running errands
    • Scott is doing some Ian type of nervous thing leading  up to the first eviction
    • scott-nervous
    • Scott just got finished telling Cornbread he thinks he (CB) is good tonight. CB leaves and Scott does some camtalking. He says he think it will be 10-0 to evict Cornbread.
    • He calls himself a terrible person, but he’s not there to make friends.
    • He then says next week he has to keep Shelby safe because she’s on his side right now, so he has to keep her for as long as he can

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Steve I don’t think you’re over stating how good this season is! I personally think it’s the best season in years. It may be the added access we have or just the mix of HG’s but I agree with you that everyone should at least try the free week. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Avatar

    I’m enjoying the feeds. I find myself watching this season more than the others.Thanks Steve for your updates.

  3. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    These HGs talk SO MUCH GAME!!! God I’m loving this season so much! There has already been more game talk in one week of BBOTT than probably the entire season of BB18 (a little hyperbolic, but not probably not too far off). And I agree Steve, I have no clue what’s going on with anyone from BB18 and don’t care (especially those godawful showmances). Once that season ended, I put it behind me, and BBOTT has helped me move on from that nightmare.

  4. BBBonbon62

    I watched for 9 hours on my day off and my husband thinks I’m crazy. I can’t get enough.

  5. caRyn

    Justin was recruited by BB OTT after being discovered in his previous audition for Masterchef. He doesn’t know anything about BB and when someone tells him something he thinks they are full of it. When he finds out they are serious he is shocked. A couple of nights ago he opened one of the exit doors and got called out by production.

    • Mell

      That was so funny! He was calling the double eviction “the double go home.” He doesn’t bother me being so clueless. I think it’s because it seems so genuine and it doesn’t have the feeling of people in the past who know nothing but want a modeling career.

      • Avatar

        I feel the same way! Any other person who has been recruited or hasn’t known the first thing about the game has always killed me! I hate that! Like why do they get people like that when there are thousands of people who would love to be there that have a love of the game. Justin is different to me tho! Even tho he is so clueless, I love him! He doesn’t bother me one bit, hes actually one of my favorites!

  6. Mell

    Who’s got ideas for the Have Nots? Does anyone know if it will be 3 or 4? I’m voting Monte and Whitney for sure. For me, that leaves Scott, Morgan and Alex. I thought about Scott because maybe Justin and Shane would stop talking game with him so much. I really don’t want Shane in that room all week with Monte either. I thought maybe if Alex is separated a little from her group, it might cause her to spend more time with the other side of the house. The Have Nots may not affect the bonding process as much as it has in the past since they can’t nap in the daytime. I’m open for ideas guys. I’m a little concerned we can’t vote for the same people two weeks in a row and I hate to have everyone I like being have-nots at the same time next week. I’m for sure voting Justin at the same time as the other people I like because he may be the most creative with slop.
    As usual, I may be seriously overthinking this!

    • caRyn

      Idk, but that is a good idea putting Justin with other hg you like. I agree with that.

    • Helen

      I had Monte and Whitney too but am on the fence about number 3 ……I though about Danielle because it might break up the bonding bull going on and I for sure don’t want Monte and Shane together but I want to kinda put a wedge between him and his girl toy. He grossed me out when he and Justin were talking and he told Justin “you can smell my finger”

      • Mell

        I missed that one but it would have me too! The only reason I’m temporarily ignoring the little romance is for numbers on that side of the house. As soon as Montes numbers are low, I’m with you… get the lovebirds out! I have to admit, I have like Danielle’s game and depending on what Shane does in the next couple of weeks, I may like his. I know he’s saying he switched sides but his DR saying he was loyal to Monte was just last night.

      • caRyn

        That is another good idea – splitting up showmances. Maybe make Danielle and Monte have nots at the same time. Or Morgan and Shane at the same time.

    • Helen

      I think I read somewhere we choose 3?

  7. Shivani33

    Thinking that Cornbread is a done deal, two of my have-not thoughts are Monte and Kryssie, since they’re not getting acquainted. Adding Shelby to that tossed salad sounds like fun.

  8. Mell

    After tonight’s eviction (assuming there are no surprises) Monte’s side should have 6 because it seems like they have Scott and Shelby, at least for now. Justin’s side has 5 but would have 6 with Shane. I’m going to overlook the romance for now to keep that potential number. I can’t tell if Shane has really decided to switch sides or not but it’s obvious the rest of Monte’s group is solid. Unfortunately, it may be better to put up with the lovebirds a while longer. I think for now, Danielle needs stay stuck to Shane like glue. Besides, if the Plastics win HOH, they’re probably going to take care of Danielle on their own.

  9. caRyn

    Care Package:
    Thurs 10 am – TBD (PT)

  10. caRyn

    4:02 pm (PT) Justin tells Scott the only person he trusts fully is Jason because he has kept it real with him since jump. Justin tells Scott same for him but if he comes for him, that is out the window. Scott says no they got each other. Justin tells Scott he has got him too so nothing to worry about if he ever wins or vote wise.

  11. Helen

    PISSED. Although I don’t like cornholeo Scott was all upset with him for using a “racist” verb when talking about getting people to lower their price on something but Monte just says to Scott ” people are ret***d for sleeping in another room! Holy mother That is way worse to me than the context of what cornholeo said

    • Mell

      I’ve heard Monte say that a few times. In Scott’s defense, CB called Shelby a bitch about 50 times when he kept going on and on about not liking her. That was a lot of it too.

      • Helen

        Oh don’t get me wrong. It won’t hurt my feelings to see cornholeo go but I was REALLY offended by montes comment! He realized what he said too because he got part way out of the phone booth and came back and said. Oh I meant stupid. Scott says. We got ya bro!
        F that shit!!

      • Mell

        I thought that too Helen. It may be somewhat cultural too. I’m from the south (live in the midwest tho) and I’m always surprised how many people in the south sincerely don’t understand why they shouldn’t say that. I felt like he did get it tho, just like you saw.

  12. caRyn

    I am interested to see what happens when the hg is evicted. Will we do the Julie talk? Will there be an audience? Or maybe nothing. Just bye. I am not sure what to expect.

  13. Mell

    Like him or not, Scott came to play. He’s in with both sides. (although Alex is wavering a little) He just caught Jason lying to Shelby and is making a mental note to tell her because he wants her on his side. He really wants Krissi gone next. I like Shelby better than Jason and Scott wants Shelby there.
    I think I’m going with Monte, Whitney and Morgan for have nots. I don’t want Scott sleeping in the room with Monte all week. I want to be able to vote for Scott next week and weaken him when he may try to get Justin out. I’m also hoping Morgan and Whitney will spend alot of time together and neglect Shelby to get her away from them. My votes may not matter but that’s my plan anyway!

      • Mell

        Oh sorry. Shelby asked Jason something about the eviction and Jason acted like he didn’t know how the vote was going to go. I don’t thinks it’s earth shattering news but it doesn’t take much to piss Shelby off either.

      • caRyn

        Scott told Shelby Jason lied. Scott wants to win HOH badly and told Shelby his plan – The Plastics need to vote out his target. Scott threw Jason UTB over and over again to Shelby.

  14. caRyn

    5:33 pm (PT) Justin tells Jason he’s been sitting on the couch upstairs and he sees and hears everything. He tells Jason that Shane maybe playing both sides. Jason says oh yeah. Justin says he is seeing it.

  15. Helen

    Justin is NOT voting out cornbread!! Them girls need to go with their gut!! They got the votes to do it!!

  16. Mell

    Scott has been doing some crazy crap! He’s preparing for anything and everything I guess. He’s spent over an hour doing stretches on the bed and some wierd ballet looking stretches. He keeps drinking both coffee and Gatorade just back and forth. I don’t know what this comp will be but he’s either going to be limber, hydrated and full of caffeine or he may just puke. Lol

    • caRyn

      Scott tells Monte he is winning and will try his best and when he does shots will be fired. Scott will nominate Neeley and Kryssie. Monte is not fond of nominating Neeley but Scott explains that if both are OTB Justin, Shane and Jason will keep Neeley over Kryssie.

      • caRyn

        6:58 pm (PT) Justin was eavesdropping in front of Shelby, Jason and Shane. Shelby tells Morgan that Justin was eavesdropping on Morgan’s convo with Monte and also Monte and Scott’s convo in the storage room. Morgan told Shelby to tell Monte and she did. Monte is pissed. Monte told Morgan and Shelby “Screw Justin”. Monte said he hated Justin ever since he walked in the door.

      • caRyn

        8:20 pm (PT) Shelby tells Scott that Justin was listening to his convo with Monte. Scott said he isn’t worried about it.

  17. caRyn

    Justin is getting himself pumped up for the HOH comp. He said he will have his asthma pump attached to his belt ready to go. “Ya dig?”

  18. Mell

    I’m just killing time until this starts. Did anyone see Justin almost punch Krissi last night when she accidentally worked him up? He was startled and not sure where he was I guess. It was great!

  19. caRyn

    I forgot Julie told them there is no jury.

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