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Raven proud of Matt spitting in the face of BB rules

Big Brother Night: Tuesday Night Recap

Raven proud of Matt spitting in the face of BB rules

I spent what bit of free time I had yesterday doing some catching up with Big Brother and the comments. Maybe I’m biased but I feel the comment section at Big Brother Junkies is unique because if I skip them, it’s like all my friends went out for the evening, had great conversation and I didn’t get invited.  I’ve waited all season for something to happen and when it did, (after Veto ceremony) I had a lot going on and missed some of it. I mentioned it last night but not everyone who read Steve’s blog, reads the comments. My husband surprised me with a puppy for my birthday. I wasn’t looking for nor wanting a puppy and wasn’t prepared when he arrived. He’s very large, very energetic and he even went to work with me yesterday because I didn’t know what to do with him. It worked out pretty well and I think we’re going to make a great team but it did cause me to miss doing an overnight recap yesterday morning so I’m sorry about that. For anyone who doesn’t know, our moderator Nk, frequently updates some during the night in the comment section so if you’re scrolling through, you don’t always have to wait until morning for info. (They’re funny too because she definitely gives you the info with a little bit of flava.) Instead of “Nick at Nite,” we have “Nk at Night.”


Last night was mostly more of the same. I’ll mention a few of the highlights but I use the word “highlights loosely.” Paul’s still controlling everyone, Alex is still running her mouth and everyone’s coming at Kevin.

  • There was some talk about AFP. Alex’s fine with anyone winning except Kevin or Matt. Paul thinks Josh will win and Paul made us aware that he actually won last year but since he couldn’t take the money due to being in the final 2, Victor got it. (the top three vote getters last year: Victor, Natalie, and James)  Alex said that if Kevin wins “I’m just going to kick him in the balls right on stage. F*ck you, old man.” She’s sure he won’t win because she says he’s so mean.
  • When Alex isn’t it busy tossing nasty insults, it seems she’s doing a lot of bragging. It’s been annoying Josh and Xmas. She’s mentioned final 2 several times as if it’s a given and has moved on to talking about what she’ll do “when she wins.”
  • Jason,  Josh, and Alex talked about the live feeds and whether or not they’re recorded. I don’t know if CBS doesn’t take the time to explain the process or if these people simply aren’t listening when they do. Jason and Josh appeared a bit concerned at the thought of everything they’ve said being on record.
  • I was hoping we’d find out what went down when the feeds went off yesterday evening but the cameras switched every time somebody started to talk about it. It seems that Raven and Alex had their own argument with Kevin right after Matt did. Alex mentioned Kevin “coming at her” and Raven went off on him about Kevin having kids their age and how he shouldn’t act the way he was acting.  (they don’t believe he has kids except when it’s convenient for him to) That’s about all I could get out of it and I’m sure we won’t be seeing it on the live show. Kevin is getting the “violent” description like Cody did.
  • Kevin was concerned that he would need to start carrying around all of his things because he thinks Raven and Alex will mess with them. I heard him mention asking the DR if they would take some of his belongings and get them out of the house.
  • The feeds were down for quite a while and after they came back, a couple of heart pillows were found in the storage room. Raven assumed they were left there for the shomance. She packed one away with her stuff and gave Matt the other. She believes they were given to them because theirs is the only true romance in the house and the only ones who actually care about each other.
  • Paul did impressions of the house guests last night and they appeared to be a hit. Either Paul or Josh said they could hear someone behind the wall laughing. That does happen from time to time.
  • Matt continues to break rules and continues to get “stop that” by BB. Raven usually responds for him by saying things like “he gives zero f*ucks” and “guys, he not going to.” Matt still thinks it’s going to be very cool if he can get the most penalty votes in history. (He’s such a dumbass)
  • Paul injured his head when the weight bar fell on his face. He was staying awake as a precaution in case he had a concussion.
  • There was more smack talking about Jessica and Cody.
  • Kevin spoke to Paul and Josh at different times making sure they knew Alex is a bully and is trying to run things. I still love Kevin but he trusts Paul so his game is as good as over. He talked about trying hard to win the HOH on Thursday but Paul told him it wasn’t a good week to win and that he needed to lay low.
  • Alex hid under the bed in the HOH because they thought Kevin was coming up. She wanted to catch him talking about her. He wasn’t. (I don’t know how thoroughly the house gets cleaned between seasons so there’s no way in hell I would climb under that bed.)
  • Matt and Raven continue to talk about going on The Amazing Race together. She said “if I don’t win this, TAR?” Just like Alex, she thinks it’s a given she’s heading to final 2.
  • Kevin realizes Alex threw out the slop and blamed it on Raven. I missed this but Alex wrote “Mission Hills sucks” somewhere to further annoy Kevin. I don’t know what it was on or what she did it with.
  • Paul apparently wasn’t aware that Dan is the only player in history to never be evicted 2 times. (How long have I been saying Paul knows nothing about BB?)

I stopped liking Alex when she won her first HOH but I honestly may dislike her as much as I do Raven at this point. I didn’t think that was possible. She wants to make Kevin a have not again, hide the slop so he’ll starve to death, suggested Josh sh*t in his bed and her recent names for him are old bastard, mean, violent, old, leather skin and c*nt b*tch.

It appears that nothing is going to happen to Matt other than his penalty vote and I think that’s a serious mistake by BB.  It’s not even because I don’t like him and think of him as furniture. It’s one thing for us to complain because they’ve slacked off in recent years regarding rules and punishments but it’s another thing for BB to lose control of the house. Why would future houseguests follow rules in future seasons?  This isn’t about Matt, it’s about them losing the upper hand. Have they lost their BB balls? Everyone has their own opinion and some feel the punishment fits the crime because, like Jen in BB8, he received a penalty vote for eating. I don’t think it fits because that isn’t what’s going on in the house. He’s not only eating, he continues to eat, sleeps in the bed with Raven and is taking hot showers. Chima was a ejected for “multiple rules violations” according to Alison Grodner’s own words and I think that fits Matt’s situation. It would also be ironic since he’s only been concerned with jury since the beginning and an ejection would send him, home not to jury.  They could also get creative if they wanted to and remind them who’s running this show. They could do something boring but effective like taking a weeks stipend from him for every day he breaks the rules. They could also punish the entire house for every day he breaks the rules and that would be more reminiscent of BB in the earlier years. Put the whole house on slop & cold showers if he doesn’t comply. I suppose it would be too much of a stretch for them to bring back a little of the psychological aspect that this game used to have. Of course, none of this matters because it’s Wednesday already so they obviously aren’t going to do anything. I’ll catch up with you guys this evening because the puppy just took off with my shoe!!  I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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  1. KelBel

    “Kevin spoke to Paul and Josh at different times making sure they knew Alex is a bully and is trying to run things. I still love Kevin but he trusts Paul so his game is as good as over. He talked about trying hard to win the HOH on Thursday but Paul told him it wasn’t a good week to win and that he needed to lay low.”

    Ugh, this kills me! Kevin, open your eyes to who the mastermind of all the madness is! I just feel genuinely bad for the guy, the few who he thinks have his back are the ones stabbing him the hardest. Hoping for a Kevin HOH this week! No doubt that Alex and Raven would be on the block & that would be just fine by me!

    Also agree…BB not stepping in and stopping Matt’s shenanigans really shows who has the power.

    On a happier note, at work yesterday someone used the word “tandem”…. I literally busted out laughing and said “tandaaaam”. Of course no one got my reference…. just another step closer to my white hug-me jacket.

    • AIO_7

      Agree with Paul being a back stabbing slime bag, and Kevin’s blindness, but Paul was being half truthful there to Kevin. I thing Paul’s target this week is Jason, before Jason can win another HOH. Judas is intimidated by physical competition beasts. Cody beat him every time. If Jason wins veto, boom, Kevin would go.

    • Mel

      Haha! I think it’s so funny when we either laugh at or use a BB reference and no one around us has a clue what we’re talking about!

  2. AIO_7

    …”Instead of “Nick at Nite,” we have “Nk at Night.””

    Actually we do have Nick at night, NiK will know what I mean.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That made me laugh too. Yep, the name is Nickie, so I got tickled at the reference (leave it to our Mell). I’m so use to NK from here, that I almost sign my name that way sometimes…lol.

      I usually like watching the HG at night and reporting what they’re doing, but they’re wearing me down Mell, they’re wearing me down. At this point, the best we can hope for is to get ready for next years group to get on our nerves…lol.

  3. AIO_7

    ……” and Paul made us aware that he actually won last year but since he couldn’t take the money due to being in the final 2, Victor got it. (the top three vote getters last year: Victor, Natalie, and James)”

    I caught this, Mell; What happened was that Paul said that he was in the to top tier of votes for AFP, and with all the chatter in the (HOH) room one of the douchnozzles, either Jason or Slosh, said “O, so you would have won if you didn’t get 2nd place?”, and Paul basically said nothing and let that lie stand.

  4. AIO_7

    Slimy Judas and Holiday Inn sleeping together again in the Showmance room.


  5. JadedMage

    Seriously I can’t stand any of the girls left in the game, they should make an alliance called “the mean girls club”

    Alex is the kind of girl in highschool I would have to beat down because she was picking on someone smaller than herself.

    Xmas is full of herself and really shouldn’t even be IN this game considering she had to sit out most of the comps.

    Raven is just boring as watching paint dry!

    anyway great points made Mell!

    • Avatar

      Yep, but the problem was these girls are mean and do this stuff behind the backs of their targets…Just like NOW…the only reason we see it is due to the cameras. Alex is way to good at this to not have done it before she is a master and i suspect has done this before……just like my father in law that got caught cheating with several women a few years ago, i said you think he just started this its been going on for years, how would he been able to manipulate all these women and none knew of each other for a long time…its called experience and that takes time…Alex I know your a mean girl your way to good at covering up and lying, true mastery and that is a great trait in the BB house…

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep Jade, I’ve been thinking that too. I don’t dislike the men in the house half as much as I do the women. At the beginning of the season, I noticed how the women dominated the men (Messi/Grody, WIR/HotLips, MattRess/DMW, Cowpie/Gremlin). I thought it was great that we finally had strong-willed women in the house. Now, not so much. I want all these women out of the house before the men. I’m saying prayers, lighting candles, rubbing rabbit’s feet, doing rain dances, burning incense, sending smoke signals, practicing witchcraft, voodoo, Santaria(sp) and everything else I can do to make that happen. 🙁

  6. Avatar

    @ann There is some new insurance law that takes effect on September 1 in Texas that is more favorable for the insurance companies so if there is any way for you and your family to open your claims before the 1st you will fall under the old laws which are more favorable to the insured.

    • Avatar

      property and medical insurance is a scam bigger than joel osteen. you pay pay pay premiums go up pay more and soon as you have a claim, oh the dr is not in our network, oh we dont cover that, oh we covered $4.99 of your 10K bill but you still have 6K to reach your deductible…oh your medication is $500 but we covered $20, same with property insurance…Scam Racket just taking money from the working class…thats why if you look at the stock prices of these insurance companies they have gone from 20 to 200 in a few years…why…because their profits have exploded, more money in, less money out…expect them to use Harvey to raise rates again when their pockets are full of cash and the ceo bonuses are outrageous…racket and scam

      • Avatar

        @ Monica

        Yes, you pay every year, and rates go up every year. The cost to settle claims and rebuild is expensive. Insurers are in business to make a profit while hopefully providing good service.

        Want to know what you buy every year ( your policy ) ? Peace of mind, that’s what. Don’t believe me ? Then cancel your policy, and have fun sleeping at night knowing that a claim can wipe your life savings away.. Ir keep your policy, and know that if your loss comes from an insurable risk, you are covered.

        Oh, and the liability section that protects you if someone gets injured on your premises ? Your insurance policy covers you if you are sued for that. Imagine having to pay all those lawyer fees on your own.

        Usually insureds who have the least favorable perception of the insurance industry, are the ones who buy the cheapest poiicy with the loeest amount of coverages, and more exclusions. A claim happens, and they are upset that theeir claim might not be covered.

        Insureds who look for the broadest coverage, and pay more for it, usually walk away feeling their claim service was amazing after a loss.

        There’s no scam. It’s a business. A very respectable one. You basically cannot do anything unless something is insured.

        Drive a car, open a business, manufacture a product – you cannot do any of it without being covered.

      • Ann

        @THANK YOU TOO @monica21. Im so afraid & I don’t know what to do one way or the other.
        I know Felts said Red Cross is not the way to go & I’m grateful for that information.Im askin everybody to please help me & set me on the right track. You all are my saviors at thiis time & I cant gett through this this without you all
        I would never have known anything about getting help. I thought it was for people who lost there houses & businesses.
        I’m getting water from the floor & tile that I just had put down a year ago. The water comes from underneath from the mibble of the floors high enough to have ruined all of my carpet & I never knew water could come through tiles & carpet.Tkank yoou @Monica21, deeply appreci. My carpetes are all sticky & GROSS to the point that you cant walk barefoot.

    • Ann

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for that information.

      • Colby

        Ann, I’m so glad you and your family are safe. Very sorry for the loss that you and your extended family are dealing with. All of us here anxiously await hearing from you every day.

      • Avatar

        Make sure to submit for FEMA assistance right away too.

    • Avatar

      Part of it has to do with the interest rate insurance companies will be penalized if your claim goes to suit. They used to be able to penalize insurance companies up to 18% now it is only 10%. This is information that an agent may not share with you on their own so you have to do a bit of research.

  7. caRyn

    When Josh is asked to leave the room because of game talk between other hg does anyone ever fill him in on the conversations later? Is he stargazing with other hg or just doing what he is told? No shade.

    • HappyHippo

      To me it just seems like he is just as confident as everybody else that they are going to final 2. I don’t think he fills left out of the conversation. Like he’s already in the know. It’s weird.

    • Sassy

      He doesn’t even question it. Everything they are telling him that Kevin does and says to Josh, is what they are doing to Josh. The difference is they are doing it to his face, then telling him it was Kevin… He HEARS them, they are not hiding it. But he really believes they are great friends and Kevin is awful.

      • Avatar

        Paul has told some of them including Jason multiple times not to read what people write about season or to watch it. He makes it like it’s for their own good but I wonder if it is to make his life easier after BB. He has made up so many lies about so many people, some quite nasty. I wouldn’t want to bump into this crazy crew at future BB events if they actually knew everything I had said.

  8. HappyHippo

    You could literally copy and paste most of the recaps. They do and say the same useless things everyday. I appreciate the updates because I personally can’t stomach to watch the feeds anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I keep checking them here and there but it ends the same. Non game lies, trash talking, degrading, stomach churning BS. Gosh I hope that next summer looks 100% different. I always look forward to BB.

  9. Helen

    Pretty sad state of affairs when ElFitVic feels the need to go on twitter and apologize to the families of houseguests because of the negativity this season

  10. caRyn

    A couple of nights ago on BBAD Alex told Christmas and Paul that she didn’t mind going OTB next to Kevin and Kevin getting evicted.

    • HappyHippo

      Normally I’d say awesome, do it and then a “big” move could be made. But who are we kidding, the HG aren’t going to be making any moves except to the jury house…

      • Avatar

        Paul wants Alex and Jason gone before he would Kevin….he would take Alex out….she’s a bigger comp threat to his end game.

      • caRyn

        Exactly, Browning. Alex thinks Kevin is the target and really Paul is setting Alex up as the true target. Alex wants Kevin to get evicted when Kevin is sitting next to her OTB because she dislikes Kevin that much.

      • NKogNeeTow

        According to the group, the order they want out is:

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  12. Mimi Ryan

    Ugh. Wow, I seriously wonder what will happen to some of the HG’s after this season? Alex is out of bounds, as is Jason with that horrifying comment. I also believe the HG’s get really comfortable and forget about the cameras, they just become part of the background. While Paul may not be very good with BB trivia from the past, he’s worked out how to do this season with his own brand of game play. Shout Out To Victor, who I just love to pieces. Bring Victor or Janell back.

    • Avatar


    • LindsayB

      Do you really know what’s happened to any of the players in all the seasons of BB? Yeah, there are a few that pop up here and there, mostly because BB has kept their spirit alive (like Jeff and Jordan) but for the most part, within a week or two after the season ends we’ve all moved on to the next thing. They are gonna all go home and live their lives. Some may have a couple of hard conversations here and there but that’s it. If a job is lost, another one will be found.

      • Avatar

        It’s almost as if they are on a game show (a reality show with questions). A longer game show than we’re used to certainly but a sort of game show from the point that they are on TV but not celebrities and when they are gone they are forgotten quickly unless they are really loved or really hated. If someone is on Jeopardy for 5 straight days and wins $80,000 do you remember them a month later? Most don’t. Especially for the CBS only people, in BB case, who only see the hg’s 3 hours a week and in some of those episodes, certain HG’s don’t speak a word or are on camera for only 5 or 10 minutes. I wanted them to have a comp where they show dozens of former hg’s and see who can identify them. We talk about them more on here than we see them on television.

    • Avatar

      I’m pretty sure the following will happen:

      Raven will try out for:

      The Amazing Race – Matt and Raven are chosen but are disqualified after the first leg of the race due to Matt leaving her for a Kellogs Cereal Executive during the first leg challenge.

      The Bachelor – She was cut before she can get out of the Limo.

      The Bachelorette – All the male suitors refused to get out of the Limo.

      Survivor – She was purposely thrown off the boat by the other survivors before the season starts. Evidently a shark attacked her and the shark dies. Greenpeace has sued CBS and it’s currently working its way through the court system.

      Big Brother UK – England refused entry at Heathrow. The US refused entry back into the US.

      America’s Got Talent – She has none, end of story.

  13. kneeless

    Kev is the ONLY one of these idiots I have any good feelings about. I can’t believe Matt will not have any consequences for all his actions. My 85 yr old dad & I enjoy watching BB together. He only watches the televised episodes. Was telling him about all the shit going on. His response; “doesn’t sound like BB has a lot of years left, it keeps going downhill.”

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Kneeless, my mom got me into BB in season 2. She only watches the televised shows too and doesn’t even have the internet, so she cant even come to sites like this. I try to update her on what’s happening and what’s being said on here, but she just doesn’t understand how live feeds and websites work, so she just keeps asking me over and over again “but, how do you really know all of this?!”. When I tell her who will most likely be evicted and then they are, she’ll say “you really know you’re BB.” My mom’s so cute!
      Anyway, without even knowing ANY of the stuff we all know, she looked at me today and said “what the hell is wrong with Raven?” I almost died laughing! I asked her what she meant, and she said “her voice always sounds so weird and different, and she’s just very odd.” I told her I’d read her the list that Mell compiled later on, and that she was going to be shocked. Raven thinks she got everyone fooled. Even little old people that only watch the televised shows are starting to see the cracks in Raven’s sanity and “truths”. I really wish we could see her reaction when this is over and she sees how everyone is really responding to her and her BS.

  14. Tinkerbell

    Kevin is being gang raped, over and over again. Theoughout this, he is faithfully following the Have Not rules. It is so wrong that Matt, that arrogant piece of S***, continues to laugh in the face of production and get away with it. Piece of crap Nothing Burger. Oh well, he will get his just due when he is out of the house. Munchausen will stalk him for the rest of his pitiful existence.

  15. Tinkerbell

    I read last night that SHE was giving giving her summer sex partner very specific instructions on what he WILL do tomorrow night when he is evicted. Kiss, hug, hold the door wide open….and look back at her, she will hand him his bag, tell Julie how much you miss me……and on and on to infinity, and beyond.

    • Avatar

      I would love to see them both shown the door. Since he’s deliberately getting penalty votes, maybe BB decides the fair thing to do is just put them both in jury. That doesn’t go against their contract, they still get their stipend and the jury house remains the status quo.

  16. Avatar

    Ya know, I thought Paul and his girlfriend were really tight. I wonder how she’s feeling right now with Christmas cuddling up to him.

    • Colby

      I thought she dumped him. They had only been dating a couple of months.
      Didn’t somebody say a while back that she withdrew the thing she signed giving him permission to talk about her?

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      What the hell is the Christmas’ deal? She must really be in heat. First she had the hots for Elena. Then Kevin. Then Raven. Now Paul. Again. Paul was somewhere in there in the mix of the others too, I just can’t remember the order. I wish somebody would get her gimpy ass out already.

  17. Colby

    I apologize in advance for being off subject here, but wanted to pass along that people in the south need to go fill up your gas tanks. Prices are getting ready to skyrocket.
    I’m in Dallas. Stations are starting to run out of gas. My son-in-laws company can’t get gas delivered for their fleet. And it’s going to get worse.
    Most gas in this area comes from the gulf area. While (thankfully) we are not dealing with the flooding locally, it does affect deliveries of gas, food, etc.
    Especially with the upcoming holiday weekend, they tend to raise prices anyway, so it’s going to be bad.
    Anyway, sorry, back to BB…………

    • Avatar

      Gas has jumper .25 here in Memphis. On a cool note, the company I work for pledged a $1 mil in support and transportation for the relief effort. Gotta love the jets with the purple tails…

    • Avatar

      Someone posted yesterday that prices went up .30 in Dallas yesterday or the day before. Thanks for the tip.

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Thanks for the heads up! I live in VA, and on the news this morning they announced that our prices are about to rise .25 to .30 per gallon in the next few days. I went to fill up my car this afternoon and the Kroger gas place I go to was PACKED! I had to wait almost 15 minutes to get gas, and when I left, the lines were even longer. I really recommend anyone in the south, go fill em up ASAP! Not only will the prices rise, but there may be a shortage.

  18. Avatar

    “Paul thinks Josh will win and Paul made us aware that he actually won last year but since he couldn’t take the money due to being in the final 2, Victor got it. (the top three vote getters last year: Victor, Natalie, and James)”

    Maybe whatever sickness Raven has is rubbing off on Paul? It’s so easy to lie when you are talking to a bunch of idiots. He might actually believe he was America’s Favorite Player last year. Poor delusional little man.

    • Colby

      I don’t thinks Paul thinks Josh will win. He has told others that too. He is just pumping Josh up to get him to continue to do his dirty work. I think Paul thinks he will win it all.

  19. Tinkerbell

    Mell, Thank Y-O-U !! Chasing puppies with stolen shoes is the best!! Easy for me to say. Hahaha. Have fun with your sweet baby.

  20. Sassy

    I don’t understand, how production could let Alex dump all the slop if that is the only thing Kevin can eat. They can not allow him to starve. I think if she does it again, which she says she is, production should come in at night and take ALL the food out of the house for 24 hours. That would teach her a lesson since she is ALWAYS eating! It would also get the others to dissuade her from doing it again.

  21. kneeless

    Munchie is again coaching Mattress what to say, about her, to Julie tomorrow night.

  22. kneeless

    Matt is telling Munchie he is not looking forward to the jury house. He then says, ‘but at least I can go to the gym when I want.’ Munchie: “oh no babe, you can’t leave the house, if you go out, people will know who the f*$j you are.” He is so clueless, shocker!!

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Raggety Ann is pretty clueless too. To even think IF Matt were allowed to go out while in the jury house that he is SO famous that everyone would know who he was is pretty delusional. Even for her crazy ass. I mean, Matt looks like any other random white haired dude I’d see anywhere around here where I live. Very forgettable.

  23. jimbo

    I know time will pass (not long) so he could become forgotten, but I still think Cody will win AFP. He is winning polls now, the HGs are hated for the most part, and he is the only one, so far, who seriously challenged Paul and didn’t ever kiss his ass. People like that.

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