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Big Brother Night: Tuesday Night Recap

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Raven proud of Matt spitting in the face of BB rules

I spent what bit of free time I had yesterday doing some catching up with Big Brother and the comments. Maybe I’m biased but I feel the comment section at Big Brother Junkies is unique because if I skip them, it’s like all my friends went out for the evening, had great conversation and I didn’t get invited.  I’ve waited all season for something to happen and when it did, (after Veto ceremony) I had a lot going on and missed some of it. I mentioned it last night but not everyone who read Steve’s blog, reads the comments. My husband surprised me with a puppy for my birthday. I wasn’t looking for nor wanting a puppy and wasn’t prepared when he arrived. He’s very large, very energetic and he even went to work with me yesterday because I didn’t know what to do with him. It worked out pretty well and I think we’re going to make a great team but it did cause me to miss doing an overnight recap yesterday morning so I’m sorry about that. For anyone who doesn’t know, our moderator Nk, frequently updates some during the night in the comment section so if you’re scrolling through, you don’t always have to wait until morning for info. (They’re funny too because she definitely gives you the info with a little bit of flava.) Instead of “Nick at Nite,” we have “Nk at Night.”


Last night was mostly more of the same. I’ll mention a few of the highlights but I use the word “highlights loosely.” Paul’s still controlling everyone, Alex is still running her mouth and everyone’s coming at Kevin.

  • There was some talk about AFP. Alex’s fine with anyone winning except Kevin or Matt. Paul thinks Josh will win and Paul made us aware that he actually won last year but since he couldn’t take the money due to being in the final 2, Victor got it. (the top three vote getters last year: Victor, Natalie, and James)  Alex said that if Kevin wins “I’m just going to kick him in the balls right on stage. F*ck you, old man.” She’s sure he won’t win because she says he’s so mean.
  • When Alex isn’t it busy tossing nasty insults, it seems she’s doing a lot of bragging. It’s been annoying Josh and Xmas. She’s mentioned final 2 several times as if it’s a given and has moved on to talking about what she’ll do “when she wins.”
  • Jason,  Josh, and Alex talked about the live feeds and whether or not they’re recorded. I don’t know if CBS doesn’t take the time to explain the process or if these people simply aren’t listening when they do. Jason and Josh appeared a bit concerned at the thought of everything they’ve said being on record.
  • I was hoping we’d find out what went down when the feeds went off yesterday evening but the cameras switched every time somebody started to talk about it. It seems that Raven and Alex had their own argument with Kevin right after Matt did. Alex mentioned Kevin “coming at her” and Raven went off on him about Kevin having kids their age and how he shouldn’t act the way he was acting.  (they don’t believe he has kids except when it’s convenient for him to) That’s about all I could get out of it and I’m sure we won’t be seeing it on the live show. Kevin is getting the “violent” description like Cody did.
  • Kevin was concerned that he would need to start carrying around all of his things because he thinks Raven and Alex will mess with them. I heard him mention asking the DR if they would take some of his belongings and get them out of the house.
  • The feeds were down for quite a while and after they came back, a couple of heart pillows were found in the storage room. Raven assumed they were left there for the shomance. She packed one away with her stuff and gave Matt the other. She believes they were given to them because theirs is the only true romance in the house and the only ones who actually care about each other.
  • Paul did impressions of the house guests last night and they appeared to be a hit. Either Paul or Josh said they could hear someone behind the wall laughing. That does happen from time to time.
  • Matt continues to break rules and continues to get “stop that” by BB. Raven usually responds for him by saying things like “he gives zero f*ucks” and “guys, he not going to.” Matt still thinks it’s going to be very cool if he can get the most penalty votes in history. (He’s such a dumbass)
  • Paul injured his head when the weight bar fell on his face. He was staying awake as a precaution in case he had a concussion.
  • There was more smack talking about Jessica and Cody.
  • Kevin spoke to Paul and Josh at different times making sure they knew Alex is a bully and is trying to run things. I still love Kevin but he trusts Paul so his game is as good as over. He talked about trying hard to win the HOH on Thursday but Paul told him it wasn’t a good week to win and that he needed to lay low.
  • Alex hid under the bed in the HOH because they thought Kevin was coming up. She wanted to catch him talking about her. He wasn’t. (I don’t know how thoroughly the house gets cleaned between seasons so there’s no way in hell I would climb under that bed.)
  • Matt and Raven continue to talk about going on The Amazing Race together. She said “if I don’t win this, TAR?” Just like Alex, she thinks it’s a given she’s heading to final 2.
  • Kevin realizes Alex threw out the slop and blamed it on Raven. I missed this but Alex wrote “Mission Hills sucks” somewhere to further annoy Kevin. I don’t know what it was on or what she did it with.
  • Paul apparently wasn’t aware that Dan is the only player in history to never be evicted 2 times. (How long have I been saying Paul knows nothing about BB?)

I stopped liking Alex when she won her first HOH but I honestly may dislike her as much as I do Raven at this point. I didn’t think that was possible. She wants to make Kevin a have not again, hide the slop so he’ll starve to death, suggested Josh sh*t in his bed and her recent names for him are old bastard, mean, violent, old, leather skin and c*nt b*tch.

It appears that nothing is going to happen to Matt other than his penalty vote and I think that’s a serious mistake by BB.  It’s not even because I don’t like him and think of him as furniture. It’s one thing for us to complain because they’ve slacked off in recent years regarding rules and punishments but it’s another thing for BB to lose control of the house. Why would future houseguests follow rules in future seasons?  This isn’t about Matt, it’s about them losing the upper hand. Have they lost their BB balls? Everyone has their own opinion and some feel the punishment fits the crime because, like Jen in BB8, he received a penalty vote for eating. I don’t think it fits because that isn’t what’s going on in the house. He’s not only eating, he continues to eat, sleeps in the bed with Raven and is taking hot showers. Chima was a ejected for “multiple rules violations” according to Alison Grodner’s own words and I think that fits Matt’s situation. It would also be ironic since he’s only been concerned with jury since the beginning and an ejection would send him, home not to jury.  They could also get creative if they wanted to and remind them who’s running this show. They could do something boring but effective like taking a weeks stipend from him for every day he breaks the rules. They could also punish the entire house for every day he breaks the rules and that would be more reminiscent of BB in the earlier years. Put the whole house on slop & cold showers if he doesn’t comply. I suppose it would be too much of a stretch for them to bring back a little of the psychological aspect that this game used to have. Of course, none of this matters because it’s Wednesday already so they obviously aren’t going to do anything. I’ll catch up with you guys this evening because the puppy just took off with my shoe!!  I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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