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Will Tiffany Stay or Go – Round 2



Reminder – feeds will most likely be down from Thursday night until after the show on Friday.  The show on Friday will reveal who wins the ‘battle back’ competition and re-enters the house. In my opinion, I think that is why they are taking so long to do the back yard. It is unlikely it will be an endurance comp, but something like the ball pit thing.  The reason for the extra setup is probably the battle back competition. Unlike how they made it sound, I think it will be all 5 evicted houseguests competing all on one night. That night will probably be tomorrow, and it will probably be teased toward the end of the live show.  It’s very possible the setup still remains (1 v 1) with Glenn vs Jozea, then winner vs Victor, etc rather than a 5 person comp.

This is important because it gives a big advantage to either tomorrow’s evicted houseguest, or an early evicted like Jozea, depending on the comp.  If it’s a carnival style luck game, Jozea gains practice every round he wins, and his advantage grows. If it’s a purely athletic comp, Jozea or Victor will have an early advantage, but could wear down by the time they have to face Tiffany (I’m saying her for the sake of argument. It could be Day). Personally I think Victor is going to win regardless, unless he doesn’t really have a desire to re-enter the house and gives a poor effort. No desire?  How could he! Right?  Well, look at it from his perspective. He’s been sitting in a hotel for 3 weeks probably bored to tears. His option is to either go home and try working on that acting career, or back into the house where he’ll almost certainly be kicked to the jury house where he spends the rest of his summer before people forget about him. Who knows, though.

To cut my rambling short, let’s talk about today. Frank is going to push pretty hard for Tiffany to stay. I am not sure she’ll have the same luck as last week considering Frank is already counting on people like Paul who are secretly team Day. The only real angle Frank can work is trying to get into Corey’s head about being down to 2 people in an alliance. He is going to keep trying to convince him there may be another competition (like the first) where someone from the losing team goes home. If he votes Tiffany out, that means he would be guaranteed to either go home or lose his partner if his team loses. Basically pushing the ‘don’t kill your pawn/buffer too soon’ strat. It’s actually a solid argument, but I don’t think anyone believes they would have another comp like that again considering the last few have just put the losing team as havenots.


Also – this is the last day to vote for favorite player of the week. Vote here

I’ll monitor the feeds throughout the day to see if the tide switches in Tiff’s favor, but if evictions were held right now, she’d be walking out the door.



  • 11:49am – The house is locked down to the HoH room. Feeds go to fish for awhile before they cut to Jeff loops.  Hmmm. Weird for a Wednesday
  • 12:45pm – Feeds still down. Twice this week having random Jeff loops. Must have something to do with the Battle Back
  • 1:18pm – Was about to go to the driving range, but feeds went down, and now I’m sitting here like an asshole waiting for them to get back. Thanks BB
  • 3:30pm – Looks like feeds have been back. I decided to go to the range after all.  Checking on Twitter, not sure what happened. Kind of weird all the HoH lockdowns
  • 3:45pm – Frank is sitting around the table talking about his season, and how he had that little makeout session with Ashley
    • frank-table
  • 4:20pm – The crew is still in the kitchen talking, while Natalie is takling to V in the HN room about her relationship with Paulie.  V is saying she has a good feeling about Nat and James as well.  Ugh
  • 5:00pm – Gidget and Tiff are in the bathroom whispering, while Michelle is chatting with Nicole in another room. I’ll see if they have anything interesting to say, but first, store run, brb
  • 6:30pm – Back, decided to watch the veto episode on CBS. That Da’Vonne hair flip was completely overblown.
    • When I left, my neighbor was watching BB. I wonder if she reads this blog
    • And I’m glad they showed that ridiculous ‘bred for this’ comment.
    • Da’Vonne is up in the HoH room. She wants to sleep, but she knows the second she leaves, they’ll be swarmed by Frank and crew
    • They talk about no longer cursing. Michelle jokes that if you curse, your punishment is a 5 minute conversation with Bridgette
  • 7:00pm – People in kitchen cooking fish. the Mean Girl crew in the HoH room. Surprisingly, the HoH crew isn’t talking behind anyone’s back right now
  • 7:30pm – The house is so boring, Michelle forgot how to put on her glasses
    • michelle-glasses
    • Frank joins her in the living room and they chat a little bit about tomorrow.
    • They wonder what is going on with the comp, and Frank thinks it’s going to be a pre-jury buyback (it is)
  • 7:55pm – Paul sneaks in and wakes up Natalie who makes a crazy moan sound that probably got James a little turned on in his sleep
    • paul-prank2
  • 8:00pm – Nicole is talking to Frank in the storage room.  He talks about how her hanging around with people like Zaki will make her look like one of the ‘mean girls’, and he’s right.
    • There is definitely a ‘mean girl’ group and I’m surprised Frank picked up on it seeing as he’s been missing on so much thus far (his trust for Paul)
  • 8:25pm – Frank has been trying to figure out the youngest Brady’s name from the Brady Bunch.
    • He is close. He thinks it starts with a B.  Warmer.. warmer
    • He got it, Bobby!
  • 8:50pm – Now Paul is teaching Nicole, Zaki and Michelle philosephy. So much for gameplay talk tonight. Hopefully I can hear Nicole talk to Corey later so I can really see where her head is at after her talk with Corey.
  • 9:00pm – Nicole is taking to Tiffany in the bathroom.
    • nicole-tiff
    • She is making it sound like she’s on board with her, and she’s getting information from Tiff about things Day has said this season.
    • Nicole asks why Day would target Tiff if they’re working together, but Tiff has no clue
    • Nicole is telling Tiff to talk to Michelle, but she doesn’t want to because she feels Tiff would turn around and make fun of her after (she is right. Michelle is pretty nasty like that)
  • 9:25pm – Michelle tells Paul he should take a nap, and he realizes something is up.
    • He checks his bed and finds a bunch of stuff, like bananas and cucumbers wrapped in condoms
    • michelle-paul-natalie
  • 10:30pm – Paulie and James are in the HoH talking
    • James is asking what is happening, and what he should tell Tiff. He says just tell her he’s voting with the house
    • (Paulie is a heavy breather)
    • Paulie says it’s Tiffany, then Frank/Bridgette then decide on Day. I so hope this backfires and Day rallies people against showmances
    • I need to start calling Paulie “100%”
    • What the hell is wrong with Paulie’s throat?  Someone get that boy a cough drop or something.
  • 11:15pm – Michelle is quickly jumping to the top of the most annoying list.  She is painful to listen to. Not even counting when she’s being generally mean to people
  • 11:45pm – House has died down, just Paul/Paulie playing chess with Paulie clearing his throat 5x a minute. Michelle is in the bathroom making comments with anyone who comes in. Corey, Nicole, James, and Nat are in the bedroom talking.

Overnight in the morning


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  1. Avatar

    i know this is late but Frank did call Da a slut. it happened in the bathroom i think when they (the girls) called him a douche. He got upset a told them to stop…they didn’t so he called Da a slut.

  2. Avatar

    I really am starting to hate these women Z is ugly she’s a girl she is acts like a little girl walking around with her stuffed giraffe talking behind other people’s back disgusting Day is too old to be acting like Michelle has no friends because she is an ugly person I have no respect for these women they are disgusting they make women look bad there pieces of s*** and Nicole is in la-la land

    • Avatar

      How dare you call these women ugly. You’re more than likely ugly asf yourself. Your comments have nothing to do with the game. You disrespectful prick!

      • Avatar

        I think they are ugly inside. Personalities suck .

      • Avatar

        Angel wings I wasn’t actually meaning they were physically ugly they are beautiful women but when you are ugly in the inside the outside shows that also they talk behind people’s back when it’s not even meant for there’s a difference from being a game player and just being a mean girl

      • Avatar

        Omg get over yourself she meant they’re ugly on the inside. And they are.

    • Avatar

      This person has atrocious grammar and can’t even form a cohesive comment, but is blasting these women for being “ugly”. Work on yourself, LadyKookie.

    • nkogneetow

      Grammar/punctuation is our friend 🙂

    • Avatar

      The person with the ‘ugly’ personality is that passive-aggressive Bridgette. A mean girl with a smile. I listened to her and Tiffany for about 15 minutes on BBAD talking about all the girls. No respect for this nurse at all.

      • nkogneetow

        Julia, I’ve said it from week 1. Gidget is cut-throat with a smile. There was something about her from the very beginning. I swear I think that girl is maniacal. I believe she can cut your throat in your sleep, then use the same knife to make dinner…with a smile. V2 isn’t all that stable, but at least she shows her crazy up front.

  3. Shivani33

    Frank acts as if he has a “good old boy” mindset about what’s appropriate. I think Corey tries to keep a similar attitude under wraps, using more of a pc gentlemanly code of conduct. Last night, when Frank both farted and flicked a bugger at Bridgette within the span of a minute, my stomach went immediately queasy. Frank is definitely entertaining, but the guy could use an etiquette class. He’s too smarmy and vulgar much of the time. But hey, at least he didn’t joke and laugh about a goat being set on fire. Now THAT was grotesque and unforgettable. That was the beginning and the end of Corey for me, and ever since then I’ve wanted to see the last of him asap.

    • Colby

      Yep, Frank behavior is pretty disgusting. Definitely no class. It makes you wonder about his girlfriend.
      Corey cant leave too soon for me either. I am not at all impressed with him, game or otherwise. Plus, maybe Nichole would snap out of it and get her head back in the game.

      • Avatar

        I hope she would snap out of it.

      • Avatar

        If that had been me that that nasty, filthy sack of shit had flicked a booger on, production would’ve had to escort me out because I would’ve flipped the hell out on Franks ass. Im a woman & true enough he would more than likely whipped my ass but after it was all said & done I promise you I would’ve left my mark on his slimmy ass. That’s just flat out disgusting & for Bridgidiot to sit back & laugh at him after doing that to her makes her look weak, stupid & desperate for male attention. Im pissed all the way off & I cringe at the very thought of both Frank & his lapdog.

      • ChiKelz

        Ann you are cracking me up again! LMAO! Frank is disgusting! I didn’t know or hear about Booger-gate! I can’t stop laughing at your post because that is so gross! I have never liked his lapdog either- I call her Dora! Keep me laughing – I need it!

    • Avatar

      Frank acts like he’s untouchable. I want somebody to reach out & touch his obnoxious ass & show him he ain’t shit.

      • Avatar

        Lmao!!!Go get ’em Ann!…The issue with Frank is that he wants the rest of the HG to Play his Game for him! Thus far, Nicole, Corey, Bridgette, & Tiffany are willing to get blood on their hands to get Frank further in the Game?!

        Paulie on the other hand sees through Frank’s bs! He knows that if Day goes this week Frank and his side of the House will be a little bit more stronger! Paulie thus far is “Not” falling for Frank’s story to send Day home. But as we all know with this group of BB HG CAN, & DO change their minds…

        Especially with Nicole, & Corey’s Whispering Campaign to get Day out.
        As far as Nicole is concerned Day is responsible for the Drought in California…Smdh?!

      • Avatar

        My wish: Tiffany goes and does not come back into the house. Day (FINALLY) wins HOH and puts Frank and Bridgette up on the block. If Roadkill is still in play James wins it and puts Corey up. Bye Frank!

        I know it is only a wish, but I want him Frank gone. I can’t too much more of his ‘who would go against me’ attitude. Like he’s running the house and everyone should be scared of his butt. I want him out before jury.

  4. Avatar

    I agree Frank shows little class and has gross habits. When he called Day a slut or tramp (don’t remember the exact term) she came back with ‘only on Tuesdays’. Then she and Frank were laughing at her joke and conversation moved onto something else. I do not think he should have ever went there even in jest. But since she chose to hide her feelings at the time he did not catch on that she was insulted. Touching woman butts, regardless of what he does w his grandmother, makes him a pig.

  5. JD

    Frank was my favorite in his season. This season he is showing such crass. Where was the cool gentleman guy from his last season? I am now seeing what a good CBS edit will do for someone. There is still no favorite. The ones who are playing are playing a past cast members game. There are about 3-4 people playing or semi playing. The rest are wondering if they are going to get a love note past to them in hallroom. This is Big Brother and not The Bachelor, isn’t it?

  6. Avatar

    The CBS episode did a good job of showing Day overblowing things. When Frank was talking to her in the bathroom, it seemed like he was genuinely trying to talk to her, and the minute he left she was telling Paul that Frank was being mean to her and trying to make her cry.

    I’m tired of Paul overusing terms “Friendship, your boy” and acting like he’s a big shot, the only reason he’s in the house is because no one sees him as enough of a threat to get rid of. You’re not some sort of power player, you’re a hipster that’s being dragged along because they see you as someone who will spill everything that anyone says, and they know he won’t win anything, and if he does, he’ll do exactly what they say.

    Congrats to Z on finally getting more than 15 seconds of airtime tonight. She had to host a competition to get it, but it’s something.

  7. Avatar

    Omg if someone doesnt tell the Pauls to stop saying “ya boy” I really may have to stop watching

  8. Avatar

    Chiiiild don’t get me started on Filthy Frank. I just want to know how a person can get so desperate that you let a scum sucking, slug ass, slum dwelling piece of slim like Frank treat you that way. That’s childish bull-shit & it makes me more & more mad every time I hear his voice or that of his lapdog. He has no respect for women & his idiot lapdog has no respect for herself.
    Z is as dumb as a box of rocks too. How can she not see that Paulie is using her? I guess if she kept her fingers out of her eyes she could see & think better. My grand-daddy used to say “if you find a fool, bump his head.” How hard does that girl have to get her head bumped before she figures out whats really going on?
    Da just played herself right out of a chance to win that $500,000. She played too hard too fast & got her dumbass caught up in her lies. Instead of taking her time she went in all gung ho & got busted. That’s why her butt won’t even make the finals.
    Have you been watching Tiff? The girl is off her rocker. She acts just like her crazy sister & I cant listen to her. Isn’t she a high school teacher? She must teach at a private school because if she was teaching in one of our public schools here in Texas in my town, these kids would chew her ass up & have her for lunch.
    These people make my ass want a dip of snuff.

  9. Avatar

    Funny thing is Paulie even mentioned early on that the feedsters complained about Cody constantly clearing his throat.
    I’m so tired of him acting like the Godfather of the house. It’s like he never watched the show before. Things change hourly in the house and he just keeps saying the same thing over and over again about Tiffany. I kinda hope Day wins HOH tomorrow and puts Paulie on the block.

  10. Shivani33

    I notice that Paulie has changed his F3 plans a little. He and Paul are still part of it, but now Paulie has included James and intends to try to get Corey out after Tiffany, Frank, Bridgette and Day. Then he, Paul and James will go after the remaining women. I’m happy that Corey isn’t part of his F3 ideas anymore! While obviously Paulie’s plans could fail, I find James a much better endgame ally to trust than Corey. James is a good, loyal man. Corey isn’t a sure thing, and his loyalties appear to be changeable. James has been clear about being ready to let Natalie be evicted when the time comes. James is more of a what you see is what you get kind of a guy. Corey is a kind of uncertain equation, where you’re not sure what you’re seeing or if you want to see it at all.

  11. Avatar

    I love that Paulie is playing his own game – coaching by his bog brother Cody to win not 2nd place – and NOT listen to Frank bit make Frank think he is. I also think Day N Frank have a secret alliance. I sure hope Tiff goes this week. They made a big mistake last week and it DID shake Frank up. I want Bronte back from Battle Back. I think she learned the most even though that voice is annoying. Jozea back would be the best for TV and CBS.

  12. g8trgrl4life

    Did anyone else hear Da call Tiff a pig when she was put up on the block? I played it back a couple of times and I’m still not sure if I heard it right.

    • Avatar

      Day didn’t call her a pig she said she was pissed. And that thing about Day hit her with her hair was a bunch of crock. Day’s hair barely touched Tiffany. She made it sound as if Day slung her hair and hit her straight across her face. Come on people stop your whining. I am so sick of Nicole. Corey and Paulie are both playing the girls. Paulie actually does like Zay but he wants to start a relationship with her outside of the game. Zay needs to get focused and not listen to Nicole for one thing. All Nicole cares about is getting closer and kissing Corey. She is playing games trying to tell Corey that James flirted with her to make him jealous. He didn’t get jealous and she he should go for it. That should have told her something right there. Corey and Nicole further more are both stupid because Frank plans to put them up next week. Bridgette doesn’t believe Frank is a douche like the other girls are saying as she sits there and listens to him make excuses for why he was slapping girls on their butts and also as he told her that he would break up with his girlfriend if she gains any weight.

      • danmtruth

        Kristy they actually re-shoot the hair flip . According to the accounts from the HG . Day flip fer braid extensions and hit Tiff Than Tiff tried to flip her hair and well she just does not have the ammo in this fight . Production stop them and re-shoot Often they will re-shoot meetings like that

        Can we have Mr. Pebody and Sherman show up to take us back to the first night Think if you will how different things would be now if Glens coconut did not move out of his cradle. We could had seen Corey the human manikin out first

        Why must Nichole TELL Frank everything . Why must she tell him the house does not want to vote Da out Then tell him all the people who told her Seems like she just thew James under the bus Stop giving Frank all this information

      • g8trgrl4life

        Thank you.

  13. Avatar

    Victor wants back in because he wants to be a celebrity and he wants the thousand bucks a week. Frank would snap him up immediately to replace Tiffany even though it was Frank who was yelling at everyone to vote a returnee out. They others would go after Day before Victor because she is actually dangerous and he’s oblivious.

    • Avatar

      Day is not dangerous! lol she doesn’t win any comps and has no influence over anyone at this point. How is that threatening to anyone?? lmao people will make any reason to dislike Da.

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