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Saturday Feed Updates – The Wait For Veto BBOTT

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If you don’t know what’s going on in the house, it’s fairly straightforward right now. There are 5 people remaining, and 2 are safe for the week (Justin and Morgan).  Morgan via HoH, and Justin because he completed the care-package challenge. Side note on that – I know people were upset it was fairly easy, but let’s be real, it was supposed to be pretty easy. Morgan’s CP not only saved herself but saved another person. The fact that Justin had to complete a challenge is harder than many other care packages, so even if it was putting a square peg into a square hole, he should have won it.

What will be shitty is if Justin then ends up turning around and voting out Shelby who gave him that care package, but that’s the way the game goes sometimes. If he thinks he has a better chance at beating Jason in the final 3, he has to do what he has to do. However, let’s not cross that bridge until we get to it. Nothing matters until Monday when the PoV will be played. If Morgan or Shelby win, Jason is going home. If anyone else wins, Shelby is going home. There isn’t much wiggle room between that.

Now, on to site issues. I have been notified of some banter going back and forth and sometimes getting too carried away. People scared to post their opinions because they fear they’ll get shit on. Well, I want to say don’t ever be scared to post your opinion. We more than encourage opinions, as long as you’re mature about it, and yes, even if they differ from the majority. With that said, I can’t protect people from counter-points, but again, as long as it’s all respectful. People have strong opinions about players in this game, but I’ve said it numerous times that nobody in the house actually gives a shit about you. There is no need to make personal attacks on fellow BB fans because of some random person who is currently getting their 15 minutes of fame.

Debates are fine, disagreements are fine, but personal attacks are not tolerated. If you post an opinion and someone replies with some personal attack about you, contact me, and I will get someone to handle it…


This is a fun place to chat about Big Brother, and nobody should feel too intimidated to share their opinion.


Alright, I have a major test today and the house is boring. I will be doing some updates, but don’t expect much dramatics.

  • 12:55pm – The girls are tanning while the LNJ are hanging around bed talking.
  • 5:00pm – Shelby/Morgan in HoH – Everyone else in kitchen.
    • I think I realized why this is so awkward right now. It’s because I am not completely burnt out from the season yet like I would be by the time the summer seasons reach the final 5.
    • Think about this. Danielle was evicted on day 50. On day 50 in the BB18 season, there were still 10 (maybe 11) players left in the house.  I said maybe 11 because I don’t know if Victor was in or out of the house during day 50, but we all knew at that point another person would be coming back, so even if there wasn’t 11 at the time, there would be. That is only two fewer people than the entire season of BBOTT.
    • This season has flown the hell by. Thanksgiving is Thursday, we’re going to be down to the final 4 in a few days, and the season will end a week later.  I am very sad only a fraction of the viewers watched this season because it was a pretty damn solid season.  The division in the house was real, so each competition would have been much bigger than it was had America not been involved.
    • I really hope they cast a similar crew for BB19 with less focus on showmances, more focus on ‘real’ people, and almost everyone at least a casual fan of the show.

Check back for updates


Current Status

BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Kyle Capener

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