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Veto Meeting Results, Live Feed Updates, And Volunteers Needed



With the accelerated week this week, that means the veto meeting was bumped up a day. I didn’t realize it would be this early, so I spent the afternoon watching some football (#firegoodell).

That said, if you were sitting around anxiously awaiting for the results of the veto meeting, the expected happened and Nicole didn’t use the veto. That means Victor (or Paul) is leaving next eviction. Third time is not a charm for your boy Victor, unless he can pull off a miracle and convince people to evict Paul over him. Seeing as Victor is a complete comp beast, that’s unlikely to happen.

The slow update today reminds me to let you know that updates until the end of the season will probably be a bit slower than they’ve been (and to some people, that was already too slow). Not only has the semester started, but there really isn’t much going on in the house. The feeds are likely going to go down tomorrow until Tuesday night (because of their recorded eviction episode, they don’t want us to know Victor was evicted until it airs). Then most likely Paul will be evicted Wednesday, and the beginning of the 3-part final HoH competition will begin with some ‘endurance’ comp. I say endurance, but it’s usually something that lasts 30 minutes if we’re lucky because it’s harder than holding on to a key (like the epic Evel Dick marathon).


Because of the super slow final 3 weekend, I will likely take this time to visit my parents, so I’ll probably only get to do a daily recap on Thursday, and Friday rather than live updates.  I’m sure the daily recap will be super exciting (sarcasm), so make sure to look forward to that.  Seriously though, I don’t want to bash the feeds. The reality is, every season is slow around this point. It’s slow on Big Brother, and it’s slow on Survivor.  The final 3-4 is just flat out slow because they’re on the home stretch. When I watch Survivor, I almost always just watch the final immunity competition and then fast forward all the garbage until tribal council. Unlike shows like Game of Thrones, the end of reality shows are boring.

After that paragraph, it’s probably not the best time to plug the feeds, but you really should join the live feeds.

“Why, Steve? You just said they’re super slow.”

Good question, random reader.  While the feeds are slow, CBS is currently running a promotion where you get a free month of the feeds if you sign up now. That will carry you over through the first few weeks of the next season (Big Brother: Over the Top). So, click here to join the feeds, and make sure to use the promo code FALLACCESS.  That promo ends in 5 days, so don’t waste any time.

Finally, I am looking for volunteers for the next season of Big Brother. I need some to moderate and maybe promote the facebook/twitter pages, and also a few others to simply add updates if/when I add a new feature to the blog that makes it simple to do so.  If I get the script done in time, you won’t need to create an entire post. Just add the time, add what is happening in the house, and it should appear on the blog.  Only a few trusted people will be allowed to add updates, so make sure to contact me if you’re interested!  Make sure you’re a regular on the site and have at least 50 comments.

Enough of that, updates…

  • 2:00pm – Nicole is hanging outside talking to James about Natalie. She is wondering what was going on between them considering Natalie kept calling him her soulmate. Nicole said that’s a big word, and if Corey said that to her, that means they’re getting married.
  • 2:15pm – Nicole tanning outside
  • 4:15pm – Not a whole lot going on in the house. I wonder if cbs is going to let us know when the feeds are going down
  • 4:45pm – Everyone but Paul playing cards in the kitchen
  • 5:15pm – Victor soaking up the last few days he has in the kitchen while everyone else seems to be sleeping.  Time for the CBS episode
  • 7:15pm – Back from watching the CBS and the Pats a little.
    • Boy, did CBS really do a lot of foreshadowing with the whole loyalty thing this week.  Kind of made Nicole and Corey look like scumbags, but really it was their best move imo.  Not good for loyalty, but I bet even Dr Wil would approve
  • 8:45pm – Paul is doing card tricks with James while the other 3 cook
  • 9:00pm – Victor says that Paul woke up and said something about “Natalie liking that song” and “I miss Meech” then went back to sleep.
    • Corey jokes how Paul is marrying Meech or Bronte.
    • (I bet people at the wrap party will catch a drunk Paul and Michelle furiously making out in the corner)
    • Corey is telling this long story about how one of his friends threw water on a guy working in a monkey costume at a car dealership
    • He tells this long story about how the guy found him and they all drove around like assholes trying to avoid
    • Victor jumps in with a story about how during high school, they had TP Tuesdays (toilet paper)… Paul jumps in and says they were shitheads at kids
  • 9:20pm – Childhood stories end as they begin to play cards. Now they’re in silence with the occasional talking about too much fiber in cereal

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Dear CBS,
    Please bestow upon the house Diamond POV, a Restart button or Pandora’s box or something – ANYTHING – to save us from the possibility of Nicorey boremance or all Vet as Final 2.
    As a viewer Corey Nicole and James represent everything I despise in bb gameplay:
    1. The showmance 2.the unfair vet advantage in a regular season and 3. The floater.
    A final 3 of Nic /Corey /James is about as exciting as getting underwear and socks for Christmas .
    Thanks “mom and dad”

  2. Helen

    LMAO…..the conversation in the backyard was just priceless. Nicole tanning….Corey laying on chair next to her…James sitting in chair talking about how it’s gonna look to people that they really have like a final 3 ,4 deal and Nicole pops out with. Well we do have a final 2 deal…….a few seconds go by and Corey says…well good for you……after that Nicole says I’m just kidding ( not very convincingly)……….
    Too much. Not only do they talk about their monetary deal if one of them wins,they talk about their final 2 in front of Corey and he is so clueless he STILL don’t get it!!!

  3. caRyn

    Nicole jokes to Corey a little too much about getting Corey out. It is enough already. Corey just lets it slide. There is truth to her joke so he should wake up. If Nicole only said it once or twice – ok, but she says it multiple times to Corey.

    • Avatar

      I think Nicole is going to be in for a shock how much people cannot stand her this year..she was the feisty under dog her season..this season she is beyond annoying. Every season you think someone is going to break out of this and do lots of TV after and they disappear (Zack..hello…where are you???) but I think the Vic/Paul combo has been so entertaining. I really hope to see them on more things..Amazing Race would be a blast with those two. I think CBS screwed up thinking the golden couple Nicorey was the big sell but it really was Vic/Paul. I am so tired of showmance, back door etc. I want to see someone like Vic or Paul..who played their hearts out..didn’t throw comps and float..win the game.

      • Avatar

        OMG I would love to see Vic and Pau on Amazing Race. But, to be honest I think Vic and Paul are more popular with hardcore BB Fans and Nicole and Corey are more popular with Casual BB Fans. All my friends just watch the show, and they want Nicole and Corey to win. I want Nicole or Paul to win, but not Corey. So I thinks their pairing was successful because I think the number of Casual Fans outweigh the Hardcore ones.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        Oh, Victor on Dancing with the Stars would be good too. And I agree, the casual BB fan is rooting for Nicorey..you have to see the feeds to really get how funny Vic/Paul are together..and smart!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I have been a hardcore Paul/Vic fan all season, and I have been very critical of Nicole’s gameplay (or lack thereof) up until a couple of weeks ago when she suddenly woke up and realized she was playing a game with a half-million dollar grand prize. However, I must say that if Nicole made it to Final 3, won the final HOH comp, and was then ruthless enough to evict her boytoy Corey (which would only be fathomable if James were the person she’d be taking to the finals), she would have my total support to be this season’s winner. As annoying as her behavior and voice can be, I’d have to give her major props for that move. Right now, I just can’t imagine Nicole ever double-crossing her loverboy, but unless Paul can win at least one comp this week I guess we’ll find out soon if she really has it in her.

  4. Mell

    Random conversation update:
    Corey has mad fun of Nicole alot this week. It isn’t mean or anything but he is calling her out more or something. I cant put my finger on it exactly. He kept calling her snakole after she asked him to stop. When Nicole was doing her passive agressive thing with James about Natalie today, Corey asked her if she hated shomances? She said that she didn’t and he told her that is sure sounds like it.
    He just asked her if she would be upset if he came back on the show and had another shomance? I guess she wanted to give it back a little and told him maybe she would come back and have a third one. He called her thirsty. They arnt fighting or anything but they are delivering subtle msgs for sure. He’s also asked if she will be ok knowing that he’s going to hang out with James alot more than her. He told her he saw her as a teammate, a shomance and one of the guys.
    I think he’s starting the friend zone process and she’s trying to act like she never expected anything.
    I don’t think a woman can tell a man for 3 months how perfect he is (daily and in sickening fashion) and then pull off that she doesn’t care.

    • caRyn

      Are they just trying to make each other jealous – to see how much they care about one another?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Yikes, that’s pretty brutal. I think Corey is pulling a “Natalie” at this point, since there are only 10 days left. I think he wants to manage her expectations for a relationship (or lack thereof) when they get out of the house.

      Corey had better be careful though, because he might end up shooting himself in the foot if Nicole ends up in a position to decide whether to take him or someone else to the Final 2. As @caryn pointed out, Nicole is well aware of the fact that she stands a much better chance against James in the finals, and she’s even “joked” about this multiple times with Corey. If he rejects her now, she may “reject” him when it comes time for the finals.

      • Avatar

        Yes I agree that Corey seems to be prepping Nicole for post BB life, where they will just be friends who once had a showmances on BB. But he better tread very lightly or he will find himself ousted by a woman scorned at the final stretch. Because I believe she has James in her pocket there is a very strong chance of that happening. So tread lightly Corey…tread lightly.

      • Avatar

        But don’t get me wrong I definitely have not wanted Nicole, Corey or James to be the last 3 standing. They are 3 that I didn’t think want to win…but it looks like they will be as it seems pretty evident that Vic will be voted out next followed by Paul. That seems almost inevitable.. so of the three left I’m afraid my vote would have to go for Nicole because of those three she’s played the best in my opinion. Even though she played it from bed she played it better than the other two who also played it from bed. That is not something I ever thought I would say. This was a weird season!

      • Avatar

        ** oops…not “didn’t think want to win”…just: didn’t want to win

  5. danmtruth

    In a past post someone made the suggestion that the POV winner gets to name there replacement. To me that’s a great suggestion.Even better have more people in the comp That why only people who were in the comp can be nominated It would add a competitive drama to the POV In that not only do you get to pull someone down But you know can effect change People will be less likely to throw comps

  6. Avatar

    the butt slide is awesome……fast down … cleans it a bit for the trip up ….

  7. danmtruth

    James talking about missing Nat so poorly staged

  8. caRyn

    Corey’s letter – keep being the gentleman that you are.

    • Jenny M

      I’d hate to see him when he’s NOT being a gentleman! Yikes.

      • Avatar

        Imo if he was truly a gentleman he wouldn’t do what they’ve been doing in bed and under the covers on camera for the world to watch. And just to clarify they are both accountable for that behavior not just him.

      • caRyn

        Do you think Corey’s parents said that because they want Corey to read between the lines and act like a gentleman? A gentle warning for Corey that wouldn’t be rejected by production. Meaning – I don’t think his parents can outright say in Corey’s letter – Corey stop that or please be a gentleman, so they worded it in a way that they hope he gets a hint.

  9. danmtruth

    Must mean something different in there family To me he has not been a gentleman. Simple test if someone treated his sister like he has played Nichole what would the family say

  10. Avatar

    After hearing about Cory’s creepy eyes I started to pay attention when he was on camera. Truly creepy!!!!

  11. Alda

    If the POV got to pick the replacement nom maybe there would be less throwing the comps.That in itself would be worth it!

  12. Avatar

    UM…did they start giving Corey his meds ….that edit made him look like a player………………hhhmmmm

  13. caRyn

    Corey’s nom speech: Mama didn’t raise no bitch. He could have just left that out of his speech. Then in Corey’s DR he said 3rd time is a charm. Why not say 3 strikes and your out? Who plays baseball?!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Isn’t it obvious @caryn? Corey doesn’t write his own DR dialogues! The DR people write them for him, and I guess they were too lame to figure out the obvious baseball reference.

      • Avatar

        I know right….in the dr after he won the comp when he was trying to say “mental comp” it was soooo obvious that they had fed him the lines and he was trying to remember what he was suppose to say. I know it’s kind of old news but…I rewatched the HOH comp about 5 times and I’ve never said this before but it was fixed! When Corey went into that room as soon as he walked through the door he walked straight to the poles on the wall, he hadn’t even looked into the room to see that grate on the floor so how did he know he would need the poles? Everything he did in that comp was fishy. It appeared to me to be a blatant fix. The problem is that production didn’t realize Corey isn’t the type of person that could pull it off covertly. I’m sorry to say but he just isn’t clever enough.

      • caRyn

        CBS episode viewers only are probably wondering why the end of Corey’s speech was low class. A side of Corey they haven’t seen. It isn’t just what Corey said but how he said it. By saying: Mama didn’t raise no bitch – it makes him look like a bitch. Grow up. No one did anything to Corey for him to rise up like he did with that comment.
        What I didn’t understand about that comp was why did the hg need the earpiece?

  14. Helen

    What was up with the not eating peanut butter ever again by BB?

    • Colby

      Sounds like an old ‘canned comment’ from the early BB days when PBJ was the have not food. Maybe they were trying to be funny.

      • Mell

        They said something about winning the 500K and never having to eat PB again. Paul replied to the announcement by saying that if you win the 500k, you will be eating p***y every day. But was crude but funny which describes Paul anyway.

  15. Mell

    CBS sucks. This episode was more off than usual. Corey wasn’t stressed at all over the noms. He even said he was excited and looking forward to it. All that cleaning he did was that last week when he and Vic were have nots together and he couldn’t sleep in the bumper car. Nicole even got on to him because he was up most of that night and they had a comp the following day. Nicole should be happy with tonight’s show tho. She seemed so “sad” over Paul and Vic going up. They’ll never air her saying she didn’t want to hug them after nom’s and then getting offended when Vic didn’t want to hug her. James’ “sad and missing Natalie” DR was nice only because of whatever that generic version of wanted dead or alive BonJovi type music that was playing. (stupid but funny) I wish they had cut to his stories of threesomes, strippers and underage girls he’s talked about hooking up with since she left. (with some porn music in the background, maybe?) I get these arn’t important things but that’s the crap that ticks me off. I get you have to edit. You only have about 42 minutes of air time per show but “edit” should be to trim off what you don’t have time for, not “create” new material.

    • Avatar

      Wow I didn’t know about James saying all that stuff. That upsets me. I thought he had more respect for women than that. I do remember him talking on his last season about how he gets totally wasted all the time and likes to get in fights and often can’t remember what he did the night before or how he got home. I thought that was bad enough especially at his age and being a father, but now with this new stuff I didn’t know about it really changes the way I think about him. He has a daughter right???

      • NKogNeeTow

        To bad you missed last night’s feeds. You would have REALLY been appalled. He was leading the pack by talking about everything from having sex with “fat” women, hookers, getting a STD, having vaginal and oral sex with women on their periods. Then capped off the night with a farting frenzy. Jellyfish James is a real peach! Hopefully someone who knows him personally, watched the feeds then contacted CPS to make sure he is never allowed near his daughter or anyone else’s daughter ever again.

  16. Avatar

    I am pretty upset. I love Victor, and I think he deserves the win. Yea everyone says he doesn’t because he got voted out a few times already, but don’t hate the player- hate the game. As much as I would rather see James and Paul nominated, I know it was the best move for Nicole and Corey’s game . Unfortunately.

  17. Avatar

    I felt sorry for Victor when he was nominated.

    • Avatar

      @Franko, I didn’t watched last night’s episode, I figured I would just go by what I read here from my BB friends. I miss you guys but I don’t miss looking up Nicole’s nose, listening to her whining Cooorrrrreeeeeyah. I don’t miss watching her & Cooorrrrreeeeeyah laying up in bed getting it on at every waking moment & I sure as hell don’t miss watching Corey swinging his eyeballs from side to side looking off with a blank stare.

      How did your dr. appt. go the other day Franko? Hope all is well…

      So many of you guys have had great ideas (Pandora’s box, Diamond POV, POV winner choosing the replacement) I guess we can all dream because CBS has their F3 & winner chosen so those awesome ideas are pointless sorry to say & our dreams are empty.

  18. Mell

    Well, Nicole can eve manage to ruin BBAD for me now! Was getting funny youthful stories (everyone but her was sharing) Some real conversation in this all quiet house and the kind that gives you a little insight into who they are as people. But Nooooooop…..Nicole didn’t like it and whined till she got them to move to cards. She was bored with the stories. Now it’s quiet and the princess is happy, I guess thats all that matters! Bedtime for me now. Thanks Snakole. Add me to that list of women who can’t stand you either.

    • Alda

      It was the first time I was laughing watching BBAD in a long time.The guys were hilarious with their stories.They were having a good time and all getting along.But No,the snake wasn’t having any of it! So it had to be stopped.Bitch.

  19. Helen

    Am I alone in thinking that the strategy to get rid of Victor is rather weak? Because he is a strong competitor? Seriously? Are they really that weak and insecure of their own gameplay that they only want to take the weakest player to the end? I myself have always found it much more satisfying to go against the best and win. Maybe I am strange???

    • Mell

      Helen, I love Vic but I don’t blame them. I don’t like that Nicole and Corey have to say “what’s your excuse gonna be?” They don’t need an “excuse.” The “reason” is simply that he has a very good chance of beating them. I’ve wanted Vic to win for a long time but I have never thought he played the best game. He said himself that he is too trusting and he has been. He also feels everyone should value the same things in the game that he does. That may not be the case for some. Maybe I’m a wimp but if I could have 500K or the knowledge I beat a comp beast and got 50k, I would take the 500K everytime. Ok, I am a wimp I guess. Lol

      • Helen

        @Mell. Your probably right I just don’t know. Maybe a lot of it is ,is the way that Nicole and Corey want to portray themselves to the world. It’s like they want people to believe that they are a certain way but if you have live feeds you see what they really are all about.
        I still want to think that I would choose the better player only because if it got down to it and I DID win the 500k it would be a much more satisfying feeling than knowing I went up against someone that I knew had really no chance to start with.
        500k is a lot of money but life changing? No…I watched my 24 year old blow through 250k in just about a year with nothing to show for it .
        Maybe for a million? Lol. My price must just be higher…….lol

      • Mell

        I agree Helen. I haven’t criticized nicole/corey game play even tho I don’t like them. They have the same effect on me. Trying so hard to be portrayed as other than what they are is what leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I haven’t disliked houseguests this badly in a long time. I didn’t think anyone could irritate me more than those twins last year but I do believe Nicole has topped them.

      • caRyn

        Nicole’s hometown is so small that everyone knows everyone. Reputation is everything. I don’t think her homecoming will go over that well. If she wins they might cut her some slack.

    • Alda

      If I were James I would be hurt when I go back and watch these HOH room conversations.”I love James but he can’t win anything.He could never beat us Corey.We’ll keep him,right Corey?””Yeah,keep James,Nicole he’s not very smart.” They go on and on about James literally being a dud.But,they both love James. Jerks!!

  20. Avatar

    I honestly think now that Nicole should have kept Big Meech (Victoria but with more crying) since she was not a threat and instead got rid of Natalie or Victor. It would have been an interesting scenario but emotions were running high in the house that week. I used to like James but his stories are pretty messed up and I do want Victor to win AFP. The Paul/Vic Amazing Race would be an awesome idea since they both are pretty witty and Paul is spontaneous. I was team Paul since the beginning, so hopefully he can make it to F3. Hopefully his head is in the game for HOH and he can put up Nicorey.

  21. Colby

    Per Jokers:
    The Live Feeds will “pause” starting on Monday 9/12 at 9 am PST & will resume on Tuesday 9/13 at 9 pm PST. We appreciate your cooperation.

  22. Helen

    So I have a stupid question…….say Paul wins HOH in F4 and puts Nicole and Corey on the block…..James wins power of veto….what happens if say he wants to take Nicole off? There is no one to replace her….does Corey automatically go to jury?

    • stevebeans

      It’s not a stupid question. I think production discourages that from happening due to confusion, but should James save Nicole, that leaves Corey on the block alone and evicted by default with no votes. This happened early in the show, season 5, and Nakomis was the only person left on the block, so there wasn’t even a vote. Instead, production probably encourages that person to not use the veto and just vote for the person they want to be evicted. Either way, James has all the power in that situation

      • Helen

        Ty Steve…I felt kinda stupid asking….
        Guess I’ll go ahead and root for that scenario then cause it would be interesting to see how James would go and it wouldn’t hurt my feelers to see Corey go at F4. Actually it would be comical because Vic would have kept him in till F3… Poetic justice at its best.

  23. Avatar

    So this weeks episodes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday?

  24. Shivani33

    Paul talked with James about what the advantages would be if the two of them evict Corey, rather than James staying aligned with the showmance pair. Victor joined in the conversation, too. Even though James appeared to agree with them to an extent, what Paul suggested would take more thought and effort than James is prone to give. Plus, James has his nice little side-deals and bribes with Nicole (&Corey by proxy), and Paul offered none of that. All Paul mentioned was trying to level the playing field. This concept could be meaningless to James, both mentally and financially. Paul didn’t mention trying to evict Nicole at all. If this works alongside what James wants, maybe he will consider keeping Paul over Corey if given the choice. We’ll soon see.

    • Helen

      The only part of that conversation that may have struck home with James is that he truely does have a 50 50 chance at 500k with Paul at F2. A small glimmer of light seemed to go on in his face when Paul was actually going over the probable jury votes with him. In all honesty James does have more of a chance with Paul. How badly does James want 500k? Nicole and Corey have already kicked him to the curb last night going over what needs to happen if Paul wins HOH ….one or another needs to win veto which puts James OTB and home…..
      Wake up Jamey….

    • Avatar

      I don’t see how James has a better shot with Paul than Nicole or Corey.

      It’s scary to think James could actually win. He did nothing but lay around all season. I guess that’s the way to win the BB game.

      • Helen

        IMHO …if James went to jury with Nicole as it stands she would win hands down despite her being a snake and everyone hating her on jury. I personally would hate to see that happen.
        If James went with Corey, same thing.
        If James went with Paul, paul has been kinda an a##hat and even though he has done way more than James in game,James is fairly well liked by everyone in jury.
        That’s just my opinion……
        I think Paul called it last night…James would have Da,Natalie and Meech
        Paul would have Paulie ,Zak and Victor
        That leaves Bridgett and the next two to go to jury…
        James could very well win going with paul

    • NKogNeeTow

      James doesn’t have that much sense.

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