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So This Is Why Production Wanted To Keep Daniele

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory to say that production was in the ear of people when it was time to vote out Daniele.  There were even whispers of it in the house before the feeds quickly cut away, with Daniele saying two of the people threatened to quit if she were evicted.  Granted, I highly doubt anyone actually said they’d quit their job if Daniele was booted, and if they did, they have their own issues to deal with.   That being said, it’s no surprise that production wanted her to remain in the house for the same reason Chef Ramsey has been keeping Elise around on Hell’s Kitchen (if you watch that show).

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With 2 weeks remaining in the season, the show has the feel of the final 2 right now with nearly no drama, and the game talk consists of Adam and Shelly both promising the world to Jordan and Rachel.   I think there has been more talk of dogs than talk of staying in the house since Rachel won the power of veto, and that has to be killing production.  I know it’s killing me!   People signing up to the live feeds by clicking on the links on my site help pay for the blog, and the time off during the summer I take to write this stuff, so when the biggest excitement in the morning is whether or not Josie (Shelly’s daughter) is going to be a brownie or not, it makes me want to bang my head into my desk.

Tomorrow is the next eviction, and a very crucial HoH competition for Kalia to win if the newbies want any chance at winning the game.    Hopefully we see some action, but until then make sure you’re following me on twitter or facebook because I still give updates on the house but I’m not going to create a new blog post just to say Kalia is constipated or Jordan farted..

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    So, Steve since the house is so boring, you should be enjoying the fights in the comments


    • Comments (405)

      lol, I don’t like seeing my readers fight though 🙁

      • Comments (1276)

        Me either. I just responded to what will hopefully be the last stupid argument about it. I really do try to ignore most of those comments ;-), I’m just not that good at doing so. But, I still love reading your updates, so hopefully you’ll forgive me.
        As for the feeds, it is getting pretty boring. They need to get something stirred up in there. Maybe just let the evicted cast members go back for the day so we can have something going on. It looks like this weeks shows might have more footage then usual of the jury house lol

      • Comments (405)

        It’s ok as long as you like reading my updates! lol

      • Comments (1276)

        LOVE THEM 🙂

  2. Comments (65)

    aww, Ok, I will be nice.

    As long as the respect Kalia and her game.

    My wish:
    2. Shelly
    3. Porsche
    4. Adam
    5. Rachel
    6. Jordan

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    readers fights = page views


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