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big brother 14 returning cast

My Theory On The Returning Cast Members

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big brother 14 returning cast

Quick, go to any Big Brother blog and you’re going to see rumors and wild guesses about the four returning houseguests.  I haven’t touched on it yet because I wanted to fully absorb the situation before I gave my thoughts on it.

I’ve tried to filter all the rumors and speculation, and I think I have a good idea what’s going to happen. The same situation is being played out on a different network right now (food network), and I know TV shows love to copy ideas from other shows.

Who will return?  Who cares?  I read somewhere that nobody from last season will be back, so all the people worried about Rachel returning, don’t worry.  I doubt it’s happening.. I think even CBS is “Rachel’d out” for a little while.  It’s going to be someone from this list minus Dick, Natalie, Rachel, Jeff, Rachel or Danielle. They were supposed to be removing 2 people every day, but making a photo gray is a lot of work, so cut them some slack.   Either way, I don’t think it matters who returns because I don’t think it’s going to be like last season.

Enough rambling, here is my idea.  Four players will return as captains/mentors for the 12 new houseguests.  I bet the four people will be put to a challenge, and the 12 others put to another challenge and this will help weigh how teams are formed.  Perhaps something like a schoolyard pick from the four mentors, while the winner of the newbie challenge will have a chance to swap teams or w/e.   Maybe the newbie challenge won’t even happen and it will be a simple schoolyard pick.

So, 4 mentors will have 3 newbies on their team.  The mentors will be battling the other mentors in challenges that will favor or hurt their team, while the newbies battle each other in the typical game of Big Brother.  HoH, Have Nots, etc.  When one mentor loses his 3 newbies, they’re ‘eliminated’ from winning the mentor prize, whatever that is.  That will be the only way the mentors leave the game, and the newbies will only be allowed to vote for the newbies.

Then, when the final winner is revealed at the end of the season, the mentor of the winner will also receive some type of bonus prize like $100k or so in addition to their 15 minutes of fame being extended.

So my theory, there will be two winners this season.. a newbie for $500k, and a mentor for whatever prize they offer.

Just for fun, I’m going to list a poll of the potential returning members minus the people I listed above, who do you want to see return?

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  1. Comments (1)

    I am positive that Dr. Will has stated he is done with reality television – but who knows?

  2. Comments (22)

    Yeah I read somewhere else that’s how it’s supposed to be. Teams – and then when all the newbies from a particular mentor’s team are voted off then they are gone too. Sounds like fun to me! I predict Mike, Janelle, Dan and I can’t decide on the 4th one – Ragan or Kaysar maybe?

  3. Comments (2)

    It’s not Dr. Will – they just greyed out his picture.

    I’m so excited – is it Thursday yet?!

    I’m hoping it’s – Britney, Janelle, Dan, & Boogie!

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