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Slow Sunday In The Big Brother House BBOTT



It’s Sunday, which means the slow crawl toward the beginning of a potentially cool move is underway. Depending on who you ask.

To summarize, Scott was given the care package this week where he has to pick the veto reward type. Diamond, Double, or Boomerang.  I explained each type a few times, but needless to say, Diamond sucks because Scott would essentially hand over the power to the PoV winner. No need for that. That left the other two which could result in 2 people being pulled from the block.  One by one winner (boomerang), the other by two winners (double). Alright, I guess I explained it again, oh well.

Scott have to try to make the best of a pretty crappy situation because with poor planning, it could easily result in some floater like Kryssie leaving (though that would be nice), or one of his allies. To be fair, thanks to America’s Vote, one of his allies will likely be nominated and voted out, but I won’t focus on that until ti happens. For now, let’s pretend it won’t.


The main target of the week is the showmance (Shane/Danielle), but with all these different veto scenarios, we could end up in a situation where neither of them are sitting on the block come Wednesday night. So, Scott had to be calculated with his decision and is going to go with the double pawn move.  He’s likely nominating Kryssie and Neeley in hopes either (or both) will win veto and use it on themselves. This allows Scott to renom Shane and/or Danielle.  It’s a smart move, and that made it even funnier to listen to BBExpert Jason trash Scott’s overthinking of it. Unless he was just humoring the Late Night Crew, Jason is completely wrong here. Scott should be overthinking moves and should be trying to put the odds in his favor as best he can.

It’s like poker and why there are professional poker players in a game of ‘luck’. While poker will always come down to luck in the end, the better poker players stack the odds in their favor by being able to read others, folding, holding, and their bet amounts. Yes, a person with pocket aces can lose to the guy with dumb luck who goes all in with a 6&7 and gets a straight, but odds are more in favor with the guy with pocket aces which allows them to either be aggressive and go all-in right away or wait to see how the cards look and bait people into bidding more.  Wow, rambling.  I talk like I’m an expert at poker – I’m not. I just understand the concept of taking a luck-based game and increasing your chances of winning it.

Does Scott know who will win veto? Who America will nominate? Who America will vote for? No. But, it would be stupid to haphazardly just throw names out there and hope everything falls into place. He can do his best to account for any variable that comes across that he can control.  Point of my long rant? Scott is smart, and Jason is not. Unless Jason is just humoring the LNC as I mentioned he could be. He (Jason) was part of BB17, co-won the first HoH with James, and tried to use the flaw in the Battle of the Block competition by nominating weaker players so one side ‘throws’ it.

I was going to do some updates, but when I realized I just wrote an essay which probably reads like shit. I am crunch for time as I am running out for a few hours, so when I return, I will start a live update thread that will cover the final noms.


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  1. Avatar

    Stevebeans maybe you can do us all a favor and shoot another one of your emails to CBS. Help us keep Shane out of the HN bedroom at night. We split them for a reason. Thanks

    • Helen

      Crazy that they seem to be following every other rule and basic format of big brother except that one!!!

      • Avatar

        Without Shane in the room with her we might be lucky enough to see a Chima type meltdown from the icky princess!!

      • Helen

        I honestly can’t take much more of her. Have pretty much stopped watching the feeds and just following here and jokers because of her and Krustie. But mostly because of Danielle.

      • Mell

        I though people could sleep in there. I thought Paulie stayed with Z and Nicole stayed with Corey some. Maybe I’m remembering wrong. BB18 feels like a long time ago now. Lol

  2. Avatar

    Voting opens tonight and all my vote are going to Danielle. Let’s see how the other side reacts when they think America may not have there back anymore

  3. Mell

    Quote from Scott just before 4:30:

    Scott (to Alex) “It’s going to suck so much if America’s nom is Danielle and Shane gets picked and wins it.”

    This is what I keep saying. There is personal satisfaction and putting Danielle OTB but it’s not the best game move if you want her or Shane evicted.

    • Helen

      Yes it will suck but there are two sides to look at it….Shane HAS to be picked. If Danielle is up that only leaves 3 that can be chosen. Shane Justin and Jason the rest are scotts team of 4 girls if Justin or Jason wins they will take Krustie off and Scott can put up Shane. If by chance Shane gets picked andwins he will take Danielle down pissing off LNC because he is choosing Danielle (who they are getting sick of) over Neely and Krustie.
      If Morgan goes up the odds are she will go home weakening the plastics even more and LNC steamrolls on!

      • Mell

        They won’t be pissed if Shane saves Danielle. They would expect that to happen. I guess I’m not seeing the odds of Morgan going home. She’s the one most polls want gone, after Danielle of coarse.

      • Mell

        Sorry Helen, I missed the first part all your comment. Why does Shane have to be picked? Has Scott changed his mind again because he wasn’t putting planning on Shane being on the block either? He didn’t want either one of them up there at first.

      • Helen

        I mean if Danielle is americas nom Shane has to be picked to play in veto. With 7 names in there odds are in scotts favor that other names will be drawn.

    • Avatar

      It’s the same as if we vote Morgan and Shane get pick and wins the veto than Danielle and Shane are both safe and they don’t have the numbers to evict Kryssie and Morgan goes home. So the safes thing for Alex is if Danielle gets nominate and if by some small chance he gets pick and win veto we can still vote out Kryssie and we try again next week for Danielle and Shane

      • Mell

        My point was if they are otb, it’s guaranteed they play. If they arn’t, theres a good possibility they don’t. The odds are further against them to win both vetos. If they arnt otb at all, Danielle and Shane would have to win both vetos to keep them both off the block. Also, if neither of them gets drawn to play, all 6 people playing will change the noms to put them on the block no matter who it is that’s playing. Even LNJ veto players will take Neely or Krissi down. Scott and plastics obviously will. If Scott sticks with the plan to put up Neeley and Krissi, he’s going for a true backdoor.

    • caRyn

      I am voting Alex because that is Scott’s ride or die.

    • Helen

      But I also see your side in that if any of LNC wins veto it will force them to take one of scotts noms down and he can put up either Shane or Danielle but even with that Morgan will still go home because LNC will vote out Morgan rather than Shane or Danielle. Idk. This is too much thinking on a Sunday afternoon!! I just know I want Danielle gone!!!! Maybe then I can watch feeds again…….

      • Mell

        LNC can’t vote out Morgan or whoever it is because if America voted with Scott’s side (and everything I’ve read for a week says they will) it will be a tie. LNC will have 4 votes and Scott’s group will have 3. America votes with Scotts side and Scott breaks the tie. That’s also worst case scenario because I think there is a very good chance Justin votes with Scott anyway. No one knows who will get drawn to play veto and Scott doesn’t either that’s why he was doing it this way because he was trying to increase the chances that Danielle and Shane don’t play. If we put Danielle OTB, we’re working against Scott and the plastics.

  4. Avatar

    @Mell I think you are correct about the HN room because I thought about it and James did sleep with Natalie in fact the bumper cars fit him so well he stayed in there a lot

    • Mell

      That’s what I thought but I wasn’t completely sure. I just think the have nots don’t have a choice but I don’t think they’ve ever cared what the others do. People have tried the slop when they weren’t have nots so I guess it’s the same thing. Most people just arn’t whipped enough to sleep in there if they don’t have to. Lol

  5. Avatar

    We have to take our personal feelings for Danielle out of the equation and nominate to help the backdoor. We will know better tonight what Scott is doing. He was talking to Alex earlier about changing things up again with his noms.

  6. caRyn

    Danielle wanted the large bed in the Have-Not room and luckily Shelby was able to have it because she went to bed earlier than Danielle. Shelby claimed the larger bed first. Danielle did take the blankets (10-15-16 5:09 pm (PT)) from Shelby and then washed them for herself and Shane.

  7. Mell

    Raider34, I was trying to figure that out myself. I didn’t hear the conversation. I just knew Scott was working on speeches for Krissi and Shane. I thought perhaps he was practicing speech for when someone gets pulled down and Shane goes up but he may have changed his mind and decided not to put Neeley up anymore. He may go ahead and just put Shane up there. I know I’ve confused a few people and was getting ready to comment and do a better job of explaining why I didn’t want Danielle OTB. I think I need to hold off on that until we see what he does tonight. You’re right. You’re right about the personal feelings too. That’s why I keep joking and saying let’s play like Dan, not Michelle. Lol

  8. caRyn

    12:19 am (PT) Shane said to Scott that he wants Shelby out. Scott said last week you said Alex only. Shane said it is Shelby. I am sure Scott wants Shane out even more for lying.

  9. caRyn

    11:19 am (PT) Morgan found the empty coke bottle under the bathroom sink and went to the backyard to show the other hg.

  10. Shivani33

    There’s such widespread commenting about getting Danielle as the third nominee that it’ll be surprising if she isn’t picked. I held off voting to nominate her, hoping that it would give Scott better backdoor odds. It’s funny how much focus Scott has on getting Shane out of the game when Danielle and Krustie are such troublemakers. Scott has given his reasons, but sometimes I hope that he’s being tricky and has a different real target and is being completely secretive. How come he isn’t trying to get rid of a bigmouth?

    • caRyn

      It is odd to me as well. When Scott is alone he still says Shane is his target. I will settle for the tail of the snake as long as the head leaves shortly after. I don’t care about hg numbers anymore – I want the negativity (childish hate) out.

      • Helen

        Amen sister! I also would like to see Jason on slop next week.

      • Mel

        Shane is definitely his target but he also doesn’t vote and the Plastics could decide to vote Danielle out anyway. I don’t think they will because I don’t think they’ll backstab Scott and I think as annoyed as they are, even they realize Shane is probably a bigger threat.

      • Avatar

        I’ll second your amen Helen. I am with you on the negativity Caryn it is becoming unbearable to watch

    • Helen

      Me thinks Danielle put the last nail in her coffin last night when she told LNC she was going to save her child support checks to take LNC to Bahamas. Chat already painted the bullseye on her with the dog starving .
      I find it hard to believe she is a pre school teacher for Montessori.

    • Mel

      He’s said he feels like Shane is more of a game threat. He thinkd he would be more competitive in physical challenges and people on both sides of the house like him. Since Danielle is already a b***h and they found out her own Alliance is sick of her, she’s less of a threat. Scotts group don’t see Krissi as a threat at all. Sadly for us, this is all true. Krissi and Neeley have both vented to Whitney and Morgan about Danielle over the past week and Scott knows that Justin and Jason are sick of her. Danielle has lost the connections they first thought she had with LNJ.

      • caRyn

        Kryssie and Jason were the last hg up last night and agreed Danielle is a number for them. That is why they want her to stay in the BB house.

      • Mel

        Oh I agree Ryn. They won’t try to get her out and won’t target her themselves because she is a number but if Scott has her up there, they won’t have a choice but to let her go.

      • caRyn

        If Scott isn’t able to evict Danielle this week we will need to get her back OTB next week. LNJ needs to know America wants her out.

  11. Mel

    Around 2:15
    Scott and Alex conversation:
    (Scott found out this morning that Jason doesn’t want to get rid of Shelby like many of his crew. He thinks it’s a waste of an hoh. Scott had filled Jason in on the fact that Shane was pushing for Scott to put her up.)

    Alex and Scott are discussing making a deal with Jason. They say they want him around for awhile. They maybe would like a final 5 deal with the themselves and Justin, Jason and Neeley. They arn’t going to let on how close Scott is with Shelby. Scott says that no one will see Shelby as a final 2 threat but when they (Jason, Neeley, Justin) eventually want to target Shelby, they will break off from the 5 at that point. Alex says that no one will see Morgan as a final 2 threat either. Alex throws Whitney utb a little by saying she is a good candidate to fly under the radar to the end. They hope the LNJ thinks this and tatgets her instead of them. Scott tells Alex that if she wins hoh and puts up Krissi and Danielle (if Shane leaves this week) it wouldn’t break a deal with Jason, Justin and Neeley. Scott assures Alex that if by some chance Shane plays in veto and wins, they are going for Danielle. (BS had a convo about doing this anyway even tho Scott wants Shane out. I don’t know if they would or not tho)
    Scott told Alex that he may be direct with Krissi and Neeley and tell them that everyone would use the vetos on them. (Last night he hoped they would figure out on their own that Shane and Danielle wouldn’t)

    *I’m starting to think that Scotts plan is the same and his practice speech for Shane was for after veto is played but it isn’t completely clear.

  12. Shivani33

    When voting starts, it’d work out best if America’s nominee isn’t one who messes up Scott’s intentions. I meant to say that I won’t vote for Danielle but am really tempted to do it and wish that Scott would evict her instead of Shane. It’s late by the time polls open on the east coast, and sleep keeps getting put off for BBOTT. Sure I’m not the only one who is getting wacky. Today I brought the tv remote to the grocery store, put the kitchen sponge carefully into the fridge and stuck the iced tea in the sink. Great balls of fire!

  13. Avatar

    WTF is wrapped around Neeley’s head? I cant even look at her anymore. SMMFH

  14. Helen

    Last night Danielle was insisting that LNC vote out americas nom…….wonder if she will change that if she’s the one up there OTB?

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