Well, everything is almost wrapped up for the first week. The only thing remaining is the eviction which will happen tomorrow night at 8pm (11pm est). Don’t forget, we get a vote tomorrow, so if you want to vote for one of the 3 noms, click here (must have live feed access)

From the sounds of it, the eviction is between Cornbread and Kryssie.  Danielle is the 3rd option that nobody is even considering, so for the sake of argument, whenever I talk about evictions, I’ll probably just mention the two who actually could be going home.


The Plastics are having a tough time deciding between the two right now, and that is where I’ll jump into the feed as they meet in the bathroom…


  • 5:20pm – They are filling Whitney in on what is going on in the house. She’s kind of out of the loop as she’s basically been spacing out the past few days
    • Maybe I spoke too soon.  Whitney said that she actually wants Danielle out. Alex says they would need Scott, and she’ll talk to him (so much for not being an option)
    • They are planning on talking to Monte to tell him their plan. They want Morgan to talk to him because she’s closer
    • With America voting, they say they need both Scott and Monte on board because that could result in a tie and would need the tiebreaker
    • Morgan is going to push that Kryssie is trying to flip Scott
    • Alex is not voting out Cornbread regardless
    • I love me some Cornbread!

      I love me some Cornbread!

    • Alex tells Morgan they need to wait until they have Scott’s vote otherwise it’s irrelevant and not to waste time with Monte
  • 5:30pm – The talk breaks up. The plotting against Danielle is interesting
    • Cam flips to Justin talking about his girth.. awesome
  • 5:40pm – Talk in the HoH room is with Shane and Danielle
    • It sounds like a few of them are planning on voting for Cornbread to go.
    • Danielle “I’m on the block and I’m running the house”… not if you’re at home on Thursday
    • danielle-bragging
    • So the way it can play out is the Plastics vote for Danielle (4), America and Shane vote for Cornbread (2) which leaves Scott, Neeley, Jason and Justin.  Scott will either vote for Danielle or Kryssie, but let’s say he sticks with Kryssie like he already said. The votes will be:
    • Danielle – 4
      Cornbread – 2
      Kryssie – 1
      Unknown – 3
    • With Scott voting for Kryssie (if he does), we’ll have 3 votes floating around. Neeley and Jason very well may vote out Cornbread, and Justin may as well.  This would make it 5-4-1 with Cornbread leaving and Kryssie shockingly only getting 1 vote.
    • Danielle plans on bragging about getting Cornbread evicted if she gets a goodbye message
    • Shane heads downstairs to confirm they have the votes for Cornbread to Justin
    • shane-justin
  • 6:05pm – Morgan is telling Monte that he needs to tell Shane to keep Cornbread. If and when CB goes home, bye bye bromance.  Typically you have girls like Z who betray their alliances for guys, but now we have Shane who is betraying his ‘bromance’ for Danielle.  Wonderful!
  • 6:30pm – Monte is telling the girls “If this happens, it will be the best move. It will be legendary”
    • So, you have Danielle saying she is making amazing moves from one side, and Monte making moves from the other side of the house.
    • Morgan keeps saying “Frame it like…” I guess every season there is a term that people overuse.
    • monte-whit-morgan
    • The Plastics are working their charm on Monte, and it’s working brilliantly. I don’t know if it will work, but they’re successfully in Monte’s head. The plastics own Monte’s brain now.
  • 6:45pm – Talk breaks up, Monte is in the HoH room with Jason
    • Jason is telling him that he’s not going after Monte
    • Ok, I can’t listen to Monte and Jason go back and forth kissing each other’s ass without actually meaning it. Stepping away for a few
  • 10:45pm – Time to check in on the house
    • Looks like a Jambroee meeting in the Hot Tub
    • Jason is telling Neeley about his earlier conversation with Monte
    • jamboreemeeting
    • Ok, they’re boring. Meanwhile, the plastics are in the bedroom making fun of the other houseguests
    • plastics4
    • The girls are getting cranky. They keep talking about production and getting  yelled at, and Shelby is yelling back to let them sleep and she won’t need to talk about it
  • 11:45pm – Danielle outside getting fiesty. She is saying she’ll cut Shane if he gets in the way of Monte.
    • Her and Jason call Zakiyah a bootleg version of Danielle.  And she didn’t even get the cute one.
    • They start making fun of Paulie
    • “We hate you and your stupid entrance”  .. She then makes fun of Paulie’s entrance
    • danielle-paulie
    • Now she’s saying she has Shane wrapped around her finger.  She is going to get him to do her dirty work.  Wow Danielle, love it

Check back for updates