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Reminder: Big Brother Over the Top Begins Next Wed



Enjoy your 15 minutes, Big Brother 18 cast, it’s coming to an end really soon as the house has found out today.

Nicole was given envelopes and read them to James and Paul. The first one revealed how Big Brother: Over the Top is beginning just a week from finale night. Nobody knew what to think about that until they actually played the promo on the TV screen. At first, they thought it was just going to be a show about all the ‘over the top’ moments from this season. Sorry, bros…  Out with the old, in with the new. Your 15 minutes are up

The second envelope read that the final 3 can have an impact on the house by leaving a photo, or a message for the new houseguests.  Doesn’t sound like much of an impact, but I guess it’s a nice gesture.  Everything they needed was provided in the storage room



Nicole – “What’s going to happen to us?”
Paul and James – “Nothing, we’re old news”


Nicole is super bummed about it. She claims it’s because she loves to watch Big Brother and I guess she’ll be busy this fall. Please. They’re all bummed BB18 is going to be old news in a week. At least 2/3rd of the final 3 was able to enjoy the post-season fame while still being relevant during their seasons. Poor Paul is going to leave the house thinking he has all winter to promote his clothing company, when in reality the fans are all moving on.

Sucks to be them. Just kidding. 2 out of those 3 are making at least $50k in a week, and the 3rd (James) will probably still make that much money traveling around doing “meet & greets”.

Now is a reminder, join the live feeds so you can watch the next season!  Or, simply stay here. I’ll be updating like I always do.


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  1. Avatar

    Will stay tuned Steve. Maybe just maybe I will break down and try the feeds

  2. Avatar

    Sorry, but except for Paul and Victor, I will not miss these house guest at all.
    I will not be paying for CBS All Acess either. I have watched BB since season one, casts of the last two seasons have been less than entertaining. I certainly will not waste money to watch a season online.
    However, I do enjoy the comments and interactions on this site 🙂

  3. Mell

    James has apparently already asked if he can be on the new BB that’s starting! Does he really not understand this is a game and not a career choice?

    • Avatar

      @Mell, please say you’re kidding about James wanting to be on the next season. It’s taking everything in me to tolerate him this season!

      • Mell

        Not kidding. I didn’t see it myself, I read it so I can’t swear to it but it was written in with the responses the 3 of them were giving when they found out.

      • Mell

        Steve is right, They didn’t seem happy. Well, Paul seemed liked he could care less. He’s just ready to go home. Nicole said that it was a bummer and she thought they would have a whole year. James said it wasn’t fair or something like the because they wanted their time to “enjoy the BB experience.” (They’ve had it the past 3 months!)

      • Avatar

        This is my first year on this site, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Thank you Steve, and the friendly commenters. Some of the sites are not friendly and are very negative to newcomers, you guys rock!

      • Mell

        Beez, I think so too! This is the best one by far. Steve’s blogs are so entertaining and even the mean commenters on here have made me laugh!

      • Jenny M

        Dear James… go away. forever. seriously. we’re over you.

      • Avatar

        Really, Beez? This is my first year on this site too and literally everyone in the comments are jerks. I like Stevebeans writing, so that is why I still visit this site, but the comments suck. Everyone is mean to everyone. Or at least from my perspective. Maybe it is just because I liked the cast and everyone else didn’t. But most were really rude. This season’s fanbase(if you can call it that) sucked. They’re are a few who are nice in the comments and Steve is cool, ut, yeah to sum it up. Commenters on this site were mean from my perspective.

    • Alda

      I think he really would make this his job if he could.He’s in his 30’s,so I guess he could go another 15 years or so.James,you need to get a life outside of BB.I don’t mean the meet and greets either.James might be the next Peter Pan!

  4. Avatar

    sucks it will be online only

  5. Jenny M

    I can’t imagine paying to meet James. or any of these people. Just because someone was on TV doesn’t make them magical and worth paying to be around. I’ve met a few famous people and it turns out they are just people. Glad I’m not one of them so when I mess up nobody cares.

  6. Avatar

    I’ll be watching Survivor this fall, I’m a huge fan, have never missed an episode. Is there any sight like this for Survivor? I’ll miss you guys when this is over, you’re all much better than watching BB and BBAD.

    • Avatar

      I love Survivor. I’d also like to know if there is a site like this one for that show?? Does anybody know??

      • Mell

        Franko, There are some but not with the same vibe as here for chatting. survivor fandom, survivor sucks and mortys are good for updates. Jokers may have updates on survivor too. mortys would be the closest for the discussion part but it isn’t that close. I always watch survivor too. Those places are good to recap an episode if you have to miss one.

      • Avatar

        Survivor Fever dot net is a good one because it has the first interviews but no comments. True Dork Times dot com is great, has comments but also has links to other blogs (most with comments). Reality RV Calendar dot com is hysterical commentary by a talented writer and has comments. RHAP dot com is where all the past players hang out and talk and blog, probably the biggest and best and run by Rob who was on one of the Survivor shows. Survivor Talk with DanDD dot com had three bloggers with comments last year and Jokers and Morty’s both do their thing.

        I’d say get on the True Dork Times dot com and the links will start to lead you to the others, make RHAP a home and you’ll find the others….they will be different from year to year.

    • Avatar

      We actually do have a survivorjunkies blog, but it hasn’t been updated in a few years. What makes BB unique are the live feeds and being able to discuss what goes on that isn’t aired on the episodes. Other reality shows, such as Survivor and The Amazing Race, don’t have that aspect, so the blog didn’t do very well.

      Melinda Beans

  7. Mell

    CBS will need a do over this evening if they want to use footage of them finding out about the new BB. No way those reactions could be used for advertisment!

  8. Alda

    I’m not watching the fall season.I’m ready for Survivor,Season 2 of Secrets and Lies with Juliette Lewis and the new show Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland.

  9. Mell

    Steve was right and you can’t make this sh*t up!
    Paul has said he didn’t want any part of it, he was going to vomit and then said he didn’t know what to think. (I’m not getting he’s really bothered by it that much) Paul did say that maybe there is a twist and if you will quit this one right now and walk out, you could be on the new one. (Funny) He thinks Josea will be on it for sure.
    The other two are another story. James said something about it giving him chills and that he thought they would have time to enjoy their own BB experience. He relented and said it was so cool and then asked if he could be on it. Nicole may need a xanax before the days over. Nicole them she doesn’t like it at all. She says she is bummed because she thought the card would say they were getting a puppy. (WTF) She even said “What’s going to happen to us?” James told her “we’re done.”
    Even though it clearly stated “only on cbs access” at the top, I don’t think they got that part until later. After more discussion and grasping it’s going to be online…
    They say they will subscribe. (but still look defeated) Paul is sure it will be a mini version and not have 16 people. (winner) James contributes with his BB, 2nd rodeo wisdom by declaring that he knows it will NOT be live.

    • Mell

      I forgot, Nicoles says there is no way they will spend a Jillion dollars on comps for this new season.

    • Colby

      One year they did give them a puppy to play with, just for a day or two. She was probably hoping for that to give them something to do because they are bored.

      • Helen

        Probably saw how filthy these 3 houseguests are and decided against a puppy! These 3 can’t even clean up after themselves!

      • ShoeLover

        Hahaha!! Helen, they are slobs!! The other night Nicole was going to potty and on the floor there were a ton of empty TP rolls on the floor just inside the door of the potty!!!! I go nuts when my hubby leaves the empty roll on the thingy and rests the new roll on top of the empty one!!! LOL!!

  10. Mell

    This is the advice they have written on the board for the newbees. They have divided it into 3 sections and they each have a list.
    1-drop the ego
    2-have fun
    3-be yourself…unless you suck
    4-play tour own game. You are not Derrick or dan.
    5-f**k shomances
    6-call people out-it’s fun

    1-don’t be that guy/girl
    2-if a fight doesn’t involve you-walk away
    3-take in more information than you give out
    4-find the cutest guy or girl and get in a shomance. make sure they can win comps
    5-it’s a marathon and not a sprint
    6-slow your roll

    Nicole: She kept erasing hers and starting over so I don’t know. The last I knew, she had written “breathe” and then erased it.
    She did tell Paul that James needed to erase his because someone may actually follow the advice and it could screw up their game.

  11. Mell

    Nicole is in bed under the covers crying!! We are witnessing the stages of greif after the fall season news. We’ve had shock, denial and then maybe skipped over bargaining and guilt (they dont have much time left so corners must be cut-not her fault) She touched on anger just a tad and now we’ve hit depression.
    Later, she’ll say she is just ready for it to be over or its stress or she misses Corey but since this came right after the news they got, you won’t convince me. Maybe I’m wrong and she just really really wanted that puppy.

  12. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Hey everyone, I was just reading that apparently the normal casting director for BB (Robyn Kass) did NOT do casting for the BB: Over the Top season! Maybe there’s some hope for this fall season after all!

  13. Alda

    Just read on Jokers where Nicole is rehearsing her speech for the finale and she says”here I sit next to James.” Maybe that is why she’s crying.She’s decided to take James for her F2.I am sick again! Paul you must win this last comp!!!!

    • Mell

      If she takes James, I truly hope he wins. I started feeling that way last night and I still do. I never thought I would. Yes, he sets a bad example for players but so does she. I don’t even like James but the way she’s been to him the past several days isn’t necessary for her game. If James had a spine, it could have hurt her game.

      • Alda

        She would never accept anyone treating her the way she’s been treating James.She is 100% confident that she is in the F2.I don’t like her.I watch Paul and he’s cautious with her.He sits and you can see in his face he’s thinking,thinking,thinking.All she does is rehearse her speech.

    • Mell

      Agree. Even tho some of it is just petty stuff, it’s been so much. She sit outside today with both guys and did everything except come out and call Natalie a whore. She kept asking James last night if they had sex this summer. He said no very strongly and 5 minutes later, asked him again. She told him he probably got his zing because they had done a family segment for Natalie on the show. (About her family being scared of james) She has talked down to him and belittled him for days over stupid stuff. (not game) The flip flops Natalie left for James are stupid but he carries them around and likes having them. Nicole knows this. Less than an hour ago she asked him if Natalie left flips in the house. When he said yes, she asked if she could have them for the shower because there’s hair in it.

  14. Mell

    PAUL: WIN !!!!
    Paul just offered to help her because she’s his friend he said. She’s saying she’s very nervous to speak to everyone. He also told her it wasn’t the time to talk to Corey. She said she wanted to. (He’s giving her good advice. He really needs to STOP)

  15. Mell

    I’m ready to have this torture ended. But First-
    James has just realized (he’s thinking out loud) that Nicole and Paul are probably taking each other to the end. (maybe not according to some of Nicoles speech rehearsals) He is naming quite a but of stuff (correctly and too late) that he should have done differently.

    Can’t he just go to both of them and ask for a house meeting? They could use his best line on him and say “James, we’re sorry but it’s what the house wants.”

  16. Avatar

    I will check in on your feeds, but I won’t be paying for anything from the network. Shoot, here it was, a bit after 10:00 pm. Pacific time, the same timezone the house is on and they are in bed?! I would much rather watch the grass grow here in Death Valley than pay to watch people sleep! Can’t they be mandated to stay awake beyond the time that qualifies for an early bird special?! These people are in their 20s for crying out loud! I’m in my 50s and I outlast them! Oh wait, they are expending their energy store doing housework. Hahahahaa!

  17. Avatar

    I know not many like James this season , and I know he doesn’t deserve to win, however given the choice of Paul abe Nicole, I hope James gets in the final Two. I realize Nicole and Paul played a better BB game but Paul was no foul, sick of his degrading stories about “boning” everyone , and apent most of season talking on camera about himself. Nicole spent the season in bed with Cory, whining , back stabbing . And the HOH she got was given to her. After listening to her and Paul bash James every time he walked away on BBAD, I’d hate to see either win. Just my opinion. And thank you for a great job with this site all season. Enjoyed reading the updates!

  18. Avatar

    i can’t stand Nicole. I am sick of Paul’s vulgar mouth. James is a really nice guy and he doesn’t deserve for those 2 idiots to talk about him the way they do and to be treated like he is being treated. He has trusted Nicole from the beginning and has been loyal to her. He gave her that HOH that he should never have given her. She didn’t win anything but the POV’s that she won. She never really won an HOH they were both given to her. She tried to say that James was about to fall to cover up that he gave it to her. She is so jealous of all the other girls that were in the house. Her jealousy of Natalie is just ridiculous. So now you are jealous because James is respectful and Natalie respected herself enough not to do anything with him in the house? The only reason she was crying was because she will be forgotten when the new season starts in a week.

  19. Mell

    Does anyone else think they are going too far with the speech preparation? When you say anything that many times, it’s going to be so flat. I know all the speeches are like that on the show and the HG expect it. This time is different. They need to have a little passion in their voice if they’re trying to convince people get someone to change their mind before they vote.

    I wish Paul hadn’t helped Nicole yesterday. At first, a third of her speech was about how great Corey is, a third was about season 16 and the rest was why she deserved to win. I didn’t see that helping her at all. Maybe she won’t be able to stop herself and put it back in.

    • Helen

      I have stopped watching the feeds for the most part because I am sick of listening to Nicole’s whiny voice saying the same thing over and over again!
      At first I thought Paul was being really stupid “helping” Snacole with her speech but now I am thinking there may just be a method to his madness. When you listen to his speech he is pretty much focusing on how he has had to fight,winning HOH and POV to stay in this game, but when you listen to Snacole and the things he is encouraging her to focus in on it is going to remind the jury that SHE didn’t win much of anything…that she is sitting where she is because she s**t on every single one of them to put herself there.

      • Shivani33

        Paul has (unfortunately) helped Nicole to eliminate some of her most grotesque ideas of what she was planning to say, but she’s pretty much beyond help. The audience isn’t made up of scholars, so she’s lucky. But she has said a few things about Natalie and Michelle and how she ran their Co-HoH which she’d be wise to drop from her speech, if she and Paul become the F2. If she beats Paul and keeps James, still he could get votes over her if she decides to demean jurors. You can tell when listening to her that she’s worried about not being well-liked by the women jurors. She might “catch more flies” with honey than vinegar.

    • Shivani33

      @Mell Thank goodness there will be a different dynamic happening if and when these speeches are delivered. Something happens when there’s an audience, and some people are nearly crippled by it, while others thrive on it. At this point the speeches do sound over-rehearsed and flat to the point of being lifeless. Paul has the word “ass” in at least two of his planned sentences. This struck me funny until I heard him being unable to allow himself any spontaneity, as if he has imprisoned himself through compulsive memorization. All that he needed was an outline of his main points and to be able to set himself free to be himself while having those points as a framework. I’ve never heard him sound so dull all Season. Nicole seems to be presenting her self-digested fiction as Saint Nicole, who went through the martyrdom of Big Brother and its trials and , as we’ve all heard, never did a thing wrong. She had at least a long paragraph devoted to how Corey was the most loved and popular player, whose game she saved by being his brain. But she cut that part, as it might have dawned on her that it was too insulting and self-congratulatory.Lol.

      • Mell

        You got that right. I was hoping Nicole would leave that talk about Corey in there and it remind the jury what she really did all summer. Unless Dr. Will does a tremendous job on the jury, Natalie and Michelle will be emotional voters. Natalie did tell James a couple times, she would vote for Nicole against Paul but if she gets offended in the speech, she could turn quickly because “she hurt her heart.” I’m not convinced Natalie would vote for Nicole but she can’t stand Paul either so you never know.

  20. Avatar

    @Aiden, I’m so sorry you have not had a pleasant experience with the commenters on this site. I had a totally different experience and the opinion I was giving was my experience. It just goes to show how one persons perspective is not another person reality. Hopefully next season you will experience the pleasant experience I received this season.

    • Mell

      Beez, I’m with you. It’s been great. I’ve had plenty of people disagree with me and some are witty smarta**es when they do it. It’s usually hilarious!

      • Avatar

        Mell, I agree with you. I don’t always agree with some people on here but I enjoy reading what they post and hearing different opinions.
        I click the little thing when I post a comment so that I get an email EVERY time anybody posts a comment. Sometime I may jump on the site to reply, sometimes I don’t. I got on here to reread Aiden’s comment. I don’t see it. Where did it go??? Am I just overlooking it. I mean it could be my oldtimers kicking in. Hahahehe

        I’m going to miss all of you when the season is over. That’s one thing I HATE when the season is over.

      • Avatar

        Mell, I just found the comment from Aiden. I really am sorry they feel as they do. I have found that there are some really nice people on here.
        It’s been a long day, I just didn’t see the comment. It’s been another day of seeing specialists. I’m so tired of doctors.

      • Mel

        @franko, Sorry about the rough day you’ve had. I also hope Aiden hangs in there a little longer here because opinions can change….obviously, since I’m a huge Paul fan. If someone one told me that was going to happen in the beginning, I would have laughed!

      • Avatar

        Mell, if anybody had told me at the beginning of the season that I’d ever been pulling for Paul I would have laughed, too. I didn’t care for him at all. I still don’t like some things about him BUT he has grown on me over the summer. I really wish it were Victor in the final 3. We have Paul so I’m pulling for him. I was hoping both Paul and Victor would’ve been in the final 3.

        Thanks for the good thoughts. The doctor today talked to me about having a lung transplant. That’s just a little bit of what’s going on with me.

      • Mel

        @franko Even if you arnt into this fall BB, check in anyway some and let us know how your health is and how you’re doing and stuff. If Steve has the Survivor blog, maybe I’ll find you on it too.

      • Avatar

        Mell, I’m going to be checking this blog for the fall season and will try to keep up if I can. I just don’t know how it will go since I can’t get the lube feeds to actually SEE whoever is going to be on it. I’m sure Steve will do a great job filling us in but again, since I won’t be able to actually SEE these people I’m just not sure how much I will enjoy it.

        I can’t believe they’re going to move another group into that nasty house just a week after these pigs move out. CBS needs to scrub EVERYTHING, especially Nicole and Corry’s bed but then people keep saying that Paulie said he and Z did it everywhere. Ewwww!! If that’s true how was it not caught on camera. Are they leaving the house exactly as it is now??

  21. Alda

    Is it tomorrow yet?I wish Nicole would get drunk again.When she’s drinking she’s taking Paul to the F2.When sober it’s James.Drink up Nicole!

  22. caRyn

    I haven’t heard Nicole or Paul’s F2 speeches on BBAD, but I have heard they are working on them. I haven’t heard that James is working on his speech. I would definitely have my game bullets memorized – not just for the speech but for jury questions as well.
    Aiden – Sorry the comments have sucked. I appreciate and want to hear feedback good or bad from people that comment on here.

  23. Avatar

    Does anyone have the flashback day and time for when Paul is teaching Nicole about Mosh pits? I can’t find it and have been wanting to look it up for awhile. Thanks in advanced!!

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