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How I want to spend my day

Sleep Sunday Feed Updates

How I want to spend my day
How I want to spend my day

Good afternoon, everyone! The weekend may almost be over, but the fun never ends in the Big Brother house! Sorry, that is something I need to repeat to myself during the slow weeks to keep myself sane.


There really isn’t much going on, but to be fair, that is pretty much expected this late in the season. When there are 7 people in the house, with 6 of them being paired up pretty much all season, things get stale. Conversations get repetitive, and gametalk grinds to a halt. It’s like when you go to a mixed-family kids birthday party and you have small pockets of adults spread apart talking about the same stuff they’ve been talking about the past few birthday parties (or maybe that’s just the birthday parties I end up at?).

Right now the direction of the week is that those 6 people are going to boot out the awkward 7th person who ends up a 3rd wheel on any conversation going on. That 3rd wheel is usually me, so I can relate to Michelle’s pain. Again, that’s probably why we’re such best friends now.

Is it smart for Nicole to get out Michelle over say Victor or Paul?  Honestly at this point, it’s hard to tell. Michelle did call Nicole a snake on national TV, so it would be hard to fully feel safe while she’s in the house. Be that as it may, I think most people would agree that Vic/Paul are a pretty dangerous duo and every wasted chance to split them up is a risk simply because you never know if you’ll get that chance again. They will be 1/3rd of the house after Thursday, and are guaranteed to both play in every PoV comp. At this point in the season, veto holds more power than HOH because it’s guaranteed safety for you and possibly a partner (unless you’re forced to save yourself).


Not like any of it matters.  Regardless of what has happened, Nicole keeps pushing herself into a Britney Haynes 2.0 role. Her refusal to work with girls game is about as strong as Michelle’s stubborn pride game.

Ok, here are some updates:

  • 11:15am – Wakeup call has been made, but most still laying in bed.
  • 12:10pm – Most are up and are in the kitchen doing lunch.
  • 12:30pm – Corey telling a story about how he lost a phone, so he was trying to find it, and texted his friend asking for the findmyiphone password.  The problem is, he texted the missing phone then sat there waiting for a response.
  • 12:45pm – Nicole wants to know what it feels like to be hit with a head of lettuce, so Victor obliges.
    • nicole-lettuce
  • 1:45pm – Nobody has moved.  Nicole, Corey, Nat and Victor remain in the kitchen talking. The other 3 sleeping.  I am going to step out for dinner.   Just re-read my last update if you want to know what is going on in the house for the next few hours, because I don’t think much will change today.
  • 5:30pm – I’m back. Looks like Michelle is entering the Audrey-stage of her eviction
    • michelle3
    • Scrolling up to see if anything else happened
    • Around 3:00pm, a drone flew over the house with some words on it. There was a miniature blowup doll on it with some words.
    • This has sent the house into paranoia.  Nicole is worried the fans are upset she’s going after Michelle. Michelle is worried about the way she looks
    • Natalie tells Michelle that she told James she can’t wait until he sees her Instagram so he can see the real her.  How dumb is that statement?  He sees the real her in the house. Instagram has filters and angles and shit. That’s not the ‘real’ Natalie

Note – If you’re wondering, we’re still looking for writers for this season, the fall season and moving forward.  We want to keep pushing content, so reach out to us if you want to share your Big Brother opinions!

  • 5:35pm – James has joined Natalie to comfort Michelle.  Natalie praises Michelle how strong she is for surviving this long without a showmance.  Bullshit.
  • 5:50pm – Backyard open. Everyone runs outside.
    • Natalie is doing cartwheels with her newfound freedom
  • 8:15pm – Back from CBS episode, meh. Funny to see the Thelma & Louise again, but other than that not very interesting.
    • Right now in the house, James is up Natalie’s butt while Paul/Vic chat with Nicole.
  • 8:30pm – This day has been pretty lousy for me, and I really can’t sit here and listen to Paul talk about his clothing line all night, so I’m going to step away and clear my head.

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    I still think that SNacole should nip the Munchkin Triumvirate in the bud (or butt, as Paulie used to always say, and no one corrected him). She should do the math; if she leaves those 3 together, then it’s 3 against 2 against 1…at best 3 against 3, and she can’t play the next HOH. Plus Leech called her a snake on national TV.

    • Avatar
      DeAnne (9 comments)

      She should get the stronger players out…. She can not beat Vic/Paul lord knows Corey cant

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      I honestly believe Nicole’s best bet is to stay with Vic/Paul. James is not going to have a problem throwing her UTB when it comes time because that is what Nat and Michelle will want and since he seems to want to do whatever Nat wants,Nicole will be gone. If Borey would wake up and use that bribe to bribe James to throw the next HOH then it’s Vic,Paul,Nic and Corey. Not 100% that Corey could beat out Vic or Paul but I think a lot of people are underestimating Nicole. Although I am not a Nicole fan I do believe she can hold her own with them in final 3.

  2. Shivani33

    Nicole is an unlikely winner for this Season, even if she reaches F2, because she has alienated the women who are in the jury. Michelle will only add to that perspective. Bridgette, Day and Zakiyah all knew that Nicole was stabbing them in the back when Nicole used to tattle on all of them to the Paulie squad. These women have said that they’d love a woman to win the game. However, none of them like the way that Nicole has played the game by going against each other woman. Maybe the jury would give her the win over Corey due to his lack of playing at all and maybe not. They are a very unlikely F2 anyway.

    Paul would be a good one for the next HoH. He wouldn’t be afraid to nominate James and/or James and Natalie. In fact, the only keeper for Paul is his friend, Victor. We have seen how adaptable these guys are.

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Good points. At this stage, each one does need to reflect on the jury members and make decisions as to who would give votes over someone else. I think the only way Nicole has a chance if she is up against Corey or Natalie. She could possibly persuade the jury that she has had more game play than either of those two. I am still not clear if this jury will be bitter and vote according to personal emotion or for game play.

  3. danmtruth

    At this stage of the game PoV is more important than HoH As you can win that you are safe plus you force the other player to nominate an ally

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      POV is often more important. Once an HOH has made nominations, hands are tied unless there is a tie to be broken.

    • Shivani33

      I agree. There are only two players left who haven’t won any PoVs all Season, James and Natalie. For Paul, I still see HoH as being valuable since he gets nominated so often, and it would keep him safe from that for a week and protect Victor by proxy.

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      I totally agree with you buddy 100%. Maybe it will finally begun to get interesting. Yes, I’m one of those who have not enjoyed this season BUT I love BB and continue to watch cuz I am a loyal fan.. I DO hope next year’s cast has a more diverse cast but of course that’s not likely to happen.

  4. Mel

    I agree with comments in prior posts about age diversity on this show. More than that, I would LOVE a “throw back” twist. I guess it will never happen but they’ve had every other twist imaginable. Maybe I’m just old but I wish CBS would take it BB old school. The more games, twists and voting opportunities they have, the more the social experiment is lost. (Imho) I miss PBJ for havenots and when the “twists” were part of that experiment. I liked in season 2 when they asked each houseguest privately (only 5 left, I think) if they would secretly accept 5k but the catch was all 5 of them would be on PBJ for a week. It wasn’t some big production event but was very telling. I liked seeing which of them said no, which quickly said yes and which ones held out for more than 5k. (which they got) I also enjoyed finding out who kept their mouths shut after and who felt guilty and told on themselves.
    I miss having the food comp to earn the food the house would have for the week. It wasn’t about the huge set that was built or the theme. Again, it was the mental aspect of it all. That was the one time each week (no matter who you got along with or not) that everyone had to work together to have the most success. You could see who was selfish and chose things they only liked and who tried to choose things that could be used in many ways to help the entire house. I miss diary room talk when it felt like they were actually talking and not reading lines. Season 2 didn’t even have a veto! You got put up and too bad. Talk your way out or not. I did like the addition of the veto in season 3 but I actually like how it was back then. The person who used the veto wasn’t safe. I know things change and “improve” over time. I remember when having the hoh room was a real privilege and it wasn’t assumed that everyone (including your enemies) would feel entitled to help themselves to napping in your bed with their nasty feet.
    Things like the word “shomance,” voting on americas favorite player, battle of the block and wanting pure eye candy for viewers have created the biggest twist of all. My favorite show has gradually been twisted and turned into something that barely resembles Big Brother.
    I find it ironic that season 1 was not successful due to the fact that America voted for the winner. They changed the format for season 2 and it became a hit. Over the years, CBS has been working it’s way closer and closer back to the reason the 1st season was bad. I truly believe “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
    Many of you may disagree and I can respect that. I just wanted to share my thoughts on a slow Sunday. I just had a birthday so maybe I am just too old for all these twists. I’m sounding like my grandparents “missing the old days.” Lol

    • Avatar

      You need to turn this comment into letter form and send it to CBS lol…

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Being on for many seasons, it is natural for the show to evolve. Season 1 was a ground-breaker in the day, and certainly production has changed since then. Having said that, Season 1 had some memorable game players and paved the way. Some of the aspects of production have gotten lazy. It seems that CBS has hit upon a “formula,” and fortunately (or unfortunately) viewers are still tuning in. There will be no reason for them to change many aspects of the show that disappoint viewers, unless ratings drop significantly. The biggest change in my viewing over the last several seasons, is that towards the end I don’t care (other than rooting for Derrick). The houseguests have been fair to awful in recent seasons.

    • Avatar

      Mell, all are excellent points. I wouldn’t say you are too old for anything the way you recounted things I couldn’t remember in a million years. I watch every season but have to be jogged hard into remembering who won last season, forget about any seasons before that (literally! get it?) . My brain recognizes BB as disposable information and makes room for something else, I guess.

    • Avatar
      Karen (199 comments)

      I second Amber B

  5. danmtruth

    Mell well said I for one do not find any thing you said wrong. i have said in the past the HG need to work for there food Have more sealer comps to keep them from sleeping all day. Have real consequences for breaking rules One day in isolation no contact with other guest. Give them choices that either help themselves or the group Will they take a bribe to throw a comp where all the house guest are punish Think about would you take money and all blow-dryers are taken away for a week Or no hot water to shower They get to decide in secret say 4 house guest who cant use the backyard Give them some choices moral dilemmas that effect the game
    As Mel talk about get back to what made the game fun Not just watching people get a tan

  6. Avatar
    brenda (8 comments)

    I think I am voting for the plant “Mr. Jenkins” or whatever his name is. He is the best player in the house now. LOL

  7. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    I loved the comps when they got to keep all the clothes but they had to put them all on in a set amount of time.That was funny.When you watched BBAD and the hg’s woke up for it.Now,half of them are asleep during the show.I signed up for $17.99 a month to watch people sleep.I must be nuts! The girls are so boring with their long drawn out make-up rituals.Then they go to bed!!

  8. Mel

    Does anybody know what happened recently when a blow up doll/drone went over the house with a msg?

    • Mel

      I only read this. I didn’t see it but apparently Natslie thought the blow up doll was a msg for her. She thought “America” was making fun of her and saying she was fat! I would like just one day that she isn’t a victim or someone isn’t picking on her. I have enjoyed her at times this season. I’m not used to liking players while disliking them simultaneously. She is very sweet to the other women while being catty and jealous. She has been very insightful and able to read people while being a complete dumbass. She’s also very bubbly and happy while being depressed and upset overy her body, eyelashes, etc. I’m not talking about mood changes. She actually can have both sides going on at once. I think that’s why I can like her and strongly dislike her at the same time.

      • Beez
        Beez (31 comments)

        Mell, I completely agree with your comments about Natalie. To take it a step further, I absolutely can not stand her now. Everything that goes on in the house she is the victim. She was so upset about the guys calling her f.t. but as soon as she gets out of the house she’s going to get them enlarged. If she was so concerned that they were talking about the f.t. she would have kept that information to herself, but Noooo, Ms got to have all the attention she had to share that info. Who cares???
        James is the most delusional person ever. He thinks that he and Natalie are in a real relationship. Every time he makes a statement about them being a couple I cringe!!! When he asked her for her address so he could send her a ticket to come and visit him and she wouldn’t give it to him you would think he would get the hint.
        I want these two bafoons to sit otb together, and I really don’t care which one leaves first, as long as both of them leave.
        Sorry about the rant just needed to vent.

      • Mel

        Beez, I agree. She has gotten so much worse. She was one of the few I was pulling for even tho she irritates me. I heard the comments about getting her boobs bigger too and thought the same as you. I also didn’t like when they turned on Paul and she started changing her story about him grabbing and touching her. She said very clearly before that he had not but as soon as she wanted him out, the story changed. It mat have worked to get James on board to turn on Paulie (with Z eviction) but I can’t respect a game that makes those kind of accusations to get someone out. She can claim girl power all she wants but that’s far from it.

      • Avatar

        I feel the same way!

  9. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Just watched tonight’s episode. First off Victor’s beard looks like someone glued pubes to his face. Secondly, the way James and Nicole played the comp should be against the rules. I just don’t like that you can do that and completely change their leverage.

    I really dislike James at this point, first off his delusions of grandeur are crazy “I went and got both Paulie and Victor out” No, you just went along with the plan that everyone else put in place to get Paulie out, and you’re constantly talking about not wanting to rock the boat, and not wanting to get blood on your hands. You’re not a power player, you’re a floater.

    • Mel

      Yes, I’ve never liked his game but I have even less tolerance this year for him in general. He’s hinted all season he would get AFP but he came out and said (last night or today) that he felt confident he would get it. It was bad when he let it be known Thursday that Natalie wanted to save Vic but it’s so much worse that he still doesn’t seem to realize that Nicole and Corey may not care for that info. He apparantly never learned the ” for every action….there’s a reaction.” I don’t think she will leave but if Natalie left this week, I don’t think he would even comprehend that it was his fault.

  10. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    I thought it was funny on the show when the house was up thinking and talking…..camera to Michelle, sleeping! She can go. Am not rooting for her, so having her leave sooner rather than later is fine with me. Am so tired of her “super fan” bit. I will say she has the crunching (into mics), sleeping, crying down pat. Now leave!

    • Mel

      I’m tired of watching her sleep too! I don’t know what separates a fan from a super fan anyway. She said she started watching in season 10. If somr of these “super fans” would go back further, they may realize strategies werent always referred to as “Dans game, Derericks game, etc.” Ive watched since season 2 but that doesn’t mean I think I would be good at it. I would snap simply over the yelling when I was sleeping, the nasty bathroom, and somebody taking my clothes. Heaven help the person who thought it was a good idea to put something in my coffee as a prank. I would be the crazy lady that everyone decided needed to go the 1st week!

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  12. Shivani33

    Michelle meltdown, Natalie bolstering her back out of her blanket shroud. The budding nutritionist tried fasting today on gummy bears, brownie slivers, etc. Then screaming about her “fat face” and body, paranoid that her sisters are going through all of her stuff at home and stealing her clothes. Saying how she hates people touching her things. She’s the weeping Audrey but worse. Finally she made herself a meal and went outdoors with Natalie to discuss ***big drumroll*** their bodies and how fat they are. Nearby, Nicorey bickering and being offended by their oafish misinterpretations of whatever drivel they say to one another. James seems to just keep himself happy by repeating how much America loves him. Victor drinking coffee and Paul pacing poolside like a panther looking to escape.

  13. Avatar
    Gerardo (2785 comments)

    After watching tonight’s episode of BB, I have a couple of thoughts:

    1) This was my first time seeing what actually happened between Paul and Michelle this past week, and just as I suspected, Michelle was the one who instigated the argument (and for no reason at all). I don’t condone the horrible name Paul called her, but you know what Michelle, if you’re going to constantly and needlessly antagonize people then you better grow some thicker skin. Don’t start crying and playing the victim every time someone throws a low blow at you when you started the attack in the first place. Michelle is a classic case of a bully: an insecure, overly sensitive monster who can dish it out (to try to make people feel as badly as she does) but cannot take it. Bye girl, enjoy the jury house.

    2) I also had no idea that James was the one who destroyed Nicole’s trust and confidence in their alliance by openly admitting that Natalie wanted to keep Vic (I guess I’ve been slacking on keeping up with the feeds). Once again, I must concur with the other posters who are begging CBS to never bring this guy back again (at least not to BB). What was the point in that? Just to save Natalie from Paul’s VERY SOFT line of questioning, you’re going to potentially blow your own chance at $500K by letting it slip to your own allies that you considered voting one of them out last week? And after all of that, he’s spent every waking moment of the last two days spending all under Natalie instead of going back and making sure that he’s repaired whatever damage has been done to his relationship/alliance with Nicole? This guy is a joke. I hope he gets his taste of the jury house sooner than later.

    • Beez
      Beez (31 comments)

      I just recently found this site,and you guys are so on point. You called this just right. If you remember Lames made the mistake of letting Day know they were voting her out. This guy doesn’t know when to shut up. If he’s not talking to America, he’s giving Gnat all kinds of bad information about how the games goes. He is certainly not an expert, merely a once booted contestant. I’ll admit I liked him in his original season, but the silly pranks, and constantly wanting to be afp, and this desperate need for a showmances I have totally been turned off with him. Crychelle,she’s seen THREE seasons of BB and that makes her a super fan? Give me a dang break!!!

    • stevebeans

      Oh I watched it, and without a doubt, Michelle was the instigator in that situation. How it happened was that Paul was sitting there preparing lunch when James approached him to ask why his name was being tossed around as paranoid (stupid reason, but w/e). Paul was explaining himself and talking directly to James for a minute or two before Michelle jumped in numerous times before Paul even acknowledged her.

    • caRyn

      Agree. Not having the live feeds, I didn’t know any of this until the episode last night. Paul said that living with Michelle is hell. No doubt. For the hg to be on the receiving end of Michelle’s planned or unplanned outburst is extreme. There is no need for Michelle to yell and when a hg yells back at her in return she is the victim. Actually, most of the girls in the house this season have played the victim. I am glad James spoke to Paul when everyone around could hear. That backfired on James and I don’t know that James even realizes it.

  14. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    I wonder how Nat and Meech would get along on the outside.They are both very paranoid and sketchy.Meech with her fake crying,and feeling misunderstood and unlikeable.Then we have Nat who craves attention,always plays the victim and overdoes everything like the “fire”that never was,continuous mentioning of her boobs,and her fatness.They might both need to be on Dr.Phil.

  15. Mugummy
    Mugummy (124 comments)

    Haha! Just caught CBS’ editorized make-Corey-superhero-like with the “we can do it” in reply to Nicole’s 5-part plan to get through the week

  16. Avatar
    Gerardo (2785 comments)

    Oh yeah, Paul was DEFINITELY putting on an act earlier this season when he was pretending to be unfamiliar with this show. He and Michelle are in the hot tub now schooling Natalie on Dan Gheesling, and Paul knows every detail of both his original win in season 10, as well as the circumstances surrounding his return and near second win during season 14. Ironically, judging from this conversation and his game play this season, Paul is probably the closest thing to an actual “superfan” in this house.

    • Avatar
      DetectiveDerrick (2 comments)

      Gerardo I’m pretty sure Paul said earlier in the season he hadn’t watched a live season of big brother ever, but when he found out he might be casted he went and watched all the seasons so he would know what he was getting in to. One reason I like him and want him to win. Many recruits don’t prepare for the game and think it’s going to be sunshine and rainbows with 500k a at the end. I could have misunderstood the conversation or he could have just been hiding how big of a fan he is but I still respect his game more then anyone except maybe Victor at the moment. Like someone said earlier they are adaptable.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        I could be mistaken, but I recall a conversation in which he and Jozea were both bragging to the other HGs that they had each only watched one season of the show, and then they had it “figured out” so they didn’t want to watch any more seasons so that they could just play off their instincts and not be influenced by previous HGs’ strategies. He also pretended not to know what a “backdoor” was when he was talking to Paulie (he would most certainly have known what that word meant if he’s watched multiple seasons). So I’m pretty sure Paul attempted to downplay his BB knowledge earlier in the season to appear as less of a threat, and hey I’m not knocking him for it. It worked out pretty well for him, as he has been underestimated all season up until recently.

  17. Avatar
    Gerardo (2785 comments)

    Just 5 minutes ago, Michelle and Natalie were in the bathroom complaining about being “fat” and talking about how they’re so miserable dieting. Now they are in the kitchen “crunching and munching” on what I believe are chips and dry cereal (supposedly they were just going to have decaf tea). I can’t listen to the sound of them eating anymore, so I’m calling it a night.

  18. Kari B
    Kari B (1000 comments)

    I realize I’m behind everybody else time wise but…

    Corey looks like an ape trying to get bugs out of Nicole’s hair….

  19. Avatar
    Susan (244 comments)

    I am so oooooooooover Natalie. She is such a whiner and everything has to be about her. I really liked her in the beginning, but now? Forget it.

    • Renee

      I tried watching the feeds the other night for a bit. Nicole and Corey on one camera. I could tell they are overly aware of the cameras when it is just the two of them. Everything they say is over-exaggerated and over emphasized facial expressions. I had to turn to the other camera when she started popping his pimples. Really gross. Change cameras to the rest of the group and had the opportunity to watch Michelle and Natalie eating with their mouths open. You all have talked about how annoying their eating is and I had the chance to see it for myself. If you want a good comparison, watch the many videos of baby otters eating mindlessly on FB or Google. These girls don’t even realize they are eating non-stop while they are doing it. They are in a trance. Then complain later that they are fat.

    • AIO_7

      I’m with you, Susan; I was one of GNat’s most enthusiastic “cheer leaders”.

  20. Shivani33

    Michelle has not campaigned on her own behalf at all, even though she frequently has said that she has a feeling that she’s being evicted. Will she get to work after this afternoon’s Veto ceremony? James has reassured her that Paul knows that he’ll be evicted. He has repeatedly urged both Natalie and Michelle to just sit tight, keep everything smooth, no need to do anything. Michelle isn’t following her own gut feeling. She could be popping off so many remarks against Paul staying. She’s stuck in neutral instead. Even she ought to recognize that James is replaying his previous game and where that got him and Meg. He spouts his trite, nonstrategic advice and is unobservantly inactive about the changes in the tactics of the other players, too complacent. No reason for Michelle to hitch her wagon to his falling star. Since I want James and “his girls” gone, it works for me. But still – get off your asses and play Big Brother.

    • caRyn

      Michelle knows that James made a deal with Nicole during the comp that didn’t include her. Before the comp Michelle let Natalie get in her ear on her own nom. Now Michelle is allowing James to tell her how to handle being OTB. It is totally on Michelle if she goes this week.

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