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Swaggy Accused Of Underpaying Kevin For Charity Game

If you have been following former houseguests on Twitter, you’d know that Swaggy and Fessy had some one on one basketball game they were hyping up for a while. When Kevin (BB19) was diagnosed with cancer, a lot of the Big Brother community came together to support him, and that included Swaggy who turned the event into a charity event.  In fact, Swaggy’s current Twitter header actually says ‘fundraiser’ in it for the event:


There was no mistaking that the event became a charity event. That very very clear with mountains of evidence all over Twitter mentioning it.

Kevin went down and attended the event as well as Scottie, Rockstar, and Haleigh.  It was all fine until this tweet dropped the other day from Kevin’s daughter:


That’s quite a claim, but it didn’t receive much attention for a few days until the retweets happened. When they did, it got back to Swaggy who not only had a reply, but created a video on Youtube explaining about it (the video has been deleted).

Seeing as the video is deleted, I can’t do specific quotes, but I’m going to go by memory with a few key points and if anything is wrong, please let me know so I can correct them:

  • An issue apparently came up with Kevin became cancer free. Apparently, it sounded like they tried to figure out what to do with the money at that point as he was supposed to receive a majority of it
  • They allegedly agreed on a 60/40 split. Well, more like a 30/30/40 split between Swaggy/Fezzy/Kevin.
  • Swaggy claims the event pulled in around $19k in gross revenue
  • He says expenses were around $8k but did not give a detailed breakout of the expenses.
  • He also says the place used to sell the tickets through charged around $2-3k each
  • He gave two examples and I want to say that they were these:
    • Eventbrite pulled in around $11k but gave him around $9k
    • The PPV company pulled in around $8k but gave him $5k
  • These numbers above are key and I’ll explain shortly. Please give me specifics if they still have the video or if anyone remembers exactly what he said
  • Swaggy also said that he took $2k for himself, gave Fessy $2k, and Kevin got $800. Zero Cancer received $800 as well. I believe he mentioned a second charity as well.

I’ll break down some numbers using the $11k figure from Eventbrite and $8k from Cleeng (a PPV provider)

  • $11k means (at $25/each) they sold 440 tickets
  • $8k means (at $15/each) means they sold 533 PPV


Now, for some math:

  • 440 tickets would be:
    • $348 in per ticket prices (0.79 per)
    • 2% of each ticket = 50 cents = $220
    • 2.5% of each ticket = $275
    • Total fees = $843
  • 533 PPV tickets would be:
    • 533 tickets at $1.76 each would be $938 in fees
  • Total fees = $1,781

Out of $19,000 in total gross from those two places, they should be down to $17,219. Unless I missed something somewhere, I’m not sure why he would say each one took a few thousand dollars.


Other expenses would, of course, include airfare for everyone as Swaggy did show that he sent Scottie money for his ticket. That was one of the receipts he indeed showed, so I assume he covered everyone’s airfare and lodging which would be expected. I don’t know how much all of that came out to nor am I going to even try to make any guesses.

Note – I am not here to judge whether or not Scottie, Rockstar, or Haleigh even needed to be there as their names were not listed on the event page as official meet and greet people, but that’s something for them to worry about. My goal here is to see if anything fishy went on. 

Here is where the situation gets sticky. This is the claim by Swaggy:

  • Swaggy got $2,000
  • Fessy got $2,000
  • $800 went to Kevin (or $500)
  • $800 went to Zero Cancer charity
  • Alleged total of $5,600 net profit

He claims that is a 60/40 split but I am not seeing where that adds up:

  • 60% of $5,600 is $3,600
  • 40% is $2,400

In no way does that break down to $2k for each player and $1,600 for Kevin’s side.  I’m not even sure which side got 60 and which side got 40, but I’ll run the numbers both ways….

  • If Swaggy/Fes received 60%, that means the total would be $6,666 and Kevin should have received $2,666
  • If Swaggy/Fes received 40%, that means the total would be $10,000 and Kevin should have received $6,000

I’d assume they meant Swaggy/Fessy received 60% which would have put Kevin’s side at $2,666. Kevin allegedly received $800 and Zero Cancer charity received another $800. That is $1,066 off.

Another thing, Kevin allegedly received only $500 of the $800 as the remaining $300 was for his airfare. One question I do have is why was Kevin’s airfare not included in the expenses report with Scottie, Haleigh, Rockstar, etc?

There are a lot of unanswered questions to this situation, but right now it seems like we have these major questions:

  1. Why did Swaggy say the processing fees from Eventbrite and Cleeg total thousands of dollars (upwards of $3-5k) when their website say it would have been less than $2,000 total?
  2. Why did Kevin’s side only receive $1,600 in a 60/40 split?
  3. Why was Kevin charged for airfare (if he was)?

Now, there are a number of weird issues with this, for example, the morality of even trying to decide what to do with the money once Kevin was cancer free. If the money was for his bills, they didn’t go away when he beat the disease.  If the money was for charity, Kevin’s status as an active cancer patient should be irrelevant. Cancer itself wasn’t beaten.


Another thing, the issue of whether or not the event would have done well without bringing Kevin along in the first place. A fundraiser for a person or charity is typically just that, an event raising funds for that cause. The difference between a fundraiser and a regular basketball match also is important for tax filing status.

I understand a number of issues have come up as excuses on Twitter for why Swaggy is being attacked over this, but my main issue is merely the numbers do not even come close to adding up.   I reached out to both sides for more details but did not hear back from either, so I am going by whatever information is out there and right now it does not look good for Swaggy. If he wants to reach out to me to show me actual proof of expenses and percentage agreements, I’d love to see them and try to clear this entire thing up for them.


I was able to re-watch the video!


Swaggy’s updated words:

  • Kevin says he made $19k and he paid $8k out of pocket (doesn’t say on what) so that means they’re break even for some reason
  • Eventbrite and Cleng charged $3.5k combined according to Swaggy. It should be under $2,000
  • Then he says “If we made $13k on eventbrite, we only got $10.8” ($2,200 in fees). Cleng got cut from $8 to $6.5 ($1,500 in fees)
  • After that, it went from $11k to $7.5k which is what was used to give people money
    • Himself $2,000
    • Fessy $2,000
    • Kevin $800
    • Zero Cancer $800
    • Michelle event planner $250
    • Then he gave an undisclosed amount to another charity in FL
    • Then he had refunds for shirts

So his overall breakdown from $19k

  • $8,000 “expenses”
  • $3,500 “fees”
  • $4,000 “talent” (himself and Fes)
  • $800 Kevin
  • $800 Charity
  • $250 Michelle
  • Unknown Refunds
  • $1,750 unaccounted for

Now I have more questions…

  1. How much did he give the FL charity?
  2. Why mention refunds as an expense if they were not counted as income? Isn’t that just borrowed money?
  3. Did he sell any shirts and just refund the people he promised a shirt?
    1. If he did, how much profit from shirts?
  4. What did they spend $8,000 on?
  5. What happened to the other $1,750?



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  1. hogwild

    I don’t lknow who’s telling the truth but other than Kevin.

  2. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Guys, I won’t be able to do BBAD tonight. I have really been under the weather since last night and missed the show tonight. I’m going to try to read as many of the comments here for a minute, then try to watch as much of the CBS show until I fall asleep. I record BB and BBAD so I’ll watch BBAD tomorrow. If it’s not to much trouble, can someone try to do as much of BBAD as they can? I’m so sorry. I’ll be back tomorrow night.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Seattle Kari

    if I were Kevin or his family and swaggy really did this, I would sue the hell out of him. What complete bullshit

  4. LO1004

    There was something about reimbursement for people who ordered tshirts. He also said they weren’t paid in a lump sum. It was a certain amount each month. Not sure if that matters, but could for tax reasons. Either way, Swaggy is out for Swaggy. I wish we would’ve made Kevin a Go Fund Me and all wouldve been well.

  5. Seattle Kari

    About Kevin, is he in remission then?

  6. danmtruth

    It does sounds like Kevin is in remission which is good news
    Every time Swaggy tried to come up with an explanation He just dug a deeper hole
    There was talk Bay got 8 K for money she fronted the event
    It sounds like Kevin daughter was most upset that Kevin had to pay for his own flight down

    • Sassy

      If you read all her tweets, she just felt like Kevin was used. They had to contact Swaggy several times before Kevin got anything. Swaggy wouldn’t return his calls and Bay got snarky with them. Swaggy told them, and us (if you saw the video), that he wasn’t going to give anything to Kevin because he’s in remission and he had to add “That is that!” It’s an emotional time when your dealing with a loved one who is fighting a battle, she didn’t like that they took advantage of her father and his cancer the way that they did and had to make such an effort to even get the flight money reimbursed, when the rest of the crew got theirs upfront.

  7. danmtruth

    As for tonight’s HOH comp Dina said she thought production told them 11:30 would be the start time

  8. danmtruth

    This is the third night that Kandi has tried to teach Lolo the card game Gin It’s not that hard Come on people

    • Ann

      I don’t know if anyone watches The Young & The Restless or even its been reported yet on BBJUNKIES. Anyway, Kristo St John, the character who plays Neals Winters has passed away. He was found in his house deceased. He suffered from severe depression after the loss of his son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia & also suffered from depression. The young man also committed suicide but the cause of death of his father Kristof has not yet been determined, my guess is losing a child has got to be one of the worst things that could happen to a parent & just can’t deal with it.. He leaves behind 2 teen age to adult daughters & possibly a wife.

      My heart goes out this family & many, many prayers to his surviving children, wife & family. MAY GOD BLESS

      • danmtruth

        As a parent it goes without saying Loosing a child would be devastating We never understand the pressure some people are under in their personal lives

  9. stevebeans

    Re: Kevin and cancer. I don’t know the terms. He is cancer free because it was removed. Is that complete remission or cancer free or both?

    • LO1004

      Cancer free and remission are different. Cancer free is when the cancer is removed when caught early, as you stated. Remission is when the patient is treated with chemo, radiation, or both, and has been scanned to show no cancer is present, but they will continue to be monitored. I think they say “no evidence of disease” now.

  10. stevebeans

    Oh and feeds went down for HoH (10:41)

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  12. Avatar

    Run from the police poop pants and friends

  13. Alda

    There was no BBAD last night. Tom won HOH. The girls were up in his HOH room kissing ass. Surprise! This should be an interesting next few days,to say the least.

  14. LO1004

    No BBAD. Tom came through with the HOH. I’m way too excited for him to split up those girls.

  15. danmtruth

    Tom SHOULD be in a no loose situation His targets should be Lolo, NEM ,Ricky Shut up don’t over think it Don’t go making crazy deals and alliance Put two up have the third as a backup Let the house decide Be happy Some how his ego might get in the way He will try to be puppet master and make more enemies

  16. Mel

    Lolo, NEM and Tamar are already starting to argue with Tom as the hoh. Lolo said they should’ve gotten rid of Kandi. She regrets voting to keep her. (Someone should explain to her how Kandi was staying once Tamar made up her mind, no matter what Nolo did)

    Lolo wishes she’d used the veto on Tom and put up Kandi. (They should also explain how Lolo wouldn’t have been putting up anyone, not her decision)

    Nolo said if Tom wouldn’t just admitted that he wanted to backdoor Ricky, they never would’ve had problems with him. Lolo said he wouldn’t admit it tho. (Didn’t Tom tell Nolo he wanted to do it? That’s what caused the problem! He also told Ricky he had tried to do it. These women are crazy!)

    I hope Tom doesn’t over think this like he did the last time and come up with 500 plans. Kandi has been reminding that “the 3” must be split or they have the majority vote the rest of the game.

    Tamar and Kandi were laughing over how pissed Nolo was after the hoh comp.

    It sounds like Omarosa may have hosted the comp.

    Hope you feel better quickly NK but at least you didn’t miss anything last night.

    • LO1004

      We’re gonna have a good time watching them squirm for the first time. I hate to say it, but if I were them I’d get NEM out first. Everyone is winning against Lolo.

    • Ann

      All of that bullshit shoula woulda coulda. They shoulda got out who they wanted when they were HOH, Oh wait, were they all HOH or just backseat drivers? They woulda got out so & so if they were smart enough to win HOH, Oh but wait, they weren’t & they were also backseat drivers. They coulda got this persen out or that person out if only they were HOH, but guess what, their asses weren’t HOH either & they didn’t get it done either. So #STFU

    • Sassy

      No matter what Tom does, he will be targeted next, because come Fri, the bedroom bunch will all be fake friends again. I don’t care which of the 4 he puts up, as long as they are the target and 1 leaves. Don’t put Kandi or Dina up as pawns! He’s going to overthink and overtalk this! He has to much time as HOH this week. I think he will put up Tantrum and Ricky.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thanks Mel, and thanks for the update. Seems like everyone in the house overlooks Kandi and dismisses everything she says. Most of the time she makes more sense than anyone in there. I hope she makes it to the end and now I hope she wins.

  17. Shivani33

    I was relieved that Tom won HoH. I am surprised that when strategy is being discussed, often button-boy does his thing and deprives us of hearing it. What are we supposed to be “allowed” to watch?

    Anyhow, the miserable pair, Natalie and Lolo, are back to building up their resentment about Kandi. Of course! She is their only convenient frenemy for now. Dina seemed drunk again last night (and that is quite a topper for her regular medication) and could barely put 2 sentences together. Nothing like casting someone who doesn’t even seem to be aware that she is humiliating herself on TV.

    Frankly, I would prefer that BB drop the fake celebrity show altogether. OTT had more potential, but it was probably harder work to produce. It isn’t easy to get involved and engrossed in this reality game show with all of the cutting and blanking of the participants. It really is beginning to smell like Orwell’s “Big Brother.” Too much censorship and overreaching production censorship.

    • Shivani33

      I don’t know whether anyone else feels this way. Maybe it’s just me.

    • LO1004

      I totally agree. They are cutting feeds too much. This all seems like more trouble than it’s worth. They’d spend way less money on another OTT season and would haven’t have to sensor nearly as much.

    • Mel

      Ya, it’s been frustrating. I understand why we won’t get complete feeds with celebs. Who would want to do the show in the future if celebs see people ruin their reputations on bb? However, it’s as if they’ve gotten too jumpy because of how things escalated before. Now they cut out anything and everything. They spoke to them the other day and told them to tone it down. If they can’t do it after being given that courtesy, they don deserve that level of protection imo. Besides, it’s just game talk at the moment so what’s to protect?

  18. danmtruth

    Production has so many feeds at there disposal It never made sense to me to cut All The feeds because of a comment on one The other thing These are all adults So the old they are young and don’t understand should not apply If people make fools of themselves Sorry not sorry as the shirt says It is not productions job to protect their image
    Why are Nolo and NEM worried about Kandi ? She is not the threat this week
    I’m sure Ricky & Tom will pitch a last men standing alliance With the no one will see it coming
    You must pitch if you make it to the end Who do you have the best chance of people voting for you over the other one To me that’s Lolo
    The other is who left understand how little time is left How they will need to get people out FAST SO a double has to be coming

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