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Voting Is Now Open For Tomorrow’s Finale



Here it is, folks. It has all come down to this. The final vote of the season, and this one is a big one. It will determine who wins $250k, who wins $25k, and who goes home with their stipend of roughly $10k (do winners also get stipend?)

Let’s not beat around the bush, Kryssie is going to finish 3rd place. Every single twitter poll whether through Jason fans or Morgan fans all have Kryssie barely polling at 2-3%.  She kind of wins anyway because early in the season they talked about how she was raging that her twitter account had to be shut off through the season. This is because she basically went into the house to promote her band, and mission accomplished. Her boyfriend tweets constantly under the twitter handle that is also the name of the band, so the name is out there. Will it make her famous? I honestly didn’t listen to the music, and can’t tell you if it’s remotely good or bad. She got her publicity, and she is also leaving the house as a gross person, but not vile. She may have farted on Alex’s pillow, and she did take part of the bashing of the other house, but she did it on a ‘normal’ BB level (if you can call it that). Real talk, you’re not going to go into the house and not talk shit about someone else at least once throughout the season. Everyone is guilty of it, but out of the LNJ (Justin excluded), Kryssie wasn’t that bad.

That leaves Morgan and Jason.  I fully believe Jason is going to win simply because he has far more veteran support pushing for him on twitter. It is bad enough that he received two care packages (Kryssie’s was really meant to keep him safe), and America shockingly nominated Morgan during the final weeks when Shelby was going after Jason.. and nominated Alex and Scott weeks prior. The LNJ has had a co-HoH spot pretty much every week except the week Danielle talked about killing her dog which crushed her popularity until people forgot, and for some reason took out Neeley the week after (the veterans must have been on vacation that week so they weren’t able to push their twitter followers to vote a certain way).


Needless to say, despite the endless amount of whining that Jason did throughout the season how nothing goes his way, nearly everything went his way. To his credit, he did win the PoV when he was certain to go home both week 1 and week 8. He also won an important HoH (though it did take until he had a 33% chance to win before he could – and yes, I excluded Justin because he sucked at comps).

Here are some stats:

HoH Wins – 1
PoV Wins – 3
Gifts – Saved by Kryssie, was Co-HoH

HoH Wins – 1
PoV Wins – 2  (I am counting the one vs one with Justin as a PoV win, though it was a 50% chance)
Gifts – A PoV that I am not even sure was supposed to go to her. There was a lot of debate over this because people just assumed it would be wasted on her, so they got it out of the way. They raged when they found out she couldn’t be nominated and also saved Shelby.

So, competitively, they were fairly equal. Socially, they were not. Jason had a decent social game, but he did so by finding literally the dumbest people in the house and convinced them that the veteran player with 60k twitter followers (and 100k’s more through his friends) was not an end-game threat despite Julie announcing the winner was voted on by America.  He was loyal to Kryssie for the most part, but basically shit on everyone else in the house, including his allies. He made an extremely horrific social move by creating a fake alliance with Morgan/Shelby/Alex to let them think Justin was going home only to blindside them while Justin clapped and called them suckers. Fake alliances are made for strategic reasons, and this one wasn’t even close.

Meanwhile, Morgan had a fairly open line of communication with the other side of the house. I’m not going to pretend she was on the fence like a Justin, but even after Whitney flipped and they had an argument, Jason said that he really likes Morgan and it wasn’t about her.  Other than Danielle who appears to hate everyone not named Jason, Morgan was fairly liked by the entire cast. Shit, she is a PR person, so that isn’t exactly a big surprise.

Despite my pretty negative feelings toward Jason on a social level, he played a decent game. I will admit that. He did get carried by America, and for some reason was never considered by his own alliance, but the latter was his social game that kept him safe. Strategically he did nothing, but most people did nothing. This season was all about who America wanted gone each week, and HoH was merely a safety necklace and a private room.

While I recognize that Jason has far more social media reach and will likely win because of that, I am voting for Morgan if only to make sure she secures second place. I would be more than happy if she wins first, but it would be a complete travesty if she finishes 3rd. I’m not encouraging people to vote a certain way, just stating who I endorse.

Here is the link to voting.
You can vote 20 today and 20 tomorrow


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  2. Ann

    I’ll miss you guys so much…Everybody be safe & Happy Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Avatar

    @Stevebeans thanks for another great season of blogging BB for us. It’s been a strange roller coaster ride of a season thanks to all of America’s input but enjoyable all the while. Reading your insights and humor always gives me a chuckle and who doesn’t need that! Hopefully you and your family have a great holiday season. And for the record my votes are for Morgan as well.

  4. BBBonbon62

    It has been a blast all. Thank you Steve and team for keeping us updated and civil (sometimes a tough job).

    I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season. Til June…Peace, love and all that crap.

  5. caRyn

    Eviction interviews are available.

    • LindsayB

      Watching now. Justin’s was kind of boring. Shelby’s was good. It was the first time the booger and fart part of Jason’s strategy was brought up. She handled herself well.
      It’s kind of unfair to compare her interview to the others because she had a week to reflect and see what she missed (boogers).

  6. caRyn

    Results so far from one poll:
    Morgan 49.99%
    Jason 47.86%
    Kryssie 2.15%

    • LindsayB

      Three polls I’ve seen so far have Morgan in the lead. We’ve seen before that polls don’t necessarily predict anything but a girl can hope.
      I hope they tell the percentages tonight. On regular BB they get to know how many votes everyone gets so I hope this is the same.

      • AIO_7

        I’m getting ready to go give Morgan my final 19 votes (I gave her all 20 yesterday) For some reason, not quite sure why, I’m going to throw Krust 1 vote.

  7. kneeless

    Thanks everyone for making this inaugural BBOTT a fun time. Hope to see everyone back for BB19! Thanks @stevebeans & all who helped out. Too many folks to mention by name but I have enjoyed bantering with all! GO MORGAN!!

  8. Renee

    As with most seasons, I “check out” mentally towards the end and quit watching the show, but continue to visit this site several times a day to keep up with what is going on and what witty things everyone has to say.

    When it ends, I go into a little bit of withdraw and still find myself checking the site occasionally to see if anyone is still here, LOL.

    Thank you all for making me laugh and feel included in our guilty pleasure of “reality tv”.

  9. Avatar

    Now that Shelby passed the bar maybe Kryssie can retain her to sue her own over inflated ego for defamation ! LOL

  10. Shivani33

    I don’t know who has or hasn’t read the contract signed by houseguests before they’re allowed to play BB. Sometimes I wonder who, even amongst the BB/BBOTT players have, in actuality, read (and understood) the entire contract. While there are a multitude of statements about relinquishing “rights” to pursue any possible lawsuits against ever-so-many involved parties, clearly there are loopholes. Otherwise there wouldn’t be the inclusion of an arbitration section in the contract.

    During BB18, many observers looked at the contract as a reference, when Paulie said a few things about himself during the game and claimed (on camera) that he hadn’t disclosed these things during his pre-game medical evaluation. Much of the contract is couched in legalese and remains open to interpretation. However, of course that interpretation is inherently designed to favor the initiator of the contract and not the signees.

    I’m bringing this up because of comments made by viewers who question whether Shelby might want to sue Jason (for slander or other things) or engage him in a civil lawsuit and thus take advantage of contractual loopholes…and try to make Jason pay the piper, so-to-speak. It’d most likely be a highly private arbitration process if it ever gets to that point at all…which I find doubtful. If anyone could find the grounds to pursue something like this, Shelby could. But I don’t think that she will.

    Nevertheless, imagine the irony if Jason ended up having to spend lots of money to defend himself against having called Shelby a whore who worked her clientele at Santa Monica’s Bungalow, etc.

  11. caRyn

    12:13pm (PT) Morgan mentioned that there will be three people. The third will go and the other two will go to the memory wall. It will then be F2. The F2 will sit and then they will announce the winner.

  12. caRyn

    1:37pm (PT) Jason told Morgan and Kryssie he has been a nicer person this season.

  13. Avatar

    Pleaseeeeeee. When is the finale going to be broadcast. I’m really disappointed that this last week’s schedule was NOT well publicized.

    Thanks so much everyone, for the info and for all the enjoyment I’ve had reading your conversations!

  14. caRyn

    4:10pm (PT) Jason is putting panty liners on the inside of his shirt for armpit sweat. I have never seen or heard of that. What a great idea. – No shade.

  15. LindsayB

    Krusti is worried she is going to look like a ballerina.

    Um. No. You’re super not.

    • caRyn

      Someone on chat said she needs to lose 100 pounds. I’m like how much do you think she weighs?! They said 180. So you want her to weigh 80 pounds?! Crazy stuff on chat.

    • Ann

      Lindsay, you better stop!!! LMAO…I need Krusty’s phone, email or something so I can tell her it would take a whole lot of miracles to make her big ass look like any kind of a ballerina.

  16. caRyn

    4:35pm (PT) The hg hear people (audience) and now they are really getting nervous.

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