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Safety Ceremony And Final Nomination Reveal For Week 1



I am so thrown off by the feeds this season because we’re on day 5 and we’re now finally going to see who is nominated for eviction.

Now, I understand during regular seasons, this is pretty normal and we don’t see the first week or so, it’s just still weird to actually play out live like this. We’ve been able to watch relationships develop, some fall apart, and the fun dynamic of two sisters who haven’t been figured out yet.

It’s been a pretty slow day in the house, so there isn’t a whole lot to talk about, but it should heat up tonight when nominations are revealed.  The 3rd nominee opens up for voting an hour later, so that could be a nice surprise for them tonight (unless they reveal it tomorrow).


Also, keep your votes coming in for your favorites for week 1



  • 6:50pm – The house is sitting around the table waiting. They expect the safety ceremony to begin at any point
  • 7:00pm – Safety Ceremony time.
    • As a reminder, the following people are already safe: Neeley, Cornbread, Shane, Morgan, Whitney
    • waitingforsafety
    • First selection:  Justin
    • Second selection: Alex
    • Third selection: Kryssie… she is shocked, didn’t expect that
    • Fourth selection: Shelby… she finally gives the reaction Monte was looking for
    • shelby-happy2
    • Fifth selection: Scott
    • Nominated: Jason and Danielle
    • danielle-sad
  • 7:20pm – The house has awkward silence. Danielle fighting back tears
    • Here comes the Monte speech
  • 7:40pm – Shane is comforting Danielle in the bedroom (not that way). She is saying she needs her sportsbra back now that she has to play in veto.  I don’t think the comps will be like that this season, but we’ll see
  • 8:00pm – Julie fills the house in on the 3rd nominee
    • She tells them that America is voting for a 3rd nom (voting begins now, ends tomorrow at 12pm est)
    • We cannot nominate the same person back to back
    • If the person America nominates is saved via veto, there won’t be a replacement nom and there will only be 2 nominations for eviction that week
    • reactions
    • They’re sitting around the living room talking. I should really clean up around here, so I will be back shortly
  • 8:45pm – Back.  Monte is in the HoH room trying to make Danielle feel better. Meanwhile, Jason is outside in his spot chatting with Neeley, and Justin
  • 9:45pm – Note – I have been tweeting snarky comments more and more this season, so if I’m not updating here, I may be tweeting.
    • As far as the house goes, Shane and Danielle are playing pool, most of the plastics and Jason are talking on the couch, and a few guys in the kitchen

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar
    Cassidy (14 comments)

    When/ where do we vote for the houseguest we want nominated ? I saw on another site it voting I opened Sunday .

  2. caRyn

    Neeley is pouring her heart out to Danielle right now. I just wish Shane wasn’t there to hear it.

  3. Avatar

    How does our voting at 8:00 start ?

  4. Avatar

    How does our voting at 8:00 start ? What do we do? Any ideas ?

    • Mel

      Some of us have discussed voting for Shane. It depends on what your goal is. I want Jason to stay, want no romance to puke over and want to take away a vote to save Danielle or whoever is against Jason. Some of the women don’t like Danielle and don’t trust Shane. That’s why I’m going for Shane.

  5. Mel

    I’m not liking the ceremony process. It’s not a complaint but an observation. I don’t mind if a comp drags on for 2 days but I would rather see them sit at the round table and go back to pulling the keys out one at a time for noms. I don’t like the hoh getting to hide in the hoh room during the picks either. I suppose they want some filler for the feeds but this didn’t really provide that anyway. There were two designated times to watch the noms. That could be done with the keys also. Ya dig? (sorry, couldn’t resist channeling a little Justin already)

  6. Mel

    Are we voting Shane ?

  7. Avatar
    expos81175 (13 comments)

    Does it seem like no one in the house actually cares about this long drawn out safety ceremony. I think I have watched paint dry faster. They could have ended this in one or two sit down meetings and have better drama than what they are trying to get.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      I don’t know about the people in the house, but I know I sure as hell don’t care about this long ass process! I don’t mind them finding out one at a time for more suspense (it’s like the old nomination ceremonies when everyone would pull their keys out one at a time), but this whole thing being drawn out over 2 days is too much for me.

      • Mel

        I’m not liking it either. Someone could be using the bathroom when it lights up. That’s not too exciting and it let’s the hoh off the hook a little too.

  8. Avatar
    Cassidy (14 comments)

    11:05 est – All houseguest were just told about America’s nomination!

  9. caRyn

    I voted for Cornbread. I like that this BB is different. I like not knowing what to expect. I also like that the hg pics are in the HOH room. After watching all these seasons, I appreciate this OTT and guessing at what is next. We can have the original BB next summer.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Cornflake nominted either. All of his constant and unnecessary Shelby bashing is really getting on my nerves.

      • caRyn

        It is that – petty talk, but it also because his thought process is the same as Monte. I feel as if they are one and the same and a power couple.

      • Mel

        It’s looking like a lot of people are voting CB. I gave him a pass this week because I wasn’t worried he would be looking for romance. Lol

      • caRyn

        I am sick of showmances for sure. BB18 seemed to have the most and did me in. However, I am over the Paulie attitude and Monte and Cornbread have some of his traits. Showmances make me ill to my stomach but Paulie wound me up to the point that I would get PISSED. And…Cornbread and Monte are pair bonding.

      • Mel

        Caryn, that’s so true. I can live with either of them going up. Shane actually seems like a nice guy so far. They both have a reason for me to go.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Yes, those were definitely my two least favorite elements of BB18: showmances and the Messiah-complex (Paulie’s, not Jozea’s), with an honorable mention for the ever-annoying “no blood on my hands” strategy. I’d be equally happy if either CornPone or Shane goes home this week.

      • caRyn

        I am interested to see how the hg that receive our votes responds to them. Especially if they are not evicted. Will they change their game? Will the next HOH put them OTB because America voted for them to be OTB the week before?

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        That’s what I was wondering too Caryn. Once a HG is nominated by America, it will be interesting to see how that HG as well as the other HGs react. I have a feeling that the HG nominated by America will become very reserved and self-conscious (at least temporarily), and other HGs might start getting paranoid wondering why America hates that person.

        I also think later in the game, this America nominee thing could have a big impact on the game because HGs know that we will also be voting for the winner. So it’s likely that the other HGs will try to keep the America nominees around in hopes that they can take them to the Final 2 and win against them.

      • caRyn

        I was thinking just the opposite about the votes. The HOH would put the hg we voted for the previous week (if not evicted) OTB to make America happy. Make moves for America. “If America wants this person OTB I am going to put them OTB to gain brownie points.” Maybe even put a hg OTB that wasn’t their target. They could use that as their excuse to put them OTB – less blood and all – it’s what America wanted.
        I do think America will defiantly change up the OTT game.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Good point Caryn. I think early in the game we’ll definitely see a lot of that: HOHs using America’s votes as an excuse to nominate people. Later in the game, when it starts really getting down to the wire, I think it may shift towards wanting to keep the “unpopular” HGs around for the final vote. At least that’s my hypothesis at this point. But you’re right, this America twist should definitely have a big impact on the game one way or another.

      • Bastosko
        Bastosko (45 comments)

        I tend to agree with you about the HoH trying to guess America’s vote. Was watching the feeds and listening to Jason and Gumbo talking about how it would work. I am of the opinion they shouldn’t have told the hamsters there was an America’s vote, just have Julie dial in and say, OBTW houseguests, your third nominee is Shane or CB (I voted Shane. Don’t like the pretty boy attitude sorry). Then let them try to figure out, wow dude, what did you do? Who you piss off in the DR? Let them squirm and figure things out themselves on various twists.

        and I agree, two days of safety ceremony was definitely a pain.

      • Mel

        Gumbo! Haha

  10. Avatar
    Daniel (21 comments)

    10 to Shane and 10 for Breadcrumbs, we need to shake this house up more!

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  12. caRyn

    Monte tells each of the hg when they come into the HOH room that he and Shane are tight. Then he acts as though he is unaware of how they know.

  13. Yael Sara
    Yael Sara (284 comments)

    Interesting how everyone is choosing to vote. Put all my votes on Shelby!

  14. Avatar

    My 40 votes went to CB he came in too hard and tried right away for a guys alliance except of course Jason ??

  15. Avatar
    ann2 (7 comments)

    I voted for Cornbread (Honey Boo Boo’s uncle?) because no one should have to deal with his snoring. Not to mention he’s an ally of Monte’s.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I am thinking whoever gets nominated by americas vote (likely CornPone) will attempt to rationalize his nomination by saying we just wanted to put up a strong Gag) player to make sure King El Douchebags “target” goes home.

  17. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Please tell me that there is not going to be another budding showmance between king Monte and Morgan!

  18. Avatar
    Kristy (51 comments)

    Monte’s first HOH and it is already going to his head.Yes please vote for Cornbread to go up. He can rationalize it all he wants no one likes him.

  19. Mel

    Going by Twitter, it looks like it’s going to be CB. I was really hoping for Shane. I guess I’m not seeing the strategy in having CB nominatrd. He has the least chance of going home at this point. It seems like a waste of a nom. The only person it helps is Shelby but she isn’t OTB. I get he’s with Monte but so is Shane and all those girls. CB going up won’t make Monte paranoid either because he isn’t as linked to him as he is Shane. I guess it depend on the goal for all the voters. Since there are some CB voters on here, will somebody fill me in? I don’t want to judge how others are voting. I want to see the strategy behind it.

    *Danielle has already started talking about what the kids would look like that she and Shane could have. She is asking America not to put Shane OTB because she won’t have anyone to cuddle with.

    *Monte said last night that it was “genius” how he had one on one convos with everyone b4 noms. Ya, he’s a real trail blazer!

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      I’m not getting the strategy of cornpone either Mell other than dislike. My votes went to Shane to maybe cause some paranoia in King douchebag AND to void at least one vote against Jason.

      • Mel

        That’s what I was doing too. Alex and Morgan don’t want Shane with Monte either. I thought they may be tempted to evict Shane but they won’t get rid of CB. It’s our first chance to play along. I want to play like Dan. CB feels more like something Michelle would do. Lol

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Oh and Shane put the concept of kingdouchebag hooking up with Morgan into montes head last night. Two power couples is how he pitched it. Guess where Missy Morgan spent the night? Yup. HOH room

      • Mel

        I saw that too Helen. The only way I can handle Montell & Morgan is if they both remain fake. It could be interesting watching them use each other. I can’t remember seeing that before because it seems like one of the pair usually get serious about it.

      • Mel

        Monte, not Montell. Sorry.

      • Helen
        Helen (5578 comments)

        I could see him falling…I don’t think he has too many girlfriends with that dry,boring personality.

  20. Avatar

    Why does Monte keep saying Jason going up will be less blood on his hands? There’s no jury to worry about! If anything, nominating Jason would upset his fans! It doesn’t make sense to me!

    • Mel

      HE doesn’t make sense to me! Lol
      In this case I think he feels that the whole house wants Jason gone and the other HG are less likely to retaliate against him and put him on the Block for doing it. Although, this is the same guy who said that he isn’t just controlling the house, he’s controlling their minds!

      • Helen
        Helen (5578 comments)

        He is an idiot. Didn’t take me long to want him gone!! He is like a combination of past BB players that I couldn’t stand…a little Borey Corey mixed in with some Paulie. He has absolutely no personality……just one big boring egomaniac. And I am PISSED cornholeo is sleeping in Paul’s bed!!!!

      • caRyn

        They think they are going to the jury house if evicted. They think they can come back into the game in some way if evicted. This OTT may be a one and done. Not like BB18 with all of the opportunities to get back in the house.

  21. Mel

    Even if this week doesn’t go the way I prefer, I do like this cast as a whole. They seem to want to play the game. I can respect that even if I don’t like what they’re doing. They are a very entertaining bunch so far.

    *Shelby is crazy but very funny.
    * I want Jason to stay but he deserves to go home if his only strategy is to sit outside and beg viewers to fix the problem for him.
    *Justin’s human water statue was so funny!
    *I like that Neely is laying low but I wished she would have had her convo with Danielle in private. (no Shane)
    *I hate the romance crap with Danielle/Shane but I don’t mind seeing the guys and gals try to play each other in the same way, if it remains strategy. It reminds me a little of Boogie, Will, Janelle and Erica back in the day.
    *I would have to smother CB with a pillow to end that snoring!
    *The stories are funny but doesn’t it seems like BB did their recruiting at a crack house? I’ve never heard so many drug stories from multiple people.
    *I would love to invite Justin over for dinner….I would hide all prescription meds before he got here, obviously!

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Lol. I like Justin. A little rough around the edges but he is funny!! And he actually has a pretty good singing voice from the little snippets he has let loose…Shelby is funny too…some folks seem irritated by her voice but I think she sounds kinda sultry…I still haven’t quite figured her out cause I know she didn’t graduate from Pepperdine with a law degree by being as ditzy as she is portraying herself. I like Alex,she is playing a good game.
      Was kinda on Jason’s side but geez when things don’t go his way he gets nasty and mean!!! Alls he wants to do is sit outside and smoke and I find that just plain stupid so I agree if he goes it is his own fault and he brought that on himself. Has nothing to do with being a vet.
      Still on the fence with most of the others….was liking krissy till she threw her pity party the other night.

      • Helen
        Helen (5578 comments)

        Oh and Scott. I also was liking him till the camera was on him early this am and it showed him picking his nose flicking it on the floor not once but twice!! Sorry but that is grounds for eviction……

      • caRyn

        I thought Shelby is acting ditzy to fit in with the plastic hg. Her ‘real’ personality comes out around the late night group. She is playing the floater to the extreme. However, the guys aren’t fond of her and the late night group doesn’t trust her anymore. I like Shelby, but I think she will only make it to the second part of the game.

    • caRyn

      Lol. I wouldn’t have Justin over for dinner. He may try to jump my bones. I would eat at his restaurant with him though. He is a cool cat and I like his look and his personality. He would be a magnet for me to hang out with just the same as Paul. Friendship ONLY!

    • Avatar

      I am loving Justin too! He is so cool and chill and funny! He doesn’t seem to know much about the game, but his other qualities kind of make up for that. He better learn fast!

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